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  1. Watched 'Four Hours at the Capital' last night on bbc2. If you can stomach it, this feels like the definite documentary of such an event that is simply just showing what happened and giving time to both 'sides' to reflect upon that day. Really shows how it could have quite easily got so much worse.
  2. Oh? weird to me it read as you were suggesting they make an Indiana jones style movie with a different name. I'm still confused, I'm guessing you believe they should make the Uncharted movie MORE like Indiana Jones? How would you do that though? like give him a whip and hat? I don't get it. That trailer though, it's like the text book definition of a bad videogame movie, 100% replicating an existing scene. That doesn't bode well. Also wasn't this supposed to be a prequel? So younger Drake is doing the plane stunt 10 or so years before he does it again? wtf.
  3. WWE CROWN JEWEL WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns (c) vs Brock Lesnar 150 points WWE Championship Big E (c) vs Drew McIntyre 150 points WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks 150 points WWE Raw Tag Team Championship RK-Bro (c) vs AJ Styles & Omos 100 points Hell in a Cell Match Edge vs Seth Rollins 100 points No Holds Barred Match Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley 100 points King of the Ring Final Finn Balor vs Xavier Woods 100 points Queen's Crown Final Doudrop vs Zelina Vega 100 points Mansoor vs Mustafa Ali 50 points
  4. and call it what? and call it what? Adventure Of Stone or something? Wouldn't have had as many people talking about it so far if it was called that compared to Uncharted. Creatively what you say makes 100% sense. It could turn out to be amazing of course but you're not going to risk 200 million on a new name where if it turns out 'ok' it's going to be a disaster if nobody is talking it. If Uncharted is 'ok' it will probably still make a substantial amount of it's money back because it's getting talked about so much.
  5. Watched King Of Kong again last night, it still holds up really well regardless of all the stuff that has happened since. I think it's my favorite videogame documentary ever with just how entertaining/funny it is as well as really teleporting you directly into that world. So good, I think there was 'spiritual sequel' to this documentary right? never saw it but I got the impression at the time that it wasn't a touch on this?
  6. I know right, what kind of response did they expect? "Oh thank you for showing me this clip, I had not seen it! It's just like Dad, what a great memory. Was like he was alive again for a brief moment, thank you"
  7. Watched a couple of 'The movies that made us' episodes last night for the first time, it has interesting concept but christ on a bike the presentation was horrible with it's fast cuts and constant noise. Also the replaying of short snippets from the film that are like reactions to the talking heads are really grating. In general though it's presented like a Ch4/Ch5 reality show where it's overly trying really hard to keep the attention of the viewer. At times it even feels like a gossip magazine in tv form. They have a great concept here and have managed to get some great people to interview but I wish the presentation was more slow/focused/serious. That said, I think they probably made the smarter choice of making it more 'kid friendly' so that parents could watch with their kids without boring them to death. I realize that, it's just from a selfish point of view it's a real shame.
  8. As long as it's not just 90mins in a single room with coogan dressed as Saville leering at a photo of a child going 'Howz about that then" every 30 seconds then I'm ok with it. Hopefully it has a bit of a story to it and other characters.
  9. Movie exec "Yeah, come on. Scream is dated, they did everything they could with that story. Why?!" Writer "but...but..." Movie exec "....." Writer "Has Ghostface ever had to deal with a modern day Security Home System where the house is fully controlled by the phone?" Movie exec "TAKE MY MONEY!"
  10. Only just found out the episode I watched last week was a season finale, I had no idea. Can't even remember what happened. That said, best season in a while.
  11. Was listening to it the other day and this lady rang in moaning about British people who work in care homes, the foreigners were much more smart she said because they came prepared with good gloves and shoes where as the British people would come in with wet socks as they were not smart with how they protected themselves in poor weather. It's honestly this kinda thing that keeps me listening from time to time, you never know when it's going to happen but it's fascinating when it does.
  12. They really are clueless aren't they? If I were in charge I would have had be about the original cast of the first game and have it play out more as a spoof documentary about the making of the original game that opens with them shooting that iconic live action intro scene but in true Dark Place fashion it's revealed that there was actually a canned tv show made using the same actors soon after the development of the first game. That's the only way to make a good resident evil film/tv show for current times.
  13. I find myself listening to LBC whilst doing boring things like making the coffee or washing up etc. What grates me the most are probably the adverts, they are clearly very targeted at old people and angry men. Often there will be an advert that is making fun of avocados, yoga, meditating, working at home, therapy etc.
  14. Capwn

    Squid Game

    Nah this is great. Not been hooked on a Netflix show like this since queens gambit. Can’t wait for more
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