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  1. Capwn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm a bit gutted I have a 2 week cruise coming up in mid November, will be tempting to urge to try and run through the main campaign in the 2 weeks prior but I probably shouldn't. I worry about the ending been spoiled but like a year or so on and I STILL don't know the end to Horizon Zero Dawn!
  2. Capwn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Didn't look at that article but in a week or so this is going to get brutal isn't it? Journalists/bloggers getting it early and going all cryptic with mild spoilers left, right and center.
  3. Capwn

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Watched an hour of July 22 last night after hearing Mark Kermode praise it but I think I have to agree with the critics, it's a bit shallow and by the numbers. Bit of a cliche too, almost plays out like an episode of Corrie where everyone is having fun and having a sing song in the Rovers as impending doom approaches. Talking of Netflix I watched the first 30mins of HoldTheDark the other night which is essentially about a missing/kidnapped child, now whenever you get these films you get openings of the parents playing with the child and having fun/smiling/bonding etc. In Hold the Dark there is no interaction at all, just distant brief cold eye contact between child and mother. Child just vanishes within 3 minutes of opening. So incredibly refreshing.
  4. Capwn

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I was interested but then the trailer seemed a bif goofy, typical terrible child actors etc. Was it just a bad trailer?
  5. Erm what? Is it possible to explain without spoilers?
  6. Capwn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I still don't know about the hud thing. The problem with exciting open world games like this is I have a desire to burn through the main story asap to avoid the inevitable spoilers across Polygon/kotaku etc.Then I can relax a bit and enjoy the game. So the HUD thing will help me get through it asap. It's not the right way to play is it? I recently blasted through TR and now the extra side missions feel a bit bloaty/pointless, kinda wish I took my time more. It's not like I missed anything amazing.
  7. Capwn

    The Walking Dead!

    Yeah right?!! I read a few people/articles from people who saw advanced screenings saying how this opener is the best episode in several seasons and how it's different in tone and a reflection of past glory days etc. NOPE! It's just business as usual. A minor character dies in this and they play it up quite a bit as this dramatic sad event. I'm not kidding, I have NO idea who this character is/was. I don't remember the character from previous settings and yet I follow this show pretty closely, that's how bad things have become. The first 3 quarters feel like filler. Only in the last quarter is there something slightly interesting going on.
  8. piano notes in the intro = this won't be a good film
  9. Capwn

    Better Call Saul!

    I demand an origin story for the pink teddy bear from S2 of BB.
  10. Capwn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Are we there yet? Nope, 23 days left.
  11. Capwn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    RD2 isn't out for 3 + weeks. AC would be the perfect game to get you through the next few weeks and get you into the perfect mood for open world exploration. Available now.
  12. Capwn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm guessing 90%+ players won't play it in FPS, right? Somehow it will feel like the 'wrong mode'. Like you're missing out on something? I imagine it's just an extra thrown in because it was easy to implement but you can tell from the hand/gun animation that there isn't much polish in the animation.
  13. Capwn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    As expected, best video yet.
  14. Capwn

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Oooh that new Assassin Creed game coming out this week. Reviews coming in and it looks really good, Polygon love it. https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2018/10/1/17920288/assassins-creed-odyssey-review-ps4-xbox-one-windows-pc

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