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  1. ilpostino

    NFL 2020!

    Four turnovers already. Sloppy football.
  2. With the sad news that the Arecibo observatory has collapsed and will be demolished, it's only fitting we have Goldeneye (N64) - Antenna Cradle
  3. https://retrofighters.com/ has a Black Friday sale, some good deals.
  4. ilpostino

    NFL 2020!

    What a wild finish to that game. Amazing.
  5. Ferrari Formula One (C64) - Main Theme
  6. Fester's Quest (NES) - Overworld/Final Boss
  7. Blast Corps (N64) - Outland Farm Very Goldeneye-esque
  8. I've got M2Emu running, full romset, all fine. However, even using the configurator the steering on an Xbox pad for Sega Rally and especially Daytona is really twitchy. Anyone got any ideas to soften that sensitivity a little?
  9. Zone Trooper (Amstrad) - Main Theme Cheapo boxart, nice little tune!
  10. Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive) - Under Logic
  11. Draconus (C64) - Main Theme And as you know already, I'm loving all the Japanese music you're putting in here @shiffy! Real change of pace to the gems I try and dig up from the more common systems in Europe/US!
  12. I figured it was just because he's Kimi's mate, he raced for his Formula 3 team back in 2013 I think it was?
  13. I haven't been chasing as strongly as I was back when the 3080 was released. I'm just going to hold out and wait until I can just buy one without all the fucking about.
  14. Love that game, still go through it once a year and beat the First Blitzers.
  15. "For a keeper, that's the equivalent of scoring a goal" in UEFA Striker on the Dreamcast.
  16. I'd recommend anyone who didn't see the game tonight to fire it up and watch the chaos. An instant classic.
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