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  1. I enjoyed it. I sort of came to peace that the show was a different beast a few seasons back.
  2. Capwn


    I've watched a lot of gaming documentaries recently; TellTales - NoClip (Youtube) More of a set of 4 intimate interviews. Great insight into this studio and no sugar coating, felt the most honest of the 3. I remember around the GOT game thinking 'They really need to change things up, even change the engine' etc. It's quite tragic just how aware the devs were of this early on too and wanted to change and were now finally just starting to refresh, Stranger Things seemed to be a really pivotal moment for them as well as WolfAmongUs2. Playing Hard - (Netflix). Look into the creation of Ubisoft's ForHonor. This is pretty fascinating with it's focus on one person in particular, gets VERY deep and physiological, it almost feels like watching someone have a breakdown. There really isn't any other gaming documentary like it. Raising Kratos (Youtube). Probably the most formulaic of the three with a strong focus on team/family/studio life. They have a tonne of special footage that really shows the stress of going against the grain. It's also the most 'back patting' of the three. I think the most important it probably the TellTales one and it's only a hour. These are all brilliant in their own right, full of intimate special moments.
  3. Capwn

    Lost - The Full Series Thread

    I STILL think there hasn't been a show since LOST where so many people have been trying to figure out a puzzle like MYSTERY together has there?
  4. There are a lot of games that I've intended to buy but then changed my mind at the last moment. My earliest memory of this was Die Hard Trilogy on the PS1, I was quite excited and went to town to buy it. One the way I stopped at WHSmiths and was reading a games mag that had a review of it. It said something along the lines of 'Only 1 of the 3 games is any good' and it just put me off there and then. On the bus back home I remeber thinking to myself 'I'll just buy a 2nd hand Die Hard Trilogy' but I never did.
  5. Capwn

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    I watched the first, it was 'entertaining'. Not amazing but entertaining. I never got around to watching JW2, sounded like it took a nose dive? I asked if JW2 was good on twitter and got met with a 50/50 split response.
  6. Capwn

    See you yesterday (Netflix Spike Lee)

    Feels like I've seen the whole movie after watching that trailer
  7. Hopefully the new Mario movie looks like this.
  8. Capwn

    Is your local cinema terrible?

    My local 10 screen multiplex continues to be mental by not playing the Pokemon film.
  9. Capwn

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    About a hour in, it takes a while to get going and it does seem to be following a very typical story arch of "This isn't going to work. Everyone is going to hate it. OH! Phew people like it. We're great." but it's still insightful enough. The funny thing with AAA game development is how ropey and bland everything seems until the end, in this documentary especially I found it amazing that at the point of showing the E3 demo they practically had nothing and had 18 months to actually make the game. Up until that point the work they had done was more a proof of concept piece/prototype. No wonder it got delayed.
  10. Capwn

    American Animals

    Glad to see this film getting a second life, seemed to get lost somehow last year.
  11. Capwn


    Poutine. That deserves a thread of it's own really.
  12. Capwn


    Hint : It's about social behavior and conditioning. EVERY country has their 'ketchup', a consumable that can come in many forms. Not just food. This is why it's not in the food/drink thread. Here is another fascinating question, why is it that we all have Salt and Pepper on tables? Have you ever wondered why out of all the herbs/spices we have access to today that a huge majority of people put salt/pepper on their dinner table? As if those are the 'standard' spices.
  13. Capwn


    I was but now I'm Canadian
  14. Capwn


    I've also noticed fully grown adults use it as a sort of 'backup' for when they find food tasteless. They just add ketchup to make it palatable
  15. Capwn


    Know what's weird? There are so many different types of Ketchups in the world, example of just some highlights... Yet, if you mention Ketchup to any English person they just automatically think of this and ONLY this... You can get so many amazing natural ketchups made of ACTUAL fresh tomatoes. Heinz is just this weird sugary tomato flavored vinegar substance. Yet it's all English people know.

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