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  1. From last in the league in January, to Stanley Cup champions. Congrats to the St. Louis Blues! Commiserations @Plissken
  2. Flight Sim and Cyberpunk. The two we all predicted before E3.
  3. FIFA 20 has a five-a-side Street mode: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-08-confirmed-fifa-20-has-a-fifa-street-mode-called-volta-football
  4. The coverdisk was Christmas-themed versions of two early tracks. Amiga Format, I think? The moon is the second last area, if memory serves. Been a very long time since I've played it.
  5. Just Amiga and CD32. That's another game I remember playing the coverdisk demo of more than the actual game!
  6. Star Fox 2 (Super Nintendo) - Eladard
  7. It's got to be F-Zero. I'd take a multiplatform OutRun 3 as well, and buy it on everything.
  8. I've just picked this up: 0383-4026-7528 EDIT: How do you change the car colour? @dumpster? EDIT 2: I worked it out.
  9. Wiz 'n' Liz - Title Theme (Amiga)
  10. This appeared in my recommendations. It's a good one from Jim.
  11. ilpostino

    The Spurs Thread

    Yep, echoing the above. You were better throughout but couldn't make a chance stick. All the best for next season.
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