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  1. Kirk was often influenced by the crew or got the crew to do things for him. Everything had to flow through him and ultimately the end result had to be down to him. Eventually it became more getting stuck in and getting his shirt ripped but more often than not an episode resolved down to Spock and McCoy being either side of his conscience and him making a final decision. None of that with Micky the wonder kid. Here, have more stuff on your shoulders while the rest of the crew twiddles their thumbs and picks their nose. But it's okay, as there is a side story of one of the sidekicks
  2. Sorry, I only half read that. Looking back, there aren't that many cross gen launch titles, that aren't just going to be fairly cheap licence jobs to begin with. This one is fairly unique with having a new AssCreed. (I got excited when I remembered Call of Duty 2, but that was actually just 360 and still looked bloody awful)
  3. Rogue Squadron II on GC? A massive step up from the last gen, looked like the movie, looked better than Jedi Starfighter on PS2, and really got it's polygons out for the lads.
  4. Loved that ending. It had better come out on blu-ray as I want to watch it all again.
  5. Amazon subtitling on Parasite though, right? Has anyone watched it on there yet?
  6. Yeah but ... my kid is going to love this.
  7. Anyone else now go... "OOH! Robert Zemeckis! ... ...oh. Robert Zemeckis."
  8. I just had a little play. Was flying about and scanning stuff first. So that's a good sign they've got their priorities straight. Can't quite find a control scheme that suits me for pad control yet. So, what's the recommendations for sticks that work on xbox?
  9. So I take it from these small number of runs everyone is doing, that I shouldn't be dying left, right and centre and lazily just taking it?
  10. I think I'm going to watch Highlander again. Thanks!
  11. Arise dead thread. I gave up on this after 10 mins. Everyone was sleep walking through this. Is it worth persevering with?
  12. Yeah, depends on the game. And the developer. Does the developer even exist now? Does the developer want to jump through the hoops to patch it up? Every little change could make the house of cards collapse. I suspect it'll be fixed up on the games that are still being updated, but I'd be surprised if they went out of their way to do it just for this patching. And it may be the case loads of games work fine anyway.
  13. I think it will end up on the new consoles. Were they not looking into trying to to get it onto switch and PS5 (as well as everything else)? I'd be surprised if it's on the old consoles. Or else why get a new one? But they seem so focused on getting gamepass in your face they may well do.
  14. Whenever I hear an American complain about download caps I have a wee chuckle about having to pay local charges for dialup.
  15. I refuse to spend money on a brand new release with no idea if it's going to be any good or not. I never do it any more. Never!!! I just grabbed this fairly cheap on eBay too.
  16. I usually handheld 90% of the time. But this is only game on switch that I feel I'm losing something not playing it docked on a big telly. Lovely.
  17. Entertaining tosh. I'll back you up.
  18. Got mine working. Turns out my phone keeps flipping back to the 2g wifi, not the 5g, and it really, really needs that to not be shit. I'm surprised as I've not had that bother with any other similar streaming stuff. Anyway, it works well enough. I found a bluetooth controller from a brief affair with VR. Pretty handy for this gamepass reward stuff to just nip in, get a few easy achievements and never having to install the game.
  19. Maestro is a big improvement for issue 2. She-hulk was a good read too, but not essensial, I think.
  20. I like how small the storage is. It's tiny hiding away in the back there. One of the problems with a ugly, bulky external hard drive dangling out of the last one was that you get annoying questions like "What's that?", "How much did that cost?" and "HOW FUCKING MUCH?"
  21. You can get a lot more spreadsheet to display on a 4k screen.
  22. Ooh, not obvious when browsing for movies to buy, but the plain-vanilla version of Flash Gordon UHD is coming out on 5th Oct for £20 ...it's hiding behind the expensive one on Amazon. ...all that's missing from the big box set is that doc Life after Flash ("free" on Prime and AppleTV+, and still can't be arsed to watch it) , the soundtrack (you don't already have it in some form???) and some thin booklets. I never felt they were worth the extra £30
  23. And next year isn't looking much better. Treat yourself now while you still can. Then it's best to keep your head down, locked in, saving money for bread and milk, playing xbox and gamepass between power cuts.
  24. I got a bow and I don't like it. Can you go back to the sword?
  25. I caved about an hour before the switch sale ended. I don't have good experience with this sort of game. Not my cup of tea at all, but everyone keeps banging on about it and I want join in on it like the twat I am. Anyway, it's a bit good, isn't it?
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