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  1. Amazing pair of saves by Emi Martinez, superb
  2. That said, I hope we get a part where we have to punch a Kell Dragon to death.
  3. "I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton" That's what I got when I watched it back. It's better than that Crash game, for sure.
  4. Who's the kid with the massive hair at the back? He works for From?
  5. Penny Whistle guy might have gotten into Madsen's stash
  6. Wow that guy was playing the fuck out of that penny whistle. And then right into that weird flute thing
  7. PlayStation 5 Exclusive* *(Until they announce it for PC about 6 months after it launches)
  8. Reggie has a surname you know, or are you just afraid you'll mangle it?
  9. Give over Geoff, ol' Josef is much more entertaining than you.
  10. I've never liked it when they try and play folk off of the stage when they're receiving an award. It's an award show. But no, MOVE, WE HAVE ANOTHER ADVERT TO PLAY.
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