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  1. 29.007, and I can see where the time can be made up. I wish we had leaderboard/ghosts for this track.
  2. That'll do for now, I'm supposed to be working!
  3. Cool - I'm not sure I'll actually get one (I can only imagine they'll be horrifically expensive in Canada) but that great news.
  4. Any chance of Fantasies too? Or is it emulating a bone stock 512kb Amiga 500?
  5. I'm aware of that, but when you're doing a race and the computer punts you into a wall and you're so far behind there's no hope of regaining the lead or a points place - it would be welcomed.
  6. This needs a restart race/GP button rather than having to go back to the Main Menu.
  7. I believe the I Am An Air Traffic Controller games are very well regarded.
  8. ilpostino

    NFL 2021!

    As Albert Breer said: I believe the lawyers in charge of the harrassment suit for the WFT cheerleaders are calling on the NFL to release the emails. I'd put money on the NFL dealing with this internally. We need someone to leak all the emails onto the internet. All the dirty laundry.
  9. ilpostino

    NFL 2021!

    650,000 emails. There's a lot of shit in there.
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