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  1. Guys, guys... I've just sorted out yet another build (this time AMD-based) so my current retro setup of Motherboard, CPU and RAM is up for grabs I thought i'd put it in here before a sale thread. You'll need a case, cooler and PSU, but i'm more than happy to leave several emulators and "home brew" games on there, to get you started! Windows 10 Pro 64GB SSD (mainly OS) 500GB HDD, with lots of software pre-loaded. LGA 2011 Motherboard Intel Core i7-3930K CPU 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 RAM @1600Mhz I was thinking about £80 + delivery. Give me a shout if interested or if you've got questions. Edit: alternatively, I can buy-in the rest of the necessary components, put it all together then ship it out to you at cost. I enjoy doing that, so no additional charge for labour!
  2. I always try to put at least 15% of the game's duration, often 20%, before calling quits. Working out how long that is is much easier now there's https://howlongtobeat.com/ Saying that, I put about 19 hours into Sekiro before realising I just hated the structure too much to enjoy it. Classic Woody Allen, "The food was terrible, and such small portions" thinking, on that occasion.
  3. Ah well, I disagree with Mark here. Especially about Bruce Lee. What QT is doing there seems to be obvious and pretty important to the story: I think a lot of reviewers, even, are missing the point. The clue to the entire thing is spelled-out in the film's title. To move back to the positivity side of things, I lapped-up all the in-jokes I spotted (and I'm sure there's loads I missed), like Also Timothy Olyphant: There were loads of tiny roles that: None of this is particularly well-hidden or especially clever, but it is QT being QT and it's fun (if you like that kind of thing).
  4. Am I the last person to realise Nancy 'Bad Wig' Tench is the dance-y girl from The Office? Please say I'm not.
  5. It's good, and I love this kind of tech, but thinking rationally it's something for the future as far as I'm concerned. When the power increases and ass-pain systems to emulate (like the Xbox) can be mimicked, then we're talking. Not that I'm discouraging the Whales from funding all this so we get that progress, mind
  6. That's a great response. I disagree, though. Tarantino dreams up comic-book responses to historical events; he films our fantasies and any pretence to reality always drifts away like cigarette smoke on the breeze. We need to go into his films expecting this. He's the only film maker doing it* and has got better and better at it over the years. He takes marginalised characters and turns them into heroes with his generosity towards them. He takes 'important' figures and events and sets about apocalyptically tearing them to shreds, to deflate their impact by making them cartoonish. QT's fighting against realism in modern film and modern culture. He feels like the antithesis of this idea that art has to be 'real' and' honest' rather than fantastical, fanciful, glamorous, fragile, dishonest and silly. I love him for it! * the Coens are the closest comparison in Hollywood, I think, but they shy away from excess and retreat into whimsy. Which is fine, but it's why Hail, Caesar! lacks (IMO) the fun or even the sophistication of OUATIH.
  7. I've just gone done a post in the GoT thread, saying how Game of Thrones is the best-worst example of a show performing an Annie Wilkes from Misery on itself during the Golden Age/last 15 years or so of good telly. I also think The Walking Dead and their ousting of Frank Darabont (even if he was a complete twat) was a desperate mistake, leading to TWD only ever being 'good' at best from mid season 2 onward where season one was not only as good as the best bits of the comic, it was superior in some ways. What are the worst examples you've experienced? I'm thinking not so much about great shows that faded because they ran on to long and out of ideas, but the ones that made baffling and egregious choices when things were still chugging along nicely.
  8. Missus Treb is into GoT at an insane, god-tier level so she was A) devastated by how shite season 8 was and B) had us watch a lot of YT reactions. From those, I think the best (both funniest and most insightful) is Lindsey Ellis's take. It's long (over an hour) but worth a go. On reflection, and being as rational as possible, I think the season is the biggest failure/error/misguided turn I've seen a massive show make during the 'Golden Age of Television'. I think AMC booting Frank Darabont off The Walking Dead leaving us with only one truly brilliant season that matched the show's potential was the second. Anyway, here it is:
  9. This. I don't hate it - and actually like the way it works in the PSP games - but in 6 & 7 it's a PITA because a) as soon as you fire it, the NPCs fire it, as if your button is slaved to their controls! and b) you HAVE to use it, and chain it perfectly, to get anywhere at all in the latter stages. I still enjoyed 6 & 7, but they are nowhere near my favourites. the PSP games are the best, as they're greatest hits packages, but I guess my favourite original game is the underrated Ridge Racer V, with RR Type 4 a close second
  10. I'd honestly just pick any of the cheap resellers on eBay. Make sure their feedback is positive and for under a fiver, you can't really go wrong :)
  11. You still get nagging prompts when using though, right? Very irritating IIRC. I bought another (successfully activated) key the other day, for £1.49 o_0 @bignige https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-WINDOWS-10-PROFESSIONAL-PRO-KEY-32-64-BIT-ACTIVATION-LICENSE-KEY-1-PC/301916089649?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Right, my next thing laydeezangennlemen... a guide for which emulation platform to go for. This was really, really hard to formulate and I'm still not sure it's the right format. Please do give feedback: does it make sense? Is it clear? If the presentation is ok, perhaps we can collaborate on a copy and make it a definitive guide? Interested in what you have to say
  12. 12/08 - Killzone 2 [Slowly raises both hands] I am a bit of a Killzone fanboy, I freely admit, so expect some bias. It’s funny how the series developed: Guerrilla making tons of mistakes at first, improving, then getting clobbered by really, really bad luck. The two big moans around KZ2 specifically - well, 2.5 moans - were 1) the infamous E3 ‘real time’ demo not representing reality, 1.5) the fact they kept calling it a ‘Halo killer’ which annoyed even me, and 2) The low viewpoint/shallow FOV/slow movement. In retrospect the only valid point to address is the gameplay, and with a whole bunch of WW2 shooters in-between then and now, the motion and combat marks it out as pretty special (rather than disappointing) in my opinion – it’s more Gears of War in first-person than anything like Halo. Aesthetically it’s futuristic, but also realistic, using the ‘grimdark’ aesthetic to reveal a glimpse of a future featuring nothing but WORRRRR!11! The world(s) of the Helghast are these brutally beautiful mixes of grey buildings and orange lights, sludgy water and heavy industry, high technology and decaying civilisation. It’s great. The fact the characters have masses of animation, whilst also showcasing blur and DOF FX, debris and particles up the wazoo as well as some atmospheric real time lighting, all with the PS3’s 512MB of RAM (!) marks it out as a technical marvel, even ten years on. It’s also still a fun gaming experience, especially if you want a semi-scripted shooter. I’m all for these ‘cinematic’ efforts - as long as there’s enough gameplay to get your teeth into - and whilst it’s not in the same league as Titanfall 2, say, or Halo Reach, it nestles comfortably into the genre alongside the Wolfenstein, DOOM 2016 and the like, and is head & shoulders above most CoD and BF campaigns. The low res and 30fps are a bit off-putting in 2019, but the proper grunty, crunchy fighting with a sense of dread and panic caused by the narrow view (deliberately obscured by your gun barrel, especially when reloading) fuse together to craft a distinctive experience. I can’t call it a classic, but it definitely remains a well-rendered dystopia with an unusual FPS buried within it.
  13. I have an email address? infoATkeysenderDOTcoDOTuk
  14. This thread's such a 'muk cliche. "The film you love is rubbish!" "No it isn't [person explains why it's good]" "Hah hah, social experiment!" Anyway, I re-watched Alien and Aliens recently. Scott's good films feel to have happened on set, more by accident than design. Being a visual sort of fella, both Alien and Blade Runner have that tactile quality and peerless blocking and lighting you expect from someone raised in the design industry. Intelligent performers and a sense of urgency and presence make both of them great, and you can see how modern Hollywood - and its lack of prep time, short rehearsal times and FX being generated off-site - doesn't suit Scott. His most effective film in decades is The Martian, which has a single actor dominate for a lot of the run time, on a fairly simple (but memorable) set. I'd love to see Ridley abandon the States for the last few years of his career and make a low budget effort on the fringes of the system; see if he can recreate the feel of his classic early stuff. Cameron is all about the energy created by teams; his films are about people buying-in to the idea that togetherness is essential, and individualism as the source of all woe. He also hates systems of power such as autocracies. It's a very Matriarchal system he admires. So in Terminator, Sarah Connor and Reese form a bond that creates love and life - the opposite of everything Skynet represents: force, nihilism, absolutism. T2 is about accepting that sometimes family is not enough, and you have to widen your family and be tolerant and forgiving. Aliens, even though it's one of his earliest, is probably the most sophisticated example as the negative and opposing force is, in this case, not evil. We start out with the Marines - a failed family, as they are puppets of a corporation. Their dialogue is smooth, consistent, hilarious... and impersonal. They are friends, but not a family. The aliens are the opposite: they are a family unit, and pit their dedication to their matriarch against the unit's wavering dedication to a warmongering (patriarchal; destructive) social construct. The Marines end up being devastated. It's the leadership of Ripley, the care she demonstrates through actions more than words, which creates a team roughly equal to the challenge. It's a team that is also willing to sacrifice itself for its fellows; a profoundly bonded and compassionate group. Both groups - the aliens and the humans - whittle each other down to almost zero, as their ideologies are the same. There are few films, certainly in the action genre, that rebuke the 'lone hero cleaning up the town' cliche, and instead build a new narrative of care and protectiveness. It's the anti-macho exemplar, and the first thirty minutes of grunts being assholes is completely essential to that.
  15. ...most... There are still some |cool| places to get |rom|s from, if you are of a mind.
  16. Redream has just come out on Android! Winner winner, something something
  17. 2019-07-13-- Her Story -- [PC] Bit late writing this one up, mostly because there's not a lot to say. It's good, like: a style of game that was very common in the early nineties, and it confuses/surprises me that this has been lauded as something new. Change the free typing to a selection criteria and it's any FMV game from 25 years ago. That's not to say it's poor, far from it. The acting is marvellous, the maturity welcome and the whole setup atmospheric & threatening. I worked out the situation within five minutes or less though, so that took the shine off a bit. It meant the next two hours was just trying to find the right phrases and combinations of clue-words to trigger the end game. The oddest thing of all is that the closest thing I can compare it to of recent years is Phoenix Wright. Who would have thought something so serious and grown-up would be most directly comparable to a cartoonish, silly game on a Nintendo handheld? And that the silly cartoon game is the superior game?! Mad
  18. Treble

    Dead Space 3

    It's completely painless and frictionless, just notable for its towering mediocrity rather than being actively shit.
  19. Thread resuscitation, so we can use it for Q&A and links PC Emulation - a Quick eBay Buyer's Guide The skinny on emulators: PCSX2, a PS2 Emulator
  20. With Win10 particularly, yep. Although obviously drivers for old devices may have disappeared. Unless you're hooking up a serial printer, or determined to carry on using Office 95, though, I think you'll make out OK
  21. Score! I'd have a good go at running BSNES, then. It's really nice to see the old games looking so polished and sharp in HD (hats off to @Ninja Doctorfor the original recommendation). PPSSPP is also undemanding but attractive, much like my wife. Give it a spin. Of course, get an all-in-one retro kit job like Lakka / Batocera / Coinops 8 for ease of use and breadth of coverage, too.
  22. Cheers @Bluejam Definitely get rid of Vista! Check my advice upthread for getting a Windows 10 key. I had a Core 2 Quad which had a slower clock speed than that, and it could do PS2 games at original resolution (ie not all that pretty) just about. Everything earlier than that was fine, but you're probably looking at up to and including PS1 and little else, I'd say. So yeah, spend 6 quid to get the key, get rid of Vista so it performs better, then give it a whirl and see how it behaves!
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