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  1. The days of filling a townhouse full of records must be gone now, unless you really let the quality control go. I’ve read things where Mr Scruff said he would empty the shelves at Our Price every week as the buyer was a West Indian dude who loved reggae and afrobeat and no-would else would touch it. Also, I think it was maybe Patrick Forge who had a mate that imported VW parts from Rio so he’d get him to fill whatever space was left in the container with boxes of Brazilian records and buy them off him for pennies. I’ll get my break one day.
  2. Had my records in storage for ages but marking their reappearance with this. From a weird time in jazz where things like this were coming out on Dutch labels being largely overlooked and people like Airto are making albums that are distributed from New York taxi ranks. Think it’s been rereleased now which is great news.
  3. Its fatal flaw was poorly explaining the interrogations to start with, as actually they do sort of work when you understand what's going on. I can appreciate why they leant so heavily into gauging the suspect's face as that was the killer feature of the game, but that wasn't as helpful as just thinking things through. Some thoughtful handholding there would have gone a long way in making it better. Despite myself I really love this game. It's super patchy and has terrible problems, but at the same time the setting and what it is is more than enough for me. Where it's best is when it's just a glorified point-and-click. Would be thrilled if someone just made something like that.
  4. Wow that's a killer, never heard of it. The thread that keeps on giving. Here's a proper Friday stomper. If you're seeing Kalita Records reissue something then buy it immediately. 100% gold quality control.
  5. I think it strains credibility a bit as realistically – and I'm saying that to be generous, in absolutely no way would deals like this occur in a million years – someone like ASDA aren't buying boxes of suspicious fizzy drinks by the hundred weight from some bloke in a pub function room. I worked on a brewery launch that took about 12 months of relentless hard work, and even then the company struggled to break into the market of selling beer to pubs. If we were dealing with any kind of reality the result would be nil-nil every single week. They could maybe decide it on who could keep down as many cans of their drink as possible perhaps. I'd watch it.
  6. I thought the vodka brand was actually genuinely good. Whatever they produce in the time will always look like something they've got crates of piled high in B&M, but as an initial stab at something it had an idea. I thought Sugar's criticism of what team the PM decided to be on was daft as whatever he did would have been wrong. The task was so boring though. There's always one where a few people need to add random chemicals into a concoction with pipettes under time pressure. I bet the producers were steaming that no-one ordered 18 gallons of plutonium instead of a thimble of tap water like they usually do.
  7. Love Right in the Socket, but this is a good jam too.
  8. I wouldn’t say Arsenal have a reputation of being a particularly clean team and likewise Burnley don’t have one as a dirty team. Ultimately it’s a problem for Arteta to fix as it’s causing all sorts of issues now. Saying that, it’s frustrating as we seem to be punished to the letter of the law on absolutely every incident – there’s maybe two bad tackles in that 14 reds and our fouls to cards ratio is so low it’s ridiculous. Look at last night, Partey commits two fouls and gets sent off, Fabinho six and receives nothing. I think where he wants to change things is by creating an atmosphere of pressure around the officials like Pep and Klopp have. It’s what all good managers do. You see the way both teams step on your neck with rotational fouling which goes largely unpunished, it’s so effective. Liverpool are so brilliant going forward, but their real strength is stopping your attacks before they start and winning the ball back almost instantly.
  9. Art Vandelay


    Bit of a shame but there you go. Everyone is blowing and we’ve got no-one available to come on and change things. Nice to know that we can’t be that shit anymore as people are queuing up to deliver the thigh slappers these days.
  10. Xhaka's suspension was never part of Arsenal's request or the league's decision making process, as suspensions don't count in this context. Arteta was pretty fired up in his presser offering to hand out MRIs and failed tests and all sorts earlier, he's certainly not having it.
  11. I think they've just picked a colour range and then masked/keyed those bits out so the footage on the layer beneath shows through. You could do that by picking highlights/midtones/shadows too which would work. It may also be as simple as just playing with the layer blending as that can give some interesting effects like this. It's a bit difficult to say as these are treatments that inherently have unexpected results, but those are definitely two approaches. I guess you could also roto key out certain bits. It would be hard if you were trying to be accurate, but that's not really the aesthetic here. The shonky footage is doing a lot of heavy lifting here too, as that's hiding all sorts. Either use old video or find a set of actions that will rough it up. They've littered it with fake light leaks and overlays, and the editing is choppy and rhythmic. Half the battle is doing that with confidence.
  12. Art Vandelay


    Can't imagine your odds on that drongo getting booked being particularly attractive.
  13. That's great. Is the Super Nova mix the dub? I remember Dimitri for Paris playing a version of it that's quite atmospheric. I bought this one recently. So many terrible releases that have aged poorly from this period, but these are four brilliantly crafted tracks for next to no money. Definitely worth a dig around. https://www.discogs.com/release/218290-Kerri-Chandler-Street-Musiq-20
  14. That scene in Curb where Marty is telling that joke to Jerry Seinfeld and the punchline uses the c-word is still so hilarious and surprising because it's ridiculously inappropriate and needlessly over the top. In that context it's the perfect use of the word. Gervais has no restraint at all with what is a pretty dreadful thing to say to someone.
  15. Enjoying his little jaunt past the Arena Shopping Centre, one of my old favourite haunts. Just opposite the most terrifying pub in the area too. Memories.
  16. I split the milk with water which makes a lighter batter. That or beer. You definitely need to let that shit rest for a period too, that's absolutely vital. I reckon the fat makes a difference too – veg oil or whatever gets loads hotter so will make higher puddings, whereas dripping makes them taste incredible but a bit flatter. You can also heat the oil in the oven top whack and then pop it on the stove as you ladle your batter in so you don't lose heat.
  17. I think the rule of 13 + keeper is fine as a benchmark, but they've kept some leeway for themselves as they know they've made a dog's breakfast of the whole thing. People are pissed off so will say 'well, they only had one case, how's that fair', whilst ignoring the fact that you can have a slower trickle of cases over a few weeks which puts strain on the players who are forced to play every minute are then run into the ground. Liverpool had basically no cases in the end but played it safe and closed the training ground so they couldn't prepare properly – is that a better situation than having say, 8 cases but the rest of the squad is fit and ready to play? Spurs can sit on their high horse having indulged in a three week break whilst other teams have had to take on the stupid festive calendar and a load of covid cases throughout. People talk about player welfare, but what they mean is they're worried about their players. Aubameyang has had to come back from AFCON because his heart is knackered after Covid, but as he's presumably through his quarantine period I guess he's ready to make the numbers up again, lest anyone's Sunday in front of the television be disrupted again.
  18. For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t think Arsenal are right in asking to postpone the match, in the same way I don’t think any club is. It’s an issue the league has caused so I’m not sure what’s to be gained by playing when they’re happy for you to bin games off for spurious reasons. I think if we’re being honest with ourselves the only reason fans get annoyed about specific games being delayed is that we’d be happier watching our team thump a load of kids and reserve players in games that on paper would be tougher. It was the case with us against Liverpool and it’s definitely true of tomorrow too.
  19. It’s been gamed since day one. The unfair thing to do at this stage is struggle through games when other teams have already taken the piss. Arsenal are well within their rights to use it to their advantage just like everyone else is. The whole situation has undermined the integrity of the league at this point, but they’re not handing out medals for giving it a bash at the end of the year. Teams like Leeds are being punished for not playing the game and it’s just rubbish. That all being said, at least they’ve been upfront about why people are missing rather than coming up with some jackanory about failed covid tests.
  20. I think if he wants to work for Sky then he should limit himself to talking about goals and gossip. The idea he has any credibility chipping off at the state of the game is ridiculous.
  21. Nice to see Sky trotting out professional bellacher Gary Neville so he can finally be outraged about a postponement. Wouldn’t happen to be because it’s a super Sunday game would it? Didn’t hear him complaining that much when Brentford or Burnley were getting called off.
  22. Art Vandelay


    You could probably read it both ways out of context but in the video he’s just saying we had to dig in. I don’t think he’s being clever or anything.
  23. That’s enough for anyone really. Some crossover with Life is a Dance too as Dancin’ Danny D mans the boards on a track. If feel like I’ve got a decent handle on early-90s garage and I’ve never even heard of the bloke outside of the context of these albums.
  24. I think Loose Ends are one of maybe three bands tops that ever released a good remixes album.
  25. I don’t think it can be one case, there’s been about half a dozen in the last week or so by all accounts. Even if you’ve finished quarantine I don’t think it necessarily means you’re all set to play 90 minutes of top flight football. The whole thing is mad though. From what I’ve read some clubs have been properly belt and braces and others haven’t introduced any measures at all. By looking after their players some teams have then been run into the ground with fixture congestion. They should’ve either paused the league for a month or made teams fulfil their fixtures as this system is being abused like no-one’s business.
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