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  1. With every YT video and news article saying about how the graphics card market is going to hell again just like in 2017 I can't help smiling to myself still not quite believing I managed to pick up a 3080FE at cost. A friend has recently got all the bits to build his boy a PC and messaged me yesterday saying he just needs the GPU. He didn't take the current news well...
  2. The telegram groups posted earlier in this thread helped me to pick up a 3070, 3080, PS5 digital, PS5 disc and two Series X (None were scalped. Ordered to help out friends and colleagues) I kept the 3080
  3. Anything pre HDMI is retro for me. Extra points if it has phono/rca or RF
  4. CDPR trolling one of the biggest crackers/repackers. I guess with how they started and that PC sales are probably nothing compared to what it will shift on consoles they can afford to make a joke of it.
  5. I'm not fussed about 60fps on games like this so with my I7 9700f and 3070 do you think i'll be able to play it at about 1800p (I use this resolution on my 4k projector with a bit of Nvidia sharpening for more demanding stuff) with mostly ultra and decent RT for a locked 30 using DLSS?
  6. My digital one finally arrived from amazon yesterday and as someone who totally skipped the 4 i'm quite impressed. Obviously wasn't prepared for the size and did wonder if should have got the disc one (managed to bag both but decided to keep the digital) but for what I use it for I think I made the right choice and as the disc one is not symmetrical it would play on my OCD! Plus as PSN thinks I live in the galatasaray stadium, games aren't that badly priced either and PS Plus was only 23 quid. I may "move" to Indonesia soon though as they're even better prices there.
  7. Thanks to Telegram i've managed to get: 2 Series X PS5 digital PS5 disc RTX 3070FE And not made a penny over RRP on any of it! 3070 was also for me I know many "ah i'll just order one from Argos!" Idiots...
  8. Got a digital coming tomorrow from Amazon UK for me and disc one next week also from them for a bloke at work at cost price cos i'm nice/a twat (delete depending on your opinion on scalping!)
  9. I had Spain showing but yep greys out when goes to cart it seems. Worth giving them a message though as in stock in China. They are the same seller people were getting 3300xs from. Stuff I have ordered lately from Ali has come in a week! Their 3600 ain't bad either!
  10. For anyone waiting for a 5600x to go with their new card there is an Aliexpress seller who ships from Spain and has em in stock for just over 300 quid delivered so not too bad at all https://a.aliexpress.com/_B0bhuJ You have excellent coverage from Ali and the seller has top feedback
  11. The 1080ti is on around a 2080 and the 5700xt is about a 2070 super with the subsequent driver updates it has had so there will prob be very little in it
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