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  1. AetherSX2 top tips that I use for Odin Pro PS2 Vulkan renderer. There should be another thing to switch on for threaded drawing to a backbuffer too that is Vulkan only. Disable Hardware Readbacks can make a massive performance improvement. I've not seen anything go wrong yet. If you're upscaling, and most things should do x2, you can turn a bunch of the other filters off too for an extra boost. Fractional upscaler now too might let you tweak to get it running. 75% EE Cycle Rate and Mild Underclock, unless you have bother and whack them up. Multi threaded VU1 and Instant VU1 Most games work great now. I'd expect Lite to mostly keep up with Pro (and improve in future if they tweak to its newer hardware).
  2. It should work really well with RetroArch for doing this sort of thing. A gotcha on RetroArch is that you have to keep saving your configurations for platform, folder or game ... it doesn't save anything automatically. I found that you should have some button shortcut to quit it as well to go back to Dajisho. It then saves where you last were as a quick save state and loads back there again. If I swipe away instead it mucks up. Really worth going through the Retro Game Corps guide just for RetroArch. Or go through it again. It's a bloody nightmare to set up right. For other emulators, it's pot luck how nice it plays with something like Dajisho. But what I've got set up all now start loading the game from scratch and there should be some menu there to load a state from there. If I need to do anything more complex like faff with settings, I load the app direct. AetherSX2 wasn't working for a while but seems fine now. I've been having a number of issues with Dolphin MMJR, including getting in from a dashboard, and I've hooked up the official one to Dajisho now. Citra was acting up to back when I was using Launchbox but also seems better, but after having to convert everything from cia to 3ds for Dajisho... but sucks in its own way for not having save states. Not sure with PS2 on Lite. I'll have a poke around and report back with some common settings that really help. Make sure you have a very up to date AetherSX2.
  3. Just shut the lid when you flush and have an extractor fan. I always have the lid shut when not in use too. I never understand why people keep it open all the time or these debates about seat up or down. Just shut the whole thing. Why do you want a constant hole in your bathroom for things to fall into?
  4. Do you have kids? For me there is no point in getting a decent handheld unless you have a comfortable bathroom and toilet to lock yourself in and keep everyone else out for a believable amount of having a dump time.
  5. I got mine last week but it was a bit of a soggy mess pushed through the door flap. Was readable after going on the radiator but been away. Not using plastic to protect them isnt saving the planet. It's just wasting trees.
  6. I'm using Daijisho on my Odin now. To be honest, it's a bit cluttered and I prefer the look and feel of Launchbox ... but it's so slick and fast in comparison I have to use Daijisho
  7. Cosmic Star Heroine at £2.19 and Blossom Tales at £2.74 ...I got them both on Switch but it would be rude not to buy them again at that price. Tales of Berseria at £3.99 seems good bang for buck on a high usual price that should have dropped by now.
  8. Or Picard. Which is less sadly.
  9. No. If anything mine has gone real quiet since it ends in December and it's a good job I checked as I'd been put back onto auto-renewal. Which I know I didn't set.
  10. I couldn't find anything 3D on FBN, never mind Tekken.
  11. I got Tekken 3 running on a version of MAMEdroid and it ran great on Odin. It's about the only thing I got running on anything else. Maybe you'll have better luck if you know how to MAME proper with proper rom sets and their versioning. But looking at the console ports, on emulators I can stand and run fast, 353 starts to struggle on PSP and PS2 stuff it doesn't look good for 4 and up anyway. I think I'm just going to take MAME off. FinalBurn Neo works great despite being stuck on older stuff. But at least I can get them to work without any faff.
  12. @bradigorI can't even get the roms to work on any of the MAME cores on RetroArch. I hate MAME.
  13. Tales of Arise has been terrible for this. I'm otherwise enjoying it but it keeps on trying to natter on at me rather than let me play. Some cutscenes are voiced, some aren't. Some you can skip lines on, others you have to sit through. They'll banter as you're running about but I've never seen one of them conversations end before hitting the next thing to do. You have to keep pressing RB to bring up a comic looking cutscene or you're stuck with an RB message on your screen. These have stalled the game twice for me so far. There are loads of NPCs to talk to with next to nowt to say ... but some of them you should really talk to so you have to check. When you rest you need to have a chat too for stats. Can't be arsed. Just core story cutscenes and let me thump things please.
  14. Unless I could spend my points each month to buy it, I'd probably not buy it every month. I only have one or two games on the go at one time, usually on game pass, but buying in the sales would be more cost effective.
  15. I've not used MAME much, tbh. Always seems a hassle and doesn't run as fast as other emulators. I think because they try to be accurate. I don't have an equivalent but I'll have a mess about with MAME on my Odin. Something I've been meaning to try.
  16. I was enjoying Jeanne D'Arc but hit a wall where I just couldn't be faffed with the strategy.
  17. Retroid Pocket 3+ is out soon and seems a much better spec in a similar build for not much more money. Worth researching.
  18. Yeah, it reviews pretty well as one for the kids. Powkiddy tends to be a bit more on the cheap and tacky side but if you can get it for a decent price that's fine. I have their older, smaller v90 and again it's a cheap thing fine for the kids that I end up playing more than my big handhelds.
  19. Oh, I'm getting mixed up as I thought that intelligence woman was flitting back and forth.
  20. Nah, Ferrix is going to get flattened, crushed and completely subjugated. It'll end on that jumped-up incel twat confused why he's being made to suffer too. It's only going to get darker to make Andor who he becomes. On that note, I've been having some mental health bother and I really shouldn't be watching this. Episode 8 nearly broke me. But it's too good and I can't help myself. (weirdly I felt even more sad and trapped by that short Jedi series)
  21. they're all on Paramount+ so I reckon they won't be on Netflix for long either.
  22. Shit. He's one of the best things on there. He existed so I didn't have to endure watching company showcases of upcoming games
  23. The uptick is there seems to be more 250 point servers on AoE ...I don't seem to get it to trigger when I make my own .
  24. I'm going to carry on hoarding into the grave and take them all with me. My wife will be quite happy with the attic space.
  25. Some cheap second-hand mini-PC? Or even an old PC if you have the space. Getting emulators to run on PC is relatively easy. Might take a bit of initial effort to get things installed and running, but it's just windows and there is plenty of stuff out there. You could get something like batocera running on some SD card too and run it as its own OS too.
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