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  1. NO! NOOO!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  2. In the end the cost of paying millions to a real person would be better compared to the cost of making the model, animating the model, voicing the model, motion capturing, rendering the scene and adding post production to add a twinkle to their eye. Imagine the wage bills alone!!! There is also a point where we just find realistic models scary. As photorealistic as the image may be, our eyes are tuned to spot various small things and we'd still be able to tell. These characters would seem dead to us compared to the lively and cartoony characters from the current Pixar movies.
  3. AK Bell


    The genie is the best creation ever
  4. It's even better publicity to have both.
  5. AK Bell


    ...with him talking to the camera in a lovejoy/malcolm in the middle/etc method. While it is an amusing thought of mainstream sitcom Gervais, it does make me shudder too.
  6. AK Bell


    Must not...turn into ...soppy fool! NOOOO!!!! MUST OWN GAME!!!
  7. The Orii were some kinda of ancients floaty shiny things that lived in some big fire
  8. McGregor's Run Reminds me of when I tryed to pitch a movie called Space Battles.
  9. WHAT A PILE OF CRAP!!! I've just played the demo of Revenge, won the race and didn't know how! I tried it again...the same thing happened. While it was an amazing blitz of the senses, I found myself not knowing what was going on. There were Takedowns all over the place, but I never even saw the car I took down, never mind attempted to. I couldn't make out the traffic in the brown mess. In the past you could trust the backlights but now they are so motion blurred I can't see them anymore. It didn't matter anyway because I could just smash into traffic on my side of the road. Oh no, there is a turn coming. Never mind, I'll just put my boost on and ride the wall yet again. No wait, I never got anywhere near the side anyway. What the hell happened to this game and how can you say that there is little difference between this and the last game? Burnout was about the near misses with traffic and now it is impossible to do. Even if I drive on the wrong side of the road the cars blend into the background too much to see.
  10. To be fair, Star Trek hasn't got worse...it's just not got any better. The competition is now showing it up. I've gone back to watch some old episodes of TNG and the like and I find that they had a lot more crap episodes than Enterprise did in it's final two series. There was so much filler and maybe only 6 episodes out of 20-odd were really good (and maybe another 6 were better than nothing). Compare that to only 3-4 bad episodes in the last series of Enterprise. Enterprise was a lot more consistent but there was the nagging feeling that we'd seen it all before. That's because we have. For Star Trek to be better it would have to evolve and change. But then it just wouldn't be Star Trek anymore. It would veer away from what attracted the legions of fans who love it so much that'll they'll bitch as soon as something changes. It has to die for at least 10 years (maybe with a couple of films to tide us over). Imagine Battlestar Galactica going on for so long with such support. They'd still be wearing capes. Or Doctor Who still being fed to the same 'true' fans as the originality and viewing figures drop. With a 10 year gap then the fans would either have to like the changes or lump it...it's the only way they'll get any more Trek.
  11. Aren't game demos going to be free on 360's Live anyway?
  12. The Finale episode doesn't exist in my mind. I've removed it. It ruined a good season of excellent storylines (that transporter episode is removed from my mind too) and pissed on any achievements the series made towards the end. btw, have you noticed in six years the characters hadn't ages nor developed at all. It only made Riker and Troi seem even older. What's with Troi's American twang too?...she's been over there too long and probably been smoking too.
  13. Is anyone else looking forward to the HD backlash? People aren't going to give up their current DVD library without a few grumbles. Not for a long time...probably not until the next new format. And yeah, we'll get screwed on the new console prices. £220-£250 I think for the 360, if we're lucky. It'll probably be worth checking import costs.
  14. The problem is that at the moment every character has drawn their line in the sand. We know what side they are on. Before everyone was plotting and scheming and that was compelling. That'll all come back in a few episodes time I think.
  15. AK Bell


    Ben Stiller's entire act is being suddenly aggressive like that and not being able to vent that anger properly.
  16. HDTV just doesn't seem worth bothering with right now. There is nothing that uses it at the moment with XBOX, PS3, Sky HD and HD DVDs still months and months away. There are a few XBOX games I'd like to play with a better resolution but I'm not too fussed yet. Even when they are machines that use HDTV, there will still be nothing on these machines worth getting. There will be few movies out, poor launch games and just because Sky can do HD doesn't mean that they TV shows will. Next summer ask me again then I'll probably change my opinion. But not before then.
  17. Azureus + Auto Speed = Decent download time without have to mess around Also, don't believe the estimated time too much. It'll just annoy you. It'll be done when it's done. Sleep on it.
  18. I've had these for ages but not got round to them: - Spirited Away A Mighty Wind Dark City Alien3 (bought them all together, but can't be bothered with 3) The Apartment Fortune Cookie The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World More bought for a laugh: - The Money Pit Mannequin Mighty Ducks 3 Loaded Weapon 1 I usually have the problem of buying films I like but have seen millions of times before. So still in the sellophane are: - The Fugitive Superman I & II The Producers Three Amigos Waynes World I & 2 Spaceballs Robin Hood: Men In Tights Event Horizon Highlander Who Framed Roger Rabbit Does anyone else not get round to watching their DVDs because they don't want to watch them on their own? I do that. I buy them but then find no one else is interested.
  19. Once every generation there is a woman who can write comedy and she is it. I bow before the comedic might of Victoria Wood. There are of course many women who can perform comedy, and a few can do a good stand-up act...but it's hard to find a female written comedy that is funny. I'm not trying to be sexist, I wish that rule wasn't the case, but it's true.
  20. They seemed to make an effort to show us the "hidden wall" of each room too.
  21. I was forced to watch it at school too. It's just not something that kids should have to watch. I was shown it after the cold war too so there was little point.
  22. AK Bell


    I just watched the documentary that comes with the boxset. At last...some form of closure!
  23. AK Bell


    They just made headers harder in PES4 because they were so easy in the last one. Now you need to have a perfect delivery and a perfect head or you get nothing. I stick to low crosses now...but they are only really effective against other people rather than the CPU.
  24. My girlfriend is more understanding than cool about games. I have to negotiate time playng games and time spent with her...but that's understandable. I've seen people get the balance wrong and lose their girlfriend (as well as being horrified when I saw them being ignored). I learnt fast that the sooner you offer to stop playing the more they'll let you play (it can backfire but rarely). She'll happily play Monkey Ball or a driving game with me once in a while. I know she likes her puzzle games too (Myst, cards, etc). She'll not watch me play games though. And who can blame her. I don't like spectating either. To be fair, all games are very boring to watch. It's a game design problem. All of the bits inbetween the storytelling are just filler but this filler is the actual game. So yeah, KOTOR has a good storyline and I enjoyed it, but I couldn't sit through someone killing some more creatures to get their XP up. Until that is fixed I'd rather watch a film with her and a lot of girlfriends will demand more time with you away from the joypad.
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