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  1. This got reviewed on Newsnight last night. Said it was like Desperate Housewives and Six Feet Under without the intelligence, less heart and more obscenities.

    Stuck up twats.

  2. I thought the first album was great and I'm not even a big fan of this sort of thing. They did however suck live because they looked lost, the set up was all wrong and they didn't have enough songs. I still listen to the album now and again though.

    The new album seems more of the same but I can't find any songs that really stand out. Certainly no singles. And I imagine you all think the same since no songs have been mentioned in this thread.

    This album seems rushed out to stay on the crest of the new indie wave. They could have taken their time and made another album of potential hits. Their catchy tunes would have been timeless if treat right. But no, they decided to cash in before all the kids realise that wearing ties, being aloof and only having one eye poking through their hair just isn't very cool.

  3. You've not played it then?  It's not a case of being tougher.  They're utterly, utterly ridiculously fucked.  They absolutely ruin the game.  (In WE9, I mean, but SU's comments indicate it's the same in PES5).

    I have played it. But I play a very softly, softly approach so it hasn't been too bad to me.

    After a bit more play: I just had another go at the game (the trainer crack rules, btw) and I still don't see it. I was happily putting in sliding challenges and hussling for each ball. While the 'advantage' logo kept appearing I didn't give away free kicks.

  4. I didn't like Family Guy this week. Normally I don't mind the episodes without a strong storyline to link the story together...but all the jokes have to be top-draw to get away with it and they weren't in this episode.

  5. Unsure about Tyler. Seems to be like any thick/dippy character from a bbc/pc sit-com. Either that or they are using him to replace Trigger.

    Keep an eye on the face of Tyler in the background. He always seems to be pulling odd looks when something stupid happens or his parents say something daft. Subtle but good.

  6. Start dates for some shows (the ones I care about...for other shows check out epguides.com)

    Sunday 11th Sept

    American Dad

    Family Guy

    The Simpsons

    Monday 19th Sept

    Arrested Development (YEY!)

    Tuesday 20th Sept

    My Name Is Earl

    The Office

    Thursday 22nd Sept


    Sunday 25th Sept

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Friday 30th Sept

    Malcolm in the Middle (Oddly...this is usually Sunday viewing)

  7. Weeds (started watching this last night - loved the first 3 episodes)

    I've been enjoying Weeds too. It's pretty good, but as amusing as it is, I can't see it going into a new series. Same with Jake In Progress and Committed last year...good, but not good enough.

    I'm getting all worked up about seeing Arrested Development again. Best comedy at the moment. I'll also be getting Curb, Scrubs, Family Guy, American Dad, Malcolm in the Middle, Joey (it improved towards the end).

    When are South Park and The Office starting?

    btw, I hope you all watched the last series of Monk that has just finished. If not, shame on you...SHAME!!

  8. I sadly sold Luigi's Mansion. I'm going to have to buy that back on the cheap. I never got around to playing Metroid Prime 2 either. Super Mario Sunshine was sold from my collection too so I'd have to get that back I think.

    AS for my XBOX, I've had my eye on Ninja Gaiden for a while. I'd like to get BG&E too...I have it for PC (got it for cheap then too) but couldn't be bothered as I'm not really a PC gamer.

    I sold my Burnout games too (2 mostly). I'd like to have them back but they aren't a priority.

    I still have quiet a few games that I haven't really played yet. I never really played much of Zelda:WW as I never had the time. Jade Empire is half finished. I stopped playing Prince of Persia:SoT 75% of the way in.

    I'm totally not getting a next-gen for a long time tho so I'm greatful for the incomplete challenges.

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