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  1. Hey! All good here. Hope all's going well with you mate.
  2. I'm biased as I could listen to Freddie all day, but he raps circles around Pusha and Killer Mike on this. They are two really phoned in guest appearances, which is a shame as the Yasiin Bey and Black Thought track is brilliantly executed on basically every level. For me it's the only real duff moment on it – and it's doubly a pity as Palmolive is a great production. With regards to the lyrical content, I could be tempted to agree, but it's obviously all an act. The dude is on a Riesling appreciation tour with Madlib and Egon at the moment, not slinging crack. Possibly a thin excuse, but he's pretty self aware all things considered. I dunno, I think of an alternative world where he's not rapping about this stuff and I'm not sure I'd want to listen to it.
  3. Love that tune, one of my favourites. Joey Negro has done a re-edit of it that's worth looking for. In other news, I saw Leroy Burgess with a full band last week. Sweet suffering Jesus it was good. Knocked out everything you'd hope he would – Black Ivory, Universal Robot Band, Fonda Rae, Heartbreaker, Class Action. He even had time to do a ballad of Convertion – Let's Do It and then Big Time by Rick James. Must've been waiting nearly 20 years to experience his music in that context. A mind blowing artist and almost certainly, depending on what day you ask, the unrivalled king of boogie. Enough of my waffle, have a 7" bomb.
  4. He had a great run of form with Willie Mitchell in the seventies. Probably wasn't blessed with Al Green's hits, or his knack of coming up with song titles that look sound 50 years later, but the production was amazing. .
  5. Ah, you guuuuys. I should've cooked up a decent back story, but the drab reality is I was just way too busy to be frittering my spare time away posting my nonsense, then got out of the habit of coming here. That, or I was a missing co-conspirator in the Hatton Garden heist and have been in hiding. Who knows? Anyway, have a tune. You can pretty much take your pick on this album as it's start to finish solid gold. Arguably one of Motown's most underrated.
  6. I've missed posting stuff in here and will endeavour to do it more often. This tune is an absolute killer. Just one of a treasure trove of burger highlife that exists out there. Essentially a fusion of classic African highlife with contemporary electronic aesthetics produced by Ghanaians in Hamburg in the late eighties and early nineties. It's got basically everything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOSlNMDRR-A
  7. Good stuff, isn't it? Yeah I'm doing good thanks. Only a couple more weeks in the thick of it then I can get back to pissing about on here again. I'll be down your way on a permanent basis soon so I'll hit you up and go for a pint.
  8. The new Omar single is outrageous.
  9. Art Vandelay


    It's not like these sort of games are unexpected though. 90%+ of our home matches degenerate into these type of affairs, and most of the away ones too come to think of it. If Giroud doesn't come good - and by come good I mean get 15-20 goals - we're in deep shit. Beyond him we have precisely zero viable options to play up top. Not a pop at you, but the 'learning about each other' stuff is repeated loads and I reckon it's pump. Other teams seem to manage. If we do end up struggling it's because we totally cocked up pre-season. I can't imagine Wenger was happy about the preparations.
  10. Art Vandelay


    I can't see where the goals are coming from. It's not like we've created loads of opportunities and it's been poor finishing. By my count we've made about one decent chance so far. Everything else has been pot shots and rangers. We miss Van Persie's movement more than anything, we look static and pedestrian. Feel free to quote me on it at Christmas, but unless we buy another forward we're in for a season of drudgery.
  11. Art Vandelay


    Don Vito confirmed. This has got cock up written all over it.
  12. exwhyzed and Disciple are posting again. Brilliant.
  13. This is the same Sunderland who've spent fortunes upon fortunes on players in the last few years? You're telling me that they are insufficiently prepared to mount even the vaguest of attacks against a team with a famously terrible defence? Most teams who have a go in games like that get some reward. It's embarrassing.
  14. With these new attacking options I wonder if Sunderland will dare venture into the opposition's half in away games or just continue committing crimes against football like last weekend?
  15. Art Vandelay


    Liverpool aren't finishing fourth.
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