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  1. El Geet

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Thought it was ok. As others have said, strong lead performance carries it. It’s a bit silly at times with some obvious plot misdirection. Agree with whoever said it works well to show how grim being a cam girl must be and it’s likely a glossy version of reality anyway!
  2. El Geet

    Best Films of 2018

    I would say this is a movie to watch in the cinema. I know that gets bandied around a lot but given the 4:3 format and, well, it’s just so lush to look it really won’t do it justice to watch it on a screen at home.
  3. El Geet

    Best Films of 2018

    Need to watch a few more but not sure anything will top ‘Cold War’. Although of the better movies that’s prob the only one I’ve watched in the cinema so slightly unfair comparison.
  4. El Geet

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Yep. It actually happens. That RLM pretty much sums it up.
  5. Bit late to the party but finally got round to watching over past week or so. I’d watched he first episode months before and had completely forgotten about the dodgy punk gang opening so Ep 7 took me by surprise. Not a great deal to add and I enjoyed it primarily as an exercise in nostalgia. I’m a prime target for this age wise. The characters and production values keep this watchable - I really don’t find the story itself particularly interesting/intriguing. The big bad could be anything really - it’s just a back drop to serve us up a coming of age story dripping in 80s nostalgia. Favourite nod? Gremlins a close second but I loved the back and forth between Jonathan and Nancy at the conspiracy theorists house which was the Indy and Kate Capshaw scene in Indiana Jones and Temple Of Doom almost scene for scene. A movie I must have watched 50 times. You have to give credit to the way they pull this off. Whereas ‘Ready Player One’ approach felt hugely hamfisted and forced and was (rightly IMO) criticised for it, Stranger Things, whilst clearly as exploitative at the end of day, is genuinely a homage and treats its influences like naturally occurring, lovely fuzzy warm memories.
  6. El Geet

    Robin Hood

    It looks utterly execrable.
  7. El Geet

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I wasn't expecting much to be honest. I'd probably have enjoyed it more if it was a standalone film with no links to anything if that makes sense (but even then the film just doesn't hang together particularly well). I find the fan service incredibly jarring. I almost feel sorry for the directors and screenwriters of these movies having to try to fit everything into a preconceived narrative...preconceptions which vary wildly from individual to individual depending on whether they're fully invested in the OT, the EU or just not at all! I guess Marvel have it easier in that respect in that they seem to have a consistent vision for how things fit together and they have had control of that narrative pretty much since the beginning. Not to mention they have a shed load of source material that predates the movies. Star Wars relies heavily on the original trilogy plus a lot of fairly dodgy close to fan fiction EU stuff (as I understand it). Maybe the Marvel franchise will fall apart in 30 years when they try to make prequels and back stories for which they have no original material.
  8. El Geet

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    No doubt coming to this late and will be repeating others' views but I thought it was very very average. I'm not a proper Star Wars nut but being born in the 70s I collected Star Wars figures and the original trilogy has a special place in my heart. Why is there this constant need to explain everything? So that's how Han Solo got what I thought was just a standard blaster which is now elevated into an important moment. Some random naming him? What? Even his meeting Chewie was laughable. I actually lol'd when he started speaking Wookie. The actor did a fair impression of Han Solo but the whole movie just felt pointless. None of this stuff really needs explaining. Why not just make some decent movies in the Star Wars universe about other characters? It all feels so ham fisted. FWIW I really enjoyed Rogue One. Prob my favourite since the original trilogy.
  9. El Geet

    Recommended Family Games

    Thanks for the recommendations. Will take a look!
  10. So I did the Legendary Bear thing early on in Chapter 2. Thought I'd take a short cut through a train tunnel. You can probably see where this is going. Anyway, the tunnel is pitch black hallway through it an, of course, a train starts coming. I manage to stay to the side of the tracks but the horse gets clipped as I stupidly move a little. We make it through to the other side but I think the bear pelt must have been knocked off as I get the message 'Abandoned Legendary Animal.'
  11. El Geet

    Recommended Family Games

    Every year I try to buy a game for us to play as a family over Christmas. Ideally something for up to 6 people which can be played by a 10 year old and a 70 year old. I’ve not been very successful. Trying to play Diplomacy with my dad after a big Xmas dinner was never going to work. Last Xmas, Coup and Avalon went down ok. Any recommendations? Something with a cool thematic ideally.
  12. Chapter 2. It’s graphics whore heaven.
  13. I imagine very few of you interested in another persons' first impressions but....here they are anyway. I didn't think it looked all that great until the Leviticus Cornwall story in the first chapter but, wow, it possibly exceeds Naughty Dog's efforts and this is on a PS4 Pro. If Xbox One X is obviously better looking that must be a real visual treat. Too early to give definitive views on how good the story is but the voice acting is excellent and the characters have potential. Gameplay? Well, hmm. Slow and deliberate are absolutely the words to describe this. The controls are pretty ridiculous and unintuitive which is a real shame. It's odd that they would spend so much effort creating an incredible world to explore and then have this awful clunky mess of a control system get in the way. Of course, spending long enough in the world will mean that barrier will lessen as the controls become second nature. Oh and, mot importantly, my horse did a big, well rendered poo whilst I was leading him to the horsey parking bay which was excellent.
  14. Fuck it. I'll wait till it's out on PC and buy me a mega ultra RIG.
  15. Good idea. That's the definitive version anyway.

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