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  1. Art Vandelay


    It feels like that odd period when Wenger was scratching around for a solution to his midfield dilemmas and fell arse backwards into the Coquelin and Carzola dyad. The personnel are available but we don’t seem to be able to get the right mix off the bat. It seems odd to moan after two wins, but we are going to get a proper shellacking from someone sooner or later. There just seems to be an 80 yard expanse of clear green turf for teams to maraud through at all times. Playing centre half for us must be a harrowing experience. Pleased for Chambers though. I’d love it if he was chucked in a bit more. Preferably for Sokratis who made a massive nob of himself.
  2. Art Vandelay


    Take Emery upstairs and get the job done at half time. Just an absolute embarrassment.
  3. I must've passed it a hundred times, but finally had time to pop into The Little Record Shop in Hornsey. It's a treasure trove and has some totally unique stock. Got myself a lovely Pharoah Sanders for a nice price which is practically impossible in London. Highly, highly recommended.
  4. Perfect Dark just about sneaks into the timeframe. I would include that at the expense of one of the games I haven't played.
  5. Art Vandelay

    Yacht Rock

    Check this out. Apparently the song that Dam Funk most wishes he wrote and it's absolutely text book Yacht. Listen to those keys. Off the Gene Yachtski scale.
  6. Art Vandelay


    A bad result or Holding coming back, whichever is sooner, and I reckon we'll switch to a five. Emery's conservatism practically demands it. Just try and solve the problem with numbers and it means we're under no obligation to use any of the younger lads in that system.
  7. It’s Madlib who should be annoyed. He’s better than them both and he’s stuck up in the nosebleeds.
  8. Art Vandelay


    I guess there’s a growing sense of frustration that in a season and a bit we’ve looked like a cohesive team in about six games, and probably only 45 minutes in those. It’s boring, unimaginative football that’s easy to play against and no fun to watch. Guardiola and Klopp didn’t turn their teams around overnight, but the green shoots were there. We’ve just got an accountant endlessly titting about with the details and getting nowhere. You can’t legislate for someone practically kicking into their own net or Xhaka making a fucking horlicks of everything each week, but our errors leading to goals stats are dire. There’s only one person who’s ultimately responsible. We’ll have a new manager by next season I’m sure of that.
  9. No David Schwimmer repeatedly using the word “juice” to express every conceivable emotion and the human condition itself seems a glaring omission.
  10. Art Vandelay


    I see a lot of blowback to these stats – i.e. the quality of these shots – but we were torn apart from every direction today, as we have been in most games this season. It’s so difficult to describe what we’re trying to do. It used to be that we’d wilt when shit teams would launch a howitzer bombardment into the box, but now we’re so open and passive that Watford could’ve scored from any number of avenues. I can’t even believe I get so annoyed about it anymore, such is the predictability of it all.
  11. Art Vandelay


    There’s a ruthlessness upstairs now. I don’t think we’ll just keep muddling on in the hope we’ll suddenly become good, and as such I think Emery is probably skating on thinning ice. There’s so little evidence that we’re progressing in any meaningful sense, and I can’t for the life of me see what we’re trying to do so it’s difficult to buy into any philosophy that’s being laid down. I feel for the guy a bit. He seems like a nice chap but was on a hiding to nothing with this job. I don’t see the force of personality that’s going to shape this lot into a decent team.
  12. Art Vandelay


    I really hate that we have such an exciting group of players being instructed by this manager. It's so frustrating to see how totally one-dimensional we are going forward and how feeble we are at the back. We went three in midfield to Watford's five and they ran all over us. How can you not see that happening? It's mind boggling. The defence will obviously get the pelters, but they get no protection in front and the system exposes them again and again. Emery hasn't coached a half decent defence in his career, why is the narrative that he needs time to get it right? Should've got the bullet at the end of the season. There was no way back after those results.
  13. Art Vandelay


    The biggest group of drongos I've ever seen.
  14. Again, I don't get the criticism of Kendrick Lamar's inclusion. His last three albums in terms of scope, ambition and execution are phenomenal, and away from The Guardian for a moment, they're amongst the most critically acclaimed rap albums of all time. Kanye's first two albums have aged horribly and are full of filler so have no business being in a list like this, but he's an interesting artist and has made – or at least curated – some brilliant albums. My only issue is they've left his best off there, Life of Pablo, and Common's Be being his most rounded project.
  15. I think it’s fair to criticise it as a bit route one, and Amy Winehouse coming top is absurd, but those three Kendrick albums are masterpieces. Willing to take it to the car park.
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