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  1. I haven't been chasing as strongly as I was back when the 3080 was released. I'm just going to hold out and wait until I can just buy one without all the fucking about.
  2. Love that game, still go through it once a year and beat the First Blitzers.
  3. "For a keeper, that's the equivalent of scoring a goal" in UEFA Striker on the Dreamcast.
  4. I'd recommend anyone who didn't see the game tonight to fire it up and watch the chaos. An instant classic.
  5. That seems normal operating temperature under load, really. Don't see what the issue is. PS5 will probably be around the same.
  6. Dragon's Fury (Sega Mega Drive) - Main Table
  7. The Muk was built on tedious stories. Let's have it!
  8. I'm in Toronto so it'd be a day trip, and doable, but to be honest I'm so tired of the fucking around just to try get an order in I'm just going to give up and wait until next year. Fuck it.
  9. This, and Formula 1 Simulator (By Mastertronic) were my firsts.
  10. Does bestbuy.com ship to Canada? I doubt I'll be able to snipe an FE card but if it's possible I'll try and win the card lottery.
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