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  1. Treble

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    Edit: i think Johnson's trilogy is a goner, that's all really
  2. Treble

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    The primary motivation for this is to have a gentle excuse to bin-off the Rian Johnson films. Ostensibly yes, the pace is too fast, but what's keeping Kennedy up at night is sinking the better part of a billion dollars of production money into three films by someone so divisive. It's the Colin Trevarrow/Jurassic World scenario all over again. I expect the Johnson trilogy to be dropped under this excuse, and he'll get production and script approval duties as a sop, same as Trevorrow.
  3. I do bits and bobs, so will start recording it. Maybe even YouTube? Who knows! Isopropyl alcohol is fantastic for cleaning, as is baking soda and water for stubborn marks - think biro/marker and the like. Compressed air is great for dust removal. It's not very eco friendly in a can though, so consider an air compressor if you're doing it frequently. It's also worth getting some vinyl brushes for dusting/particulate removal. The king of important tools, though, are spudgers! Prying plastic open without damage is tricky, so it's worth doing it the easy (well, easier) way
  4. I'd love to get my hands on one. In all honesty, looking at the spec I think it's most likely the best portable option you can get. As it's Win10, you can get Steam on there and run lots of stuff. If you don't HAVE to have it in-hand, a laptop and 360 pad would be better.
  5. There are loads of reasons these sequels are crap (I can't speak for The Predator as I've not watched it yet) but nine times out of ten it's script interference of some kind. Either the script is a hodge podge of several concepts smushed together, or is "re-tooled" and re-written by lots of different hands. That sometimes works, but very rarely. Prometheus and Crystal Skull are particularly upsetting as both directors are proven to be great (at least, at times) and have enough grunt to get the film they want made. Prometheus was just careless, sloppy and demystifying, but Crystal Skull was all kinds of wrong. Just about everything was ill-conceived, and the stink of modern day George Lucas is all over it. It sounds like this one just had good old fashioned studio-mandated re-writes that messed-up the structure?
  6. Treble

    Killing Eve - Phoebe Waller Bridge

    There's already a thread
  7. Treble


    Totally agree. I'd say Hereditary is a film that set out to do something: be weird, be hallucinatory, be surprising and occasionally veer between silly and dread-inducing. The press and marketeers' desperation to box it into a single genre is the problem, not the film. Its more in the 'unclassifiable' mould, like David Lynch's stuff. Best to go into it with as few prejudices as possible, really.
  8. That looks like a great bargain, @Lorfarius Two questions: 1) what are the d-pad and buttons like? 2) Is the best beat em up of all time - Capcom's Alien vs. Predator - on there?
  9. Blimey, you've taken that a bit seriously. I was obviously exaggerating for effect. I actually think it's because they get to play with their friends and those kinds of games are either free or cheap. A good combo for a young person. It does give them autonomy and freedom in a larger world though; the kind of autonomy they have to simulate at their age. But a neg? In a thread encouraging you to voice an extreme opinion? Come on, now. Edit: @Broker, obviously.
  10. Battle Royale games. For me, a game is something you pick up, it's fun, it shows you things you've never seen before and it bombards you with lights and sounds and takes you away from the mundane real world. PUBG is basically the Soviet Bloc in the eighties. You wander around a dull and oppressive landscape, everyone looks the same, resources are scarce and you have to trample on everyone else to survive. I feel like young people in particular love these games because they are/were never allowed out on their own. Instead of running around a big playing field or housing estate making up games, they went to endless playdates with parents around, swimming lessons with half the county's Mums and Dads in attendance, birthday parties with more adults than youngsters. Running around a big, empty space and doing very little except exerting yourself is like a dream come true for these poor little bastards. I grew up with that freedom. I want bright flashing lights and 500 characters per square inch in my visual fiction, please.
  11. A mate at work knows I'm into old stuff, so donated a Bush portable TV so I could rescue it from landfill. The RGB seems to be decent enough, so does anyone want it? I've got no need for it, and Mrs. Treb has to put up with enough of my garbage cluttering the house already Can maybe arrange collection or drop off if you're in the North West.
  12. My install is buggered. My own fault! I messed around with config files. A reinstall didn't help, so next will be to scrub the memory card. Not hopeful though, as I'm assuming the firmware was flashed?
  13. It's very annoying he's stretching the image though! He obviously doesn't understand that's why the internal render is higher than 4K. (it's a 4:3 image, so 3840 x 2160 is impossible. 3840 x 2880 is the next highest up at 4:3) I think I should have his laptop off him so I can re-do the video. Then keep the laptop
  14. http://www.dazeddigital.com/film-tv/article/41264/1/the-predator-is-phenomenally-terrible?amp=1
  15. Haven't had chance to check many games yet - just some CPS1 stuff. Which games? I suspect it'll be due to them getting the various emu cores working properly.

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