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  1. Ah, I'm kind of ruling myself out of this one. It may well be GOTY but I hate games that take the time out to point out how shit I am at it.
  2. Probably. There is so much content in the main game that I've not even considered touching the dlc yet.
  3. To remove some whatabout-ism, I've worked on a few games where we've had to make a special Japanese version to remove the blood and gore. You can't even just comment it out I think, we removed the assets. If we can to do that, they can make a version where these poor lasses can wear a jumper or something. I'm kind of okay with it being out there if that's what it says on the tin. And probably made with a domestic audience in mind. That Neptuna series just got a new version, for example. I know I can avoid it, someone else can enjoy that trash. Obviously there are lines that shouldn't be crossed but if you want to wank over an overly caricatured drawing then I'm not going to ban it. Personally I mostly find it annoying when the game is 99% not that. Dragon Quest XI was fine except for puff-puff with bunny girls and for a while being stuck with some skimpy costume on one character as the original, not pervy, costume went missing as I was rattling through them all. It makes it worse in a "this is normal and acceptable" kind of way. But I can guarantee that 1% is when my wife walks in like I'm watching some weird porn. "It's just how they make them... It's culturally appropriate... IT'S CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE!!!" At least I save some money on DLC and Ultimate/GOTY/Day 1 editions. You should be put on a register if you buy them. How about a jumper and sweatpants pack?
  4. It's still better than the usual rut of just building up a library and never playing anything.
  5. How much money does the magazine get through libraries? Mine does Libby and so I can read it for free, but I still subscribe because I'm nice like that. But might be an option @watusi
  6. Jade Empire has a nice upscale on it. Think it's 4k as anything less tends to look mushy on my cheap monitor. Shame there is no widescreen option though. I got it running and looking better on PC but the pad controls just feel off on it. I'm away and running on the xbox now.
  7. It's a nice, chill game of not too difficult puzzles. Definitely worth a quid.
  8. I've had Jade Empire on my wish list for aaaaaaages and it's finally on sale. In the Game Pass sale for £3.03
  9. On the page for the platform, there is a little pencil in the bottom right opens some settings to edit. Scroll down for "Accepted filename regex" and there should already be some weird looking symbols in there to edit. Probably need to change the .*$ at the end to .m3u
  10. you should be able to do that with the Accepted Filename Regex. But you'd probably still have the problem where you have a mix of m3u and single disc games in there like I do. It really needs a "do not use sub-directory" option for me to clean it up
  11. I don't think it's possible to link any handhelds together and do this. Never mind on different machines. But, I think you can do it locally on a PC with two instances of the same emulator. Google that for VisualBoyAdvance if you want to try it.
  12. A slightly larger but similarly priced device is Anbernic RG35XX now you can run Garlic OS on it making it much nicer. Not too much effort, just whacking files onto a SD Card. It's easier to buy. I've been very tempted despite not needing one. https://www.patreon.com/posts/76561333 It's very bad luck to be stung by Import tax but it can happen. I make sure have some money to one side and keep my fingers crossed. But I avoid it if I can. I think for the cheap price of these devices you could chance it on AliExpress and not get hit too hard.
  13. Ooh, thanks for reminding me that ST Tactical Assault was on PSP. I loved the DS one and want to play it in nicer-o-vision now.
  14. Something dumb and tragic for fans of the company like the following? Square Enix doubling down on NFTs Oh shit, they are doing that!!! Bloody hell. Never mind.
  15. 1 - 04/01 - Unpacked - Xbox Series X (Game Pass) There goes all them cheap achievements I've been using this game for. It was nice. Lovely even. It's quite clever how it tells a story with just a few items being placed on shelves. Something compels you to keep unpacking despite having got all the achievements you went in for that day. I'm not sure why it got such great reviews though as I didn't enjoy the game itself. It can just feel like busy work. Like completing a Sudoku after having solved the interesting, tricky bit. Then it's just a matter of sticking the numbers in for closure. I didn't complete anything last year but I got to the final parts of several rpgs so hopefully I can get a few more down soon. But man, do they start to drag when they think no one is going to be watching at that point. Boss fight, boss fight, boss fight.
  16. Depends what you intend to get for PS2/GC/PSP/3DS...it's them ones that blow up in size. They've hit 172Gb ...everything else, just 10Gb and there are loads on there that I got with a console including PS1/DC
  17. I might not bother now I’m getting loads of points for sitting in an Age of Empires lobby every day. The faff to get 1k almost wasn’t worth it.
  18. A smaller Steam Deck with bigger battery. If Valve don't make it, every factory in China will knock them out. Making the Anbernic prediction by @bradigor seem conservative.
  19. I wouldn't blame anyone for buying it after all the coverage it got at the time. Something smelled funny by it being Amiga/PC lead (so I saw even more positive promotion being an amiga owner) and I hated swapping disks for fighters so wasn't interested. 13 of them! Most amiga mags gave it a kicking except for CU Amiga, my favourite at the time. For shame!
  20. Yeah, there seems to be a couple missing from the collection to really round it out
  21. I'd guess on their first issue they looked back 20 years and there was nothing, and 15 years they'd missed pivotal stuff
  22. As relatively expensive as it looks, I think that's as cheap as Lost Odyssey ever gets
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