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  1. I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would. I know opinion is high here but I never really got on with Flatout as I just like to race with little faff and extras. But this is really fun letting me focus on the bits I like. I don't feel like I have to take it too seriously too. This is perfect for sticking a podcast on in the background. I was playing Dirt5 at the same time, and it just made Dirt5 even worse. Wreckfest isn't much of a looker but at least it looks like the cars are connected to the ground and it all feels solid. And one mistake in Dirt5 feels like you've was
  2. I took a capture of this to see if it's just my monitor. I can't get a decent screenshot out of it either. Best of all, the game freezes up as I take it!
  3. I'm just a bit disappointed. I'm just off the back of Mass Effect Andromeda and I'd happily have more of the same with a twist. But the playing through a server and needing to drag people in to play doesn't appeal to me. I have shit to do that requires a pause button. And to those it does appeal to, they're already playing better games. It's no wonder Bioware have been nudged to make solid singleplayers now even after EA along with everyone else was eyeing up making all games online.
  4. I gave this a quick go just to be annoyed by the initial set up and lots of little things in it. It's the little things that make you worry about how development went. People have already complained that you have to make a Square Enix account before it lets you play, and for me it didn't work with an invalid token. Kept trying on every bloody browser I got, to eventually go back to my original tab to try to get a new email for it to say "you're already in" The ordering sucked as well. Let me set up the account on my phone while the trailer is on. Not the other w
  5. When does it look great? The last track I did didn’t look lit at all and the rocks were low poly. Is there an issue with the XSX version? I’m otherwise bored or annoyed. However I change the difficulty I’m either in the lead no bother, or one little mistake and there is no chance of catching up. Then you remember it’s not Forza Horizon and you have to do the race all over again. Ugh.
  6. For what it is, a console is quite expensive and most people only have one. I think people are just over defending their decision.
  7. Considering they'll all get replaced in Aug/Sept with 2022 versions that is a pretty good long while with the most recent versions of those sports games. Squadrons should be more exciting, but it was cheap on release and cheaper still since.
  8. I don't know if this is a Game Pass thing or an EA thing, but it doesn't install any free DLC when you chose to install a game from it. So it's annoying when I uninstalled Mass Effect Andromeda after finishing it to find I had a digital content thing and pre-order content available but unticked. Is this always worth checking first before playing anything?
  9. I'd expect it gets better the longer you're on the service. Enticed by what's new this week, you'll see what's worth playing and you'll have plenty of time to play it. But still feels like I'm in an early stage where I keep missing boats of games leaving.
  10. It's like Premier League Football managers doing the rounds. Same faces failing at different places. But they have experience.
  11. The new Ori is exclusive
  12. My favourite early example was Dirt Rally. You'd pay a small price for a very early version with a little content, and the price keeps going up as they up the content and tweak the game, but you don't pay any more than when you jumped on board. It doesn't need to be called "Early Access" but as long as it's transparent I don't mind that sort of thing. So even when it's more of a service or put their hands up saying there will be seasons of DLC. Then you can judge if you'd rather wait, or know not to carry on. It's up the the dev/publisher how best to handle that because the last t
  13. It does seem worth setting up Edge and Bing as defaults. Without cheating with an extension, it's actually nuts how large my points have gotten without even looking. Bing does seem to work just as well as Google, and Edge IS Chrome.
  14. The main thing I learned from the course is to not run a video games company. I'm just going to stick to working in it.
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