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  1. They we like those penalties the wee kids take against a mascot at half time.
  2. I'm at the end of my rope with the BBC coverage now. If it's not Jenas it's Murphy. And if it's somehow not them it's Chris Sutton, who I think genuinely might be brain damaged.
  3. There seems to be a troubling amount of Phoebe Waller-Bridge in that trailer for my tastes.
  4. I wonder if your trade is making movies and your source of appreciation is in the craft of how these films are made, you lose the ability to sit down and enjoy some big noisy explosions or a bit of good old fashioned lavatorial humour? I'm grabbing around for any reason why all my favourite films are nowhere to be seen and that's all I can come up with.
  5. Made that look like a walk in the park. Southgate will never get the credit he deserves for inheriting the mess he did and making us into a proper team. The best thing is we look like we’ve got more to give and are purposely keeping it in our pocket. I think if we shit France then we’re winning it.
  6. These Uruguayan lads left their manners at home.
  7. I know this won't be universally agreed upon, but I absolutely hate challenges like that and think they should be straight reds more often than not. Just the antithesis of what good football is about. Unless Ben White does it for Arsenal and then I'm all for it.
  8. The man of the match awards look like something you'd be given at an all inclusive in Cancun.
  9. Souness is about to start talking about the melting point of the steel girders on the Twin Towers in a minute.
  10. Argentina look like they’ve already had to go to the well to eke out results against fairly shit opposition. The narrative is there but they look very average indeed.
  11. Poor Micah needs to take a five here, The Drog is making him sound a right muppet.
  12. Post-credits sequence idea: bear sitting in some random's living room kick-on at 8am asking if anyone thinks any girls might show up.
  13. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    International Anthem must be the most consistent label in the business. Such a lovely album. Here's another belter. I heard yer man GP play All I Do from this live and it bought the house down. I assumed it was some obscure 70s version not from space year 2022.
  14. Fair play to Graham Arnold. He seems to cop loads of shit but has somehow managed to get the squad doing the business when it matters. Always looks on the verge of blowing a head gasket too which is an admirable quality.
  15. Shawshank has you on a piece of string for the whole film. It's just so good at manipulating you, and then layering that up as you go. There's some magic there I can't explain though, as The Green Mile tried to hit the same buttons as is a massive turd by comparison. When I read some Lajos Egri and how he broke down how a good story works and honestly, he makes it sound easy. But I think that's maybe the genius of the film in that it has characters that are both broad and nuanced at the same time, and an incredibly simple story arc that's hugely satisfying to watch. Perfecting simplicity maybe? Probably the hardest thing to do. Red's little coda gives me an absolute kicking every time though, that's all I know.
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