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  1. I remember loving Rose Rouge and then buying the full album and absolutely hating every last moment of it. That of course doesn’t effect its Balearic credentials. I’d say it’s maybe a bit polished and try hard to be truly cool? Maybe I’ll try it again and see if I’ve mellowed on it in the intervening 20 years.
  2. The other possibility with Bale is that his slightly odd agent is talking up a move doomed to fail like he does every transfer window to make it seem like his client is serious about knuckling down to a new challenge.
  3. I folded like a broken deckchair and listened to them both. They’re great.
  4. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    The other side of that release is amazing too. Couldn’t justify the aftermarket RSD price for it which is disappointing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H4-a1ZB25Ek&list=OLAK5uy_kh2bsCXYhBDUxM4eXnMgchThN3H92aw-s&index=2
  5. A James Lavelle Bar Rhumba anthem. Mantronix vs. PJ & Duncan
  6. I saw him in Islington years ago. Turned up 3 hours late to a pretty empty venue as there was no support act to fill the time and lots of people had sacked it off. Was awesome though. Kind of hope he had a good end period of his life. I know loads of these old reggae dudes signed pitiful contracts and ended up arse out. Reckon the residual cheques from Miami Ink must’ve meant he was comfortable.
  7. There’s two new bangers, album artwork and some deeply cosmic shit written by them about it all available now with the full release out in December. I’m avoiding it all for the moment and will wallow is this fully at such point it can be listened to all at once.
  8. Art Vandelay


    There’s absolutely no way he was the best player in the world when he joined. He was great to watch but he didn’t deserve to be spoken about in the same breath as Messi or Ronaldo. Even someone like Hazard who sits on the second rung was far more productive.
  9. I like how endearingly shonky the engineering is on it. Like they had one crack at it before it being send to the presses. Here’s another overdose on the Holy Ghost. https://youtube.com/watch?v=1T9soSF2j9A https://youtube.com/watch?v=YyNjaUTNil0 And to prove it’s not just pious Christian types that have all the fun, here’s a nice Hare Krishna based devotional. It was sold at airports by converts to raise some cash and credits George Harrison, Stevie Wonder and Alice Coltrane to name but a few on the back of the sleeve. They of course had nothing to do with it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EmCthg62iNE
  10. The God Squad had some groovy vicars that’s for sure. This singalong disco jazz bomb for a starter. And an end of the night gospel classic.
  11. To that end I wondered if the two greatest piano house anthems would mesh pleasingly. As one is the US rip-off of the Italian original I would argue it's impossible to know for certain. If It was 1991 you could press up a few of these and flog them around Soho as Mixmaster Vandelay and make a mint I'd imagine. https://rave.dj/faqxeUqf2Ir2vg
  12. Art Vandelay

    Roy Ayers

    It's the big man's 80th birthday today so thought it was fitting he finally had his own topic. A man for all seasons and a total dude. Just post up cool videos and we'll hopefully find some stuff we haven't heard before. Here's a video of him with a dream team of Dayme Arocena and Ed Motta in the South of France. And here's my favourite Roy tune if you asked me right now. Look at that outfit.
  13. Art Vandelay


    I suppose the circumstances to him signing a new deal are different from when Ozil did. That was just a massive face-saving exercise in the end after the Sanchez debacle. Aubameyang has the assets to change his game if his legs fade, and he's already adapted a few times in his career. Ozil was a glorious player, but the circumstances needed to be just right for him and the game shifted away from how he plays. He never struck me as someone with either the raw physical capabilities or mindset to become anything other than Rolls Royce gliding about the centre circle when the reality was we could have had an Austin Allegro if it bothered to track back. Anyway, I've done the classic Arsenal message board comments section faux-pas of getting some good news and banging on about Mesut bloody Ozil. Arseblog made a good point today in that we've spent about £80m on centre halves in the last 12 months but have no-one we're confident to play there this weekend. How do we manage it.
  14. Art Vandelay

    The Jazz Thread

    I've fallen hard into a Christian Vander shaped hole again. I think I have a high tolerance for vocalese, so the celestial ramblings in his Kobaïan language may not be for all but they really take you to very emotional places. Occasionally challenging, I think he makes some of the most powerful avant-garde jazz I have ever heard. Like a French Pharaoh Sanders and Leon Thomas mixed with classical and spirituals. This is from Offering pt. 1/2 and it's essential in my opinion.
  15. Bit of sophisticated Euro Disco – low and slow, that is the tempo.
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