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  1. Art Vandelay


    He’s got a trendy pastel hair-do and has somehow transformed into prime years Cannavaro. Arteta must be a practicing mystical shaman or something, it’s literally the only explanation.
  2. Art Vandelay


    There seems to be a cosmic force that dictates if some prick is just involved in a debatable red card incident and gets away with it he will always score within the next two minutes.
  3. Art Vandelay


    I think if you’re going by the letter of law that’s disallowed for a high boot. If it goes in though it’s always going to count. Still think Pickford might gift us something.
  4. Just to pile in again, that Burnley / Bournemouth game is just so unsatisfying. Every decision is wrong and shit and I hate it. Match of the Day seem to be trying their best to talk about something, anything other than the ongoing clown car that is VAR, so good for them for at least giving it a go to make football enjoyable I suppose. It's turned the game over to nitpicking cretins and it's all just bollocks.
  5. I don't want to overreact here, but that Lo Celso decision should mean the Premier League needs to announce its immediate dissolution and the FA cancel all association football from this point forward. If we can march someone in charge naked through the streets to be pelted with cow shit too then all the better.
  6. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    International Anthem continue to pump out incredible jazz and improvised music. This Jeff Parker album is different level. https://open.spotify.com/album/7imORAK8Qa40pbKJILg8BT?si=Fsn-ePg1SEObB07FiLkLpQ
  7. Art Vandelay


    I think Guendouzi is going home in a body bag. He’s had the shit kicked out of him.
  8. West Ham are comfortably the worst team in the league. They’ve been diabolical, and when you consider the money they’ve spanked too it’s unforgivable how terrible they are. Frankly with all that stadium malarkey and their prick owners I can’t see many neutrals shedding many tears if they get flushed.
  9. I like it, but it doesn’t seem to evolve into much. But then I guess it probably fits into a wider tapestry. Probably. Hopefully.
  10. I went to Union Berlin. Got absolutely trousered on the cheap lager they sell at the ground and spent most of the time chanting and waving a scarf around with some amendable locals. Honestly, most of the time the crowd are barely watching the game. It was fucking brilliant.
  11. The new track is noice. Very atmospheric and not what I was expecting at all.
  12. I can’t find the article now, but I’m sure it was in Vanity Fair, about how a Rhianna song is made. Basically this one hook writer comes up with a catchy phrase, say for arguments sake something like “The Man Inside of Me”. She then hums and scats the rest and takes it to those two Swedish lads who made absolutely all pop music. They’ll already have a track that’s waiting for some lyrics, so she lays down the demo over this. Sounds like it needs an 8 bar rap though. No bother, just grab one of the many Nicky Minaj ones we have on disk and drop that in. Once that all sounds good, it gets sent around to prospective artists or someone they know is looking to pad an album out. Rihanna then records her vocals wherever she may be on tour at the time and then that’s a wrap. It’s how people have broadly done it for years, only now it’s hyper charged as you can fire this stuff around instantly and have banks of samples and bits to piece together in no time. Amazing really.
  13. Whatever he was doing, everyone else would be trying to do the same in three years time. Literally for his entire career. Such a shame.
  14. Art Vandelay


    That second half was great. It was like one of those routine shellackings that Wenger teams used to dish out where you didn’t dry heave with nervous fear every weekend. Saka’s one-on-one ability is bang out of order. He’s the kind of lad that turns up at Sunday league and puts a veteran in traction by twisting them inside out all afternoon. I’ve certainly missed a good contract saga too.
  15. Simon Cowell isn’t anything new. Pick any week from top 40 history and it’s full of old shite. Music moguls or whatever have pumped out whatever is going to be popular since someone had the idea to sell music in the first place. I mean, even the format of X Factor pre-dates popular music.
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