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  1. Paper Mario TOK is the Best Switch game this year? or are you saying it's better than LOU2 and FF7 Remake?
  2. My GF wanted to watch this before covid, so she's actually excited about being able to watch this for $30. It costs over that to see it at the cinema so for us it's a good deal
  3. I came here hoping there may be a new season Cassidy, it only gets better. Minus the 1 or 2 misfires per season.
  4. Capwn

    Fall Guys

    Yeah it's a really nice alternative, non of this slowly entering the arena and building up resources. It's just action from the go, from one game to the next. I'm sure this has been done many times before but I think this one is destined to become the first popular 'casual' battle royale game.
  5. Capwn

    Fall Guys

    I've played a few hours on PC and those same games came to mind. The games alone are not amazing, it's like a bunch of good Mario Party mini games but having 60 players just adds this whole new fun dimension to those types of party games. I think the Monkey Ball comparison comes from the look of the arenas, the music and that really clean/simple/polished presentation. It's frustrating but in quite a fun way, you can be really unlucky and get knocked back a fair bit but you can also be lucky and be knocked forward too. That's not to say this is entirely a skill-less game, it's around 70% skill, 30% luck which for me is fine. If I had one reservation it's that the jumping feels a bit floaty (sackboy) Yeah I agree with the solo stuff being better than team based games. I'm sure they will eventually separate solo/team games in separate competitions as another option. The 'Fortnite' aspect of this game is quite exciting, they can just keep adding these small games in and maybe even remove ones that are clearly not favorites. There is something special about this game, even if it isn't critically acclaimed I think this is destined to become a cultural hit for some time. I want this for the PS4 but don't have PS+, wondering if it's cheaper just to buy the thing rather than subscribe. Though I won't be able to play it without PS+ right?
  6. Oh you're right, I presumed Clank was a launch title for some reason. Erm...
  7. I'm right though, just look at Halo. That summed it up, I'm sure it will be great fun but it's just not pushing anything. Also, Neil Drukman or Cory Balrog would have never shown a trailer with a huge mountain suddenly popping in.
  8. I've just never clicked with the Xbox brand, the only Xbox I've ever had was a 360 and that was honestly just because of the indie games when that scene first exploded with the likes of Geometry Wars/Braid/Limbo etc. Xbox is fine for casuals but if you want to play the more progressive/creative and polished games out there, you know the 10/10 exclusives rather than the 8/10 exclusives then the Playstation is the way to go.
  9. My fear is that it will have these cool cutscenes but 90% of the time it will be like this;
  10. An anonymous account sent my Molydeux account 'leaked' images
  11. Well since Capwn couldn't be bothered to update the OP after rushing to post it, I guess it's up to staff. Must be busy in Canada. Not much info right now. Day One on GamePass.
  12. WWE Championship Mystery Stipulation Drew McIntyre (c) vs Dolph Ziggler 150 points WWE Raw Women's Championship Asuka (c) vs Sasha Banks 175 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Bayley (c) vs Nikki Cross 150 points WWE United States Championship Apollo Crews (c) vs MVP 175 points Wyatt Swamp Fight Braun Strowman (c) vs Bray Wyatt 150 points Eye for an Eye Match Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins 200 points BONUS QUESTIONS 50 points each 1. The eyeball - will it be a prop, CGI, or something else? 2. Who (if anyone) will cameo during the Swamp Fight? CMpunk 3. Does Dominick Mysterio turn heel? No
  13. My fave film of that year. It's a bit like Midsommer (also my film of the year) where I absolutely loved it but I just can't bring myself to watch it again. They were both too mentally exhausting/draining and I worry watching them again will ruin the beautifully haunted footprint they left on my brain
  14. Fast Color : Otherwise known as 'Woah superhero movie led by 3 black women?!?' This was really good minus the 3rd act, it's not REALLY a superhero movie. It's more like the first film of a trilogy where at the end of the trilogy, they finally become a superhero. So like one third of the first Matrix film. 3/5
  15. It's going to be like Indiana Jones 3, just without Ford or Connery. Just going to be Tom and Mark pottering around exotic locations; Tom "You're old! lol imao" Mark "Why you little! Grrrrr..." for 90mins.
  16. It's mad to think that Beyond GoodEvil 2 was announced in 2008. I remember seeing this trailer and thinking it looked amazing technically at the time.
  17. Capwn


    I've really wanted to speak out here but I just can't go in details obviously, it's been frustrating to see some people presume this would just be brushed under the carpet but understandable given the history of the industry. Changes from the top like in the above post are huge but there are also many other promising healthy changes that are taking place and being planned for long term solutions. In my 15 years in game dev this is without a doubt the most serious I've ever seen these issues taken, it's been a long time coming but it does finally feel like a pivotal moment for the industry. Hopefully in the near future Ubi can talk more publicly about the many steps that are being put into place to create a healthier environment for everyone.
  18. Apologies. Not directed at you then but hopefully my list reminds some people who really do think Ubi are knocking out the same 3-4 franchises over and over.
  19. Valiant Hearts Child of Light Grow Home For Honor Rainbow 6 Gods and Monsters Roller Champions Steep HyperScape
  20. Ideally; @SteveH Cat body (brown) + mouth @Broker: Cat hat (brown) + paws
  21. How do people normally trade? mail via SW code? or Visit via dodo?
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