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  1. Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide which of us buys one, so they inevitably release the 2gb for the other?
  2. ooh, Mashed is only 79p right now. It's also the original, not Fully Loaded... which has the better, more basic Polar Wharf that we played 90% of the time, and they ruined in the update. I wish I knew that before. I'd just faffed about making an ISO of the PS2 one (that was a faff to find in the first place too). Everything on the high seas was Fully Loaded too, so I'm shocked it's the original on Steam.
  3. It's not so much the expense for me (except it being too much for 1gb), but I'm worried that it's a bit too small and as soon as I buy it the 2gb will be out for only a little bit more. But I've been thinking that for a couple of years now.
  4. It probably helps that I keep my handheld charging by my PC. By the time I'm back to the sofa, steam is booting. I'm more worried about PS5 ports as all the exclusives are coming out on that and should save me buying another expensive box too. But sounds like most of them are still getting PS4 versions so should hopefully hold stuff back as much as the Series S.
  5. I'm really liking Steam Link at the moment and I'm getting better performance on my 9 year old PC (770 GTX, and other bits of that era) than Steam Deck can push out. I'm surprised that people with much better PCs than me aren't just using it too. Is everyone actually daring to leave the house with it? It just seems too big and expensive to whip out on the bus. Bothered about lag? As I'm not really noticing it over Wifi 6. And apart from it not looking as silky smooth on spinning a camera around fast, it looks pretty sharp. Compatibility to games seems about the same (except for the trackpads opening up more games, I guess). Quite happy how most of the verified stuff just works. But I wouldn't want to go through the same pain on PC I've had to do for setting up some older games on a Steam Deck. Anyone had to poke around with ini files on it yet? Or set up a controller config? But I'm not far off Steam Deck compatibility with games. It's unified memory is going to let some newer PS5 level stuff work, but my PC seems to be running PS4 level much better. But that just makes me wonder how quickly new releases won't work on a Steam Deck? Maybe devs will make sure there is a low enough option for it to work but that'll keep my tired old PC going for longer too. Anyway, fingers crossed I can play the new Star Ocean without having to buy a new machine.
  6. I really like the guides by Retro Game Corps ... the AmberElec one is a bit basic compared to the detailed on I did for Odin, sending you to the official setup, but the videos are good and there is some extra useful info in there. https://retrogamecorps.com/2022/07/13/amberelec-setup-and-update-guide/ In other news, I got Jade Empire streaming on PC to Odin. Yey! I initially had success with Moonlight, I'd just missed installing some tool that makes a virtual 360 pad for Sunshine (the replacement for Geforce Experience if you got a crappy old card). But while initially the stream looked good, in actual play I was finding the streaming performance to be crap. Getting 20fps where I was getting 60fps in Steam Link. So I tried to do similar for Steam Link by trying tools like InputMapper to fake a 360. But whatever is sent through by Steam Link isn't something any tool can convert. In the end, I finally found the solution I needed was to just have Steam run in Administrator Mode. Now all inputs are getting through fine. Definitely don't need a Steam Deck now!!!
  7. Another thumbs up for Hori Split Pad. For the majority of games it's worth what you lose in rumble for comfort. It is a bit of a faff to remember to stick the regular joycons in for a charge for when you want to waggle.
  8. Tried Moonlight to stream from PC to see if it would sort out my Steam Link controller issues. The stream is fantastic and looks way better (even on my crappy 770 GTX where I've had to use "sunshine" rather than Geforce Experience as it's EOL) ... but it doesn't seem to be passing through the Odin Controller to be used. Which is frustrating as I've seen plenty of other people using it just fine. I'm not sure why I'm personally being put through controller pain as everyone else seems to be using both methods fine. I just want to stream Jade Empire. It's all I want.
  9. Usual convo here: My far more significant other: "What have you bought now?" Me: "This will emulate all them old machines we have in the attic" SO: "so we can get rid of them at last?!?!" Me: "Hahahaha ...no. If anything playing this has made me realise I need a real Master System..."
  10. I guess I'll wait for something else to come along. My v90, the 16-bits look awesome 1:1 with some borders but GBA looks like trash with text. Sounds like I'd just be swapping problems. RG353P has been tempting at 640x320 but it's too big and plastic-y. Shame as it sounds like the controls are quality. Anbernic is all over the place with quality. I'd say I'd wait for the next mini handheld but they'll fuck something up. Apart from the screen, everything about the RG280v screams top quality and if they made another one you can guarantee it'll cheap out elsewhere. Also interested in what they do next for a Windows handheld, a rumoured 6800u machine for around when Ayn and Aya *might* release theirs. But they mucked up the Win600 with a stupid high price, bad stick placement and it looking cheap as fuck. But at least they release stuff you can get your hands on.
  11. I just posted this in a retro thread, but I got Steam Link working on an android handheld (Ayn Odin) and I'm surprised how well my 8-9 year old PC is holding up playing games to a level Steam Deck can since you can whack the resolution right down and you'd need to squint hard to miss some high gfx settings. The quality of streaming over wifi is really good (way better than xCloud) if the PC isn't using all it's performance to run the game. If anything, it might look a bit better as the screen has a higher res than Steam Deck. Obviously I'd love a Steam Deck too but since I was probably never going to have the bottle to play expensive equipment outside of the house... this is saving me a fortune. Maybe all you really need is controller for your phone? (and maybe nick someone's old PC if you haven't got one)
  12. In fairness, if he did opt for the PS5 then yeah they probably need a bigger house.
  13. I've been very tempted by the Miyoo Mini for the 640x480 screen, but the Anbernic RG280v looks like a heftier thing that looks nicer to hold with the same throw in your pocket size. Weird 320x480 screen but all of the reviews have said it looks amazing anyway. Can anyone confirm that? But I'll probably try to be good and not get another handheld (this year). It's not retro but I got Steam Link mostly working on the Odin yesterday. I wasn't going to bother as my PC is old and crappy (770 GTX) but at 720-1080 a lot of recent games are holding up really well. That's all you need on that little screen. For games and emulators too, the screen still looks good even if it's not 1:1 with the physical 1920x1080 res. It's given my PC a real shot in the arm knowing this. I ran the Dragon Quest XI demo and it looked stupendous. Ys IX I had to drop to 720 more to get the streaming quality up ... I reckon I can stick a wee bit more memory for next to nowt and sort that. It looks like a lot of min specs are for 1080p so worth a crack running anyway at 720 (like Final Fantasy 7 Remake). To bring it back to retro, Just having a bit of bother with older games. My main goal has been to get Jade Empire running as it's the only way to play handheld now. Had to do some shenanigans to just get it to load, and I still can't get controller mapping to keyboard working on the Odin. Virtual Mouse and Keyboard doesn't seem to work on older games, which I would have thought would have been the whole point. Really want to get it sorted out as it might save me a fortune buying retro and indie stuff on Switch that I already have. Looking at you, every Star Wars game. The important thing is that I've lost all urge to buy a Steam Deck now. I struggle to take the Odin out and about with me, never mind that expensive beast, so streaming over wifi is good enough for me.
  14. I can't blame you for cancelling the Odin, especially the Lite since there are still questions about how it will perform. I think on paper it should be surprisingly powerful as it's got all new stuff in it. But I['ve heard the catch is that the emulators for GC/PS2 are stuck together with hacks and duct tape to perform well on existing chips and you'd have to wait a while for updates to maybe still be a bit off the pace with the Base/Pro. I ordered my Pro ages ago knowing it would take ages to arrive, and it was the right decision at the time for what I wanted, but if I was ordering now I'd be put off. Given the choice now, it would be stupid not to order a Steam Deck instead as it's more likely to turn up quicker and they're not that much more expensive. I'm still enjoying the Odin Pro though. I like the size of it where I'd think I'd struggle with the Steam Deck and I'd miss the 1080p making emulated games look delicious. But alternatively my mate who ordered one at the same time has already flogged his (for a tidy profit) and bought a Steam Deck because he found the sticks too small and flimsy to play the FPSs he likes. It's still a bit too big to just throw in a bag or sneak out when on the bus/pub/etc. The v90 is still getting a lot of love going on holiday with me a couple of times recently when the Odin has stayed at home. I'm kind of missing getting stuff working. AetherSX2 for PS2 has improved a lot so I don't think I have any games that don't run well at 2x res. Dolphin for GC is a bit of a weird one where it keeps switching between official and MMJR to run games well, but for the most part they're already running pretty well on both now except for a couple of awkward games like Rogue Leader. Even Citra has had a few updates making 3DS games run really well in comparison to when I first got the Odin. Now I just got to pick something to play rather than keep flitting about messing with settings. And when it boils down to it, I think next year I'm going to end up getting some handheld Windows machine that will make it obsolete.
  15. For some balance, a lot of us here loved origami king. The battle system isn't too bad once you do the cheat of taking a screenshot and getting rid of the terrible time limit. The rest of it is amazing and I just bought it again recently to own a physical copy. It was probably my GOTY after nearly bouncing off it very hard at the start.
  16. I was in CEX in Leeds just a few days ago and was shocked by how many physical copies there were. Must have been a dozen. Website confirms there are "4+"
  17. A big plus for playing on emulaltors and the likes. Running on modern hardware you can plug anything into, save states, save files you can just grab and dump anywhere, hacks and patches for old games to sort out critical bugs and translations. Looking forward to playing Final Fantasy 6 on SNES soon that is massively fixed up
  18. To counter balance... I just started Grandia. I had to sit through the same trailer cutscene TWICE and then fannied around for ages unable to pick up things for a treasure hunt because I didnt talk to the same person twice in a row. Still, great game ...10/10 stuff. I feel retro games are better now there are guides online to get you past some "what the fuck am I meant to be doing" moments that games cant get away with now as the target audience isn't a bunch of kids with nothing else better to do than try everything.
  19. So they do seem to be able to track subscription shenanigans but don't seem to care about most people converting 3 years worth of gold or whatever?
  20. I rinsed the demo of Zeewolf. I couldn't seem to find it in shops or the playground.
  21. Patrick, or at least the voice of him, from Spongebob allegedly looked down on doing voiceovers for video games and didn't put as much effort in as the others who were great. I heard. Allegedly. I should have stuck more allegedly in that other post too.
  22. I'm not sure about that one, but the one before it (just "The Biggest Loser") did really well and it was one of the few games they got royalties on. So it's probably not a rarity. I think it was a UK trainer that commit suicide. Not the one on the box. The US ones are still grifting away on larger people's dreams.
  23. I've not worked on The Biggest Loser. I'm sure none of us have, but I say that because I worked adjacent to the poor souls who did. Apparently the lass from it was a bit of a pain to get her to do her contractual work for voicing the game because it was a competitor to another game with her name on it. And so ends the one and only time the subject of Biggest Loser on Wii will come up.
  24. Very excited. I've been very strong in not buying a Playstation just for P5. But pretty bad that the only thing I got particularly excited about in these announcements is one Playstation port.
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