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  1. Is that Rhino from Gladiators training him?
  2. Never want to see the Astros win, and I'm rooting for the Philles - but it's always good to be able to post this.
  3. CMC in that backfield should be very interesting. Let's hope he stays healthy.
  4. I wish it was customisable and I could pick this:
  5. We're a little slack here after the break.
  6. Midnight Resistance (Sega Mega Drive) - Flood of Power
  7. So glad you're here to carry water for Nintendo, DeKay.
  8. Other than better build quality on the joycon? (drift/dropping connection) One where the dock doesn't scratch the screen when you remove it. Mine's been used out of the dock probably 20 times since I bought it on release date and when I was cleaning my desk yesterday noticed some small scratches.
  9. Was a great game. Refs nearly fucked it for them with some questionable decisions.
  10. I don't think a draw against *that* Newcastle side is that bad of a result. It's hardly Steve Bruce's side or anything.
  11. One person in the thread who a few of us immediately disagreed with? Hardly "all over". As someone said above, most of the Reds here just think the refs are shit in general.
  12. Bit uncharitable for the second one, Carvalho was on the penalty spot sure, just a bit too much on the pass to the back stick.
  13. Some handbags to give us a bit of everything today. Was a foul on Salah though
  14. If I had the option (well, I do, but it's a lot of fucking about from here) - I'd put the radio on with the video.
  15. Martin Tyler again sounding like someone ran over his cat
  16. Honestly it's probably easier to sail the high seas for streams.
  17. So what was it this time, bots again? And here I thought NVidia cared about getting cards into people's hands.
  18. I will if my mates do here. We enjoyed playing four player rounds on some crazy courses last time around
  19. I don't think it's that complex. It was a soft pen, but they've been given and upheld by VAR before. We're a bit...directionless at the moment. Sad to say.
  20. My stream picked a good time to pack in, lol
  21. We've been knocking on the door here, glad we actually did something with all the pressure.
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