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  1. Nintendo Switch

    And whenever Funky Kong isn't on screen, all the other characters ask "hey, where's Funky Kong?"
  2. A movie watchers blog

    I've had Haywire lined up for ages on Amazon Prime. Not sure why I've not seen this yet. I have a lot of time for Gina Carano. Let's make her the next big thing!
  3. MASK

    Bloody thing popped by just breathing on it. I loved MASK, but I hated that car. Let us never forget these powerful lyrics.
  4. The Expanse - Syfy

    It was mostly "previously..." Blink and you miss it. What was there was really good though. Felt like a step up to me for what was a normal, regular episode.
  5. Hollywood vs. Streaming

    There is something special about the cinema experience but it's a rare thing now. Most cinemas are shit and only showing new films for a couple of weeks, that while can be good, doesn't have the magic of the classics The cinema for me is chasing the dragon of the theatre house that showed films spread out over the years during the 80s. It got knocked down. Cinema now is trying to minimise and control the selection for people who just want a night out, so go see whatever the chat shows have been selling that week. Also, I just had a kid and I'm never going to be able to go again. Fuck them. Give me an at home subscription pass. I'm having to watch stuff through subtitles while helping a baby cry through a tricky fart.
  6. A movie watchers blog

    Probably because they tend to be about some arsehole making loads of money, doing what they love and coping with the laughable pressures of that. Escape to Victory had odds.
  7. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I think Image are getting it right, after getting it wrong for so long. They seem to have more of an eye on Graphic Novels but use the single issues as promotions for it. No wonder they're cheaper than the competitor books.
  8. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    Don't go knocking the first one! The sequels are complete dreck, somehow finding a way to be twice as bad as the last, but the first one was great.
  9. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    Except Coco because fucking Disney.
  10. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    I wouldn't really count the Aardman films as Dreamworks. It was an awkward relationship at best, mostly due to their lack of involvement. A lot of the other movies they make are quite similar where they seem to have a few more external ones that sometimes punch above their weight like the amazing Captain Underpants. Which to be fair to Dreamworks, is something Pixar can't do and why every Pixar film has a similar feel. The more internal ones like Kung Fu Panda and Dragons, they're good and are always improving, but they seem to be only keeping up with Pixar. Being a step behind is still a great place to be though as they play past the boundaries Pixar broke.
  11. The Watch - New Discworld Series

    Maybe they'll do a Sky and just throw David Jason randomly into a role.
  12. Justice League

  13. Oh, I thought I understood the words coming out of his mouth ???
  14. A movie watchers blog

    Basil is one of my favourites. Even before I knew more about how it was made. Good characters, tight story, something for everyone. Knowing more, I think it's like that because it was a slog to make it. Basically, they kept cutting the budget and got ignored for Black Cauldron, that it allowed the makers to get on with finding creative ways of getting a great movie out. http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/basil-the-great-mouse-detective/35990/looking-back-at-basil-the-great-mouse-detective ...I'm sure I read a better article on it somewhere but I can't find it :/ I like how it was the first use of CGI. They'd basically 3D animated the cogs in big ben, printed it out, traced it and then used them cels. But not to be clever, but to be cheap and fast. Everything about it feels like it's punching above its weight. Without this film the production team, the B-listers, wouldn't have gone on to what is considered the best run of films Disney Animation ever made. ...but yeah, the burlesque bit ... what were they smoking to think they could put that into a kids film?!?!
  15. A movie watchers blog

    It's an odd one. I own a copy because I remember it being better. It's not bad, but very threadbare and broken up too much. That poor bloody squirrel too :'(

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