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  1. I wonder if it's going to be like Waterworld where they release the blu-ray, then the owners release a 4k version themselves not long afterwards. I have a feeling (so bs probably) part of the deal was that they gave them the restoration to work from (but they didn't do a great job of actually making the UHD)
  2. Assassins creed 0/whatever Nonsensical, tedious, po-faced and if I hadn't been told 80% of it was practical including a 35 foot drop I'd have thought it was all worse CGI than the games. The worst film I've ever seen.
  3. I'm of an age where I think I saw New Adventures first, and the original looked comical in comparison. Now I'm older, I realise both suck and the movie is a rough gem.
  4. Just the Ennis books? Or are all the punisher max books worth getting?
  5. HMV is doing another adding a few extra films today to the 2 for 30. Spoiler for large image that I can't be arsed typing out. Really want Shazam this week, as my Dad is visiting and I think he'd enjoy it, and I don't think it's worth full price. But I got all the other good ones already, and a lot of the new releases are a bit duff :/
  6. They do seem to have all the depth and follow through of a special message episode of Saved by the Bell.
  7. It sounds good, but I'm a tad concerned it's a win for those saying the new She-Ra is wrong (and not drawn sexy enough) ... I'd rather had a new He-Man off the back of the new She-ra. Although, if they're going for the darker tone, I'd love something that leaned more into the look of the movie.
  8. I'm a tad disappointed the latest life doesn't keep highlighting her tedious one and off again flirtations with Banshee.
  9. They lost the extra footage. What could be retreved are deleted scenes on the DVD and they look crap. Apparently what could be found was found in some Transsylvanian salt mine. I don't know if they used that a storage facility or a bin.
  10. I can't really see what else there is to go for this pretty simple story. I guess I won't need my eyes then.
  11. The audio book is supposed to be just them chatting for 5 hours, rather than of the book itself. Probably a better bet if you're not as bothered about fishing.
  12. Not to mention all shite comedy movies he's made over the years for a fast buck, tainting is legacy. The Focker.
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