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  1. AK Bell

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    I struggled with that, because I was playing it without sound to begin with. Bit of an extra bastard if you're deaf. I'm now stuck on the following detour to do long rallies, because it keeps firing undefendable* zone shots *I realise I might be shit, but I never seem to have enough power to slow it down and get to the ball
  2. AK Bell

    Magnum P.I. reboot

    I'm concerned about how they're going to have to reboot Murder She Wrote in a similar way so they can do another crossover
  3. AK Bell

    A movie watchers blog

    So watch Sorcerer first, then Wages of Fear, to not be disappointed? But not together or you'll have a breakdown?
  4. AK Bell

    Peter Kay's Car Share

    For an unscripted episode, there was an awful lot of time listening to the scripted radio show and adverts, and looking at the jokes in the scenery. Still enjoyable though.
  5. Actually, I quite liked the first episode and didn't like the ending because I didn't feel it was hard enough won. I realise that this is the complete opposite of what other people are saying, but I liked how it felt like The Martian until
  6. I loved it. The only bits I had a problem with are all the moments family members say "It wasn't your fault, Will" ... WHEN IT CLEARLY ALWAYS IS!!!! Fucking liability that lad!
  7. AK Bell

    A movie watchers blog

    I'm trying to not take offense by accepting that Predator is a brilliant film that happens to star Arnie, rather than an "Arnie film".
  8. AK Bell

    Star Trek: Beyond

    I'm looking forward to them retconning the best, most emotional, most dramatic bit of the new films just to bring back the now popular movie star Chris Hemsworth.
  9. AK Bell

    Nintendo Switch Homebrew Thread

    To be fair, one thing I'd quite like is Netflix on it because you can hold it by the controller bits and not have your thumb slightly overlap the edge of the picture. But I think an official one will come eventually and it's not the end of the world if it doesn't. I'm more concerned with the indie developers who have a new marketplace that both has some quality control that they don't have on PC/Steam and can sell their product for more than just pennies or hopeful adspace like on mobile. That'll take the biggest hit.
  10. AK Bell

    Why do people DESPISE The Big Bang Theory

    At least he wasn't dead like Frasier's Dad
  11. AK Bell

    Nintendo Switch Homebrew Thread

    Well, it's more like a driverless car and the value of it really being the software than the hardware.
  12. AK Bell

    Nintendo Switch Homebrew Thread

    What are good homebrew things on other platforms that you're hoping for here?

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