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  1. Never, except for Quake II that I get the urge to play through every few years. There are a few I've spent dozens of hours in but never quite completed, but then started again on a new platform to have another go. Zelda: BotW, Dragon Quest 8 and soon Ni No Kuni. Tried KOTOR 1 on a few platforms, but always seem to hit a wall well into the game.
  2. I just pre-ordered it, breaking my rules about pre-ordering anything. Sorry everyone, but it'll be crap now
  3. AK Bell


    I think you just described TikTok in a pandemic. It's got it spot on.
  4. In fairness, that was probably the best episode. Still not good. Looking forward to this popping up on something other than Hulu.
  5. The set actually looks pretty good. Well done on the person responsible for that. No praise for anyone else involved. Shame the chairs are relatively tiny tho.
  6. I don't know why it's embargoed. There is a demo. I've just downloaded it now.
  7. It's too late. I've seen everything.
  8. AK Bell


    Oh, I didn't know that. He seem to be a right twat. Glad I found out days after my 100hr+ play of it.
  9. Looking at justwatch.com new films and it's reappeared today
  10. Come help us be no. 1!
  11. Oh shit, it's a link to here. Everyone! Act cool.
  12. Truth wasn't on that page, but it's free if you go to it. Loved that book https://www.comixology.com/Truth-Red-White-and-Black-2003/comics-series/113221 ADDITIONAL: yeah, search around. there are a fair few other books not on that list https://www.comixology.co.uk/Black-Panther-Book-6-Intergalactic-Empire-Of-Wakanda-Part-One/digital-comic/729167
  13. It does have a kids profile. And it's crap. At least, I can't find half the "Thomas and Friends" stuff that is available on Amazon on it. I think a few other things are missing too. But, thanks to having profiles in general I've given my 2 year old an adult profile just to not screw up my profile.
  14. To be more positive, I sacked off Kickmen for Blossom Tales which is half price at the mo and love it.
  15. In hindsight, I should have started Kickmen with the cheats on and just ignored the game. But I stupidly started on classic, and just find it a frustrating mess to play to progress with the story. I can't really be arsed to go back and start again.
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