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  1. El Geet

    Harry's Heroes - The Full English

    Yeah it was quite melancholic I feel. A couple of these guys have real issues. Poor old Merson. And Ruddock is a real mess.
  2. El Geet

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    It’s a great little movie.
  3. Yeah he was definitely more noticeable. Like he’d had too many Botox procedures. Fury I noticed more. IIRC it was when he is looking away from the person he’s talking to. It looked like he was just sort of staring vacantly into space. Maybe he was.
  4. Did no one else get that uncanny valley vibe with the de-aging?
  5. Anyway. I saw it yesterday. I also sat on the other end of the aisle to my wife and daughter. Separated by 13 nutty 10 year old boys. It was my son’s birthday party. I shouldn’t laugh as disruptive people in cinemas can be annoying but then it’s umtimately a film for them and they were quite funny: clapping along to Nirvana Luckily it was a smallish cinema on a Sat afternoon generally full of kids so no real drama. I actually really enjoyed the film. I thought they were pretty brave in the structure. Totally threw me as was expecting a more traditional origins tale. It’s quite cleverly done if a little confusing. Production and fx as ever amazingly done. The final scenes were jaw dropping although I did get a bit of uncanny valley feeling from Coulson and Fury. Sometimes their expressions seemed just a bit vacant. I really liked the lead. Thought she carried off the cool, charisma brilliantly. Far better than Wonder Woman anyway who, at the end of the day, was still prancing around in a sexy corset. Much preferred this to Black Panther which I felt was massively overrated. I think this is actually Top 5 Marvel for me. Up there with GoG, Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok, Winter Soldier and Thor 2 (only joking about the last one). I think I generally prefer the more sci-fi Marvel movies.
  6. El Geet

    Race Across The World - BBC 2

    Agree with you @McCoy. I really liked the idea too but the teams are a bit rubbish. It’s like they are crowbarring in ‘human interest’. The dad and his vaguely estranged son, the couple (with the husband with no eyebrows and who I don’t think speaks a word) who have left on this adventure whilst the wife’s mother was on her deathbed...what?, the old old friends, the young old friends... No idea why they wouldn’t just commit to a decent race with some straightforward rules with people whonare happy to rough it if necessary. One other ridiculous thing is the ban on mobile phones yet in the first 30 mins of the show they get strangers to use mobile phones for them at least two or three times. I gave up after 30 odd mins.
  7. El Geet

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    ‘There’s 50,000 kids there!’ Alan winning is great.
  8. El Geet

    The Kid Who Would Be King from Joe Cornish

    Only way to keep track.
  9. El Geet


    I pre-ordered the latest reprint from Chaos Cards last year and it arrived a couple of weeks ago. This was a bit silly as I don't think I'll ever get round to playing! If anyone wants it, I'll sell at cost £125 plus P&P. It's not even been opened. Thought I'd offer it here before the trading folder/ebay.
  10. El Geet

    The Kid Who Would Be King from Joe Cornish

    I went to the family gala screening thing in Leicester Square a coupe of weeks ago. All the main actors tuned up and went on stage to present the film with Joe Cornish. He' a very likeable chap and hearing Patric Stewart speak is always a pleasure but the film was not that great at all. There are number of interesting subversions of the traditional tale and you can see he's made a genuine attempt to make this ancient legend a relevant and empowering story for today’s kids. I wouldn't be surprised if these attempts may have been reined in by the money people. I love Patrick Stewart but I never saw the point of his sporadic appearances. The young Merlin was excellent as it happens. The film has a lot of heart, has some funny moments and the kids are likeable and relatable. However, it doesn’t quite achieve the level of adventure and excitement that could have made this a worthy contender to take the baton from Harry Potter and run with it. The CGI is extremely well done and Rebecca Ferguson is excellent if rather under-utilised as the big bad, Morgana. There is a surprising lack of variety in Morgana’s evil undead warriors and the film just doesn't build satisfyingly to a crescendo. My kids (9 and 12) found it pretty average too. Edit: I bumped into Rebecca Ferguson (literally) on the way out down the back route. She was scarpering faster than we were! She's tiny!
  11. El Geet

    The Right Stuff - TV remake

    Loved both the book and the film. The film does of course make some changes but they nailed Chuck Yeager for me. Or Sam Shepard did anyway. This seems like it’s nothing like the book or film.
  12. El Geet

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    I had the 12" too! Forgot about Vienna Calling. For shame.
  13. El Geet

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Great thread. Surprised this hasn't been posted yet:
  14. El Geet

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Thanks, guys. Will see if I can’t rope in my wife.
  15. El Geet

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Thought I’d pop in to say hi. I played a bit when I was a kid and really enjoyed it. Mostly AD&D and a bit of Call of Cthulu. Decided to get the 5e starter set a while back but never got round to playing. Finally took the plunge with my kids, a mate and his kid. First time of being a DM and it went reasonably well. Kids seemed to really enjoy themselves although they can get a bit embarrassed around the actual role playing. We were going to go again this week but, unfortunately, my mate’s kid is a bit...teenagery. He’s 12 and has suddenly decided he doesn’t want to do it again. Mine are really disappointed but don’t think can really do Mines of Phandelver with just two players can you? Bit annoying as had invested quite a lot of time prepping.

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