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  1. Too many *'s with the 6900xt benchmarks for my liking. It's over clocked and using the new 5 series Ryzen memory thing. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison
  2. At the moment the only Gamepass you can get is NFL Gamepass so slightly different. They have some sort of offer for the standard one when you buy one of their tellies but no app has been announced yet https://xboxera.com/2020/06/03/project-xcloud-and-game-pass-are-coming-to-samsung-tvs/
  3. My GPD XD+ turned up and runs Gamepass great as well as everything else I've thrown at it so far (can do up to GC with tweaks and certain games). You can even swap the function of the shoulder buttons to better suit Xbox games (the bigger LR1 then becomes LR2 so works better on Forza 4 for acceleration) I got it from Laptops Direct. It was classed as grade A1 condition - as new but box opened. When it turned up it did indeed look as new plus it is the 2019 model (grey matte not glossy black) so supposedly has a slightly less dodgy hinge mechanism. From wha
  4. Just picked up a GPD XD plus (had the OG one years ago) as it's better WiFi and newer version of android makes it a rather decent Gamepass machine
  5. And the TRS 80 beat that by 5 years but their joysticks were not "as standard" as you had to buy them separately and you could also get digital alternatives or just use keys. For the Vectrex (and later the N64) you had to have analogue (as it was the standard) and got one with the machine.
  6. Analogue stick as standard - Vectrex
  7. For all those thinking that AMD will be able to get plenty of stock on the shelves of their new GPUs unlike the Nvidia shitshow, I have one thing to say... 3300x
  8. dfq23

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oneplus 7 pro with a TPU case so a big b*stard
  9. dfq23

    Xbox Game Pass

    It was one of these but I assume internals likely the same. Only sold it as phone slightly to big for it
  10. dfq23

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yep it does. Weirdly not actually compatible with an Xbox although it does have analogue triggers like the official pads
  11. dfq23

    Xbox Game Pass

    Not all work unfortunately. My Gamesir won't work on it but a Saitake clip on one I had did. Some work with xinput and some only in switch mode so it's really best to get something you know will work. I have ordered the new 8bitdo Xbox, licenced pad to replace my standard Xbox pad and clip
  12. dfq23

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just for Xcloud so I can stream any games not available on PC gamepass. There are rumours of it coming to PC but nothing concrete yet.
  13. dfq23

    Xbox Game Pass

    You can run the streaming app on PC through Bluestacks. Works really well as most of us will likely be hardwired in for t'internet. Obviously the picture is 720p but my RTX sharpens and upscales it quite nicely and they will be changing to using One Xs soon (currently One Ss) so the pic will be a lot better.
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