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  1. I thought it was great. Deliberately quiet moments punctuated by bursts of action. There was a genuine feeling of oppression on that planet. Dave Filoni's learned a lot about shooting live action in a short space of time!
  2. Good episode, although the blue guy can piss off.
  3. The joke is the image doesn't display. Might just be my browser then:
  4. I agree, those two images are nothing alike.
  5. Yep, that's how I recognise the Defender too, from the X-Wing miniatures game and from Star Wars Rebels.
  6. Specifically, the other female Mando was named Koska Reeves (played by the wrestler Sasha Banks). Don't believe either Mando character of the two new ones appeared in the animated shows AFAIR. What a cool episode. I rewatched season one back to back with S02E01 and now we're up to ep3, I can happily say this is my favourite new TV show in years. It's the best live action Star War since Rogue One, and a billion times better written and more fun than the increasingly (in retrospect) abysmal filmic episodes 7-9
  7. For me, games are just games - I make no distinction between them except 'good' and 'bad'. Well, also 'too hard; this one's getting slung out the fucking window' of course. I'm heavily biased towards arcade-style games, so play a lot of retro, modern indies and shorter A/AA games. When you've got the likes of Hades and Panzer Paladin coming out every other week, it's nice to not have to dip into the back catalogue just to satisfy your lust for immediate thrills.
  8. Ooh, tons,but I'll just chuck in a couple for now: If a cartridge port is not reading games well, restore it by wrapping fine grit sandpaper around a credit card (or something similarly sized) and work it in and out of the cart slot a few times. This will abraid the connectors so they make better contact, as well as bring them out if they've been pushed flush. Use contact cleaner spray on the internals of any mechanical dial (like a volume knob or slider) that's crackly. It's most often oxidisation, and contact cleaner is part lube, part de-oxidiser and should sort tha
  9. Gotcha. It's also weird/fitting that he chose Sewage Joe from Parks & Rec as his ironic style icon.
  10. Someone is going to have to explain to me what that clown is supposed to have done. Googling just brings back a load of really vague hints about something sexually inappropriate?
  11. Oof, I'm definitely in that queue myself. Having a trans friend is helpfu but having LGBTQ+ mates and thinking you understand trans issues is waaaay apart. I don't pretend to know much, I just do two ears, one mouth as much as poss and try and be an ally (especially when they aren't in the room). It's a frikkin minefield, and really the only thing we can is to just keep listening to people and their experiences, and never judge them for who they are. So ends the lecture for today! Edit: am I buying the game? No, but that's because I bought the limited edition One X m
  12. I agree with this, but there's also a very simple way to avoid large pitfalls. Let's reiterate what the problem is first: it's not that there is an over-sexualised poster of a trans character in the game per se, as there may be in-game context that justifies its use (we'll come back to that). It's that CDPR then allowed a competition to take place where people cosplayed that hyper-sexualised trans character, outside of the game. This is very poor optics. Intentional or not, it's shearing away any possible context and making it all about a) marketing and b) turning the trans experience into a k
  13. Just saw Jim Sterling retweet this, and Shreier has said his conversations with staff confirm it: Obviously take with a pinch of salt as unverified and unattributed, but if true the game's only been in full development for about 18 months.
  14. No, as far as I'm away it's platform agnostic
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