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  1. I feel it was probably used to good effect to paper over some cracks on the GC, but it feels really overdone on Switch.
  2. I think there will be plenty of stock, but I'm more concerned they've made a shitload more S machines than X, not taking into account that most people opening their wallets for launch will want an X.
  3. I don't want a hassle to get it. I don't need it on launch day. I'd just like one before the end of the year. I'll either get it on Amazon on Tuesday or I won't. Couple of clicks and their website shouldn't crash.
  4. Yeah, bit of a shock to the system at how crap I was at it. Have I lost my skills? No, it must be the game that is wrong. ...and then back round to accepting I'm just a bit shit.
  5. Tried it this morning, but I was getting a crappy picture with scan lines going down it. Like vram bother, but with video compression glitching too. It's a still well running Samsung S10 I tried it on. And I have no issues with streaming stuff, including WFH remote desktop which works perfectly for me. Didn't have a controller connected, but doubt that would be the issue, right?
  6. Mentioning Brexit... despite there being nothing really interesting at launch, I do feel like I need to get one of them now because next year they'll be twice the price, not available or I'll be spending more on bread and milk. For that reason, I've got 27 months of gamepass ahead of me now so I'll be getting an Xbox Series X to tide me over for them fun periods when we don't have a power cut. I fancy a backup UHD player too. If we're not in a hellscape future, I might get the digital PS5 much later down the line. ...although, could do with knowing which wi
  7. I don't get to game on the telly these days. Got a 60" samsung 4k led that was meant to be great for gaming lag, and then not used it for that. It's for Thomas the Tank Engine or cooking shows now. Wish I paid a bit extra now for better movie picture but it still looks really good. So my main screen is switch handheld :/ Got my eye on a 43" 4k monitor for work that's really for a new xbox.
  8. Needs an override though. Sometimes I prefer an invert if there is more uppy-downy-ness like flying.
  9. In some form. I think Waitrose are doing alright.
  10. I just did this through the website via https://account.microsoft.com/ and it was a quid at the end. So just under £3 a month for me. Looked at faffing about with using a Brazilian code for more off, but the website was being a pain in the bum keep reverting back to GB despite having VPN on.
  11. Check the settings. I'm not sure what's there for xbox, but there is loads of accessibility options and might have a better method for selecting stuff. It did annoy me a bit as it was slow. But I didn't have to press B (I was on switch)
  12. I like my JRPGs, and Legrand Legacy is £1.79 ... it looks worth the price, but does anyone here think it's worth 40+ hrs of my life?
  13. It's supposed to be relaxing. I was telling the bastard scroller of pieces to hurry up and was relieved to complete the tedious thing each time. I might not be it's target audience. And I may need help.
  14. A lot of the Marvel UK stuff was guff, that I adore and love because I was there for it at the right time. Overkill was an amazing comic for those of us who didn't have a comic shop on their doorstep. And you know what would be a good TV series ...Warheads. Like Stargate but with cynicism and characters dying all over the place. Get it made, you cowards!!!
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