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  1. Also a simple tomato and onion salad is incredible but as a side/ accompaniment to something else. Hard to find really decent tomatoes I find. Folks live in Valencia, Spain and the local tomatoes are something else. Massive misshapen things but the flavour is incredible.
  2. I do a similar one but simpler inspired from a Spanish salad. Posh Spanish chickpeas from the glass jar drained and rinsed (they are a cut above the standard tinned ones), really good tuna like yours above or glass jar again, red onion, some really good tomatoes cubed. Olive oil and some Sherry vinegar (red or white wine will do) and plenty of salt. Banging lunch with a few nice Italian crackers. If I’m feeling a bit dirty I’ll even put some Frank’s in which is a shame given the ingredients but it works v well!
  3. Yeah I’ve been surprised at the ease of use of the Kamado Joe and also how amazingly efficient it is. I’d watched so many YouTube vids on it and they make everything sound so complicated but it’s actually very intuitive. Easy to light and pretty quick to get up to temp. Flavour wise it’s fantastic - even if not using smoking wood everything gets a great bbq flavour and it defo retains the moisture. With leftover charcoal from Sat I chucked on some chicken wings on Sunday. Got it up to 260c, heat deflectors on and 30 mins later done. Not much more hassle than sticking in the oven
  4. Did some amazing smoked ribs this weekend using some maple smoking wood and MeatLabCo Pigasus rub. Best ribs I’ve ever tasted! Also did a couple of large bits of bavette. Opened up all the vents after the ribs and was up to 700 F within 10 or so mins. I forgot to do after pics as was too busy eating!
  5. I’m mostly joking but it was also mainly done for… But it did make me chuckle given how similar the aesthetic is to Last of Us.
  6. I think I probably would have enjoyed it more had i not watched it as part of a double bill. It’s a very different film in tone to the first one. It never really felt like there was as much jeopardy and there were some silly inconsistencies such as Also, (and I guess not much they can do about this) since it picks up immediately following the end of the last film, the boy has grown up a lot in the intervening 5 minutes. Like his voice has broken and he’s a teenager. I’ll watch the next one as I’m curious but there was no need for a sequel really.
  7. Re Last of Us, as I posted in the Rate the Last Film You Saw thread, it even has a section where the protagonist has to go through a train rather than go around it.
  8. I was feeling a bit smug thinking how I don’t feel I look as ravaged by time as the male actors now. Then realised they’re actually about 10 years older and that’s what awaits…apart from the surgery or Botox.
  9. Pretty sure it’s Corden’s production company that produced the show.
  10. Disney innit. I wish they’d fuck off with their sanctimonious bullshit.
  11. A Quiet Place Double Bill I braved the cinema with my son to watch both movies in a double bill. We’d seen the first one and enjoyed it and had always thought it would have been an interesting experience at the cinema. Which it was but if you’ve already seen it, it loses a fair bit of the impact as you would imagine. The sequel was ok. Loved the opening flashback to Day 1. Cillian Murphy is always good to watch as is Emma Blunt but the story is a bit like a video game. Characters rarely act believably. At times it was like watching a live action version of The L
  12. Trailer was decent although it does seem to give everything away.
  13. Finally had a chance to try the KJ. Bit of a baptism of fire as had people over. Managed to do some amazing chicken thigh kebabs but but messed up some Hangar steak. I tried to reverse sear but the pieces were a bit small so overcooked it on the slow cook. It all has an incredible charcoal taste though. Proper deep flavour. Was proud of being able to maintain the right temp for a couple of hours too! Did pizza on the stone too. Prob need to improve the dough recipe but they came out pretty well. A bit too crispy perhaps. Doing some ribs today. Great
  14. I do usually like Sorkin but I don’t like that one bit.
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