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  1. Surely she can’t be as bad as Sam Smith? His whiny voice was wrong for a Bond film, mainly due to lack of any vocal power and squeaky.
  2. I came here to post that exact score never really got started and seemed to just trundle along with no clear character progression or hook. Pretty dull Jay & Silent Bob Reboot 2.5/5 Loved the first few Kevin Smith films and I think he's a brilliant stand up, but this just shows why he's having to self finance. Lots of throwbacks to his original films but if you're watching this for anything other than nostalgia it'll be a let down. Still laughed plenty, but that's probably down to familiarity with the source material. Ford vs Ferrari 4/5 Moves along at a good pace throughout and despite knowing the ending held my attention throughout. Bale and Damon are well cast and Bale plays the dickhead persona very well (probably close to real life for him!)
  3. Normal on PC : 173,606,872 Seemed to get a fair whack of achievements during that game too. Doubt I'll get that score easily again.
  4. Never really saw any adverts for this and stumbled over it on catch up tv. Good episode, and it looks like they've "had a word" regarding the personas and relaxed a wee bit more, with this feeling less aggressive in it's lad type banter. A lot tighter and better scripted than the last Grand Tour special.
  5. We did okay on the sewer level up until the boss, where the controls and I just didn’t get along, luckily my daughter was more than capable of beating him . Felt bad on the movie level that we
  6. I grabbed Rush Rally 3 on the Nvidia Shield due to the price difference. LOVE the handling in it. It really does play like the old Colin McRae games.
  7. Riiise from your grave. For bandits noclutter shield rom collection : Was mucking around with this earlier and found that Dreamcast would no longer boot. Workaround is to install Redream (I had to use a pc and do it via the website as couldn't find it on the shield play store) and modify your setting file in hyperspin / dreamcast to be exe=io.recompiled.redream/io.recompiled.redream.MainActivity romextension=chd,CDI,cdi,gdi,GDI parameters= To get MAME 2010 working now you need to use the retroarch from the website, not the play store as they've removed the MAME2010 core from the official play store build. https://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.7.7/android/ I installed the 32 bit one and grabbed the cores in the readme and all now back to normal.
  8. I'm about 7 hours into this. Initially played it to get the reward points for getting 2 achievements and just kept going. Despite the sticky menus I've been having great fun with it. Once you start to ramp up the weapon mods causing carnage is an absolute hoot. I'll probably finish it as it's a great go-to game when you just want some brain off action / pew pew pew.
  9. The last Ghostbusters film was Ghostbuster 2. I'm up for this, looks like they've hit a decent tone.
  10. For me this was the weakest of the mafia series but I still enjoyed the story and characters despite the flaws. The store scene is the most obvious failing with the whole "de-aged" process, but all through the movie De Niro is stiff and slow moving, and when he was throwing the gun in the river while standing on rocks I genuinely had a moment where I said "ooh, if he falls there he'll break his hip". The CGI when we first see him driving the truck to me was off, and almost like an Instagram filter. Pesci and Pacino didn't seem to age or de-age except for the prison scene near the end (Pesci anyway) but maybe that's down to Pesci playing it slow and menacing with less physical action required. Pacino was fun to watch, but he could have been playing any character, and although I didn't fully buy into "Hoffa", it's Pacino and at least I got the impression there's some passion put into the role regardless of how convincing he comes across. It was fun to see them on screen together for what is possibly the last time and the movie never dragged, but for me the CGI is still off, no matter how well done it's been. My brain can't unsee what it knows just because of some camera trickery, and I felt a bit removed from the world because of that. 7/10 Still enjoyed, but would watch Goodfellas or Casino before this.
  11. This hits the nail on the head for me. Forget universe building. M, Q etc should be throwaway and they need to lighten up now the real world is going to shit. I couldnt give a toss about 007s love life, and it looks like poor Craig isn't going to actually get to do a normal mission.
  12. Aye, GFT has one screening and I can't make it.
  13. Baws, I'd been keeping an eye out for it showing locally, but yeah, high seas it is then.
  14. Mr Majestyk


    Grabbed an EA Access trial to give this a go after putting a fair bit of time into Destiny 2. I'm enjoying what I've played so far, albeit only 3 missions or so and some free roaming. But had people helping me out and some fellow n00bs around too. Load times on the 1X don't seem too bad and I'll probably get a good few hours out of it. The flying around is fun, and although there'd be regret if I'd spent £50, if I can get a couple of mates to do co-op it could be a good laugh on a Friday night.
  15. A guy I used to work with makes up accelerator boards for Amiga hardware https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu4uiUtALy1ILAxNh7TGsmQ It's interesting seeing the Amiga running stuff like Frontier etc smoothly, but then again so does an emulator. I remember trying to get Doom to run on my A4000 and realising it was time to sell it and move on while I could still get some cash for it. Even by the time the A1200 came along the Amiga was woeful in comparson to the DX2/66 equivelant and buying an A4000 was more expensive by the time you got it up to spec. Commodore dropped the ball big style with the Amiga and it could never recover.
  16. The BuddyPass system on this is utter junk. Redeemed the code to my account and tried to invite a couple of mates who both get "you must be sent an invite from someone who owns the buddy pass" It's on my account and I've got a linked Bethesda account and setting set to public. Judging by the forums I'm not the only one with this issue. Shame, as the shooting itself is alright once you get used to the armour type weapon selection.
  17. Yep came to post the same, good to get it early and all ready for Friday night
  18. Glad I held off on the Rage 2 for £11.80 deal on amazon, as the price dropping that low is usually a gamepass/ps+/games with gold indicator.
  19. Amiga owners are still convinced it'll make a comeback I loved my Amiga, but as soon as I could afford a PC I sold it and moved on. Up until that point it had been Amiga for Civ, Syndicate, F22 etc and my SNES for all 2D and 3D arcade gaming. The SNES survived the move to PC as it did certain games far better than a PC or top end Amiga ever could. Going back to the old Amiga games now is a serious reality check. While I can happily replay Mario or Sonic, games like Zool, Superfrog, Gods, have not aged well. Cannon Fodder and Lotus Turbo are still good for a quick blast on though.
  20. I'd nearly overlooked this. The first one I thought was alright, and didnt quite get the hate for it that some had. But this just feels a wee bit special. Find myself dipping right back into the same level to check out paths I missed / coins. One of the most polished 2D platformers I've played recently, and not too taxing on the old reflexes (yet!). Catchy music too, and still plenty of dad jokes.
  21. Cough, wheeze, hack, hack, cough, cough, cough.
  22. In no particular order : Burnout 3 / revenge Sega Rally Outrun coast to coast Trackmania series Wreckfest. All games I revisit regularly. Outrun on steam was / is the best purchase I ever made on steam. I would've put F-Zero but having recently replayed on switch, it's not aged well.
  23. Reviews I've read seem to suggest its half a game with the rest coming out via dlc / season pass. I'll wait for the inevitable price drop and pick up a cheap ultimate edition at some point or wait for gamepass.
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