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  1. Possibly more suited to a sales thread? To widen the topic a little, I remember valuations back in the day being really tricky. The 'bay is a shit-machine, but a great barometer of what's selling and at what price. Not necessarily what something is worth, mind you, but what you'll get. I suspect retro prices are going to spike after Brexit, as people are suddenly going to shift non-essentials because of economic... let's gently call it 'uncertainty'... then tank as the lack of cash bites. Somebody tell me if you disagree, but I'd say now's a good time to sell, and in 8-12 months everything will be a buyer's market.
  2. Sergeant Soviet Union Major Muscovite Kommodore KGB Rear Admiral Red... um... Admiral
  3. Treble

    R-Type Final 2

    You, sir, have impeccable taste. As a frothing fan of the series, I rank Final at the bottom of the list. There are some truly great ships that enable different play types, but the majority are time locked. That's not necessarily bad in itself, but: a) lots take tens of hours to unlock, and the stopwatch only activates in-game, not in the menu. To unlock the higher tier ships takes about 30 hours of in-game play, which just wastes all the developers' efforts. b) The levels themselves range from 'good' to 'meh', never getting close to 'brilliant' or even 'great'. Yet you'll be playing them hundreds of times through if you want to use the Cerberus, Mr. Heli, or the ship from Image Fight. Some people like it, but I remain unimpressed (and I've played about 20 hours worth and unlocked about 80% of the ships!). For reference, my rankings are: R-Type Delta R-Type R-Type III: The Third Lightning R-Type Leo R-Type II R-Type Final
  4. I really hope they announce a PC version soon. I don't really want to be playing this on my poverty-spec PS4 Slim.
  5. Argh, you're right - apologies! While I'm here, I'll urge people not to forget handheld gaming when doing their GOTD. It so often slips from your consciousness, but there are dozens of incredible titles that may have been pushed out of your brain over the years
  6. Can this count? It came out last year (November) on PS4; this year was just an unaltered PC release.
  7. I backed this on Kickstarter, so the reason you're able to play this is ENTIRELY down to me
  8. Treble

    Gears 5

    Even with the issues/bugs this is an amazing advert for Microsoft and their future plans. Me and my mates heard about cross-play and (those of us who didn't already have it) signed-up for Game Pass Ultimate for 2 quid. That same evening, we were playing together what's possibly the best-looking Xbox One game on: two 'One S', one 'One X' and one PC (me). They've put themselves in a really great position with all this, satisfying the master race techies, top-end console owners, the more casual/lower-end users, those nostalgic for the early days of the 360 & XBL, those nostalgic for Gears, and the ultra-cheap bastards all at once
  9. Before IT, they had one of those video begging letters before the Doctor Sleep trailer. You know, where the director and some other poor bastard (this time, King himself) come on, absolutely pleading for you to go watch it. Genuinely cringe into a singularity every time there's one of these, always shilling complete garbage. So yeah, my hopes aren't high.
  10. I've created an FAQ on some emulation terms - hope it's useful! Give me a shout if there are any errors you spot: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vxqLY1eoyaUcy8t30WslteOxxpnW7HUZXF7jzj516co/edit?usp=sharing
  11. All methods of playing old games have to co-exist. Playing on original hardware feels the most legit and is a great way of getting the new generation into older games. Emulation is critical, as it ensures the games never die, and FPGA is vital for people wanting to emulate old hardware. The only immutable fact is the wheezy, elderly hardware will eventually die so, if it's important to you for nostalgic purposes, get busy buying it up. Entropy is real, but we can pretend it isn't for a while Me? I only care about the games, not the hardware. I used to snaffle-up consoles in the past, and at points owned just about every single one bar the most obscure stuff like the Pippin, but i'm not nostalgic in the slightest. So as soon as emulation became properly feasible, I sold it all off and have stuck to emulation ever since. I still have a 360 and a PS3 for their essentials but, as I mentioned in another post, they are pointless for anything bar exclusives and the majority of those are available as remakes or remasters. Back on-topic, I'm hoping to put another emulator review up later today, so watch out for that
  12. Do you mean the: If the former, then: If you mean the latter? Yeahhhhh, one of King's big mistakes, definitely.
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