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  1. I used this last year more to finish games. But having a queue of games lined up for the next few months really helps you think twice about buying something new. If you really want it, you'll find a way to fit it in. Just having a bit of a lull in gaming due to being away the last couple of weeks made me terrible for buying tat. I only had time to look at the eShop and not play anything. Luckily, I already have a method of only buying on sale games already on my wishlist so I only got 4 very cheap ones, while culling just as many from the list as apparently I didn't want them even that cheap. But time-wise, it's an utter waste as I'll never get around to them. I'm not really in a gaming mood at the moment so I'm worried I'll still be buying. So did this https://www.backloggd.com/u/AK_Bell and for now just going to focus on Guardians of the Galaxy if I'm on XBX and Paper Mario on Switch. As long as they are on the go, I have to reason to buy anything else.
  2. If a Quaver started talking to me as an equal, I'd want to it to like me despite my relatively horrific past.
  3. Oh no, my poor money. I barely knew you.
  4. It does introduce it. Soon. You've probably already hit it
  5. Apparently some people get locked out of doing rewards. For me, I just put in "[any movie] cast" and click though all the names. I think people do similar on the image search as each image opened counts.
  6. A bit disappointing for me. I thought the n64 would be a bit more solid. Surprised how well the Gamecube "works" but still not quite there. Not enough of a step up to be worth getting. Yet? Are these emulators going to improve on it a lot more once the machine is out?
  7. It's 3 for the game pass quest. You can get another 2 in customise too. In Body & AI -> Prostheses ...give yourself something for an achievement. In Weapon Bench, modify a weapon with A, give a new emblem ...it's about the only thing not locked. Another achievement. There might be more hiding here, but I only need 3
  8. The android follow up can't come fast enough. The tl'dw version of the video is that linux sucks.
  9. I can confirm it's those answers in that order
  10. It's nice, isnt it? The first episode seems terrible and it looks quite cheap but it's been a highlight of Disney+ by the end of it. Bonus points to the end credits music always being different.
  11. Because of a change of plans, I'm halfway through both Majora's Mask and Guardians of the Galaxy. Bought in the sales, spent actual money not MS points ...ew. I've done well to not buy anything else in the sales though. I'm away for a bit over Dec so put a pin in Zelda at a point where there wasn't too many loose threads to pick back up. So jumping on GotG early and powering through that now while I still have access to the xbox. This is more about finishing stuff for me and the almost formless Forza Horizon 5 didn't help matters by sucking up a chunk of time. I expect to be playing Zelda well into January too. But then got a pile of 3DS carts to pick from next. I fancy a Mario RPG next.
  12. The quiz is a bit horrible really. It says pick the game that has BC, but it's really saying don't pick the amazing game you can't play ...now I'm sad.
  13. Looks like any Anbernic RG552 rumours and sneak peaks were true. Last day of Nov though for a preview video. Why is it not in my hands? But to be honest, I could do with seeing if it can cope with Gamecube games first.
  14. Super agree it's worth doing the calibration. What might be odd is that it won't improve your game at all, but you'll be consistently shit and be able to work from there. At some point something will click and it will all be weirdly easy. But I was never going to reach that point until calibrating.
  15. I'm actively waiting for the next generation of these machines to see what can do it. If they can't do N64 then there isnt much point as they've nailed everything below it.
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