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  1. dfq23

    Oculus Quest

    Nothing on my feed from mine and I got some clip on spacers for each lens from AliExpress for my specs just to be careful as I was concerned the included spacer didn't give enough of a gap and didn't want to risk scratches. Same as these: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B094CYH5BT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_2XT63A4BKDRRFNE6P3E3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I have an elite strap and with specs there is a knack to putting it on and taking it off but you soon get it. Only real issue I find is fogging of my specs at times but that usually goes once playing for a bit
  2. WB had to pay off all the talent for the films they put on HBO Max as well. Denzel got another 20 mil for his one with Leto apparently
  3. dfq23

    Oculus Quest

    I am able to use Firefox browser to stream any video link I have "acquired" and added to my account, including the massive size 3D SBS files, directly from the Real Debrid site so that's no more downloading and fannying about with DLNA. I did try the built in browser but I'm not a fan of the curved screen and now I get a resizeable flat screen with a choice of background (black void obviously for movies) I only have one good eye due to glaucoma so normal 3D specs don't work for me but these look great.
  4. dfq23

    Oculus Quest

    My box damaged 256gb arrived today. Was bit worried as turned out the pic on the listing (and one I'd posted earlier) was their stock one for box damaged Quests. I needn't have worried £120 off due to this tear in the otherwise intact plastic...
  5. dfq23

    Oculus Quest

    Finally caved in as found a bargain I couldn't turn down. Box damaged 256gb from Currys Clearance on eBay. With the 15% code I only paid £279.80. Full warranty as it's new but the plastic wrapping is just a bit ripped
  6. Market cap/valuation is not the best way to measure size. It merely multiplies number of shares by current value and doesn't take into account revenue, assets or profit. Tesla (another "glamour stock") market valuation is "bigger" than any other car maker even though makes less cars, has less assets, less reserves and makes less profits than most, and also... GameStop. Bumble is currently worth about the same as BT (our AT&T) if you apply that metric. Anyway had anyone else heard the rumour there is gonna be a surprise extra episode?
  7. It's really not. AT&T is in the Forbes 500 top 10 corporations in the US. Disney is number 49. Their combined assets and equity is getting on for treble that of Disney. Their yearly income is $181 billion. AT and T is massive. Disney are still saying Black Widow will go to cinemas and making people pay $30 for Raya and Mulan. AT&T/WB are putting every film they have this year on to HBO Max included in the price so they are serious and willing to lose possibly billions on those in the short term to gain subscribers. It's more likely for Disney to be bought by someone like Apple or Amazon than them buy anyone else now, even more so since the parks and cruises where they make most of their money shut down. At the moment it's Disney+ that's keeping the lights on and having weekly releases reduces churn.
  8. DC is owned by AT and T, so would be more plausible the other way round if such a thing was gonna happen
  9. Click tease? She was on set during Solo so likely did "act" together
  10. With every YT video and news article saying about how the graphics card market is going to hell again just like in 2017 I can't help smiling to myself still not quite believing I managed to pick up a 3080FE at cost. A friend has recently got all the bits to build his boy a PC and messaged me yesterday saying he just needs the GPU. He didn't take the current news well...
  11. The telegram groups posted earlier in this thread helped me to pick up a 3070, 3080, PS5 digital, PS5 disc and two Series X (None were scalped. Ordered to help out friends and colleagues) I kept the 3080
  12. Anything pre HDMI is retro for me. Extra points if it has phono/rca or RF
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