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  1. Yeah but not in a charming and funny Super Mario Bros way, just a shallow corporate way
  2. 25+ hours in. Missions now are really starting to remind me of MGSV, where I'm finding that these missions play out like unique to me stories. I can't go into detail because of gameplay/story aspects but there were multiple scenarios I found myself in that I don't think many other players will experience. There were tense mad moments where I really questioned if what I faced was setup to be part of the mission or if it was a result of my choices/route. Despite the messy side of MGSV, it DID have this amazing sense of letting you do a mission how you wanted and not in a cheap A, B or C method but where your plan organically adjusts along the way.
  3. I swear I had played the game for about 10 hours straight with no main story cutscenes at all. Who are these people saying the game has too many cut scenes? Maybe that changes in the last half of the game and it's that what they mostly remember.
  4. 17 hours in. Had my first really frustrating mission last night, retrieving something from a MULE camp. Took about 3 hours for this one mission, must have took over 10 attempts. In the end, the way I did it was...(non story spoilers, just gameplay) During this mission I also noticed something cool about what happens if they steal your stuff;
  5. What if I forget which private locker I put a specific item in?
  6. Here is a good question, upon finishing this do I sell it or is there a chance of cool DLC? My gut instinct says no.
  7. The game hasn't really explained the private locker well to me, I'm still confused. Do private lockers; a) store stuff in THAT locker only b) store stuff in all Bridge terminals in the entire region c) store stuff in all bridge terminals AND postboxes in that entire region d)store stuff in all Bridge terminals everywhere in the game e)store stuff in all bridge terminals AND postboxes in that entire game I would guess it's C but I'm not 100% sure?
  8. You'll go back after a good night's sleep, dreaming about how magically arresting and beautiful this game is.
  9. Yeah this is a really good point to make, took me a while to figure this out too. Your entire post there was brilliant, thanks.
  10. Oh, I'm mostly listening with headphones, perhaps that's why.
  11. I've not had noises out of the controller yet and presumed it was disabled as default? Did you enable it? Also I wasn't enjoying the motion control of rocking the baby so adjusted it in the controls (it sets it to the R2 button)
  12. Damn, the more I play this game the more I think it's something incredibly special. I'm still not willing to forgive it for it's clunky UI interfaces but there is a joy in taking things slowly and trying to plan out every aspect of he journey ahead. I'm now 13+ hours in and I'm REALLY weirded out because of the 5 "beginners' guides I've seen on Youtube they ALL show things I've not seen yet. In my head I'm seeing this as a 20 hour game because of the infamous 'first ten hours were boring, second ten hours were even more boring' (something like that) journalist quote. Yet I'm 13 hours in and it seems I've hardly scratched the surface (more or less just started chapter 3). Right now it feels like this is going to be more like 40-50 hours. A new frustration I'm feeling is the need to be slow and not play in huge chunks of several hours BUT I'm worried about story stuff being spoilered so am trying to reach the end more quickly than I would like with this game. I think the ideal way to play this game would be like 1-2 orders a play session.
  13. Ha, I think I had that moment too. It seems to to happen more naturally then when other games do this too (RDR2) where there isn't a clear trigger where it happens. Can anyone at chapter 3+ answer me this? I'm not at chapter 3 yet, I've not used any vehicles. I'm sure I picked up a generator and Mama was saying I could use it to generate vehicles. Yet when I returned to that bike outside one of the earlier facilities I still couldn't use the bake and the generator is nowhere in my cargo/storage etc. Confused.
  14. Yep. I think 'stealth' in those games work better as you can identify patterns and explore a number of options. So far with DS it's just crouch/stop breathing...scan...move....repeat. It feels less rewarding then those examples for sure.
  15. Can you think of any other game where you just 'avoid' enemies where that element is fun? wondering if it's just Death Stranding or the concept of avoiding enemies that you don't like.
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