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  1. Cheers. I'm probably going to spend the afternoon looking for books now Oh, but that's it for marvel https://www.comixology.co.uk/Marvel-Free-Comics/page/23611 EDIT2: and this appears to be the rest https://www.comixology.co.uk/Free-Comics/page/175
  2. I saw it in the cinema as a kid. Worth a watch to catch some strands of Aladdin DNA
  3. Comixology's original sale is pretty good. I've been waiting on the graphic novel of Chip Zdarsky's book, and on release it's just been knocked down to 99p. https://www.comixology.co.uk/AFTERLIFT-comiXology-Originals/digital-comic/792718
  4. New series of Sunderland 'Til I Die today. Love it. First thing the new bosses focus on is the walk out music. I'll be the same story as last year where everyone peddles the bike hard while the owners get fixated on selling the wheels.
  5. "Just use your imagination" "This defies all logic but I'll try" -The Star Trek writers room
  6. We all really need to watch that soon, before he's metoo-ed to fuck and we'll feel bad enjoying it. It's only a matter of time. Look at the guy!
  7. Clone Wars is really patchy. I remember seeing episodes that were good, but I think I've dropped in where I last left it when baby Boba turns up halfway through season 2, and it's bloody awful.
  8. I've been looking forward to it. I've hardly seen any but I've loved the couple of specials I've caught.
  9. It's easily one of my top 5 comedies of all time.
  10. Ugh, doesn't work on iOS 10 which my old, perfectly fine for good looking video iPad is stuck on.
  11. The animation in the series they made back in the 80s is still outstanding. No Talespin tho :/ Is that on in US?
  12. Rocketeer isnt 4k in UK. I was told it would be 4k. This is all I wanted. (Not sure who told me this now. Definitely read it in a list a while back)
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