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  1. If anyone cares... I've changed my mind on some tv setting stuff. Had to fiddle with Ghostbusters as it was too noisy and greens were really popping. So I'm on warm1 now, mostly because i think warm 2 is shit on my tv. The little bit of sharpness down to 0. But not having it on standard stopped grass looking fake. Just takes a bit of getting used to. And contrast enhancer down from high to low. Some things say to turn it off but my tv seems to need a little boost. On too high tho and it was really making the grain, flicker and noise too obvious. Oh also, I got some uhd films on amazon video recently because of the sale and they didn't cost much more. They aren't great. I did a comparison with the amazing looking Labyrinth disc. The initial brick corridor shimmers and shines sparkles all over on the disc version. I've banged already about how great it all looked. The Amazon streaming doesn't sparkle anywhere near as much and generally looks about the same quality as blu ray. Everything else I've watched isn't up to cop either. I really hope this isn't the future.
  2. His have been the better discovery episodes. At least directed-wise, not much you can do with a crap script and bad actors. All the other directors seem to try too hard with spinny cameras, flashing lights and all that. Frakes gets the job done with experience and style without showboating (and failing at it).
  3. It's pretty solid. Interesting mystery. Nice calm pace. Patrick lifting the lines into something better. Learned some lessons from modern TV storytelling. If you're a fan, that's all you want from a bit of TNG. I'm not wanting HBO drama in space.
  4. Almost any comedy every having gay panic and/or gay slurs. Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey is the last I was thinking "whoh!" when it F-bombs. You forget it was in there. Probably was cut out on TV. I can mostly get past it for the rest of the film, but really makes me think that I'd be uncomfortable watching it with my kid when they grow up to watch the movies I loved. I don't think it would be censorship to go back and redub it out in these cases when they're such throwaway usage. "Sphincter Boy" in Wayne's World is an awkward one too. Makes me think twice about watching it again. While it's excused away when you google it as being a term for "ass-hole" first, and a gay slur a distant second, it doesn't come across like that when they shout it in the theme song. Whatever their context was, it sounds ugly.
  5. It's certainly not deafening like it used to be. But I'm finding the music to be a bit poor and out of place, so I'm noticing it more. It's not terrible music, just a bit lazily applied.
  6. If you got Amazon Prime, that's just appeared on it.
  7. Venom was good fun, as it felt parts of it were fighting against what the film was set up to be. The people making it, and Tom Hardy in particular, had a self awareness to not just make what the Sony marketing dept wanted. And now Venom 2 will be more of that. What that film was meant to be, appears to be Morbius. Likely because Leto doesn't have self awareness.
  8. Its defineily a deeper list. I've just taken to watch listing loads of things and then scrolling through every so often see what is now randomly on Prime. Just watched Wild Rose off the back of that. Great little film.
  9. It might be different for Blade and someone who has already been in the Avengers PG-13-ing it up. (although, in the comics Blade is the one who is currently an Avenger, so could get fucked over)
  10. Yeah, to some degree I realise it's me that's nuts. But for me all the white looks a bit pink.
  11. sounds like the KS7000 is almost a KS8000 which seems to do better on google searches for this sort of thing. I got another Samsung but hopefully this will help. Broad advice. Most things seem to be suggesting movie/cinema sort of settings as default. I googled specific numbers and made custom, but it's pretty much movie. Turn off game mode for anything that isn't games. Make sure you turn off any Auto Motion Plus, Clean Digital View or anything else that messes with the picture. Depending on TV (mine at least), you might need Auto Motion Plus as On but Custom, to turn each thing down and not have some weird default kick in. And ensure settings like Judder are definitely 0 (it really needs to be). Personally, I like a tiny little bit of blur too. A smidgen. I hear I'm a monster. A lot of setting recommendations like Warm2 set as well. I'm not a fan of that. I want to see the real colours. When switching to a UHD source a few defaults should change. If they don't, make sure you have the general setting for the HDMI port to use it (and the cable is high speed 2.0 HDMI). The backlight gets turned up to max by default. Leave it as such. While it should be very low on SDR for best picture or it looks washed out, I think the point of UHD is that it does cope at max and it fully uses the range. You'd want to boost contrast up higher too. The best value seems quite dependent on specific TV. I always guess by eye, but tend to trust SDR to be about half, and HDR to be nearer 80%. There might be a contract enhancer. You'd want that off on SDR and on during HDR. If you have HDR+, for goodness sake don't use it for anything. Other people might have other opinions though. But these are my hard fought over time settings I'm happy with.
  12. I just got through S4. I must have enjoyed it a bit as I binged the bulk of it. But, I think what's missing is a mid-season massive change in the status-quo like the others did. Did S4 line up with a book? As I've heard that the books have been crossing over seasons, and that's why you get what feels like a finale at weird places.
  13. Ia it actually out in the cinemas in the UK? I cant find a showing nearby. But then it's on Netflix next month, right?
  14. I agree. JJ films go at such a fun pace you can forgive a lot while you're watching it. All his films have massive flaws when you think about it for 5 seconds, but you don't during the film. The problem with Into Darkness was the wheels fall of as Nimoy pops up. The suspension of disbelief goes and you can see each flaw as they occur from that point on. RoS is the same. but the wheels fall off straight away in the terrible beginning. I really enjoyed the middle section, but I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't already put into a bad headspace.
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