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  1. Shit, put DOOM Eternal on your Deck if you really want to be terrified/astonished at the technology. Both Lord Gabe and high overlord of the dark realms John Carmack have worked absolute witchcraft with that one.
  2. There's a 'fix' for the shader comp stutter on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1544020/discussions/0/3716062344552404381/?ctp=2 Been watching a streamer play and its not that bad. Still some odd bits of jitter, but playable. Not that I'm recommending people buy it on Steam but if you already have and are sticking with it, definitely try this out.
  3. Mrs. Treb wanted a full rewatch. We fell of it at season... 7? 8? It all blurs into one. As of six months or so ago, she wanted to understand how Negan and Maggie could possibly team up, as per the trailers. I mean... my god, its so bad. We're up to season 10 episode 8, and the same pattern is just endlessly repeated. Introduce new baddy or faction, keep them alive as a threat waaaay past their dramatic usefulness in order to have enough content to fill a season. Loads of other problems it's lumbered along with too, but that'll do until we hit the end. Then I launch into a full-on rant about how much of a waste of time and money this show has been since the Governor was allowed to shift into a second season.
  4. I'd also not be surprised if it was intended as an accessibility option, but they didn't have time to code-in a toggle. I expect it will come along in the next few months as a patch.
  5. Clearly not hard enough. Nah, we have unlimited passes and she still wouldn't touch it with yours. Duration is the great leveller, isn't it? Most people will sit through a 1.5 hour showing if it's effectively 'free'. It takes stamina, endurance and commitment to struggle through 3 hours worth.
  6. Lovely response, and in no way bitchy or unnecessary. Ah well, one more for the shit list
  7. I find it odd that the trailer I saw at the cinema (before Wakanda Forever) was, like, 99% CG. I would have thought that'd be less likely to draw fence sitters than showing (familiar, celebrity) human faces and reactions. It's really hard to convey emotions in animation without hitting the uncanny valley, or going for exaggeration and I wasn't particularly convinced by the Avatarians' mugs. I'm also past being excited by CG, no matter how technically impressive. That said, I'd go see it if I could convince my wife to go. But there's no way on earth she's getting dragged to it
  8. I'll try it out for you in a bit, buddy. Edit: no issues for me. I'm in the beta channel at the mo though.
  9. It did remind me quite a bit of Knight Boat, to be honest. "There's always a fjord..."
  10. Interesting, I'll check it out. Edit: none of those options are in my config, and I'm apparently on the latest version. Maybe the option's removed?
  11. I don't have access to my router from my room. Home plugs don't work properly on our aging electricity supply. Finally, I wanted the solution to be self-contained.
  12. It is. I prefer the slim these days, purely because I have the PS5 which is monolithic enough for any collection That said, I did like the ceramic white phat I had back in the day. Very cute. But the size difference between the phat and slim in just a few short years was sorcery, and I'm here for it
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