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  1. You can get rubber cones and mats that sit under the turntable that are a cheap way of doing it. There’s also a range of platforms that isolate vibrations for when you’re trying to use records in huge club settings – I’d imagine that would be overkill and they’re not cheap. If you search for MasterSounds they do some record weights as well as which are a recommended bit of kit. The cheapest option is a pair of slippers though.
  2. Townsend got loads of shit over the years, but he's a pundit I always enjoy listening to. He's got a really uncanny ability of gauging the swing of a game and being pretty spot on with what he thinks will likely happen in the next 10 minutes. He got dragged down by the generally appalling standard of ITV's coverage. On the other hand if Karen Carney comes on the radio I'm often tempted to open the car door and just abandon the vehicle, whether it's stationary or otherwise. She seems like a nice person, but is an expert at just stating the bloody obvious during long, meandering monologues that sort of just peter out.
  3. Art Vandelay


    I think it’s beyond incompetence at this stage. City get a series of generous decisions in every single game they play, it’s completely ridiculous. They even had the ref making defensive interventions yesterday. I genuinely have no idea what’s going on anymore. How something like that Lloris one yesterday won’t be looked at and yet other innocuous incidents are forensically analysed is a mystery. It’s all shite.
  4. I think people realised Showgirls was on reflection a very clever satire of the hollowness of Hollywood and want to see that everywhere. Sometimes people just make bad films.
  5. One shot I absolutely love is when the Merc and Luton van turn up and the camera tracks them along the road as one peels off down the ramp. It’s so slick.
  6. Oh, I couldn’t care less about his career or how any of this has effected him. I mean it’s a shame he chose to do what he did as selfishly it which means I can’t enjoy his material anymore, that’s all.
  7. I guess it depends. If I sort my collection on Discogs by median price quite a few have snuck up the list now. Mainly Underground Resistance bits and bobs, Galaxy 2 Galaxy, some Joe Claussell, Moodymann, Frankie Feliciano etc. I haven't a clue about the rhyme or reason as to why some stuff shoots up in price. Loads of mine has stayed static for 20 years or faded into the penny bracket though. If I had to speculate I'd imagine certain ones go past being played out and DJs begin adding them to sets again which drives demand. It only takes someone like Fourtet to play something and Discogs goes bananas.
  8. The Pipecarrier EP is one of the most underrated Detroit techno releases of all time and still quite pocket friendly considering the cult that exists around the genre. Tobacco Ties is up there with Nights of the Jaguar if you're into that sort of thing.
  9. Art Vandelay


    That poor bloke has got kids.
  10. I wonder if Pep's masterful handling of Foden was more that he was denying him playing time as a motivating tactic to keep him off the pop and escorts. He's one that could do with wising up or end up not doing it long term like plenty before him.
  11. Ashley Maitland-Niles has played left back, right back in a 3 and a 5, holding mid, number 8, right wing and as a 10 for us to a decent standard. He doesn't seem willing in the slightest to be a utility man though. I think he's missing a trick.
  12. Bound to be worth the wait though.
  13. I feel a Lee Trundle skills compilation coming on.
  14. Is that some Martian I spy? My eyesight isn't good enough to see what it is.
  15. He’s clearly just slipped over as he was trying to put it out for a throw.
  16. Spontaneity has sort of been coached out of the Prem though. No-one has scored a free kick like those Le Tissier ones, or Shearer bashing that volley in from the car park since they went in. When was the last lob? Bloody yonks ago was when. I bet xG killed them.
  17. Pete Davidson does a funny bit about what a weapon this guy was to him, and I really like Pete Davidson so I'm choosing to believe him. It's a shame what happened to Louis CK really as he is a talented comedian, but an act of being a selfish arsehole for laughs only works when you're mostly pretending. It's like Michael Jackson's music, it's still objectively amazing but the soul of it has been ripped out. You'd have to be pretty motivated to still want to enjoy it. Anyway, as an audience we don't really have the right to forgive him either, it's not me he did it to.
  18. If I'd seen the line-up out of context I wouldn't have questioned it at all, and if Tuchel decides to performatively fill only half his bench then that's on him too. Saying that, I don't think football should be carrying on but as it stands today the league are in an impossible position. There's no room for manoeuvre for fixture pile up at all. Even Arsenal who've managed to fulfil their games have two games in less than 48 hours for some reason. It's absolutely bonkers, but if I could put a team out at the moment I would want to front load my fixtures and get points on the board now as it's going to be a nightmare in the new year.
  19. Art Vandelay


    That is ruthless, what a goal.
  20. Art Vandelay


    I think he gets a bad rap and I’ve definitely been vocal in here that I’ve had doubts about him. But, I think a lot of that comes from the manner of some of our defeats and the natural uneasiness that creeps in because he has zero experience at this level. Also, the squad is really likeable and talented so there’s almost a desperation that we don’t waste this opportunity on a rookie manager. He’s has really turned a corner in the last couple of weeks as we’re blowing teams away now rather than scraping past each week. Fair play to him, nothing would make me happier than for him to get us top six.
  21. Going to echo everything ZOK said there. Their quality control was basically a fully blown diagnosable mental issue. Apparently they’ve never once listened back to Katy Lied as they weren’t entirely happy with the mastering, but it’s widely considered an audiophile’s dream. They’re both incredibly musicians, but if someone could do it better then they’d pay to have the world’s greatest session player to come in and record something instead. The credits on Aja are mind blowing. Bloody hell I love Steely Dan.
  22. Art Vandelay


    Considering he’s probably the best thing we’ve produced since Tony Adams I can’t believe he signed a deal for £30k a week. Put a one at the start, kidnap his granny and keep sending him fingers in the post until he signs.
  23. I remember the Just Cause demo being brilliant. Saying that, it was a bit misleading as on reflection it would have been impossible to make the whole game like that as there was so much fun stuff packed into such a short space of time. The final thing was a big let down by comparison, and really it was only indicative of the setting and graphics rather than how it was structured.
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