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  1. Yep, driving in this is better than previous games and I'm trying to tune out the annoying story stuff. I won't be buying it but will probably rinse the trial.
  2. So over this festive season (and beyond) I've got God Of War WRC Generations Sonic Frontiers Evil West Atari 50 Goat Sim 3 Bayonetta 3 and of course if you're on a budget Vampire Survivors is digital crack.
  3. Also sent team requests and added a few of you as friend for racing times to compare
  4. This looks right up my street. Linear campaign, gore, brain off mass slaughter and a cowboy setting!
  5. Largs was my earliest memories of the arcades. My gran stayed there and I would be allowed to go in on the premise that I didn't touch the fruit machines. I mind stuff like Strider, Black Tiger and Choplifter being on the cheap side with the newer ones like Hard Drivin', Mad Dog McRee, TMNT / Simpsons occupying the main floor areas. Mad Dog was a tough one as there would always be the crowd around judging performance of the player Memory of the names of them is a bit faded now, but The Cumbrean was the big one on Largs Seafront, with The Big Apple and another one (The Viking?) being slightly back and a bit more shady. I think there's only one left now and it's just a slot machine place.
  6. I met Jeff at a replay event and got to shake his hand and thank him for making the best games on my childhood computer (Atari 800xl). The guy is an absolute legend.
  7. Spent the evening playing vampire survivors and then Bayonetta 2 via emudeck, which is running perfectly as far as I'm concerned. This bit of kit just continues to impress.
  8. I need to get this game, these videos crack me up.
  9. Nice one - I added that but not yet tried. Hotshots Racing is also a good arcade racer.
  10. https://www.fanatical.com/en/pick-and-mix/build-your-own-nitro-bundle-3 Some cheap deck racers to be had in this bundle.
  11. The steamdeck is by far the best handheld emulation devices I've owned, and likewise I've had no issues with Emudeck (or Coinops Legends). Vastly superior to the chinese android emulation devices. Switch emulation is a bit hit and miss but the rest has been fine for me.
  12. I used to only play with mouse and keyboard until I started on console gaming online with Xbox. Multiplayer Rainbow 6, Halo etc. Then I just had to git gud which took a few weeks. Now having a desk job I don't want to sit at a desk at night and play the PC so even that's moved to an Xbox pad and TV out. Whenever I do play shooters on the PC with a mouse I find it too sensitive.
  13. I also enjoyed this and all the references but...
  14. Base.com has this for £52 (xbox series / ps5 - ps4 version is cheaper) if anyone else just folded I really like this series and every iteration has been an improvement so far.
  15. I played the re-remake and it was alright. its fairly easy on medium difficulty. The AI was OK although the bosses seemed a bit too easy. Would recommend it at the £7.50 price I paid. 7/10 Shooty bits were good, stealth bits were a pain.
  16. Moon Man 4/5 Chinese sci fi with a decent budget, daft story and a mix of slapstick and touching moments. Ideal Saturday night viewing if you can handle the subtitles.
  17. This thread deserves more golfing love. Easily my favourite casual golf game since the last Everybodys Golf. Spending more time playing for outfits and colours than I should. My a-team has to include Mina, Fred, Don Papas, Kazuo and Bella. The rest I'm easy with, but Prisilla can bolt as she a wee underpowered nyaff.
  18. For emulation I've got emudeck running and it's been pretty flawless. The downside being you need to limit the roms you shove on as they end up in the non-steam library section. CoinOps Legends Deck v1.0 is decent for MAME / some console titles without cluttering up the UI, and can be found where the punks who hang out in arcades reside. Also can we have a poll as to who sniffs their steamdeck vent? Asking for a friend!
  19. That was hilarious! They deserve money just for reducing me to tears of laughter. PARP!
  20. Said 1d 8h when I checked steam pre-order page earlier so I'm guessing it's 4pm-ish? Pretty sure it's nothing to do with Queeny , but still, would have been a nice unlock for the bank holiday
  21. Yes! No turn based combat and I'm in day #1.
  22. This is my 2022 GOTY. After you get by the initial laundry grind it turns into an absolute time sink. Loving the variety of arcade games and the daily todo lists.
  23. Okay I need to get to morrisons - been hunting for some Satay noodles for a while now.
  24. This. The movie itself is completely average but nice to see Stallone at 70+ still putting in the effort. Nope 3/5 - Felt a slog to watch, but there is a few decent bits in it. Extra 0.5 for use of title in the script
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