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  1. Warrior 4/5 You know what’s going to happen almost from the start but it’s a great emotional journey. Incredible performances from Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte. Very well choreographed fights and I blub every time.
  2. Argos have emailed me this morning to say they will be sending the DualSense out on 12 November.
  3. Children of Men 5/5 Forgot what an amazing piece of cinema this was. Super tight movie with some of the most amazing one shot scenes. Feels even more relevant today.
  4. Thought the finale was great. Some great humour in there and the writers obviously had fun with the misdirection. Homelander continues to knock it out of the park. Really interested to see where they take him. Lots of scope given how things ended.
  5. Very fair point in your spoiler. That relationship has been hinted at.
  6. I don’t think it was handled particularly well to be honest. I didn’t need a bizarre nothing scene on a balcony to tell me Butcher also has daddy issues or to get him fired up to do something that was pretty much already totally in character. I wasn’t sure if they were playing it for laughs as a bit of an accent-off. Not sure we even need to know he has daddy issues! His motivation has always been his wife. She alluded to the fact that he was always a cunt anyway. Did we need to know why? It’s not a big deal. Really enjoy this show anyway.
  7. Yeah exactly. Must have something to do with the Church group.
  8. To be honest, I’m really not sure what meeting his mum and dad was supposed to bring to proceedings. It seems his dad came over to call him a tough cunt one last time before he dies of cancer.
  9. Well that was an episode. Bloody tense throughout I felt and HL and Stormfront upping the bastards stakes even further. The ending was very much The Boys. Will be disappointed if it’s the asylum escapee.
  10. Sorry partly my fault. I was keen to know if it deviated from source material. Although I didn't actually want to read what the differences were at this point.
  11. Will resist reading that! Has it deviated from the source material much to date?
  12. That’s one possible ending. Not sure if the most satisfying. Wouldn’t be surprised if HL killed his son mind. I’ve no idea about the original source material. Does this follow it closely?
  13. What a lovely bit of attention to detail!
  14. I think the Stormfront/Homelander interaction is bang on. When she's afraid of him maybe it's not so much for herself. I'm curious to see how this will all play out with Homelander. He's clearly one messed up individual - will he be a supe cunt to the end or will there be some kind of redemption? I hope not the latter.
  15. Literally this. I hardly play these days. Maybe 3 games a year...
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