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  1. @batistutauk was getting used to me taking him out, Pretty sure I did it about 3 races in a row.
  2. 2 very different races for me. 1st race was going pretty well, with some excellent racing with Count Buffalo, and judged well to know when to let it go and no contact was had during it. Suddenly near the end the fuel light came on and I had to lift off watching Dave getting closer and closer, eventually losing power on the final straight as I crossed the line 2nd race was a write off from the moment I went on the wets! Pitted to change back to slicks, didn't have the tick for change tyres selected, so came back out on wets. Pitted again and was trying to adjust the me
  3. All this PS5 talk in other threads and I'm hoping shopto deliver a day early for some of that Mario Sunshine goodness!
  4. I just figured they would have mentioned it as a big selling point to buy the new console. The fact they listed 6 games or something says to me it wont have full compatibility at launch. Happy to be proved wrong though. Heck knowing Sony they maybe just forgot
  5. Think I'm going to pass on this one. Theres nothing at launch I want to play, my digital / psplus collection isn't transferring. I can get Spiderman on ps4 when it drops in price. One to pick up in 2 years when theres a load of exclusives to play and the game price come down.
  6. Having only briefly attempted Sunshine on an emulator I'm looking forward to a quality port from Nintendo (wait, wut?)! Seriously though, I'll play through it if they've tweaked it for the pro controller, and same with SMG. If i'm expected to use waggle for SMG I'll be disappointed, but I went for the physical copy so I'll get some cash back after playing. That's the great thing with Nintendo carts, they seem to hold some value.
  7. Currently on a 60" LG 4K telly with no HDR, the picture quality is decent as it was their last pre-HDR model, but as soon as the telly upstairs packs in I'll be looking at an upgrade and shifting this one upstairs. Shame you can't get the LG C9 anymore
  8. I think they'll take a hit on the disk-less PS5 as they'll make it back on digital sales £249 for the digital version £499 for the full fat.
  9. Peggle was the reason I wanted a smartphone!
  10. Just to add, having spent some more time with it, while annoying, I can see what they were aiming for with the AI, it's constant neck and neck racing, and while it could be tweaked, it's not "ruined", just FFFUUUUUU inducing
  11. I'd bin Crew Chief for ACC now, the in game spotter works well, and Crew Chief have said their spotter is unreliable in the game.
  12. Yeah I'm guilty of turning into Murry Walker at times. "HES SPUN!!!!"
  13. I try to stay out the discord now as I appreciate you guys want a bit of silence, but that's not my thing, quite like to yap when gaming with folks so I've been having private chat with @batistutauk on the 60 mins. I find push-to-talk distracting as well (infact even steam friends list popping up can throw my racing lol). I figure for the sprints I need to be in for the server reset etc, but endurance just runs itself.
  14. Good race tonight, plenty of action in the first half, picking up a wee bit of damage scuffing some cars going backwards sideways but then went a bit quiet on the 2nd half until catching Thor near the end and trying to stay close (but not too close) to pick up some SA points. I do struggle to pay attention towards the end of these 60min races.
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