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  1. My two copies came from Shopto. I ordered one and have been charged for two. If their return policy is cumbersome i'll most probably sell it in the trading forum. No poster either.
  2. boybrown

    Blood and Truth

    Aim support is only for certain challenge levels and not for the main campaign.
  3. It’ll ask you after the prologue I
  4. Just completed the intro. I'm liking the style and basically everything about it. Yes at this point it is a bit button mashy (thats ok for me as i'm shite at Platinum games) but i'm sure it'll change. It's looking like a great Platinum game at the moment which is enough for me
  5. For the Game Collection orders, my copy has turned up.
  6. i got a despatch email from Game Collection. i ordered mine after reading your earlier post so you'll most probably get it tomorrow.
  7. The new Beyond trailer has just dropped. It looks all kinds of great. It’ll still be a buggy mess but that’s par for the course now. Can’t wait to play this in VR
  8. Looks like Sairento is out on Quest on the 27 June. It seems to be a much cut down version. 5 levels instead of 13 and no co-op. It'll be cheaper as well. you'd bloody hope so. you can also side load a beta of Crisis Vrigade. its a very hard time crisis type game. Fun but too nails for me.
  9. the reviews are really mixed for the VRCovers. I've gone for the material covers. I ordered on the 4th June and still not turned up.
  10. an ok direct. It wasn't Crunchie out of ten more like double decker out of ten. ok but leaves you slightly dissapointed.
  11. woo hoo collection of Mana available today
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