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  1. So now that Red Steel apparently isn't that shit, has Wii Far Cry taken its place? A new Wii FPS that we can all bitch about?
  2. Emulators are your friend, the only way I play is with the 10x speed button held down.
  3. Well you can, by fitting them into a quadrant system, in a similar way that Red Steel has eight directions for its swordplay. Sure, each sweep the player does is different in that game, and in every other game, but it is transformed into a more generic output. Now say that HAMMER game by Nintendo also involves swinging a weapon from a moving protagonist, to a moving enemy (two objects moving in 3-D space), surely a quadrant system is the way to go?
  4. Well, Mario Galaxy is technically the Mario 128 project that was mentioned a couple of times for Gamecube, before being cancelled, before being remade. I suppose we have Wii sports and Wii Play so far.
  5. I actually feel that this season is better than Season 2, that took 6-or-7 episodes to actually explain what the hatch was, this season has already had quite a few minor revelations.
  6. I've owned two copies of Deus Ex, since the first disk was mysteriously thrown out in the trash. Unfortuantely it is one of those Sold-out software ones and regularly fucks itself up, buying games a third time anyone?
  7. I just worked it out, and it comes down to £1684, which isn't as much as I'd thought really.
  8. Has anyone seen the special edition pack? It comes with a massive array of extras, like a pewter ring, and a cloth map, loads of stuff for an extra £5, better than most 'special editions'.
  9. Hellgate: London seems like a sort of spiritual successor to Diablo, although I still have some reservations about how it will work in First Person.
  10. Resi 4, around 10 times Halo, around 10 times Half-life, loads of times Pokemon, around 5 times Deus Ex, around 7 times Metroid Prime, around 8 times I could do with buying some different games.
  11. My mate managed to do it with 4mph wind against and no powerups. Generally I'm happier if it's 11 or over. My highest score is 2010.
  12. Out of all the Zelda games to put on your arm...why Wind Waker?
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