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  1. Not getting carried away, but I reckon Fizzer might be able to turn the ship around if he gets him in at Miami.
  2. I'm going to follow my heart and fulfil my dream of joining my boyhood club, a state owned outfit from Oman or somewhere who's name escapes me at the moment.
  3. I think Maitland-Niles maybe has a problem behind the scenes and Arteta has lost patience with him. So much so we basically destroyed our season forcing a parade of unsuitable players to start at left back and shipped him off into the care of Big Sam. Which is a shame as there's a position at a big club up for grabs and he's blowing his chance. He'll likely end up where you say, as a decent player somewhere near the bottom of the table. I guess all my point is that with him, Nketiah and Nelson they are players with potential, they're homegrown and I'd rather see them than the tosh they'll leave behind. Selling Willock is just a stupid idea in my opinion. For a team with almost literally zero goals across a whole season coming from midfield, we're going to sell a 20 year old midfielder who's already got nearly 25 in first team football? Put it this way, if we were buying him for £20m I'd think that was a clever bit of business. We have a squad rammed full of very predictable players, and he's definitely not that. But can he joylessly recycle the ball around the centre circle for 3 minutes? I suppose that's the question.
  4. Yeah I think that's spot on really, they're the only ones who have any value at all this summer so our hands are tied in that respect. I have a feeling we'll pay a few of the undesirables off towards the end of the window and make space for a big panic buy again though. We could easily be on three defeats by the time the window shuts so the pressure to fix some problems is likely to be huge.
  5. I think it would be a massive shame to move Willock, Nelson and Maitland-Niles on when the players likely to stay in their place have stunk the place out for years on end now. The market for young English talent is ridiculous and we're seemingly willing to get shot of pretty much the lot for rubbish money. The scenario is that we'll lose the only goal scoring midfielder we have, a good right back and a talented winger and keep Elneny, Bellerin and Willian who are people that should be absolutely nowhere near Arsenal's team at this stage. Arteta simply isn't the custodian we need for the talent at the club. He was forced to play the young players we have through desperation and they showed him and our senior players up badly. Players like Nelson and Nketiah are a struggle to shift now because we gave their minutes to old carthorses instead as we always revert to a safe pair of hands. Another season of drab treacleball though and it won't be Willock who we'll be watching leave but Saka and Martinelli. The stakes are through the roof and as it stands this squad is finishing no higher than 8th I reckon, with probably a stronger second half of the season when we make a change in January.
  6. Absolutely! The palette he picks is always so sophisticated and the female backing vocal is a lovely surprise too. It's like Italian dream house before that was a thing really. He did this tune too which is perfection in my mind. Like all good Italo it's a tiny bit cheesy, but the badly translated English is sung with such sincerity it hits the spot every time. Maybe more Rimini than Ibiza but there's crossover.
  7. I don't know about anyone else, but the build up to this season fells a little lacklustre so far. Finances are obviously a mess so no-one can move any players on and even simple deals seem to take weeks to stagger over the line. The effect of that is that when you look at everyone's starting line-ups coming up to the first weekend there's not been much major surgery done which is a bit of a drag. Coming off of what felt like a five year slog of continuous football it'd be nice to freshen it up a bit – I mean from an Arsenal perspective we've got a weaker team than we finished with and are really only scrambling for an emergency keeper loan signing before kick-off. Obviously quite a cosseted position to be in compared to the rest of the football league, but it's a bit boring innit.
  8. Forget Rocky, this was the realest Sylvester of the 80s.
  9. Football isn't based on perception fortunately.
  10. I am quite conflicted about it. As someone who has been raised to hope Spurs are denied even the smallest crumb of happiness it would obviously be great news if he left, but then the league would be a grim procession for everyone for a few years as City rip everyone apart by even bigger margins. You can see the dilemma.
  11. Levy is in an impossible position as if he sells he'll need to buy big and the last thing he wants to do is instantly shuffle all that money out of the club. Either on a similar quality striker of which there's like three and none of which would even contemplate joining Spurs, or spread it around the squad on a lot of tosh like when they got the Bale money. And you'll be trying to do that on deadline day most likely. For Kane it's basically now or never too. Next year Mbappe and Haaland are on the move for far less money and he'll be left on the shelf. Basically I think it's in both of their interests to get the move done now but I can't see it getting over the line.
  12. It was a toss up really between 17 Days and Erotic City for me as I tend to oscillate between the pair as my favourite Prince tracks. Saying that, Horny Toad or Irresistible Bitch are somehow B-sides from about the same 2/3 year period and are ridiculous. It's not a fair fight really.
  13. I think Jumbo is the one for me. It ticks all the boxes of a great Underworld track. Super simple but layers and layers of complexity. Saying that, I've grown to really love Twist too which didn't grab me at all at that time. That feels like it was way ahead of its time on reflection.
  14. The whole idea of these friendlies was completely daft from the get go so this was inevitable really. Any sort of injury to Partey coupled with the AFCON will mean that's two seasons of minimal club football for him which would be less than optimal. I'm really struggling to gather any enthusiasm for the new season at this point as we've got problems right through the squad that we've run out of time to sort out. Imagine another year of Elneny and Xhaka as your midfield.
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