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  1. It's a brilliant story, and the kind of thing only hockey really provides. In Toronto however it's a real "sky is falling" moment. Sports media is going bananas.
  2. Venus: The Flytrap (Amiga) - Intro/Outro
  3. It's Jun Senoue, I believe. So it's absolutely the same sort of sound. (He is, among other things, the guitarist for Crush 40)
  4. Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 (Sega Saturn) - Track 5
  5. I think it's on Premier Sports over there. Rained out yesterday, starts at 9pm your time.
  6. Anyone watching the Daytona rain delay 500?
  7. I just checked that as well, I knew it as "No Retreat, No Surrender 4".
  8. Target: Renegade (C64) - Subtune 3, Levels 1 and 4
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