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  1. By far and away the best club brand is Milan.
  2. I can imagine. I don't think it had been updated for about 50 years, apart from being badly digitised, so it's not like it's been chopped and changed. The guy they got to draw it is arguably the world's greatest mark maker too, so they've not got some kid from Fiverr to knock something out. It's not like designers go to these people's place of work, slap the mop out of their hands and tell them they're doing it wrong.
  3. Art Vandelay


    I get annoyed at myself for wanting something better though. If hypothetically Arteta went today he’d leave the club in a much better state than when he arrived. It’s just we really do eke out results and never look particularly convincing even when we do win. Even against the poorest opposition we make sure they’re able to give us a good game, and when the margins are always so fine it’s inevitable we’ll continue to struggle. A team that doesn’t create much and leaks terrible goals is a recipe for disaster. I think there’s still a long way to go in building the squad though. Midfield and strikers are an absolute mess. It’s going to need to be a transfer, but until then I think under better instruction Odegaard would be a handy 8 as he’s disciplined and willing to get stuck in. We just need another capable body from somewhere to try and control the centre of the pitch. For all that possession we had it was mostly around the back four or in wide areas and as such completely sterile. I’m rambling. Takeaways: get our house in order; fold the club.
  4. Art Vandelay


    There’s obviously been a row or something as the body language is just terrible. I don’t see anyone enjoying the football any more than we’re enjoying watching it. Frustrating too how we lost the absolute run of ourselves in the last 20 against a really bad team. The time wasting and lack of urgency to control the game, the complete absence of fight, no-one surrounding the ref when our players get caught. It’s just all wrong and a bit of a mess really. Man Utd and Spurs have been decisive and will leave us for dead now.
  5. Art Vandelay


    Pepe should make it clear he’s desperate to leave the club at the earliest opportunity and then maybe he’ll get a few minutes.
  6. Art Vandelay


    Whoever we have up front or wide are just passengers as Arteta is incapable of coaching coherent attacking football. Saying that, we’ve several players who are just embarrassing at this stage. Either we bin them all off again or get serious and get a proper manager. Explain why someone like Ben White now looks like an absolute carthorse. Partey and Aubameyang are haunted. The substitutions being routinely terrible. The buck has to stop somewhere as we’re miles off of competing properly for anything meaningful.
  7. Art Vandelay


    He’s nowhere near this level. Arteta just cannot manage a squad which is a massive problem. We fall into an XI and then play favourites until we’re forced to change it for some reason.
  8. Art Vandelay


    I’d be moving heaven and earth to get a front man in this January. What we’ve got just doesn’t work at all.
  9. You’re joking, surely. Sounds like literally every every ground I’ve ever been too!
  10. Wasn’t a free kick and for the life of me I can’t understand how that’s offside either. The joys of the Barclays.
  11. I’d be tempted to slink back in and claim I was getting a Bovril, try and style it out.
  12. How on earth is that not a red? I’d pull the team off and fuck off home, you’re not getting any change off a prick like Dean when he’s in this mood.
  13. Previous upsetting one for reference.
  14. I'll tell you what, the new Norwich crest is a real beauty.
  15. My new love is The Tournament. Loads of questions and a fun format, but worth watching as they only seem to cast profoundly odd looking people, shoot them from unflattering angles and never give them a dab before so every looks like they're sweating like a pig. Alex Scott is great on it too as she's just a delight.
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