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  1. 31.469 for me at the mo. Addictive wee game!
  2. Standard is supposedly 30fps, but i'm struggling to find the difference as it's not Xenon Racer levels of FPS bad. 5gb install size difference so maybe some textures / 4k / 60fps. Still perfectly playable.
  3. Nabbed from Eneba, but turns out it's not the X|S version, just a standard xbox version! Bit of a crap move to have 2 versions on the store.
  4. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/264562-playstation-5/79507742 Apparently the constant re-install of PS4 version when using the PS5 upgrade has been fixed in a firmware update. Shall see tonight
  5. Do you need the disk in? I found with sackboy I had to reinsert the disk, which would then reinstall the ps4 version I deleted, even though I wanted to play the ps5 one.
  6. You can grab this on xbox via the iceland store for £21.15 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/diablo-2-resurrected-at-microsoft-store-iceland-no-vpn-needed-3797667
  7. 163 mins! Fuck that, I'll wait for the home release and ffwd through the dull stuff. Should have it watched in 20 mins.
  8. Same. Bought a couple of things on their recommendation and quickly realised we're polar opposites when it comes to games.
  9. Yeah think its switch only unfortunately.
  10. It does, but I'm going to wait for a sale. Seems a bit pricey for what it is. Happy to be proved wrong though
  11. Tried skatebird, I mean how bad can it be? One of the biggest turds I've played on gamepass levels of bad.
  12. Monkey Ball Judgment 2 Forza 5 even though it looks a pretty clone of every other Forza. Back 4 Blood
  13. Firmware update goes live tomorrow apparently. Looking forward to being able to dump the ps4 games onto an nvme.
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