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  1. He’s in appalling shape for someone who’s expected to keep up with actual athletes. The bloke is a blight on the game.
  2. That Kenny Rogers really does lose it! Blimey. I reckon for me it's probably this certified shirt remover.
  3. What is the cosmic force that destines Arsenal to play Olympiakos eight times every single season.
  4. That is a statement piece.
  5. That is a nice thing to do. I've done it before but usually when trying to smooth things over after I've made a bosh of the delivery or gone on holiday and forgot to send things out. Grading is a mystery, but anything below Very Good Plus usually means it's absolutely shagged.
  6. It was only a tenner. It was graded as Very Good+ which I wouldn't touch usually, but the guy said it played really well it was just someone had written all over the label which isn't a concern to be honest. The other way of getting it is on the Roads of Life LP I think, but I always thought that album was a bit of a duffer and it's quite expensive to boot.
  7. This one maybe? Sounds better than I remembered it actually. I know what you mean about Discogs. I wanted the UK 12" of Bobby Womack's How Could You Break My Heart as it's my favourite song probably and it felt mad I didn't own it, then I thought I'd better pad out the order as the postage was the same up to 8 records. So, when you think about it I'm actually saving money. That wishlist on there will be the death of my finances though. It's like 4,000 deep now which is upsetting.
  8. I do quite like The Masked Singer but there's something a bit off about the editing during the performances that makes it feel a bit like when Black Mirror does a pastiche of reality television. Very hard to put your finger on, but it's especially evident when it cuts to Davina McCall screaming something like "Yes! Go on Sausaaaaage".
  9. Art Vandelay


    Saka is going to win us the Euros. Southgate would need his head testing if he doesn't start him.
  10. Art Vandelay


    Ceballos having a decent tie here. This doesn’t even come close to breaking into our top 5 most shambolic exits from Europe.
  11. Art Vandelay


    Their team is like a rest home for big name has-beens. Chiefly Taarabt who looks so out of shape he's trying to get sent off and have a nice sit down.
  12. Loved this 12" they bought out recently too. Never tire of that regional disco that lacks the gloss of the big labels' releases.
  13. What a video. The pampas grass game was on point. God bless Numero though. That collection of UTB stuff they released is essential.
  14. Television watchers worldwide, we heard the overwhelmingly moderate demand and deafening apathy for the return of iconically loveable curmudgeon, Dr. Frasier Crane, and well, we couldn't ignore the call of those dozens any longer. What adventures will he get up to? It's too early to say, but it won't include much loved patriarch Martin as he's dead. His dog too. Gone. Move on. Maybe his old chums and fan favourites Gertrude and the Moon family may pop around to say hello? Watch out Frasier! Find out soon on a streaming service you won't have.
  15. I guess anything goes, just whatever people consider a good deal really. I think those were great purchases as loads of that classic 12" tackle gets silly prices attached to it. Bit jealous actually as I've not got enough of that early hardcore rap. This was a good find I thought. From an artist who fell out of fashion a bit and an era with probably the highest proportion of dreck going, but! I heard Mr Scruff play this ages ago and just saw it's pennies. Side A gets going eventually, but the B side is amazing. Not what I would expect at all. Chicken Lips – Jerk Chicken
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