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  1. For some reason my brain is telling me the 25th of June. My brain is often wrong though..
  2. Gymnast is already out for the PC. Get!
  3. I think BC had a save slot on-cartridge, as well as memory card saves. I could be wrong though.
  4. It would be an automatic purchase for me, in that case. To think the classmates that I lent it to thought it was shit. Heathens.
  5. Blast Corps, such a great game. I was when my memory card broke and lost my save! I should re-visit that game...
  6. Red Alert 2 still gets a play on my PC. I must be one of the only people in the world who hates Starcraft as well.
  7. I can see that too, yeah. It also (quite obviously) reminds me of this game here, done by the guy who is doing the Crayon Physics game.
  8. That looks ace, actually. Here's hoping we see it!
  9. Are a lot of people buying Commando for the SF2 beta though? I have to admit myself it's 50-50 between actually wanting that game and getting the beta....
  10. It never used to work...Bizarre did a little bit of patching around the time of the DLC to accommodate the guitar peripheral. Do let us know if the drums work well, guys. I'm getting Rock Band at the end of the month!
  11. It's very good, yes. It's also superb on the GH guitar.
  12. Agreed. Superb game. Poured countless numbers of hours into this game. Before Morrowind, I was never into RPGs at all, Western or otherwise. Once it clicked, it was the only game I played for months on end. Played it through to completion on about four occaisions, and it was as fresh and enjoyable as the first time. Pity I never got on with Oblivion in the same way, sadly.
  13. I remember when Computer Adventure World (over the water in Birkenhead) closed down a good 10 years ago....but the advert for CAW stayed at the top of Liverpool Central escalators until about 2006 I think! I know the thread is more about ones closing down now, but that always makes me smile.
  14. Chip Shop 2000 was a cracking little shop, I remember spending way too much money on a Game Boy Advance from there! Hadn't been there for ages, only saw it on the way to the pub.....sad that it's gone.
  15. I will join the proud ranks of the inverted-look clan! On mouse and pad, it's the first thing I change in any game.
  16. I never feel as connected to the road playing RR as I do when playing Sega Rally. Every small movement, every little dip of the throttle actually means something in Sega Rally. You feel far more in control of the car and, as a result, you feel much more proud when you nail a bloody good lap time.
  17. I enjoyed reading that as well, actually. Nice linkage
  18. Remember that the folder has to be named "tyrian" when it's moved to the card. It also needs to in the root of the directory structure. I've got it working now, and it's aces. Cheers all..
  19. I'm exactly the same, still got the Saturn set up on an old (but very good) CRT for blasts on Sega Rally. It's great for just saying "Ok, let's see how I do on Championship mode", or for afternoon-long blasts on time attack trying to shave time off your records. A truly awesome game. The best home conversion of an arcade racer there's been. IMO, I can't see it being bettered.
  20. I played Theme Park far too much back in the day. I never understood the love my brother had for Syndicate until I started playing it when he left it on one night. Fantastic game.
  21. I remember the Home Run Derby of World Series Baseball getting caned on our Saturn was back in the day. My sister was better than all of us at that, grrr! Another Notable one would include whichever Dreamcast coverdisc included Sega Swirl on it. Only notable in that it turned my PC loving friend to the wonder of consoles.
  22. Aye, I was. Schoolboy error. It'll all be sorted tonight then!
  23. Oh, excellent. I was going off what I'd read on another website (that it was an R4 clone). Just a quick Q for anyone who's played it: Is OpenTTD DS worth a look? I was tempted by it yesterday, but got sidetracked playing Word Up.
  24. Good point, JZ. I'll give it a crack when I get in from work tonight.
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