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  1. Tried watching this but it’s just too frustrating. Even 30 mins in it’s infuriating.
  2. Not much to add to the deserved praise this is getting. The combination of realism and the dreamlike quality of everything around the plant and the exclusion zone is striking helped hugely by that soundtrack. The attention to detail is staggering and even more so when you see some of the images from the time. Even the courtroom scene is almost perfectly captured. Someone posted a great picture of the three arseholes on trial and it’s uncanny. Above all though (well apart from the fact the subject matter is possibly the perfect dramatic material!) the acting is something else. I’d not seen Jared Harris in much but I thought he was brilliant. I mean there aren’t any obvious weak links but he utterly nails it. More of this kind of thing please!
  3. Feel like I’ve let the side down and went for a Weber Gas bbq yesterday. The Spirit 210. Build quality is great and got a wood chip box smoker thing to try out. I just know I’ll use it loads more than a charcoal version.
  4. I dunno. The first one with Alba etc. was kind of good, clean comic book fun. Not a patch on good Marvel fare but preferable to The Hulk for example. Not saying a great deal, I know.
  5. I think it’s ok but not much more than that. I like the characters and the story is fine - it does get more interesting; S1 is pretty slow. I love the attempt at keeping the accuracy of being in space but, ultimately, I find the acting (bar couple of exceptions) is just too ropey and it takes me out of the story. In particular, I find The UN senator lady whose name I forget really difficult to watch. I remember her from one of the early series of 24 where she was also really annoying. She also has this weird change of character in S3 where she suddenly starts to swear like a trooper. I’ll watch it but I really wanted to like this more. I thought it was going to get amazing given the comments in this thread. We really are starved of decent sci-fi which is why I reckon something like this gets so much love. It’s decent but it’s no BSG (most of BSG anyway!)
  6. As has been said, an extremely impressive piece of television and whilst an enjoyable and appropriately gruesome episode it’s also somehow feels extremely unsatisfying. I’ve no major qualms with Dany losing it although the pacing and race to get this series finished has seriously let it down. One of the best things about GoT is the characters and the fact that there are very few out and out ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’. Avoiding those tropes is what made the subject matter so much better than your average sword and sorcery epic. They seemed to have lost this even if we saw glimpses of it like the scenes with Tyrion and Jaime or Hound and Arya. I think part of it is that I really couldn’t give a shit about Missandei or Grey Worm so, personally, I felt zero dramatic impact. Whilst I understood that the beheading was a final catalyst for Dany going berserk I felt that she didn’t earn the shades of grey that would have made you empathise with the character’s motivations a little more. Sure you can argue that they’ve foreshadowed that she is actually just a nutty tyrant but that’s just far less interesting. Also, not having a Stark or even Dany have a personal face off with Cersei was hugely disappointing. I appreciate that in some ways that’s a subversion of a trope but the Starks suffered so much at the hands of the Lannisters over the course of the series it would have been nice to see some form of personal revenge. I was almost hoping Jaime would turn out to be Arya at the end and for her to get to kill Cersei whilst dying herself would have been a great and a fitting way for both Lannisters to go. I’d rather have seen that than Arya’s heroics at the Battle of Winterfell.
  7. Yeah it's not bad. The book is, of course, better. Best to go in not knowing anything if you can.
  8. Yeah besides 2 episodes of Black Summer (shiiiit), Brooklyn 99 is the only thing on there I've spent any time on. Oh and ST:Discovery. Also bobbins.
  9. El Geet


    Love this stuff And it's even called Hela Ketchup
  10. Oh come on. He called them a couple of gold plated cunts. That was worth the total lack of verisimilitude of that scene.
  11. Also agree that it didn’t work for Endgame. Totally disagree that it didn’t work for Ragnarok. It fit brilliantly with the section of the movie in Jeff Goldblum’s world whatever it was called.
  12. Captain America does guiltily tell Black Widow that he saw a pod of whales in the Hudson at one point. It was a bit like an awkward “Cheer up, Nat! It’s not all bad!”
  13. I’d say they could have handled it much better and it did come across as a bit of a rushed way to complete some character arc stuff. Stark meeting his father in particular. They could have have made it that Tony actively sought out his father for example rather than coincidentally bumping into each other let alone the instant opening up Stark Sr has with Jr. Funnily enough, a few days later after the hype and the shared cinema audience experience, my thoughts have turned a bit more negative towards the movie. However, it’s difficult and almost unfair to judge on it’s own merits given it is specifically there to act as a bookend to however many movies it is we’ve had up to that point. Looking at it through that lens, it’s hard to say they haven’t been successful but I had a lot less fun than I did watching Raganarok, GoTG 1 and IW and possibly a couple of others. More feels I guess but that’s more down to it feeling like the end of an era.
  14. Don’t all the zombies get blue eyes when they’re resurrected? I assumed it was simply a reference to the fact she would kill loads of them! In hindsight it was fairly obvious but they’d done a good job of making us think that Jon or Bran (ffs do something Bran) would be the ones to kill the NK. I even thought that the NK might win and we would see a rag tag bunch survive and go on to victory in a later episode. Given the fact that the writers thought there was only one specific way to kill the NK it makes sense that it would be done by a sneaky assassin and not some burly knight with a massive sword. Admittedly, we don’t know which idea came first although I think they said that they had it clear in their minds who would see off the NK at least three seasons ago.
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