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  1. Oh really? I must have just read a headline and got excited
  2. I've heard that Daniel Craig plays 2 characters, the other being an evil twin brother type character. Normally that's a bad sign but I think that idea fits this series very well.
  3. Yeah this felt quite stale. I thought that the woman doing the 4th wall breaking stuff was being overdone so much that I actually thought they were going to do something really interesting with it. Like someone catches her doing it and they start interrogating her, trying to figure out who she is talking to and why resulting in they themselves 'attempting' to break the 4th wall even though they are not really. Something like that. but no it was just someone breaking the 4th wall a few times
  4. Finished it. Time to complete = I think the first half was the more interesting and creative half. The second half is more fun in terms of combat but the environments/setting are less interesting and more generic. Lots of browns and greys. Personally, I'm still glad I purchased it. It's not a bad RE game.
  5. Several hours in now. I'm really surprised with RE8, the demos didn't do it justice at all. The actual game really captures the essence of the series really well, which for me is slowly unlocking and opening a map piece by piece whilst connecting it, slightly dreading every new area. Am so relieved. It's also proper RE bonkers, I kind of missed that a little from RE7.
  6. It takes place on a plane. The pilot, Bill Hoffman, finds out that his wife and baby are held hostage by a terrorist! He get's a phonecall; “It’s simple,” he is told. “Crash your plane or I kill your family. The choice is yours.” That's the premise. What do you think of my new idea?
  7. Could you not have just pretended to be watching it whilst actually watching a higher quality animated film such as Grave Of The FireFlies instead?
  8. I'll own it, I was 100% wrong. I just really struggled with the first 15mins and gave up. I did the same with Sonic, only lasted 10mins with that and turned it off. I've never gone back to it, maybe I should!
  9. Yep you were right, I watched the rest and it soon opens up into something far more interesting. Artistically I really like what they are doing too. Can totally see why this would be a popular family film. I mean my favorite animation of all time remains to be Grave Of The Fire Flies so I'm clearly not the target audience here. Mitchells is great though, would rather see a sequel to this then another Incredibles.
  10. I'm weirded out because I tried watching this last night but was bored after 15mins, just felt like the typical dysfunctional family trope being played out again. It's probably just not for me but I can't help feel like I should be giving it more of a chance regarding how much praise this is getting.
  11. Proof that last night's episode was fantastic;
  12. Oh my word, that's amazing I love that character.
  13. This was brilliant, oddly felt quite ‘knowing me, knowing you’ ish
  14. Flintstones is a bit old isn't it? Only the oldies will go and watch it. What we could do to get younger audiences on board is to have Pebbles be a vlogger? and everyone goes around using a rock as a phone that they call the i-rock. Stuff like that will make it a big success.
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