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  1. I'm looking forward to it. By the time that Christmas comes and I've got a bit of time off to play it I expect it to be on sale. I'd be happy to put a few quid down on something new and shiny, despite it looking like it'll be on Game Pass by this time next year.
  2. I fluked the first three questions just thinking they were the right answers, not checking the other option
  3. Are we meant to be supporting the anomaly that will destroy everything? It seemed the most sympathetic character from that trailer.
  4. I just got the points for going to "check it out". Back away from the store and you get the points
  5. I reckon it's a test to catch out automation extensions doing it. It's the only way venus is winning so easily.
  6. It was a mistake to do up the Theatrical Version anyway. I'm surprised they bothered at all. The Directors Cut has enough stuff chopped out to save a bit of time and money, just kill the theatrical rather than spend any additional money. Which makes me think it's not really a restoration but a cheap clean up job. If no effects use film, otherwise upscale and clean/make it look like lens has Vaseline on like a fucking 70s porno. There is meant to be a Director's Cut 4k going straight to Paramount+ where they made all the real effort. It's a fucking disgrace (still bought it tho)
  7. I just checked my v90 Powkiddy and it does a good job with NeoGeo, CPS2 and MAME (playing similar stuff to NeoGeo/CPS2). I've been meaning to play X-Men Arcade for ages anyway and it made me pull my finger out. Handles all the 2D scrolling stuff no bother. It's the same emulators as anything else really so has save states. So like me, get one of them for very cheap 2D thrills while holding out for something than runs 3D better?
  8. It feels like all the gaming sites have had a race to the bottom in order to get a profit from the finite advertising. The whole games website industry seems to be on some managed decline, same as the magazines before it. This isn't an offer to pay for a quality service, it's to slow the decline further. I'd happily pay for a good service but that's not Eurogamer these days. I'm still upset they took RPS down with them. What's always attracted me is the talent working at them. I used to watch videogamer.com videos all the time, and even I paid for some of it. But if they can't retain the people who make them, what is my money being spent on? I'm going to lose interest. I've not looked at that site for years either. I'm not paying for the end product. I'm paying for the people who make it. If I give my few quid to Eurogamer they'll just use it to keep the lights on for a couple more days. At least when I pay Nathan I know it's going towards his bus fare to the food bank.
  9. Nearly done with the main bit of Dragon Quest 8, but wondering if I should not bother with ME3 and just crack on with post game content. But it doesn't sound like it's as good as extra bits of DQ11.
  10. I put in "football" as the search condition but all I could find was Super Arcade Soccer. Who else pissed away about a quid on a shit game because of this. Super Arcade Football is great, btw. Just type the whole thing in. What the fuck is wrong their search tho?
  11. I see it like using plastic. You probably shouldn't be ploughing through loads and loads of disposables like sausages, but if it's going to last like a good pair of shoes it's probably a good trade off against alternatives that may well be worse in some cases.
  12. I always assumed they had horrible, angry sex and it was the only reason they put up with each other.
  13. The family went to Drayton Manor last weekend because my 3 year old loves Thomas the Tank Engine. We stayed overnight in a Thomas themed room and had 2 days at the park. It wasn't cheap but it was our one thing we've done this summer due to the world going to shit. When we were there, the kid didn't want to do anything Thomas themed. He didn't want to do on any rides. He didn't even want to go on THE Thomas Train which wasn't even a ride. It was just a train. The train he loves. He just wanted to go to the Zoo, play on the slides, and have us lose money on the games for prizes. It was incredibly frustrating that he was doing Thomasland WRONG and we'd pissed our money away as he did stuff he could have done elsewhere. Anyway, we got back and he keeps saying how much he loved it there and he wants to go back. So who fucking knows with kids, eh? To be more on topic, I want to be as hands off as possible with getting them playing games. But I want them to enjoy them as much as I do. I've only just got him playing some 3DS Lego games and he doesn't quite grasp it yet. I basically unlocked a lot of the game's characters (just unlock them anyway, TT. You bastards!) and he messes about in the first level doing the special moves. Between that and some cheap GBA looking emulator thing, I just want him to get the hang of buttons make the character move, and ideally not worry about moving a camera too. They can pick up swiping at a screen in no time but the leap of being able to play a "proper" game on a "proper" controller is quite large. But I'm sticking to handheld and leaving him to it unless he asks for help. I know he's only three (and a half) but I can already feel the frustration when I suggest he perhaps, maybe, consider progressing with the game. Lego games can be the worst. Some better than others. I already know I might be a problem because I don't have the temperament for co-op. As I've played a couple of games with my wife in the past and, she wasn't even doing it wrong, it was just frustrating suggesting to do the thing. NO THE THING! THE THING RIGHT THERE!!! Also, I'm all for just letting them have fun rather than be challenged. My Dad used to complain when I'd use cheats in game. Even the ones that were just for fun. "You're only cheating yourself" ...well, you're only wasting money because I can't progress in this game you bought for me coz it's too hard.
  14. I'd say a more wary 6 episodes, but the third episode is really good and shows the promise.
  15. it's this or everything else on that massive list. Choose one.
  16. Like everyone else, Forza Horizon 5. Otherwise I'm quite hopeful for Guardians of the Galaxy being fun trash.
  17. I can see Cloud gaming in the PC app now, but nothing about streaming from my own Xbox.
  18. Technically it was out in November for us, but I remember buying this with my first student loan cheque as my first ever games console. I got Luigi, SMB, Rogue Leader and Wave Race. I'd have not have got half of them if it hadn't massively dropped in price before it came out. Thanks, Nintendo!
  19. Yes, that's clearly what we said. Not that they were good games despite the frame rate. It's clearly the making a cup of tea between frames is what that made them brilliant.
  20. When I take the game with me and I can see/play it in my head. If I shut my eyes I can still see Spider-Man 2 swinging about in my head. Not as vividly as when I was playing it, but a shadow of the pendulous way he swung about is burned in and the drop from a skyscraper forever sunk in my stomach. The last one was Mass Effect Andromeda. It would rattle in my head at night. It's basically full of go here, do that, fetch this and I'd go through the order I was going to attack the list tomorrow. It's nice that I'm just carrying that stuff around when I'm doing tedious stuff.
  21. The state of kid's games. Both in the past and now. In the past, they were shit because publishers were fucking idiots. They keep making a set of minigames on a budget, because they're on a budget and kids have no attention span. But really they should be doing one thing really well because that's cheaper and these kids that have no attention span aren't going to learn to do 10 shit things, when they can focus on one really good one. No game developer sets out to make a shit game. I've seen some really good ones for the first half of development. Then the suits say it's too hard. It's not particularly hard, they just have no respect for the abilities of children. Kids are the only people with the time to git gud. Then as the game finishes it's too easy and the ask us to hack in a bunch of bloody time limits!!! If you do somehow get something decent out of the door, they never review well anyway. No wonder they're happy with any old shit on a disc as long as it's got a recognisable cartoon on it. I know reviewers don't play them properly because a number of games don't mention the really shit bits towards the end (because publishers always ask for some other genre to finish the game off like making a completely different game is easy, like a driving section in a platform game I did, that I know no reviewer has ever seen because it was wank). Now they suck because they barely exist. The ones that do still suck like Paw Patrol. Or kids like good creative games, like Minecraft, which is good in one way. In the other way, they also like watching charismatic racists play it better while making whooping noises. Get off my lawn!!! EDIT: Oh, I forgot. We know it's possible to do a good one because the Lego games exist. Well, they could improve the cameras. And why is everything locked? Why do I need to put at least 20 hours in to unlock enough characters for my kid to muck about in it. Just unlock the game!!!
  22. Not at all. It's clear from the trailer that : (spoilered for anyone not looking at the trailer)
  23. You missed the really broad, obvious sarcasm lines that runs through kid's shows. I do like a pyew-pyew tho.
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