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  1. It would be nice if Disney give Sky a kick up the arse saying they'll just keep using them if they make Now TV not shite
  2. A bit part was that no one could work out who she was too. I think at least by the time she's hidden, it may as well be someone else.
  3. They were already dead. After a long hiatus due to getting the rights, when it finally came back it was dealing with the aftermath of erm, a Section 31 being run by an AI being shutdown :/
  4. I assume they have to work with what's on screen to de-age, and weren't willing to shell out on a cgi diet as well?
  5. Considering its following the books somewhat... what's the odds that Portman won't actually be playing Thor, but turning into someone else as Thor? She'll barely be in it.
  6. Fuck that useless posty. Now Octonauts! That's legit good Trek/Seaquest.
  7. Also the extra bits haven't been done in 4k.
  8. Does anyone know where you can get The Hit? Blu ray seems pretty rare and pricey and nothing streaming.
  9. I was looking forward to seeing if Superman First Year was a return to form to a these days more chill Frank Miller, but it turns out to be the same hot garbage he's been spewing in the past. Women are angels or whores, and both to be protected by a big man. Can we PLEASE find John Romita Jr. a decent writer to work with?
  10. Absolutely this. There is something really off about the terminator once the stop motion kicks in that just added to the non-human, unstoppable machine-ness.
  11. King: "DC says I can keep my job on the movies if I say this..."
  12. https://www.zoom.co.uk/category/weekend_box_set_deals Picking up Dark Crystal on this, but it's got all the MiBs and King Kong on too for a tenner
  13. AK Bell


    When they said it would be a younger Alfred, I didn't think he'd look 12.
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