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  1. What price is it now? I bought it on sale for a fiver a while back in case this happened (and it did, I’m a chapter off finishing) and it’s often been on sale for that cheap since Although, if I were to buy it again I’d be tempted by PC as you can’t play it on either xCloud or streaming off Xbox
  2. or the pc desktop app or be stupid and buy it on Amazon, then watch it just before they were the remastered versions, just before they were free with ads.
  3. If you have a GC emulator, Winning eleven 6 felt a bit different too (and you can get an English patch these days). Felt a bit more fluid and less on the rails. Like the others, it's barely any different but it might click if you lean more towards ISS.
  4. PES 3 probably. I think I enjoyed 4 more as it was easier and more open for mp, and 5 flipped too far and was too hard to score.
  5. Only thing on my wish list is that new Star Ocean, as long as it reviews well. But otherwise Persona 5 for "free"
  6. Invincible Tiger was the first game to use the HDMI 3D standard (maybe). Which I only know as I did a tiny bit of work on it. It played okay for what it was but no one bought it. You can't get it on anything now tho as it was digital and the company went bust.
  7. I'd be shocked if anything more top end coming out will be slower than a steam deck. They will however cost shitloads more.
  8. I was mostly 360, but at the end of the generation I got a PS3 to get through all the exclusives and stream videos from my PC. PS+ really kicked off then and it became my primary console as by that point even the 3rd party multi-platform stuff was running pretty well on that crazy setup. But even then, none of the exclusives really stood out for me except for Ni No Kuni, but that's on loads of other platforms now so I wouldn't go back for it. I played some Uncharted and some Ratchet and Clank, but I couldn't tell you which ones. I tried the Souls games but I don't like it. Motorstorm was fine. Okami HD was exclusive for a fair while and looked stunning, but I already had that on PS2. As I say, despite early issues the multi-platform stuff worked pretty well on it in the end. PS3 is going to be remembered fondly on emulation running them even better (and on a 360 pad). Transformers: War for Cybertron was a highlight. I got GTAV for it when it was first released, but stupidly got the digital version that had popups because it didn't stream from the disc. I've been itching to play Prince of Persia: cel-shaded handheld, having to make do with streaming on PC. I worked on a fair few games on that generation too and looking forward to being able to play them without having to get a console out the attic. Unless it needs Move. Or Kinect. Which I don't have anyway. *sigh*
  9. I keep starting to watch the trilogy (and Scorpion King) as I have them on 4k, and I end up just keep watching the first film. Or occasionally watch the second one and spend the whole time thinking I should have just watched The Mummy.
  10. This film is all kind of average but my kid wants to watch it all the time and I don't hate it like some of his other favourites. So it can't be all bad. The cat rules.
  11. I've just seen Tom Cruise's The Mummy drop on Netflix. So... is it proper, proper crap? Or watchable "for free" if there is nothing on telly?
  12. I think PS3 is going to be looked at through rose tinted glasses soon, because the emulators are really coming along and will end up playing that generation better than 360 emulators and way better than the machine could.
  13. Gah, I just bought that Opus game after seeing a video of someone saying it was amazing. You're welcome, everyone.
  14. Sorry, I might be wrong then. It seemed less than last time I looked on a console, but that was yonks ago
  15. You have to get the steam subscription for it on Steam. Once you get it, on the store page you can make it available in your library. Then you can download it. I’m currently using it as it was 80p for a month and I wanted to test a bunch of games on my geriatric PC. I’ve been a bit disappointed with the line up. Seems pretty limited compared to EA Play elsewhere and nothing you couldn’t just pick up in a sale. Not worth a fiver.
  16. If the app you're using looks a bit messy with all the chds and m3us for the same game, an extra tip for multi-disk is to put the chds into a sub directory, and have the m3u in the main directory point to that. So I dump all mine into "multi" and make the emulator not look in subdirectories.
  17. I'm surprised that people like it considering it'll look like a 360 gopro getting action. It's not exactly sexy POV when you imagine someone wearing a hat/helmet/strap (dunno) with a camera sticking out of it their head while the other is making love to the camera. It would give me the vertigo I get from being just a few steps up a ladder.
  18. I keep bouncing off it for similar reasons. It does feel like it's a game built for kids who have the time to keep hitting brick walls. Which is a shame because top-down Zelda is the best Zelda and it's a joy to play, but it's why I prefer Link Between Worlds as it's the same world but you know what you're doing. It's only now I can play some games of an era because there are walkthroughs that can guide you through because the designers didn't give any proper signposting. But yeah, even then LTTP is still a struggle.
  19. There are plenty of franchises I've dropped after one game, despite liking the game. Halo, Gears of War, God of War, Uncharted 3, AssCreed 2: The one everyone played, Splinter Cell: Somewhere in the middle, Metal Gear Solid 2, probably some others. It's a rare event that it doesn't just feel more of the same. I think the problem is that often it's not just more of the same, but it's packaged as "even more stuff here than in the last one", so I feel like I've done it. I'm probably being unfair on a couple of them. MGS is usually different, but ...meh. Pokemon is one I've kept trying to like, after enjoying a bit of the first one, but I just can't get into it. Final Fantasy has clicked with me at last. I've kept trying to enjoy that one too, it clicked with 13 weirdly, and now I'm playing 6 and 9 on the side despite not digging them first time around. FF7 still doesn't click which is a shame. Not got into the new Tomb Raiders. I don't think the PS1-eras worked (bad controls but played them anyway), but had a blast with the bang-average PS2 era ones. But can't bring myself to play these new "good" ones.
  20. I've been slipping a lot more and not really caring. I've run out of things to buy with the points and I've already put aside some money in December to get gold on cdkeys. Nothing is really driving me to grind out that extra fiver on an upcoming release, and I've been disappointed with everything I've gotten full price even though it was heavily discounted by it. I still feel like a pre-order/day-one mug even though it's fake money as it could have been spent wiser. I'm going to take it easy, check on it in a few months to a year and see if I can buy hardware for the sake of it.
  21. Depends if you can put up with it. I just started messing about with it on Odin and it looks squished up on there, but if I faff about with the v90 I still think I prefer it sharp and too narrow. Ideally, I'd have been happier in ignorance.
  22. I prefer to play 1:1 if there are no clever screen filters. While you get borders, it looks nice and sharp on a little screen. (disclaimer: on a teeny tiny v90 screen)
  23. I'm not really being serious... but I was hinting at that, yes 🙂
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