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  1. I have a day 1 PS4 and never had any kind of issue with it. Use it LOADS too.
  2. Yeah finished this last night, it didn't quite finish how I hoped but these things rarely do apart TheJinx. I'd agree that TMAM and Keepers had more substance. Saying that, I still want to say it's in the same league BUT even the presentation seemed a bit more rough/low budget. Kept reusing visuals and lingering on them too long too often? Something like that. Still, really enjoyed it.
  3. Weird, finished 3rd one and am finding it super engrossing. For me, both TMAM and Keepers went nowhere (but were incredibly amazing), it's only Jinx where the final episodes really go into a higher gear.
  4. I've heard of that podcast, I should check it out.
  5. This is mentioned in the netflix thread but thought I'd make a thread of it's own to help people finding it. I'm actually only 1 episode in but I can already tell this is going to be in the same league as the other big murder documentaries like Jinx, Making a Murderer and TheKeepers. Probably best going into it knowing as little as possible.
  6. Hahaha this is so funny. Because it has puppets and they are like puppets from sesame street but in sesame street they sing and cuddle don't they but in this they ejaculate and say swear words! and drugs! haha. You would't see THAT in Sesame street that's for sure! ho ho.
  7. The way they announced battle royale mode on stage was pretty funny and I think it sets the tone of how marketing departments from other companies will explain their battle royale modes for the next year or so. "We're doing BR but we're doing it OUR way!" "You've not seen BR like THIS before!" etc
  8. I've noticed this post has had 9 positives for a while, could someone positive it please so it reaches 10 and gets a 'popular' star. Cheers. Will even add a link to make it easy to find;
  9. I struggled with the demo, everything seems so sterile and cold. That's part of the style but it just added to the already tedious gameplay and this was just 10 minutes or so. I enjoyed HR and BTS but for some reason the fact that it maps everything out for you makes it feel so calculated, I think I prefer the idea of not knowing what's behind the curtain. So I'm just holding back, waiting for reviews.
  10. Capwn

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    That's what I thought about Rogue One
  11. Capwn

    Death Stranding - PS4 - Kojima at it again

    E3 Sony Conference will feature a demo of the gameplay right? It's either that or a demo at Sony Experience/GameAwards at the end of the year. Leaving it to E3 2019 would be too much right? So it's either E3/Experience or GameAwards. I feel like E3 is the best place and time to do it but I fear we're just going to get another trailer that reveals that the game's protagonist is Diane Kruger
  12. I'm a fan of Louis but yeah, bit of a conundrum. Anytime I start to defend him (in my head at least) I feel like I'm being this chap;
  13. Capwn

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Oh man, randomly purchased Eleven Table Tennis last night. Can't believe how natural it feels, especially playing against real people. I'd LOVE to be able to play this with my parents from overseas but it's all a bit early days so they don't have the tech (or ability to set it up and use it). Being able to play a proper game of table tennis with someone across the world is just one of many reasons why VR/AR is so incredibly exciting.
  14. Dammit, this trailer is awful. I remember sending FOX a script a few years back and they NEVER replied. My idea was so much better, I don't want to give away the major story beats BUT... - Stars Arnold. He gets brought in and is pleaded to return to a jungle where there is a predator. He's all like "I have kids now. NO." and "Look, my back isn't what it used to be. I'm old now." (The way he says this is funnier than it sounds, trust me). - Scene with his kid who is watching the news about ISIS. Kid is like "If there is a threat, we have to do our best to take them down right daddy? We have to protect mankind?". So Arnold agrees to go back to the a jungle. Cue hilarious montage scene where he is training but keeps holding his back in pain (because he's old now). - On the journey there he meets his crew. It includes The Rock Dwayne Johnson! The Rock is flexing his muscles and showing off in front of Arnie, calls Arnie 'Old guy' all the time. They HATE each other. - BUT by the end they grow to appreciate each others differences. With The Rock's muscles and Arnies wise brain they make a great TEAM and work well TOGETHER

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