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  1. I'm trying to get my head around the concept of blockchain for games and am wondering if anyone can expand on my thoughts. So right now (before blockchain), generally if you buy an item in a game it's overseen by a company right? So all we ever get to pay for in games are 'products' or 'services' that have been approved by the company. So my thinking is that with blockchain on a very simplistic level you can now go up to another player and ask them to spin in a circle for 1 minute. You both agree that for $5 in digital currency that theplayer will perform a minute of circling. Now, you could do that now (before blockchain) in theory right? That person could give send you a text with their email and you paypal them? The problem with this, apart from it being more risky/time consuming is that you're using 'real money'. Where as with blockchain the game could be set up so that for every 100 meters you walk you receive 0.000001 of a digital currency. This will of course lead to a new system of monetization where developers are paying you tiny fractions of a currency for spending time in their game. So in short part of this is that you'll be able to make your own functioning businesses within a game far more easily where YOU are able to decide what kind of services you provide. Also something I've not touched on is the ability to get more faster instant interactions with other players, so you know like 10 years ago when games suddenly started to share more information about your friends via visual markers in the game world? (i.e how far they got in the map before dying/landing/jumping etc) I think that's going to go through a new evolution with the aid of blockchain. So at the moments, I have grains of mere concepts on what blockchain means for gaming but can't quite piece it together yet.
  2. PUBG Mobile

    Had one go last night. came 4th. It's impressive that is even remotely resembles the actual game but I think the main issue for me is that typically when I'm playing a game on a mobile I don't want to playing a game that I can't really pause for potentially 30+mins.
  3. Anyone seen this yet? Has some nice moments but I'm such a follower that I notice a lot of recycled material from interviews/podcasts etc, not that I should blame the show because I've only just watched it and it's a year old. Though there are certainly moments in it that are more than a year old. Anyway, I've been following his passion for defending offense in humor and mostly agree but I do find he oversteps it at times. Which is weird as he talks so much about writing his material to perfection and that it's ok as long as a person isn't the butt of the joke. In it, he spends a bit of time justifying his GoldenGlobe gag about Caitlyn Jenner which I never saw as offensive but in doing so his remarks do actually come off as offensive. At one point he appears to be joking about how he thinks he (Gervais) wants to become a chimp and it kind of comes across as that classic trans phobic trope of 'What next eh? What if someone wanted to be an elephant?". I'm open to the concept that I've missed the intention of the joke, if so would love it if anyone could explain it to me. Anyway, great show other then that awkward (and long) moment.
  4. Humanity : Ricky Gervais (Netflix)

    Not sure how on board I can get on with that article, makes some good points but it seems a bit confused. "I've changed. Not as much as Bruce Jenner, now Caitlin jenner." . That isn't strictly dead naming is it? He's acknowledging that she is now called Caitlin. Double checked some definitions on google; "Deadnaming is the act of referring to a transgender person's birth name instead of their chosen name" However, unless there isn't a good reason to bring up the past name (i.e law/medical reasons) then it's crass/harmful to bring it up. So it still felt like an attack. As for the envisioning of the reassignment, to me it felt like he was more making fun of ignorant people who think it's a simple procedure? Though as I mentioned earlier I don't get why he's focusing so much on the genitalia. Such a cheap place to go when it comes to a sketch about a trans person. I'm getting the sense from his tweets that he thinks people who call his jokes trans-phobic are against the concept of jokes involving trans people/situations but I don't think that's the case at all. Anyway, I still enjoy his presentation but I hope he listens to some of the arguments.
  5. The Walking Dead!

    Who is music woman?
  6. Heavy.com has already won 'Worst Article title of the week'.
  7. People that like the new TombRaider movie are the type of people that will go and watch the new Jurassic Park and come out of it saying; "That was actually pretty good wasn't it? not amazing but better than the last one!"
  8. I don't like those films either.
  9. A Way Out - A Tale of Two Cons

    Mad that there are only (JUST!) 2 pages for this game and it's coming out this week.
  10. Humanity : Ricky Gervais (Netflix)

    Oh god I find that fascinating. It was an horrendous side to him then, was more or less calling all fat people lazy who didn't like salad I see now he's skewed it, I think as you say he gets pissed at backlashes and then wants to find a way around it. So now he's changed his tone to where he condones fat shaming to himself, asking people on twitter to fat shame him to help him get fitter. It's like he is trying show how fat shaming is a positive. Now he thinks he gets away with it because he is the target instead of all fat people but it's still trying to enforce the simplistic unfair idea that being fat = just being lazy and consuming endless junk food.
  11. Humanity : Ricky Gervais (Netflix)

    The 'joke' isn't about the car crash, it's more a play on the stereotype of 'women drivers'. That's how he explains (as I said, I'm constantly watching interviews he does and he's specifically talked about that joke multiple times) It kind of works, i.e building up and praising a person (like we saw across the mainstream media) only to then have the nerve to mention something horrific she did (which the mainstream media are not so keen to mention). The 'joke' is to suddenly transition from positive progression into a negative stereotype. Something like that, not sure it works but I get it I think. What he follows that up with though is pretty bizarre, just goes on and on about sexual organs. Sort of stripping a trans person down to someone who just wants to chop off their privates. Then sort of jokingly (I think) compares a trans person to himself because he'd like to be a chimp. As I said I'd love someone to be able to explain the intention and how it can be justified.
  12. Superhot VR

    Yeah still the best vr GAME (as opposed to experience) for me. Kinda worrying that nothing has bettered it yet. Even though games like robo recall are super polished and work well in VR they feel a bit bloated. I think the key with SuperHot is the core mechanic fits 'early days' VR so well in that YOU control how fast it moves which really helps make it a comfortable experience that you feel in control of.
  13. The Last Guardian

    Ok so it HAS to happen this year right?? Place your bets! Where will Trico be announced? 1) GDC 2) E3 3) TGS 4) On some random other day 5) Not at all Post Release
  14. See, it's a bit pants just like I said. I listened to Kermode's full review which was basically 'The previous ones were ghastly, I enjoyed this one more than those.' Sort of like someone saying 'Pacific Rim is better than Transformers'. That doesn't make PR a good film.
  15. For me it would be the series of Darkplace and Jam. Both became hugely popular and often referenced, if it was America they would have had 10 seasons by now but bizarrely both only have 6 episodes. I also think both would still hold up very well on TV today if not more so.
  16. See I don't get that either, I wouldn't watch it if you paid me. Well, it would have to be at least 50 quid I think. I recall being invited to go watch Assassins Creed for free at work, I decided to stay behind and work. Much more fun. It's not only 2 hours you're wasting but also the time for waiting around, adverts and travel.
  17. This is the 88 second video from TheWhiteHouse youtube page that was played before Trump replied 'This is violent isn't it.' I couldn't help but chuckle, the idea of a group of people in the White House awkwardly sitting through this video. Amazing times.
  18. More reviews coming out, yeah it's obviously pants. 9 reviews in has a RT score of 56%. So at most, it's probably a little bit more entertaining than PrinceOfPersia, Hitman and Max Payne. But yeah ignore me, I gave Black Panther 2/5. https://www.polygon.com/2018/3/14/17114648/tomb-raider-movie-2018-review-alicia-vikander
  19. More curious to see that then the actual one
  20. The Walking Dead!

    Yep, season 9-12 will be a military base. Season 13-16 will be an airport. Maybe season 17-20 could be at NASA. Then season 21-24 could be a space station.
  21. The Walking Dead!

    Oh my word that last episode was horrendous. Me and my sister have had this running banter about how much we hate Gabrielle and just want him to die and he's in the whole episode more or less doing his samey old 'Follow the way!' rambling. Such a bad actor/character. When he got caught with a DUI I was convinced he would die in the first episode a couple of seasons back but nope, still rambling on without any real impact on the plot. What's everyone's top 3 desired deaths? For me it's 1. Gabrielle 2. Enid 3. Either the gay man with curly hair whose name still escapes me who came in 3-4 seasons ago or King Azeeal. I think I'll go for the King. Awful. Actually no it would have to be the gay woman whose name I don't know who came in 5-6 seasons ago. The one who held a gun to melty face? That's mad isn't it? 5-6 seasons now and I still can't put a name to her face.
  22. They forgot to add the watermarks
  23. What’s Bluepoint remaking next?

    I think I'm falling in love with Cena.
  24. What’s Bluepoint remaking next?

    Gex : Enter The Gecko lol On a serious note, there WERE rumblings of a LegacyOfKain SoulReaver remake. Is that legally feasible that it could be bluepoint? Either way, am sure this will pop up during the E3. MGS1/ICO sounds like the most obvious option for getting mainstream attention. Games like SoulReaver/SyphonFilter are a bit toooooo cultish?
  25. The film. Though as Delargey says some people enjoy this kinda thing so don't let me put anyone off. Lets just wait for the Rotten Tomato score (after 1 week) for that.

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