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  1. Yeah I reckon it'll be after xmas before scalpers lose interest, although if there's money to be made what to stop them just continuing to buy up stock and flog on ebay.
  2. No worries man, these things happen, I took @Thor out in the 2nd race as I slid right into the back of him at the end of the straight, sorry about that. By lap 3 I had severe damage from smacking the wall, and it was race over for me. Was my first experience of GT4 in the rain and I killed the car trying to qualify as well :D.
  3. I'd love to pick this up on ps4, but not at £60.
  4. I so nearly caught @SneakyNinja around the 30 min mark before binning it and ending up sideways in the pit lane, seemed as good a time as any for a pit stop Loved the night rain racing, stressful but a welcome change from dry conditions. Seemed to have good pace but was always one wheel on a kerb away from donuts, of which I did a couple (or four). Also had zero contact which is unusual
  5. How's everyone feel about relaxing the car restrictions next season? I'm finding the sticking to one car less enjoyable, but interested to hear others thoughts.
  6. As an Xbox owner, I'm purely here to see pets with PS5s, don't let me down Muk!
  7. I really want to switch to that new Ferrari now, had some good fun with it last night, and will be my car of choice for next season. Anybody want to buy a Lambo? Low miles, one careful owner
  8. Jaysus, lost 5 SA doing 2 Imola races. Carnage. 1 point due to car behind at the start hitting me as soon as the lights went green. Really wish they'd sort that out in-game.
  9. Good luck man, took me about a day of patching all the stuff that I'd moved over from the Xbox One
  10. Tried sticking it in a bowl of rice?
  11. Formula Retro Racing Picked this up for £2.50 recently and left it for the new toy to arrive. It's virtua racer but runs smooth and looks vibrant. Probably not next gen but scratched my blue sky racing game itch Tetris Effect So many colours! Destiny 2 mmmm 4k and faster load times Dirt 5 mmmmm 120hz Forza Motorsport 7 much improved load times and sily smooth racing. Sitting on the backlog are Yakuza and Assassins Creed both of which I hope to sink some time into this weekend.
  12. Wasn't feeling it last night either, and as the advert goes "when the fun stops, stop". So went and watched Scotland scrape through in the football.
  13. I've cut back on my practise sessions as it's getting a bit grindy but shall be on for some racing tonight. SA 97, lets see what it is at the end
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