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  1. Really? I saw about half a dozen times just in the game last night where players step in front of the keeper as he's trying to distribute the ball. That happens in every single game and I don't really see how it's that different. Is it because the player took a theatrical tumble under a tiny bit of contact? Why aren't we booking every player who stands over a free kick until he's told to go away? It's because we expect officials to exercise some restraint. 


    If we can look at that passage of play and think 'yep, that's the best way the referee can handle that' then I'm never going to agree. There's always some chore on Twitter with an I think you'll find take on every daft thing that happens, which is why this thread of full of people arguing over whether Salah's latest dive was fair or not like that's actually interesting. This minutiae bores the life out of me and I'm annoyed I've spent so much time thinking about it. 

  2. Goodbye Stranger off of that has become Gilles Peterson's festival closer for the last few years. I've always thought it was a wicked track but in that context it's just got a really sweet sentiment. Supertramp are just so uncool they've gone the whole way around and come out the other side.

  3. I guess for me it was self evident it didn't impede the throw as it went exactly where he wanted and play continued. It's a bit like when Lehmann got sent off in the Champions League final for denying a goal-scoring opportunity when they scored from the resulting passage of play. There's the rules and then there's common sense and the license refs have to pick and choose what they'd rather do on a whim. The issue is that Mike Riley's shabby little closed shop of idiots are held to absolutely zero account. Their job should be to keep 22 players on the pitch where possible, and he had ample opportunity to do that yesterday but chose to insert himself into the narrative of the game like usual. 


    My problem now that we're not really earning bookings. If the tariff for Partey is one foul = one card, then let's at least do something to merit it. Leave one on them like everyone else does rather than get a cheap yellow for a shirt tug or taking too long to restart. What do we have to lose at this point.

  4. I'm aware it's easy to see it with biased eyes, but with something like the Martinelli red if you follow the letter of the law as written there's no way it can be given as a sending off. If it's a caution for impeding the throw then he can't play advantage for the next incident to happen. It's supposed to follow that play stops, the player gets a booking and then it's restarted with a free-kick. Either incident is the sort of thing you might get booked for, but one can't follow the other. I appreciate this is all nit-picking boring technicality, but it does show how motivated Oliver was to break precedent. I can only speculate as to what his thinking was, but I guess he'd got the hump in the moment at our time wasting and breaking up of play? I dunno, judging from my eyes it's just not a dirty team in the slightest. 


    Anyway, just going to enjoy Neves and three points this morning. Hilarious.

  5. There isn’t a conspiracy against Arsenal but our games are refereed differently. There’s a big enough sample size now to see that these ridiculous decisions aren’t outliners, they’re literally happening every single week. City aren’t any better at fouling either, they have a manager who will chew out the officials after the game and make it clear he won’t have it. We’ve somehow got a reputation of being a team with bad discipline and refs have bought into that. It’s like when Xhaka got sent off for next to nothing and the ref said to us “you know what Granit’s like”. Well, yeah we do, but that’s not how officiating a football game works. 

    Get in the press today and demand clarification on it. I don’t get what we’ve got to lose at this point. It’s a red card and suspension for two incidents that are barely fouls. Fabinho committed 8 against us and got nothing. Conspiracy or otherwise it’s not fair.

  6. Fans were the last thing on their mind when they built it. For a modern ground there’s a surprisingly large amount of areas where the view is shite. Even the crumbling relic that was the old Wembley with its pillars and shallow banking was better. Also, whenever supporters start getting some chants going and creating some organic atmosphere it’s drowned out by endless tannoy announcements and blaring chart music. It was designed with an eye to pleasing corporate attendees, with the stupid escalators and eateries everywhere, and not match going fans, I’m convinced of that.

  7. Red Dead 2 does take a more interesting approach to Westerns than it probably needed to. Using the gang as an allegory for the modernisation of America was used in the first one too, but that's quite a poignant topic for a game. In fact as a narrative it's pretty complex and there's definitely merit in unpicking the themes in it like a good film. Arthur is a brilliant character too, hands down the best that Rockstar have come up with. For me it's miles better than a first base cowboy game where you shoot native Americans and play a sheriff of whatever. RDR 1&2 being more low-key than GTA allows them to be more involving though I think, that by its nature will always be goofier. The nice thing is we live in a world where both exist.

  8. I can't remember what it was called, but some lads I play football with did a kind of real version of this. As an immersive theatre experience I think it was very expensive, but you go along to a big warehouse and one by one get chucked into scenarios like a surgical suite or delivering a half-time team talk at the Super Bowl that you then improvise your way through. Each scene was filled with actors and legit set dressing so it was apparently very easy to believe you were there. When one bit ended you'd have to go through a manhole cover or something onto the next. I imagine that would be hilarious to watch back as I think I would wither into a puddle when under that pressure.

  9. 2 hours ago, K said:

    I do wonder what the various design agencies you see on the programme get out of it. I struggle to imagine why you'd agree to appear, as it's hardly going to be showcasing your best work; the agency who did the Artic game in this episode had a nice lingering shot of their office when the team arrived, which is then followed up by them making the worst game ever with an awful logo with a huge typo in it. I can't imagine they'd win much business off the back of it.


    I would hazard a guess that they're either a fake agency, or just desperate for work. 


    I know a couple of people who've worked at the agencies they've used so they're definitely real. They generally tend to use the branding departments at big advertising companies from what I can see. There was one in the last series based in Farringdon I was offered a job at years ago, and their office space was like a timewarp from the Trocadero in 1997. PS2 stations dotted about and you entered the building through a big flashing neon escalator tube. I guess they're just the kind of places that see any exposure as being good for business? Probably a laugh if nothing else.

  10. The construct of the teams being in at least two different places and not really being able to communicate with each other is pretty cheap and boring now. It doesn't even really produce that many entertaining cock-ups, just sort of flat versions of everything. It's so rare now that anyone produces anything actually good, which is why last nights was frustrating as that prison game actually sounded alright you know. The name was maybe more decent than it was given credit for, the story was good, the character was thought through, and then it never becomes anything as they've got a lunch break to create a working videogame. 


    Thought it was a bit unfair to slag the team leader off for picking what was clearly his team's best idea and not stubbornly stick to his guns. For me that's great management, but in the cutthroat world of Sugar's boardroom that makes him a big pair of knickers and worthy of a dressing down. He seemed genuinely demented during that segment though so hopefully he didn't take it personally. 

  11. Wheeler Dealers went downhill when for whatever reason they got Mike to start doing some of the more menial tasks. I always imagined Ed in the next scene starting off by trying to mend as best as he could what had just been buggered up, like removing contact adhesive from the new carpets or buffing out a big watch scratch from the paint work. The new guy had a terrible first series, and then they changed the format back to how it was and it’s lovely again. Worth revisiting for sure.


    A Place in the Sun is my go-to for relaxing telly though. Could happily spent all day watching old Brummies buy an 18 grand flat on a municipal golf course in Turkmenistan, and fortunately it’s on all day, so I can.

  12. I remember playing that iPhone puzzle game Orbital so much that I could still see it burned into my retinas long after finally putting it down. I honestly have no idea how I eventually managed to get that monkey off my back, that thing was class A.

  13. If a clapped out Aubameyang can somehow sign a contract at Barca until 2025 I don't reckon Lacazette will wear a 1-year deal. I like him but it's time to move on.


    Talking of Bergkamp, I had one of those anxiety moments you have when you put your head on the pillow of the time we were going to ship him off to Fulham around 2002. Then I remembered when Rioch tried to bin Ian Wright off to Chelsea. Christ, how upsetting.

  14. I was just watching the Santa episode and the bit where he can’t tell him the mall won’t have him is just so amazing. It’s like one tiny look and zero words and it makes my chest ache from laughing.

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