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  1. AK Bell

    Star Trek Discovery

    So back to twists we can see from a mile off, that they double down on us not guessing.
  2. AK Bell

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Everyone else probably had no bother, but I couldn't finish the final battle in Spiderman 2 (The good one of the film). It was such a ramp up in difficulty compared to the joyful rest of the game, and not being able to say I finished really bothers me.
  3. AK Bell

    Do you cheat on games?

    From the initial post, I also had a Dad who would be disappointed if I used cheats in games. So it's really set something in me where I feel bad for doing so. Anything that isn't quite a cheat I'm fine with though. I play RPGs and adventure games with a written walkthrough close to hand. I don't use it for secrets and collectables, just to know what I'm meant to be doing next. It can be days between sessions and I can't remember where I'm meant to be going next. That's a fault of the game. Similarly if there is some sort of exploit or area to grind to make life easier later, I'm happy doing that too. If I have spare minutes I'll play some battles for xp, or redo that mission that was full of extra lives. So when I play properly I don't feel like I'm wasting time. I'm a bit save-scummy on football games too. If I think I wouldn't win anyway I'll let it slide, but if it's a game I should have won I'll play it again. I reckon PES is pretty bad too for cheating and the game deciding to fuck you over if you've been having too much success.
  4. I started it today and really got into. I was expecting it to be pure crap. But it has a different feel to it than the marvel series or the other DC series on CW , making it a bit fresher.
  5. A lot of reviews of films by non-critic people on here, twitter, letterboxd, etc ... their reviews very often mention "was 20 minutes too long" or "could have trimmed this bit" I'm not sure that's films have gotten too long, as people's lives have gotten busier and we notice it more? My biggest gripe with Netflix shows is more that the length of the episode is variable rather than too long. I tend to watch something before I go to work on a morning, so I have about an hour to myself to fit in a shower, making some breakfast, watching something, brush my teeth, go out. Towards the end of that time I'm checking my watching thinking "why isn't this wrapping up" and find unlike every other episode this one still has 10 mins to go and I'm going to have to stop it right before the end. And it's all filler. I find shows set to a certain runtime tend to be a bit tighter and better paced because they've got to hit marks to get it done in time. Without that, the show can feel structureless. The Marvel shows are a good example of that. They're really bad for having people waffling on and on in long conversations to give it a bit more class than being superheroes punching people. But I feel no progression in these scenes where you feel like things are going to come to ahead. It's more like a stall until the next bit.
  6. Seems quite a spoilery trailer, btw. Looks good though.
  7. AK Bell

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I think everyone else happily did.
  8. AK Bell

    Best Films of 2018

    According to Letterboxd 5/5 Roma 4/5 I, Tonya Into the Spider-Verse Lady Bird Phantom Thread Shape of Water Solo Picks from 3/5 Black Panther Game Night Isle of Dogs The list is pretty much bumped up by late releases in the UK for I, Tonya, Lady Bird and Phantom Thread. Solo is hanging on at 4/5 by it's teeth because Star Wars, but I did really enjoy it. I've not seen Cold War yet. It's showing on Curzon for a tenner. I might get drunk and piss my money away on it before the end of the year. I've made the effort to watch a lot of older films this year. Unforgiven, Poltergeist, Shin Godzilla are of note, but the only 5/5 I'd watch it every day if I could is... Smokey and the Bandit!!! Edit: oh man, shape of water was 2018 too. We really get shafted on releases.
  9. AK Bell

    A movie watchers blog

    Roma 5/5 Believe the hype. This is a stunning film. I wasn't too sure to begin with but this is all about taking in the whole scene. The world dances around the camera simply following the protagonists, allowing you to do the work and pick out the details. I wasn't sure about giving this 5 stars, as I tend to reserve that for films I intend to revisit regularly, but I'm still thinking of a number of scenes amazed how they did it. At the end there is a part that involves the ocean, and it's not easy working with water, but it's so natural and simple it looks easy. It's not. There are a number of moments like that where you don't realise the magic as it just washes over you, and then later think "how the hell..." Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 4/5 Loved it. Anyone can be Spider-man.
  10. AK Bell

    A movie watchers blog

    Since these are new films, I'll post this here as well as Letterboxd. (you'd be sick of my noise if I posted everything here) Aquaman 2/5 To concur with many, it's an oddly entertaining enough film but not a good one. It is the very definition of cookie cutter comic book cliche. While the leads have some charm and charisma to almost pull it off, they're surprisingly not utilised much to do so. Instead we get a boring exposition scene, CGI fest, exposition, CGI fest, ooh a joke may this isn't so ...CGI fest, exposition, and so on. Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars of pixels they're throwing at the screen, the CGI is subpar and there isn't much of a story other than people hitting each other until they stop for a breather to carefully explain for a while why they're hitting each other. The film actually works best when they're on the (also cheap looking) sets being a sort of TV movie thing like The Librarian where they're putting together the clues, going to new locations, and having a bit of banter. That banter and character goes out of the window the next time we have a big CGI set piece as it wasn't in pre-dev and we have a budget, people! It's a good job they hardly say anything as they're punching at tennis balls on the end of a stick. A major cliche is having the love interest not only have to be the love interest, but also being the most competent, useful, powerful person in the whole film ... but Aquaman is Aquaman, so please take a step back. I got some enjoyment out of it, but we deserve better. By the end I feel Aquaman actually goes backwards from the character in Justice League from fun bad-ass to that guy in Super-friends. I'd like them to have another go with a sequel, and everyone watch this when it's on subscription services, but down with this sort of thing.
  11. AK Bell

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Most of the book are on sale on comixology right not
  12. You just made me panic there. I'm sat waiting for it to start, and worried I'd need glasses. It didn't even occur to me to look. This film would be mad in 3D. I don't think I could take it.
  13. AK Bell

    Doctor Who

    Anyone who watched Law and Order UK. He was the best thing in it.
  14. That's a shame. I did actually get interested in this by the trailer, which made it look far more interesting than that recent Jungle Book that Disney did.
  15. AK Bell

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    I nearly died watching the second Novelty Island act. I was watching it with my 8 month old (it's fine, he doesn't understand words yet) and he was laughing away at it too.

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