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  1. Awesome. While I was saying this might be the case, every word I wrote I doubted myself because it would be difficult.
  2. I've ended up getting other temperature monitors so it's too late for me now, but that Meater+ is on Amazon for £85.04 which is cheaper than usual https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07H8WTFHW/?coliid=I4KDHKE3K7A6X
  3. It's probably because it's a monitor. There are no extra gubbins inside to upscale and polish. Looks smashing at 4k or if anything else upscales it.
  4. As pointed out, priorities seem to be different if you play on the telly at the other side of the room or have your nose pressed up against a 4k monitor. Yakuza LAD looks really blurry for me even at 1440.
  5. That reminds me ... I've read that at least the earlier games were doing shenanigans so it's updating at 60FPS and renders at 30FPS. All so it's a bit more responsive (and I think to keep the physics in line with proper Forza). I'm not sure if that carried on into the later games?
  6. My Series X is completely silent. It really highlights how loud the external drive is, which isn't that loud really, but I have to unplug on a night or I can't sleep in the same room as it. Disc drive is a pain in the arse though. I have to be selective with what I play once the kid is in bed in the next room or it sounds like the whole house is going to take off.
  7. That was technically a completely different game. Done by Sumo on top of the FH1 engine. This time round I think they'll be scaling down, much as they scaled up for FH4. But rather than adding higher res textures and a few bells and whistles to Series X, they'll be scaling down features and assets. In the gameplay video they mention rendering each spike on the cactus. I think you'll live with a lower LOD for that on Xbox One! And it likely won't get the 3D volumes of sand being whipped up or some other weather (Series S might, depending on if the feature leans into cp
  8. It's out on Xbox One as well. That'll have to be 30 fps too and I'll be surprised if they release much lower than 1080p on them. So maybe that means performance mode will have Xbox One lower quality assets, less effects, cheaper lighting? Rather than a dip in resolution.
  9. "25 years in the making" Sounds a bit better than "we've had several cracks at this and all we got is this mood trailer"
  10. Have they done Playmobil or Sylvanian Family yet?
  11. What have you done? You'll start someone off about it! ... it might have been me if I weren't busy
  12. I wasn't as impressed with that. I think some of it has to do with the 4k video still looking murky and crap, but when they say "this isn't real" I wasn't as shocked. In practice with the actual game running, the lighting doesn't look as good. Also, UI Fail! Why not just cover my eyes while I'm driving?!?! Edit: Still looks good and I'll still be daft enough to get all the DLC and probably end up buying the full game despite having game pass on the off chance it ever leaves.
  13. The game was but not sure any of the extras were worth getting. If anything, the extras for the management minigame kind of ruined it. I'd expect people can go in fresh with the vanilla version
  14. I suppose I should be miffed I paid a fair amount for Yakuza LAD and I've not finished it yet, but I'm just happy for you all that you can play it too now. It's amazing (it's just big! needed a breather)
  15. I think that's just sold me.
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