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  1. Just installed Coin-ops Legends 3. It's a bit good! Surprised how well some of the newer stuff runs
  2. https://www.lambda-tek.com/DELL-AB292880~sh/B45379169 Says second hand but likely just pulled from laptops or Surface tablets. Change the postage to standard and comes in at less than 19 quid delivered
  3. I did ponder upgrading the SSD in mine but, according to benchmarks, other than write speed, it didn't seem that much of a benefit for gaming over just using a big micro SD. I picked up a Samsung Evo 512gb from Amazon for 45 although I'm now thinking I should have got their own brand basics 1tb one when it was 93 quid a couple of weeks ago as the reviews seem to be pretty good. They also had the Lexar 1tb cheap but all reviews seem to say to avoid their cards
  4. Pretty sure mine came from the Netherlands and with a UK plug
  5. Ah I'm in desktop mode. That would explain it. Thanks gents
  6. May be a stupid question but if I press the QAM button on a non Steam game I've installed, nothing happens. I wanted to set the FPS cap but no joy. Does it only come up on Steam games?
  7. Amazon Germany had a 512gb Samsung micro SD for 45 quid delivered today so purchased that for my 64gb
  8. January 11th order and got the email tonight. Paid straightaway and just ordered the Benzacap screen protectors which seem to be the best ones according to general consensus
  9. I used to work for the DWP in pensions. Most of them were rude vile racists (if I was "insert slur" I'd get more money!) so your sweet/kind generalisation is not so accurate!
  10. Had a couple of the full sit down deluxe hydraulics where I live. And Power Drift, Space Harrier, Thunderblade, G-Loc R360... Helps that it's Great Yarmouth
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