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  1. Have tried to download this a few times.....and all I get is a "Error loading essential game data. Return to the Game Library" error. Can anyone offer any tips on how I can get around this?
  2. Have ordered an EX2 on eBay. Should be here by midweek!
  3. Probably not. Expect to pay way over the odds as well.
  4. I'm enjoying this, but it's so infuriating that I can't consistently pull off moves on the bloody 360 pad. It's stopping the game from really taking off big time with me.
  5. This game is literally amazing. From the very first time I tasered my partner in co-op so he fell off a bridge, I knew that this game was going to be a million times more fun than GTA IV.
  6. I believe it has something to do with shooting the planes that fly overhead. Haven't tried it yet.
  7. I really need to either buy this or get a lend of it again. I really did think it was absolutely superb. I quite fancy going through it on Impossible.
  8. Fukuoka Novice - 2677 (I swear to God!) Kansai Rookie - 2414 Chibu Rookie- 2470 Tokyo Intl Rookie- 2435
  9. I totally forgot about this! I'll post my scores when I get home today.
  10. Freelancer was ace. We're long overdue a sequel to that!
  11. At least one of your wishes is being granted.....
  12. The only one I can remember is: Fukoka Rookie - 1510 I'll get the rest of them when I get home later.
  13. Mashed, please. Hell, just make it so the original works on my 360. I'd take that.
  14. I completed it all on Veteran also. Absolutely horrible. Only my own sense of bloodymindedness got me through it.
  15. I know I'm bringing this thread back from the dead, but this game is £1.49 on Steam right now. Best one-and-a-half quid I've spent in a while!
  16. Completed this at the weekend. Superb game. Enjoyed it immensely, as said higher up this was my "surprise hit" of this year. Wondering whether or not to rattle through Impossible mode before I give the game back to my mate....
  17. I started playing this last night. It's simply amazing. Worth the cash for the extremely cool HUD thing that appears when you hit Y.
  18. I'm very interested in this, the BBQ sauce is the only reason I even go to McDonalds.
  19. There was a group of us who played PGR2 nightly for about a year and a half. We'd take turns picking cars and tracks. Ferrari 355 round St. Basil's Circle was my fave. If I wanted to annoy folk, it was Koenigsegg's around the 'Ring. Cat and Mouse was a laugh too. The bastardised version of that on PGR3 was so disappointing. Other than the two games I mentioned, I'll plump with Sega Rally (Saturn/Arcade), Daytona USA (Arcade) and F1 World Grand Prix on the N64. Love them all.
  20. I agree with the general consensus in this thread: That Burnout 2 was the pinnacle of that series. I played through Burnout 3 mainly from the left-over "good feeling" I had from its predecessor. Paradise isn't really my cup of tea. I also agree that PGR2 was the best one of that series also. PGR3 was shocking. PGR4 is alright but just doesn't get mear the majesty of 2. Koenigseggs around Nurburgring, anyone?
  21. Thank christ! The Stratos was the bane of my life! I'd do 7/8ths of a lap perfectly then spin the bastard on an easy corner. Hated the bloody thing!
  22. I wasn't well last night, my mind wasn't up to playing Sega Rally. I managed to play on Keflings on the Xbox instead. Much more sedate, requires much less concentration!
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