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  1. Nobody watching this? https://www.twitch.tv/ubisoft
  2. Yeah I'm on episode 5, it's getting better. I still don't know who 'lip trio' are, let me know in spoiler tags Indy! Three things... 1. That transition warp effect between scenes, like WHAT THE HELL? Who approved that?! It's like something from the 80's Batman show. Madness. 2. The last minute or so of every show where it's all slow motion with a song, is that a new thing? or has it always done that? Feels a bit tacky to do it EVERY episode. 3. Yeah still no idea what's going on but I get the general gist (people traveling around in time changing stuff) and am enjoying it.
  3. Is it mad that I don't recall the 3 'killers' with the funny lip? I've got no idea how they tie into the story or why they are doing what they are doing. Just to clarify, is this how many versions of characters there are? You can check this spoiler after episode 1 of the new season;
  4. Oh yeah, something I don't see mentioned much are the amazing loading times. I'm on a launch day PS4 and still, when I die it's like a 5 second wait and back in again. There are other AAA games where you can be waiting around 30 seconds.
  5. Netflix starts it off with a recap (only a few mins long), though my GF interrupted me halfway through it so I stopped it and then it never came back even after restarting the app. This probably didn't help with me feeling really lost during the entire episode. I mean this extra 'layer' they have added, as if it wasn't complicated enough. I feel like I need to watch this show with a huge criminal investigation style whiteboard in front of me showing every character's photo/name with strings linking them to each other. Also is it me or do some of the VFX look horrendous this season? It's like they ran out of time due to the pandemic and some remaining shots had to be done really quick/cheaply.
  6. I kinda want to play this again, however I don't have a PS4 PRO or 4K tv and I'm 100% aiming to have a P5 and 4K tv by the end of the year so I'm tempted to wait. I did the same with Uncharted4, would love to play it again but am holding off.
  7. (Don't look if not finished)
  8. Nope, I've played through the entire game and can confirm there are no gnomes.
  9. Finished. This is the first time posting here since the leak in April. I'm now really interested to going back and watching the video leak to see what it involved as well as watching the last few trailers and the state of play. Also looking forwards to catching up on interviews/podcasts etc. I'm one of those people who consider the length of time it took to finish a spoiler. Non spoiler points - Game of the year so far, masterpiece etc - As someone who said the sequel wasn't needed, it was. - That said the story can feel 'bloated' at times, it's also sorely missing the comedy of the original. - I continue to say this but NaughtyDog really are the pioneers of environmental storytelling/lighting. - Really enjoyed the skill tree setup/weapon upgrading system. So many games get this wrong and over complicate it. - I enjoy combat with humans more than the infected. The 'low level' infected are not so bad but as they get more advanced they can become pretty annoying. - The 'ramp up' audio cue for getting spotted is brilliant, really helps the player have an idea of 'how much' they have been spotted. - Stealth system feels very MGSV yet streamlined. I enjoyed crawling through grass, it never felt like I was having to wait/hide for too long at any one time. - The animation/transition techniques during 'melee' combat are like nothing I've seen before where combat animation can seamlessly make use of your surroundings. spoiler points (!!!)
  10. This movie is going to demand? over Nolan's dead body!
  11. Cinemas won't generally be open by July 31st will they?
  12. P.T for me. There has just never been anything like it at all, this mystery game by a highly respected designer putting out a demo of a game nobody has heard anything about. I played it before I knew of anyone finishing it, got very far too. There is this moment in there where you feel like the game is done, however with the combination of it being a Kojima game and the obscure nature of it's release I felt compelled to keep playing and sure enough eventually something 'changed' and there was clearly a deeply hidden mystery to it all. At the time it kinda felt like I was the only person in the world experiencing whatever this thing was. There wasn't really any clear solution, again with it being a Kojima game I was trying all sorts of mad stuff like walking backwards in time to certain sounds etc. I had no idea what this 'game' was and where it was going. That along with the very oppressive tone freaked me out quite a bit. Also you have to remember that at the time this was one of the most incredibly realistic looking games, partly because of the new FOX engine but also the game environment was so small that they could get away a really high budget technically speaking. I cherish it but I never felt like playing it ever again as I just found it very unsettling, especially the sound design. It's a weird one because anyone playing it for the first time now wouldn't have the same experience of playing it before anyone knew what it was. Even if you know nothing about it now, you at least know nothing came of it. It reminded me of watching BBC's infamous Ghost Watch program as a child. This sort of one off 'show' where you start to wonder if you're witnessing the something horrific for the first time ever. Hard to explain but 0.1% of me felt like the end result was going to be a video of Kojima revealing that he's just killed everyone in the studio and that Sony didn't catch it because they only played up until the part where you think it's complete or something.
  13. Oh I forgot about doing that, I've not done it in ages. I think because there has been a lack of big movie trailers since covid hit the fan.
  14. I backed the game in 2016 for $25AU (16 quid!). I'm intending to get a PS5 at launch but even so, if I didn't I don't think I would complain at only 16 quid. Looking at the campaign again now, it only made $306K AU! (167,000 sterling) , that's nothing. This isn't like Shenmue3 etc.
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