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  1. Also, I think any 360 emulation requires windows, right? Might not be worth the effort. 


    PS3 emulation is generally further along and probably worth a go. But I hear it gets hot and eats battery. 


    An option could be running them from a decent PC and streaming them? 

  2. I’ve mostly written off getting new releases (unless it’d something I’m definitely going to love). Now I just get it really in my head that I want to play something if people are chatting about it or I see a video about it. That seems a bit more manageable than getting the new trendy thing. I only get the itch every few months rather than all the bloody time. Once I’m into something, that’s me until I finish or I stop enjoying it.


    I’ve tried to stop just buying things I see on sale on the off-chance I want to play it in the future and build a daunting library. I’m more likely to happily spend more money on a thing I will play than waste money on stuff I won’t, and financially do better for it. I do still try to do my wish list trick of never buying unless it’s on sale, so by the time something is on sale I’ll either play it or I remove it from the wish list. 


    Last year I was challenging myself to get through a game every month and give it pure focus. That was pretty good and I might go back to that if I ever have an easier life again. But I was finding that hard recently. 


    Now I tend to have one long play going on each platform I have. If I get any time to play I just crack on with whatever is available to me. Xbox in the office (Final Fantasy 13), Switch in the living room (Ys XIII), emulator handheld next to my bed (Final Fantasy 9), smaller handheld living in my coat pocket (Chrono Trigger). 


    It’s pretty hard work it all being big, rich, lengthy games and I’ve been playing them all year. But I’m getting near to the end of most. But if I had any shorter things to play I’d never crack on with them, and I’ve been bad in the past for just playing PES or a driving game. 

  3. My 4 year old is really into it. It's a nice cheap treat when we're out shopping to get him some DVD for next to nowt in a second-hand shop. 


    The original series is still the best mostly for that theme tune. Great percussion for a TV theme! 


    Be Cool Scooby Doo is very good despite it looking like Family Guy. It's actually structured a lot like the original series but the jokes are properly funny. 


    Of the movies, I prefer the fun ones rather than the "good" ones. Zombie Island is meant to be the best one but I found it a bit dull. But Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! probably isn't "good" but it does have a Batman baddie, Elvira and the second half is basically Mad Max Fury Road. Or the newer Batman one which is Brave and Bold. 


    My kid always leans towards picking Witch's Ghost because he likes the music in it, and Lock Ness Monster and Cyber Chase. I have the Alien Invasion one on dvd somewhere that I need to hunt down in the attic. Generally that period of movies was solid. 

  4. 1 hour ago, ScouserInExile said:

    I think it does. I used to use Age of Empires for that - all you have to do is sit in a multiplayer lobby for a while to get your points. I had to boot into windows for that, so I'm glad I can do Fortnite in Linux instead.


    In the end I did an Age of Empires lobby. Playing any cloud game didn't seem to trigger it. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, ScouserInExile said:

    In the Xbox mobile app, not the Game Pass one, tap on your profile and you should see this:



    You get bonuses that add 150% for



    You just launch Fortnite in a browser, you don't need to play and it's OS agnostic, and you get 250 points. You also get a rotating amount each day for logging into the app. Up to 50 points, I think.


    Mine has "Play with friends on PC" instead. I'll see if it counts Fortnite tho

  6. The worst I've seen happen is that it does QR, then it must have a quick think about syncing, then it bails out and you have to load from scratch again with your latest save. 

    It could be a bit smoother but seems safe. 

  7. Sort of. Yes and No. I don't have a steam deck. 


    I'm mostly a handheld gamer already now because of life so I've been through all this. I need something I can pick up between children and jobs, that ideally I don't have to get off the sofa for or use the TV my wife has monopolised. So I've been through all this with the Switch where my gaming time shot up massively and I've been buying various handhelds since for things like emulators. 


    What Steam Deck, and the potential of it, has done is change my buying habits.  I have something that runs Steam Link very well on handheld now and the eShop died for me when I got that working. 


    Switch was getting a lot of love catching up on games I hadn't bothered with on PC. But you pay a premium for it. You can be paying ten times as much on eShop for something you can get for pennies on Steam.


    Also, (especially in handheld) you're getting what is likely the worst version of the game. I'd been happily playing Ys VIII on Switch, but once I played it on a 9 year old PC I realised Switch was looking a bit shit with pixelation and 15fps animation of stuff in the distance. That crap version of the game is locked in on Switch too. It will not only never improve, but not get a chance to as any purchase you make on eShop is unlikely to carry over to a new generation. Steam does have that issue. 


    If Steam Deck hits gen 2 or 3, or someone else knocks out a good value windows handheld, I'm probably getting one as long as it's 1080p and doesn't munch through loads of battery power in minutes. 





  8. Lost Odyssey really keeping its value after all that time. And rightly so, it's class. But it's 720p with no fancy upscaling on new hardware :( ...I've been very shallow about it and having a hard time starting it again because it looks so muddy. 


    Apparently, you can increase internal res on Xenia emulator, so not sure why they don't bother on xbox series s/x. Similar story for Blue Dragon, I think. 

  9. 10 hours ago, beakbeak said:

    I think it was just the fact that a grown man was playing a game with children and cartoon characters in. Whatever. 

    did I mention the fact that I was furiously masturbating whilst wearing Donald Duck cosplay? 


    It's not quite Epic Mickey, the dirty sod squirting all over the place.

  10. 12 hours ago, beakbeak said:

    I bought kingdom hearts 2 when it first came out and decided to play it one evening after I got in from work. 

    i was thoroughly enjoying myself and hadn’t noticed my girlfriend get in from work. She accusatorially asked what I was playing. I told her. She asked if I was ok. I said “yeah. Why?”.

    she looked utterly confused and somewhat hurt and before she walked off to another room she said: “what would my friends say if they were here and saw you playing this?!”


    she was accusing me of being some kind of demented pedophile. 

    I’ve been too ashamed to play the game since. 


    Is there anything like that in there? I thought it was just a bunch of kids with big hair in Disneyland. 


    I keep worrying someone is going to walk in when playing FF 13 because of that clearly a 14 year old with next to nowt on.

    It's the worst thing about JRPGs. "You don't appreciate how good this game is. Dragon Quest is a classic." "Why is that girl in a bunny costume?" "erm... tradition?"

  11. 33 minutes ago, Mallet said:

    Yeah, I have had Final Fantasy Xiii on my to play list for a couple of months but with it being summer outside and a series of books I wanted to read released in the last few months I simply have not gotten around to it.


    Now I see it is leaving on the 15th of this month and I'm wondering if it is even worth starting it now.

    What price is it now? I bought it on sale for a fiver a while back in case this happened (and it did, I’m a chapter off finishing) and it’s often been on sale for that cheap since


    Although, if I were to buy it again I’d be tempted by PC as you can’t  play it on either xCloud or streaming off Xbox 

  12. 9 hours ago, Benny said:


    Or even without ads if you can watch in a browser.

    or the pc desktop app 


    or be stupid and buy it on Amazon, then watch it just before they were the remastered versions, just before they were free with ads.

  13. 19 minutes ago, bradigor said:

    I've been playing the ISS Pro Evolution Soccer. I still really enjoy it and it is a little sad that football games have lost the pure enjoyment of those older games. Couple of questions... 


    What do people consider the best PS1/2 Pro Evo? 


    Also is there a known modding community for any of them? 



    PES 3 probably. I think I enjoyed 4 more as it was easier and more open for mp, and 5 flipped too far and was too hard to score. 

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