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  1. Everyone knows the best adaptation is The Dark Tower! Seriously though, I feel its a dead heat between The Dead Zone and Carrie for the best, faithful adaptations. Misery would be up there, but it's second tier as it loses the wonderful inner monologue (naturally) that @Garwoofoo was talking about, but also the story within a story structure of the Misery character herself. Most of the other adaptations range from prosaic to abysmal
  2. Spun-off from a discussion in the Dune thread, what are the novel adaptations that really stick out for you? I've got loads but will stick to one to kick things off: American Pastoral. Directed by and starring Ewan McGregor, it's one of those grand passion projects totally doomed to fail. A sweeping epic about the death of the American Dream, it's a landmark novel as important in its own way as Death of a Salesman was. The film... isn't. Its failings almost echo the protagonist's as it assumes greatness whilst being mediocre, but the core story is so good that some brilliance shines through regardless. Its worth a watch, particularly as it's already practically forgotten (only came out 2016) but 10% of it hits the right level of plangency, enough to make it sort of fascinating.
  3. I forgot this was the Dune thread... we really need a separate topic for this. I'll make one now Edit: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/323558-film-adaptations-of-books/
  4. That's completely fair. I'm not a sentimental person, and rewatched it recently with the scales removed. Its clear now it was a huge success because of a couple of factors... Well, because of the marketing campaign as much as anything, but film wise yeah, a couple of things. Firstly, the relative freshness of Tim Burton's approach. He was an animator and puppeteer given the keys to the kingdom, and made a genuinely unique film. It doesn't hold together well in retrospect (you rightly mention tone, but the pacing is horrible as well) but it was one of the first films of the new post-Reagan era to be completely non-conservative and artist-led in approach. Secondly, it married the TV Batman bif-pow-sock kitsch with the darker tone of the early comics. Not the brutal and uncompromising world of Frank Miller's Dark Knight but the heavy contrast, noirish 40s stuff which Burton interpreted into a pastiche of German Expressionism. The callbacks were a great way to utilise the ol' memberberries. It's a huge pop-cultural touchstone that changed the approach to fantasy cinema for a good decade - until The Matrix came out - but as a film by itself? Deeply flawed.
  5. Leave the house. I did, and it was worth it... just about. To clarify, it scrapes above average by dint of a fantastic third act. The rest I thought very patchy and uneven. It seems to swing between wanting to be urban horror and Euro psycho-thriller whilst the script feels underwritten and padded. The third act feels parachuted in from a much more confident film, with a clear vision and the means to deliver the goods. If you're after gore and shocks, there definitely are some but it's a very slow burn, meandering around until it settles on the right protagonist and hits its stride for the last and most shocking part of the ride.
  6. A new challenger appears! Ladies and gents, I present for your delectation and delight... Greak: Memories of Azur A game that has the distinction of sounding completely unmemorable yet incomprehensible at the same time, without attaining any sense of abstract cool. Yep, utter naming fail.
  7. Loads, back before they became a bit of an endangered species. But one of the most effective was for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It had the tutorial (so you knew what you were doing) then the second level, culminating in the Bladewolf boss fight. It sold the game by giving the perfect 'vertical slice' that so many shoot for and miss.
  8. The Sparks Brothers Despite having an Unlimited pass, I had to pay extra to see this because it had a Q&A with Edgar Wright. Which we didn't see because we had 30 minutes of technical issues where we sat in the dark. In silence. Sigh. That aside, this is a Sparks' fan's dream (and I should know: my wife is one) but suffers from being a hagiography. Despite being nearly 2.5 hours long it remains quite superficial and is packed full of 'look at all my famous mates!!' talking heads. Thankfully, they are background noise to an array of fascinating clips, hilarious bons mot, brilliant live footage and an equal treatment of every Sparks era. Works as a genuinely special bibliography; fails to tell you who they are as people. 3/5
  9. I love it; watched it three times. It gets some stick because some of the theories presented are whack, but that's just because people are missing the point: it's a doc about wildly-varying theories to demonstrate how much the film intrigues people to this day. It's not presenting all theories of equal value, not in any way. Go in with that knowledge and perspective, and you'll be reet
  10. Old https://m.imdb.com/title/tt10954652/ A family on a tropical holiday discovers that the secluded beach where they are relaxing for a few hours is somehow causing them to age rapidly reducing their entire lives into a single day. Very strange. A mostly stella cast who really don't know whether they're meant to camp it up or not, this is a great concept with some built-in gravitas that needed a much more sophisticated hand on the tiller. Not the shit-show some would have you believe, though. 2.5/5
  11. If people want us to take this to PM just say, but will leave it here for now in case it's useful for others So, these are the dimensions. Maths and stuff definitely not my strong point, so apologies for terminology: Tapered end diameter: 9.43mm Thick end diameter: 12.46mm Length: 14mm That length doesn't include the e clip, which I'm not taking off as they're a bastard nightmare of design and should be flung into the sun Edit: Shaft* diameter: 6mm Shaft length (to plastic bushing): 25.5mm *daaaaamn right
  12. Sort of, but resolution is the tip of the iceberg in PC gaming. For example, you could slap a 'Steam Deck profile' on Cyberpunk 2077 and with bells and whistles disabled, it'll still have a challenge hitting 30fps. I'd imagine. Whereas with Doom Eternal, you'd have to go out of your way to STOP it hitting 60fps, even without Vulkan. Ditto Death Stranding. Anything that has a console version, even targeting PS5/XSX, will scale well to it. So yeah, it'll be broadly comparable to previous gen but with the 'stuff unlocked' features of current gen, so well-optimised games will fly and you won't get the hard-locked or wildly variable frame rates we saw in the last era.
  13. We should all do a group order at some point. Leave it a few weeks and hopefully I'll be solvent enough to put an order together for a group of us
  14. Short answer = yes. Longer answer = yes, with caveats. It won't necessarily work out of the box, but it's a PC so you'll be able to get it working one way or another. You might be able to just add the exe to your steam library (piece o' piss job) and it just works. I'll have a test of that later.
  15. I use https://www.sendico.com/ In brief, once all the items you've won at auction have arrived at their warehouse, you group them into a 'parcel'. It estimates the cost based on the weight, and you can select a delivery option. You then fill-in the delivery info, wherein you put the value of each item. There's a hand-wave 'you must do this according to your country's import laws' but basically you can put whatever you want it, and Sendico won't adjust or challenge it. It works out that FedEx's option is pretty much the greatest. Going off memory, if your parcel is anywhere from about 3kg to something ridiculous like 40 (!) it's the same flat rate of around £80. They're fast, they don't give a monkey's about cracking it open to verify the contents and it breezes across the planet very, VERY quickly. Quickest I had was 3, and no more than 5. If you've chucked in a few weighty items like consoles and large peripherals, that works out at about £10 shipping for each item. So even if stuff cost the same there as here, that's a decent deal. As it is, stuff over there is far, far cheaper. At the moment, I've observed that: Saturn gear is stupidly cheap. Like, 'people really don't want it' cheap. Maybe 4-5 times cheaper than over here. I got an excellent condition White Saturn with pads and memory card for £25. My Vitrual ON boxed twin Sticks with sealed game was about the same price. PlayStation 1 & 2 stuff costs bobbins. PS1 peripherals in particular go for absolute buttons. Dreamcast items are reasonable, but perhaps more valued. Apart from the console itself, which are so numerous you can get them for essentially nothing. A boggo unit with extras will be under £30 easy. I saw an R7 go for around £180, and a Hello Kitty unit boxed with all peripherals and cards, plus an additional (green) controller plus VMs plus games go for about £230. Here's some stuff: Dreamcast, two pads, 4 VMs and two rumble paks, £11 ending tomorrow, no bids so far. Too much stuff to list, but basically two Saturns inc. a white, two Dreamcasts, all sorts of pads and stuff, currently under a pound, 5 bids, ending tomorrow. Needs TLC but jeeeeez. Fancy a PS3 SF4 branded Hori Stick? £13 at the moment guv, no bids so far. Or this PS3 HRAP, which is also £13 with no bids. Or maybe you want a Saturn Twin Stick, an official Dreamcast Joystick plus a load of lightguns and stuff? Currently under a quid, pal. There's a single bidder you'd be competing with, mind!
  16. @Darwock @Klatrymadon The bolts do seem to be an odd configuration, yep. May be worth removing them and dropping them in a rust remover, aye. They'll rust-up again fast so, ideally, you'd want to tumble them in a jewelry cleaner with stones/sand to remove all particulates, then nickel plate them. That might be going a tad far though The deal on the Arcana HRAP was pretty darn good for sure. Even by Japanese Yahoo Auction standards. They class anything that isn't pristine as 'junk'. This is missing the cable storage lid and has some light dings, but not something you'd give much of a frig about unless you were a perfectionist. All my stuff bar the Switch stick was dirt cheap. The way I go about it is: put about £200 aside, win 5-8 rareish items cheap via a third party agency, pay £80 for FedEx 3-4 day delivery, Mark down all items so they come under the £15 import duty, and you'll end up with several hundred quid's worth of clobber in the Western Market. Keep what you like, sell the rest for a moderate profit.
  17. I've just put some of these up for sale, but here's my current lot (in an ever-shifting pile...) Left-right top row: Hori mini PlayStation (clear) Saturn Virtua Stick MD Stick Left-right midrow Namco PlayStation stick,Amiga-modded Saturn twin stick Saturn fighting stick SS with modded buttons Left-right bottom row: Hori RAP Switch (for gaming PC) Hori RAP PS3 - Arcana Hearts 3 edition The PS3 stick works on PS4 with the Brook adapter I bought. Working on PS4 means it works on PS5 so its a three-gen PS stick now, essentially. Cost roughly £26 shipped
  18. Ah sorry, as I wasn't quoted or tagged I missed this. Wow, thanks! Will have a go at this shortly and get back to you!
  19. There's a PC version, but it's not on any store due to licensing. Easy enough to acquire, though.
  20. Cheers. My 256GB says Q2 2022 as well. As for the DF video, it's a really good one. It raises a lot of good points (as @Wipersummarised). However, based on how well the AYA runs (which I nearly pulled the trigger on a while back and this is more powerful than) I'm not overly worried about it being a 720/60/medium settings success.
  21. This. Where are people seeing estimated delivery dates?
  22. I just popped in to post the DF link. Not watched it yet:
  23. That was what I experienced. I just had to keep going.
  24. Yes, identical to the receipts you get for a regular game purchase.
  25. I was successful after 20 mins, using the Steam app. The confirmation/receipt stuff all seems solid, so those who are having trouble might want to try it.
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