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    All will be forgiven the exact moment he’s available to play again. It’s mystifying. There must be literally hundreds of footballers available that can lumber around midfield and pick up a booking every week. Why we’ve decided he’s the only person fit for that job is beyond me.
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    Just another day at the office. Has that left us in deep lumber for Sunday too? Not sure how suspensions work in the cups.
  3. The ‘Build a Bonfire’ chant at Forest does have Leicester in the middle from memory.
  4. The N64 was a weird one as for 99% of games you only used two thirds of the controller. I don't think it was designed for big burly man hands. Someone with a pair of those might be able to confirm.
  5. I really enjoyed that Sophie documentary. It's quite low-key for a Netflix crime thing, but there's some lovely scene setting and fantastic characters who all have beautiful houses.
  6. I think Johnson released him in the summer, presumably because he didn't think he was up to it. Seemed harsh to send him to the stands though, that mad challenge was literally on top of him.
  7. Textbook bit of shittery from this radgy bastard.
  8. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    I think I've posted it before, but this one on Strata East is such an amazing album. A real high point in spiritual jazz.
  9. It's weird when you watch it all back and realise the kind of golden period that's crystallised in your mind as being Fresh Prince was actually quite short. I think as a consequence of them being quite old when they started the school period ends really quickly, and then the replacement setting of that college diner thing was quite thin. The Goldbergs is about the only show I've seen that's managed this problem well.
  10. The latest episode of the podcast is beyond hilarious. It just gets better and better.
  11. Was that Uncle Phil taking part in a choreographed dance routine? Uncle Phil only dips his hips to James Brown with Vivian Banks the First.
  12. I think they should just use VAR for offsides at this point as that's something they've largely solved this season. Everything else is a complete shambles. That West Ham one stood out like a shit in a doorway.
  13. I have let our insurers know how much I think the median estimated total of my record collection is, just in case. The risk of them getting knocked is pretty slim though I’d say. The physical weight and dimension of vinyl mean it would take a squad of 8 stout opportunistic thieves a good hour to shift it. Whatever they’d make they’d eventually lose in chiropractors bills.
  14. We had a white kit literally last season. Also there was a Chapman one in 07/08 maybe? I can only see Theo Walcott in it in my mind. There might have been a third strip with blue trim that caused a bit of uproar as well, I’m not sure if it ever got worn though. You’d usually wash your motor with a kit like that.
  15. Should’ve asked to postpone that fixture in hindsight.
  16. I was listening to this back today. Imagine the temerity of anyone who made this, then continuing to make music and assuming they could ever do anything better. Ridiculous.
  17. The name thing was difficult to watch as it definitely doesn't mean what they hoped it meant. Shama had spotted that iceberg a mile off too so I immediately warmed to her. I did feel for the sub-team boys a bit with their creative as the thought process was there and it could have been quite a sweet, well observed mark had they had another 2 weeks of fiddling with it. It's completely unrealistic to suggest anyone can conjure up something good in an hour. The social video again would have been good with any sort of time and budget or expertise. At least it had an idea, unlike the girls one which was filming a shrieking hen-do in various waterborne locations.
  18. An early sighting of at least two pairs of spectacles from the Dennis Nilsen collection.
  19. The new WWII in Colour is a real humdinger. Some really brilliant stories in there.
  20. My partner has been watching the Australian version which surprisingly includes Lord Sugar Tits himself. Sadly it bucks the trend of antipodean programmes always being better than their UK counterpart by being very bad indeed. Despite this it somehow has the most hilariously catchy theme tune you've ever heard. Much better than the show deserves frankly. Worth skipping to 3 minutes in then forgetting all about it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00104jb/the-apprentice-australia-2021-1-selfieinspired-artworks
  21. Here's my review of Catching Killers for all you true crime pickers out there: it's absolutely awful.
  22. Klopp would rather get the game called off by breaking Salah's kneecaps with a mallet than face Arteta's Entertainers at the moment, we all know it.
  23. Well yeah, but for some games we're like "health is more important" and in other cases clubs are having to crack on regardless. The 14 players thing is such a poor yardstick to have to reach too when every club has a development pool of dozens of professional players that seemingly don't count if you don't fancy playing them. Does the manager count in the metric too? What about support staff? Why do some clubs declare positive Covid results and others just say they have players unavailable? It's definitely being diddled.
  24. It's obvious some clubs are gaming the situation, but the EFL have made that incredibly easy to do as there's seemingly no defined rules. Somethings got to give.
  25. It seems mad that there's still no clarity on what constitutes a postponement. It's gone from Covid cases, to illness, now injury and players being unavailable because of intentional commitments. Surely three of those are just tough titties? They really should introduce a sort of cup-tie thing at least so players bought after the initial match date can't play in the rearranged fixture. Integrity of the league my Aunt Fanny.
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