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  1. Pretty much the same boat here, I managed to recover my gamertag (thanks to an extremely helpful American called Clint), but I think my original subscription was cancelled because my CC was changed. I'd been in the EU beta as well.
  2. That was my local as well, (I realised that I posted by CAW comment around the same time as the other lad...blame the shitty work computers!) bought loads of Amstrad/Speccy/Amiga games in there.....they also fleeced my mate Pete out of £100, when he paid for a printer they never gave him! Round the corner (Grange Road West), Microsnips was ace, me and my brother used to play the Football Champ arcade game.
  3. Speaking of older shooters, Uridium 1 and 2 (C64 and Amiga)
  4. Thunderforce 3 Mars Matrix SWIV Project X Gynoug
  5. According to GameFAQs, the 24th...?
  6. Because you need to connect to the internet via the Xbox to receive the update?
  7. In no order: Track and Field Sega Rally Championship (2 player battles with friends, just immense) Point Blank (entire afternoons spent playing this with friends) Metal Slug 3 Marvel vs Capcom (Many an afternoon playing this in the student union, loser buys the round) House of the Dead 2 (Completed that on one continue!) Punch Mania: Hokuto no Ken (An inspired bit of work from the guys at the local arcade, this was superb) OutRun Gauntlet Rampart (Indeed, the only reason why I bought Midway Arcade Treasures was for that game) Honorable mention must go to Windjammers. Stumbled across that one night on MAME. A cracker!
  8. End of May if memory serves....
  9. It's been upped to 350Mb now, probably too late in the development cycle for SC though.
  10. I enjoyed the Veteran difficulty level throughout the game, thought it was very challenging. I just don't get on with that level.....I've since played it through on lower difficulties and it's just not a great level.
  11. I've just completed it now, actually! I can honestly say I don't think I'll play that level ever again. Not on Veteran at any rate!
  12. Got to the end of MHC for the first time last night, and shot the fucking hostage by accident. I haven't sworn that much since I died running into the lift to finish Goldeneye's Control on 00 Agent!
  13. Probably already been mentioned, but along with the regular ones (GE, Zelda: OOT, PD, Mario) I'd go for.... Blast Corps Fighters' Destiny, F-Zero X (Miles better than F-Zero GX), All-Star Baseball 2000, Mario Golf, Conker's Bad Fur Day. All great games.
  14. I've just bought Black for my Xbox, going to give that a crack. Also, God of War 1 and 2 get an occasional play too.
  15. I don't seem to be able to get any particular speed with the stylus, and I'm afraid that I'll just destroy the touch screen if I really go for it. The button controls are *alright*, nothing great. Can't get the timing on the 400m with the buttons for some reason. I'm sort of enjoying it so far. Kills time on the bus journey to work!
  16. Does anyone have any idea what's happening with the DLC? I was sure that there was going to be more than one....
  17. Righto, I'll get one of those on pay day. Cheers.
  18. Hi all, this might have been already answered, but I can't find it. How do I get GBA games running on my EDGE card? Cheers
  19. I enjoyed Freelancer a lot. If that got a re-release on 360 I'd be a happy bunny.
  20. Crikey, I forgot about Fighters' Destiny! I loved that game too....an excellent twist on the fighting genre, with the points system.
  21. Mercs is Commando 2, I think.
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