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  1. It's the EDGE card. It's an R4 clone. (I got it cheap!) I've patched all other ROMs in the same manner (Tower Defence springs to mind). Nada.
  2. I can't get this to work: I downloaded the full file (with music and data files, etc.), DLDI patched the ROM and copied it all to my card. No luck. I just get a Guru Meditation error on bootup. Gutted.
  3. Don't know if this is a 88MPH, but the size limit for XBLA games are being upped to 350Mb: Link to interview From gameindustry.biz, talking to XBLA's David Edery:
  4. I remember using Win Kawaks to do some simple sprite rips. I haven't done it for years so if I can find out how I used to do it I'll PM you.
  5. Short, but very sweet. Barrelling down the street in a PMP600, I hit a pedestrian crossing the road. He flies way up the air, flying back whence he came. He's about to land on the cold, hard tarmac when a biker on a Zombie smashes into this guy, punting him neatly into the side of a building. I was watching this on the rear-view camera, driving away happily and chuckling to myself. In watching something other than the road however, I smashed straight into some building works and off I went, doing the Superman out the windscreen. Deaded. Great fun though!
  6. Finished GTA IV yesterday, will probably sporadically go back and get the pigeons/stunt jumps when I have some spare time. Now? I'm back onto Call of Juarez and The Darkness. Get them both finished and I might even polish off Half Life 2 and the episodes from the Orange Box.
  7. Thinking of picking this up, I haven't played a VF game in anger since VF2, to be honest. Am I going to enjoy this one? Picking up an arcade stick for it, naturally
  8. I'm with Gwynster, Black Isle for me please. If that wasn't possible, then Looking Glass Studios.
  9. First played this in the local arcades, and fell in love with it. Both it and Sega Rally were ever-presents in our student union too....so while everyone else was doing coursework or swotting, I was naturally trying to shave hundredths of seconds from my best times to beat the two other SR/Daytona obsessives, JOE and BIL (initials, naturally). Good times!
  10. I'm not entirely sure why Uridium 2 hasn't got a mention. Superb game!
  11. EDIT: Apparently it's different for different DVD Drives: Look here: Manual Drive Open
  12. Yeah, there is...you need to take the faceplate off. Can't miss it.
  13. EDIT: I forgot that IT&F was a PS1 game...nothing to see here...
  14. Never heard of it! I'm seriously struggling to think of what it is....
  15. I wish I could remember what game you're talking about too...
  16. And then everything went quiet.....superb game. Still hated the CPU racers with their sneaky mines. 1000G was ludicrously fast on that. Myself and a mate still play the co-op career mode on this, it's that much fun.
  17. Agreed.... Fantastic. My current ringtone is Luigi whistling the theme!
  18. "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazzarus If that's in it, that's hilarious.
  19. At the risk of getting a kicking in here.....Extreme G3 I thought it was excellent. Great graphics for its time, real sense speed and some good weapons. Everything else is probably already mentioned in here (God Hand, etc.)
  20. EDF still, and I've had a hankering for Quake III Arena recently so that's back on the PC.
  21. Linked with the downtime on Monday, possibly?
  22. Got this yesterday....enjoying it: FC: 1461-6451-4547
  23. See, now I thought War Room was easier compared to some of the other bits (the ferris wheel was the part I got stuck on for HOURS), much like myoozikk on the Epilogue I rattled through that in pretty short order, only died twice in the corridor. I threw a flashbang into the corridor, went right, and barrelled down there. You can shoot through the boxes, helped me. Must have got very lucky. That was the only part I died on more than once, actually. Still can't crack the epilogue, though!
  24. I'm still trying to finish the Epilogue on this sodding thing.....exceptionally hard!
  25. 42 All-Time Classics Stamp Mode on the bus to and from work. I suck at Turncoat!
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