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  1. ilpostino

    Nintendo Switch

    I get that too, a hard reset seems to sort it (well you don't get the low battery notification until it's actually low, anyways).
  2. ilpostino

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    De Bruyne has apparently picked up a knee injury that will keep him out for two to three months.
  3. ilpostino

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Great work from Shaw, there. Delighted for him.
  4. ilpostino

    A great gaming track a day

    Blast Corps - Gibbon's Gate. God, I love this game. Might play through it again on Rare Replay.
  5. ilpostino

    Nintendo Switch

  6. ilpostino

    A great gaming track a day

    Excellent call. I've just gone back and updated mine, and fixed the couple of broken links.
  7. ilpostino

    A great gaming track a day

    Battle Arena Toshinden Remix - Cupido Theme
  8. ilpostino

    Cricket Thread

    Cracking knock from Kohli.
  9. ilpostino

    DOOM - Rip and Tear... Anywhere

    I've also just come back to it recently and finished it off. It's just a brilliant, brilliant game. I even played a bit of the multiplayer post-patch and it's not that bad!
  10. ilpostino

    Formula One - 2018 Season

  11. PSO 2 is good, but it seems it'll never actually be released in any English-speaking country. The unofficial English patch is okay, I guess.

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