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  1. Basically exactly that. The review I posted above is well worth a read. It’s absolutely savage.
  2. Yeah he was proud to perform at Trump’s inauguration. He doesn’t seem to have any redeeming features. Not a chance in hell I’m paying to see this.
  3. I had no idea about this and neither did I know that the Lord of the Dance was such a twit. Anyway, this review is brilliant and I’m even tempted to watch it after a few drinks: https://filmindublin.ie/2022/08/31/blackbird-is-the-pathetic-ego-stroking-bollocks-you-always-hoped-it-would-be/ Casino Royaldi is a great line.
  4. Weirdly I put this on last weekend as was curious to see how something on Disney called Princess was rated 16+. Unfortunately, didn’t get past the opening 30 seconds as my plan for a day time film got ruined. Will give it a go though given all the positive comments!
  5. The Northman - 3/5 Not seen any of Eggers’ previous films but I understood this wasn’t going to be standard fare. I enjoyed the style and the (presumably) authenticity. Some good performances too. Unfortunately, it’s just a bit plodding and boring at times.
  6. Totally agree. There’s enough po faced, ‘serious business’ in the MCU to leave room for something a bit lighter. This felt like an upmarket Flash Gordon at times. Had a real Saturday morning cartoon feel to it too. Yet I can see why it won’t work for many, especially knowing that Waititi can be very good at balancing comedy with serious stuff (Jojo and Hunt for Wilderpeople spring to mind and even Ragnarok). I guess the space Viking theme makes it a little trickier to pull off!
  7. Just saw this earlier. I really enjoyed it for what it was. Thought tit was colourful fun overall but I can see how some might bounce off it. It is a bit odd tonally speaking. Loved the bit It’s definitely no Ragnarok or GOTG1 but it’s not GOTG2 and also much preferred it to Dr Strange MoM which I found dull as dishwater. Perhaps a little too jokey but I found most of it pretty funny… Not seen Hemsworth in anything else but I think be pulls this off pretty well and has certainly made Thor his own. Having said all of that, it does feel like Waititi is phoning it in a bit and it was nice watching on a massive big screen (and great a/c) for the first time in ages so that might have swayed me a bit.
  8. Only just finished first 2 of Season 3. Silly question perhaps but is the Viktor thing to deal with Elliot Page’s transition or is it a comic book thing?
  9. Been waiting for my wife catch up as I binged Season 1 in 2 days. Looking forward to Season 2 but only 8 episodes is disappointing.
  10. That’s a shame to hear although i can see how they might struggle to know where to take it. First season would have made a good movie actually as it has a very definite beginning, middle and end to it. I think it’s the first or second episode where the agent says: “Are you two Thelma and Louise yet?”. Could have gone down that route I feel.
  11. Just finished the first season. Surprised it’s not got more love. I thought it was brilliant. Takes a little while but there’s something special about it. Jean Smart is incredible but the meeting of two very different generations is really well done. I may have got something in my eye at the end.
  12. Latest episode was a bit slower but still had some great moments. Loved the musical number and the Legend. Only slight niggle is there’s a bit of an over reliance on Hughie and Starlight’s relationship beats. I guess temp V adds a new angle but it feels like we’ve had this arc with them before. It was inevitable but almost wish the temp V wasn’t a thing. The underpowered Boys having to find ways to fight supes was part of the tension.
  13. I would also please ask people not to post spoilers. I feel like a grandad here but I avoid trailers and social media shit for a reason. I like to enjoy a tv show or movie on its own merits without the accompanying circus beforehand. Don’t mind afterwards obv.
  14. Yeah so that was one of the rare exceptions in my book!
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