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  1. No, I didn't. They should have it in Hawaii again (when there's a stadium to accommodate it, the old one was condemned) and have it after the season as you say.
  2. United Forever was my favourite one after the original. I remember playing ridiculous amounts of Stadium/TrackMania Nations ESWC as well. I should get back into these. Hmm...
  3. Totally forgot about the pitlane shortcut until just now. Difficult to put the car in just the right spot, but once you do it shaves a good second off a lap.
  4. Chalk me up as another one who redownloaded it and is playing again. I just wish they'd remaster Sega Rally Championship with the level of care and love Daytona got.
  5. I finished this today. After nailing Aztec, Egyptian is so much easier across the three difficulties. As a port it's not without issues, but it didn't get in the way of my enjoyment.
  6. You can step into the room and line up a shot to hit Ourumov and Xenia in a burst of fire. It'll give you about 30s more time for her to crack the password.
  7. Jesus, I might as well have left the Six Nations on. lol
  8. Hardest for me is Aztec, then Control, then Bunker 2. Aztec is brutal on 00A.
  9. Similarly in Control if you take a lot of damage in the first area before going to get Natalya she'll say "James, you're hurt!" instead of "James, you were wonderful!"
  10. If someone's QB goes down next year he's going to get a call. If he has the resolve to decline, I'll believe he's retired.
  11. Sean Payton to Denver, and DeMeco Ryans to Houston. Two good appointments. Surprised Denver paid the cost to NO to let Payton go.
  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/final-fantasy-7-dlc-coming-to-powerwash-simulator There was a full stop on the URL which broke it.
  13. Useless (and possibly wrong) Videogame Trivia.
  14. I think the original was too, or rather could be if you set it in the options.
  15. Find him, let the dialogue run (I actually think you can just initiate the dialogue and run to the door, but it's been a while), open your watch and choose door decoder and use it on the door.
  16. We're in a dip, for sure, but coming off a cup double last year and before that some of the best seasons I can remember as a fan, I can't be too upset. Get through the season, retool, and give it another go next year.
  17. Shades of Huntelaar vs Real Madrid for great consolation goals:
  18. To back up the correct award of the goal. Brilliant finish, can't be upset at that
  19. I've always done it on foot. It's faster too, if you strafe run.
  20. Also the music sounds like the old N64 version to me. It's been 20 odd years since I played this though. And the same just happened to me @DeciderVT re: achievements appearing as a notification on mobile.
  21. Unless I'm missing something there's no achievement support?
  22. That's an issue with a couple of films on Disney Plus, that I've noticed. I randomly chucked on Shanghai Noon a few weeks ago and the Native American language parts were not subtitled, but I remember watching it on DVD on release and they had hard-coded subtitles on the screen for those. Very odd.
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