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  1. Renamed thread, though I'm sure this topic has existed before?
  2. Even before I was given a speccy, I knew there had been something before it. A mystery tv game machine that my parents randomly picked up from a car boot sale that had Pong on it. I never really asked about it as I just presumed my dad would not remember it (he has 0 interest in games) but asked him the other day. He instantly knew the name of it, a Binatone. So after going through multiple images, found the exact one we had. MK6. I've always said my first gaming was on a speccy 48k, not anymore...
  3. Thanks for feedback on the spider. I do know of the 'cheat' that exists but can't bring myself to do it yet. I'm closer to doing the summon pal thing but even that feels a bit wrong, like can I really say I've finished demon souls if I play that way? Not that I have PSN+, which demon souls reminds me of EVERY time I restart the game by asking if I want to play online or not.
  4. Yeah really think I'm close to being done with this, it's just not clicking with me. Just can't do the armored spider after about 30 attempts, most I can take off is about 20% damage. I've studied about 10 different videos on methods (which really sucks the joy out of it) but I still keep getting hit by webs and fire, then if I get close I get hit my most attacks even if rolling. I have a proper good shield (steel) ,weapon (Scimitar +3) and stats. Really annoying have to replay those 3mins of getting to the spider over and over as well. I like the idea of it i.e don't a
  5. I'm finding that I collect hoards of stuff I don't need, like magic gloves or whatever (I'm a knight) that I will never use. For now I just send to storage but should I be; a) Not caring b) Selling them
  6. I think I'm destroying the essence of what this game is supposed to be because I'm continuously looking for tips/guides how to defeat a boss. I know you're supposed to learn but honestly, even the first boss took me 20 attempts and it would have been higher if I had no advice. Since then I've faced two other bosses who just kill me in 2-3 hits every time even though I know what to do. Then on top of that it takes around 5-10mins to reach each boss every time. So it's either stop looking up advice and spend 200+ hours on this game or look it up, spend around 50hrs but miss the satis
  7. Lack of bbciplayer is driving me mad, it's the only reason I'm keeping my PS4 setup.
  8. If anyone mentions the end bit without spoiling, we riot. You know the various 'cameos' with the camera person, I feel like there was a missed opportunity there? Like you get a prize for guessing what the game is or something? Not sure how that would work though? 4 possible answers? feel like that would give it away too much? Perhaps they were better as just nods then. It's just that I felt so clever and cool when working out what they were, could have done with the game saying 'Yeah, well done! You are really cool for knowing that!'.
  9. I've hardly heard any mention of the campaign, really odd. I'd expect around 10 hours of game, otherwise it's not worth full price.
  10. WWE SURVIVOR SERIES Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns 300 points Asuka vs Bayley Sasha Banks 300 points Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn 250 points The New Day vs Street Profits 200 points Survivor Series Match Team Raw (AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Sheamus, Braun Strowman & Riddle) vs Team SmackDown (Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, King Corbin, Seth Rollins, and Otis) 150 points Survivor Series Match Team Raw (Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Lana, Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce) vs. Team SmackDown (Bianca Belair, Rub
  11. Oh what, I never thought to do that for some reason. I must have about 40 of em.
  12. Ah both good points, yeah I could be killing those enemies up the stairs every time though that would drag things out a lot. I never use the firebomb, should I be? I tried using them outside the boss area and there is no way of easily doing it other than through the inventory? which is horrible as you're just standing still and vulnerable? or see/aim properly? Yeah great point about not taking on the boss straight away, I'm hoping all bosses are near the starting point again? Then I can just go in and keep dying without using anything, figuring it out.
  13. I've never played any Souls type game and this is my first. Am enjoying it but I'm clearly awful at it and need to watch some videos. I did just complete the first boss but it took me about 20 attempts, I really felt like I identified a flaw with the game in that you can get yourself in a dead end which is scary. Let me explain; I went into it with about 40 various types of grasses and about 30 resins (fire sword thing). As I was figuring it out and dying over and over, I eventually used up all grass and only had 10 resins left. I was also breaking swords and shields, n
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