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  1. If you're set up to play on a mobile too, I think DQ11 was better for being able to play handheld for sections too. I'd do all the busy work on the sofa, and save the story for the big telly.
  2. That Warlock of Firetop Mountain is only a couple of quid again. I missed it last time it was mentioned on here.
  3. It's in a 2 for £30 on amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/promotion/A2EFKI2ISEBD68 and HMV. I got the US copy ages ago and it looked good. The UK versions of films by Studio Canal have generally been a little better for other releases.
  4. I don't even have the best set up at home, cheap 4k, UHD player and a stereo sound bar, but it looks better than the last few cinema experiences I've had. I've actually enjoyed films on the second viewing way more than I did first time at the cinema. It feels more relaxed. (okay, granted the sound is technically better, but it's too bloody loud. It was rattling the IMAX for a few films like BR 2049) I'm more concerned the streaming services will ruin the movies rather than seeing them first at home. Anything on Now TV is rubbish, even with that boost add-on, and you know that
  5. The blu ray that comes with Zorro must be multi region too as it works fine. I love that film and it was well worth getting imported. It's on wowhd for £14.06 https://www.wowhd.co.uk/the-mask-of-zorro/043396559264 Edit: that site seems good for criterion too. All the disc titles say (criterion collection) so easy to search for.
  6. It's not the best UHD relative to other films, but it's worth it for the step up from the not so good blu ray. You're not going to get it any better. Nice pop of colour on the christmas lights.
  7. 299 seems to be the price everywhere. It was still today on Amazon as I looked to see if I fucked myself by not waiting for the sale. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07D9K6SC1
  8. Thanks for doing the maths. I now feel like I got £96 to piss away on something else.
  9. My SSD isn't doing too bad either. Half full at 9 games on there and actively playing 3 of them. I've already moved a couple back to the external drive and I may move more. I'm not going to play all of them on some random whim. I definitely don't feel much benefit on 360 games. Just having them on any SSD seems enough of a boost. Anyone seen otherwise? That saves a bit of space.
  10. I just got Cosmic Star Heroine for £2.19 ... I almost feel guilty.
  11. The last Dalek redesign went great. Remember there was a whole episode about it. Remember?
  12. The paying for indie game dev costs lines up with what I've been hearing. And then all the other platform sales are pure profit. They tend to have to be one of the in crowd of known developers that MS likes though. It's not a quality thing, some games seem a bit duff, but more to be sure they are going to finish the job. It seems fair enough when you consider it's quite a hefty up front cost on something that could be crap or not exist.
  13. Most games are still last gen scaled up to new gen. It's a fair chunk of work to add new bells and whistles hanging off the last gen framework to the PS5 and Series X, never mind the Series S too. (and don't forget the bloody Stadia or whatever). So your getting less bells and whistles and it looks like a last gen game. I'd suspect that future games built for PS5 and Series X will scale back nicer into Series S. The core of the game will have to run well off the Series S, if anything holding the others back but I doubt it actually will, and it'll get some focused optimisation of w
  14. Yeah, she sometimes got decent, high concept sci-fi things like that because they didn't even try to develop her "character" ... but they painfully tried with Geordie and Troy. Oh how they tried.
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