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  1. Shadow Dancer (Mega Drive) - Stages 3-2 and 5-1.
  2. http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/t16000m-fcs-flight-pack I got this, which is a stick, throttle and pedal combo. The stick on its own is pretty reasonable on Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thrustmaster-T-16000M-FCS-Joystick-PC/dp/B01H6KXGEI/ and with the throttle control: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thrustmaster-T-16000M-FCS-Hotas-PC/dp/B01H6KXGDY/
  3. ilpostino

    Titanfall 2

    Seeing this bumped reminded me of how great this game was. I really enjoyed running the Gauntlet, getting that time down further and further. What a game.
  4. I play every Wednesday, but it's Xbox One, sorry!
  5. I'll take off at Toronto City Airport, do a nice flyby of the city before heading East to land at Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.
  6. Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat (Amiga) - Intro
  7. I started on this last night on the Xbox. It's fun, but I noticed some pretty serious hitching at the most random times, which made me take hits quite a few times. Other than that I enjoyed it a lot.
  8. Yep, that's right. I think you're supposed to run/glide through them before the time runs out, if it's the ones I'm thinking of. I think the main quests section of the pause menu will point you in the right direction. I should play this again.
  9. ilpostino

    NFL 2019!

    Imagine being a literal billionaire and having years and years to think of a new name and that's the best you can come up with. Shite.
  10. That was a misquote from some Sony higher up. It's a PS5 exclusive.
  11. That true, but it seems odd to mention it specifically you know? Anyways, if it doesn't launch with multiplayer it'll kill the game stone dead.
  12. Didn't the guy in the video yesterday say we'd see multiplayer in the coming months? I'm sure he did.
  13. Seattle Kraken is the new team name: The tweets wouldn't embed for some reason, sorry! https://twitter.com/NHLSeattle_/status/1286334190439395330
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