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  1. On a bit of a British jazz-funk evening now, I can feel it. Found this monster recently. I could listen to that electric piano being thrown down a flight of stairs, it's so sweet.
  2. Such a tune. That reminds me that I didn't post up this bit of British hustle from the same era when I heard it. I'd only ever been aware of the instrumental and had no idea about the lyrics and that it has a bit of the bad nonce about it. It was the eighties I suppose. We just didn't know any better.
  3. Quakers are back on their bullshit. Feels like a bit of a throwback to early 2000s Stones Throw which is no bad thing in my eyes.
  4. There’s a lot of kids with less informed parents who would have got a set of ornamental mahogany side tables and a Kenwood tea maid under the tree.
  5. Art Vandelay


    Just confirms what we can all see. Frustrating as for certain games on rare occasions we're pressing like Vic Akers has presented a silver tray of marching powder to the squad in the dressing room and the promise of more to come. We do that for one game and look amazing, then don't try doing that again for a few months.
  6. It's really cool and based on the branding project that was undertaken for the City. Feel like someone has taken some liberties with the circles emanating from the badge though. https://www.itsnicethat.com/news/uncommon-coventry-city-of-culture-identity-graphic-design-280720
  7. Art Vandelay


    I don't mind Willock at all. He's not the most technical, but he's got good drive and does try and break the lines a bit. Xhaka and Ceballos are slow of speed and thought and the pair of them together is the death of us. With Partey out until the new year I guess we'll have to persevere with it. It does all have that sinking feeling about it and a continuation of this form over Christmas will sink Arteta. The players look over coached and miserable and we've been dog shit from start to finish in every game for weeks. Points wise we're not far off, but top four is a complete fantas
  8. I think that's a little unfair as Arsenal did test out his cognitive abilities every so often when they had him stand over ever last dead-ball situation that came up in the first half. Also, he wasn't heading the ball as his fodd was bleeding pretty badly so he apparently wasn't able to. That we took him off at half time just after he'd given an interview to a coat stand without his clothes on is irrelevant.
  9. Art Vandelay


    Arteta was on a hiding to nothing taking the job so he can't exactly be shocked it's all gone to pot this quickly. Everyone looks like they have the hump, which is probably due in no small part to spending all game either running towards their own goal or fiddling about down the left wing for no discernible reason. The big swizz is the idea we've suddenly got good at the back. Any coach in the league can stop you conceding goals if you abandon all attacking endeavour. Ask any of the shit clubs we used to hate having visit our ground because they wouldn't attempt to create anything. That's us t
  10. Holy shit, that is incredible. What an experience that must’ve been. It’s a brilliant album too, you should be really proud of your part in it.
  11. Give it another ten and we might take you up on that.
  12. Art Vandelay


    Özil did nothing for two years before being sent into exile. There’s zero chance of him playing again and I doubt he’d be contributing anything if he did. He’d just be another player to help joylessly work the ball down the flanks anyway.
  13. My partner was watching The Wheel on BBC One last night. Put aside for a moment that it was hosted by Michael McIntyre and included a cast of deeply annoying people, it didn't even make sense as a quiz show. Barely any questions and the central gimmick of everyone being sat on a giant fairground waltzer added nothing. Stupid too was that the celebrities were supposed to help the contestant, but they'd clearly been briefed to only hover around a couple of answers. They had Suzie Dent on it who knows everything and even she wasn't any help. As a quiz it doesn't bare scrutiny, but as entertainmen
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