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    Hooray, it's been rejected!
  2. ilpostino


    I watched the Pumpkin Jack WR run yesterday, cool to see a record being smashed live.
  3. Some very difficult to see screenshots in the link above.
  4. Wordle 205 5/6 Got this right and went "GET IN!" loudly, which was promptly broadcast to my daughter's (unmuted, which was news to me) online learning class - they all giggled and her teacher had to ask everyone to calm down.
  5. Do they have Canadian stock in this telegram thing, mate? I'm still trying to get a card here but there's almost no stock in Ontario.
  6. Anyone else just not bothered about the upcoming season still? Normally I'd be looking forward to the testing, seeing the new cars, etc. Without any resolution to the shitshow that was the last race I have no belief that next season will be any different. Sorry for being Debbie Downer here, lol.
  7. I can remember going to the cinema in Bromborough and they had a Virtuality machine (horrendous, gave me a headache!) and a Virtua Racing racecar cab which I was absolutely mesmerised by! Ate all my money that I was supposed to use for the actual film I was meant to see. Worth it! I have a memory of a Ridge Racer Full Scale sat in some random motorway service station when we were heading down to see my brother when he was stationed at RAF Cosford. Again, absolutely stunned by the thing. Dad could have left me there for the weekend. My student union (University of Liverpool) had a brilliant little arcade. Silent Scope, Virtua Striker 2, Marvel vs Capcom, Sega Rally 2 Player, Bust-a-Move 2 player sitdown cab, Time Crisis 2. Cracking way to spend the downtime between classes.
  8. Reach was the first one to have sprinting and loadouts, Bungie were chasing some kind of proto-COD style back then. Expanded on in 4 and 5, sure, but it started there. I've played lots of every Halo game, and like @matt0 return to play CE/2/3 Legendary frequently. Halo Infinite is good. Not the best Halo campaign, and it's not without issues, but it's good. 343's best. When the multiplayer behaves, that's really good too. Not had time to play recently but I enjoyed the MP when I was playing. You don't like it. That's clear. Give it a rest, eh?
  9. Super Monkey Ball (GameCube) - Monkey Golf
  10. Fabinho and Henderson have been miles off it today, really poor with the ball.
  11. That's a dive there, from Kovacic. Expecting them to score from it now.
  12. Absolutely - cracking goal. Two good goals from them here.
  13. Wordle 197 3/6 Compared to yesterday's, much easier.
  14. Ref having a stinker in this Spurs game. Pulls the play back for a foul when the Watford player was through on goal, and doesn't give that penalty.
  15. ilpostino

    NFL 2021!

    Sure he's not been Mahomes or anything but he's solid. A good 10 or 15 teams would trade up now for solid. Brian Flores chopped and changed in his first season, giving him a run at QB then putting Fitzpatrick in on certain situations. He didn't get much of a chance to grow in the system. This season he's been in and out with injuries but he's been good. Moves the ball well. That said I fully expect Miami to cast him aside and go get Deshaun fucking Watson in the off-season.
  16. I bought myself A-Train PC Classic and I'm somewhat hooked. Lovely game.
  17. Pretty much all of Doom and Doom 2 were lifted from real metal songs. E1M1 being a mix of Master of Puppets and No Remorse:
  18. Huge thanks again to @JPR, amazing work as always.
  19. Darkest Dungeon Hearts of Iron IV Sonic Generations Collection Mad Max Everspace Butcher Thank you to my Secret Santa! Merry Christmas everyone! Much love.
  20. Well they got shafted out of a WDC-WCC double because Michael Masi is a fucking idiot, I'm not surprised.
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