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  1. I think it's unfortunately the case that Jenny was reworked to not be the love interest. I've read that as confirmed but I can't remember the source :/ ... so I could be talking shit.
  2. There was a quick mention of how Magneto was acting now he's incharge, right?
  3. Newer stuff was crap. Blandly bland and set in the present. Just picked up X-Men 2099 ... not heard good things, but I've been wanting to read it since I was a kid and couldn't get a hold of it
  4. Excalibur was proper crap. I dont know why I thought it wouldn't be. Even after the great new x-books.
  5. Looks like Infamous Ironman (Doom) appears to be on sale on comixology. I had a feeling it would with the new book out.
  6. I was getting some lip sync issues on The Shining too but might have just been my player. I'd have been using HDR10+ though, and pausing it seemed to sort it. Probably my player. Wasn't sure if it was just the film itself actually. Word on Gremlins is good. It's a soft looking film just cause it's shot that way, but the colour boosts, and the normal blu ray sucking, make it worth getting. I'm saving my copy for nearer xmas to check myself.
  7. Hit 101 UHD titles today. No discs were safe. I have no will power.
  8. 3D. The random battles bother me too much in 2D. As nice as it looks, I get to enjoy 2D enough in those Tickington bits.
  9. I wonder if it's going to be like Waterworld where they release the blu-ray, then the owners release a 4k version themselves not long afterwards. I have a feeling (so bs probably) part of the deal was that they gave them the restoration to work from (but they didn't do a great job of actually making the UHD)
  10. Assassins creed 0/whatever Nonsensical, tedious, po-faced and if I hadn't been told 80% of it was practical including a 35 foot drop I'd have thought it was all worse CGI than the games. The worst film I've ever seen.
  11. I'm of an age where I think I saw New Adventures first, and the original looked comical in comparison. Now I'm older, I realise both suck and the movie is a rough gem.
  12. Just the Ennis books? Or are all the punisher max books worth getting?
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