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  1. I'd nearly overlooked this. The first one I thought was alright, and didnt quite get the hate for it that some had. But this just feels a wee bit special. Find myself dipping right back into the same level to check out paths I missed / coins. One of the most polished 2D platformers I've played recently, and not too taxing on the old reflexes (yet!). Catchy music too, and still plenty of dad jokes.
  2. Cough, wheeze, hack, hack, cough, cough, cough.
  3. In no particular order : Burnout 3 / revenge Sega Rally Outrun coast to coast Trackmania series Wreckfest. All games I revisit regularly. Outrun on steam was / is the best purchase I ever made on steam. I would've put F-Zero but having recently replayed on switch, it's not aged well.
  4. Reviews I've read seem to suggest its half a game with the rest coming out via dlc / season pass. I'll wait for the inevitable price drop and pick up a cheap ultimate edition at some point or wait for gamepass.
  5. Of all the things to stump me it’s the sliding puzzle to clear a path around chapter 6. Although I’m loving the story and all the references the platforming can be very frustrating. Bit of a shame really.
  6. 3 was the best for me, although I did enjoy the super powers in 4.
  7. The audiobook is great, well worth grabbing a £3.99 a month audible trial and picking up. https://www.audible.co.uk/ep/399_membership
  8. Yeah, grab iso's buy the lifetime key for $5 and get the resolution ramped up as high as your pc can handle. This thread reminded me I need to sell my Dreamcast and gubbins as I'm never likely to go back to it with the emulation being as good as it is.
  9. David Hedison - Felix Leiter in Live & Let Die / Licence to Kill
  10. Yeah don't be rushing out to get a Pi4 just now - a lot of stuff isn't ready for it yet. Pi3 is fine for the majority of retro gaming up to PS1.
  11. Ah now wait. I'd like to apologise unreservedly for this misunderstanding, as it was not my intention to insult the mighty Bob. Bob Mortimer is awesome, heck I've watched him fishing and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I may be in the minority, but usually I'm skipping over the whole star in a reasonably priced car as it's the worst part of the show. With Bob being on it however, it was easily the best part. It was the just the rest that was a bit rubbish.
  12. Never - nobody's wrong on the internet! I've watched Top Gear for years, it's a Sunday night tradition. And for me it had found it's feet with Reid, Harris, and yeah I guess LeBlanc. You've got to give a lineup change time to bed in, but for me it's becoming a parody of itself. We're 4 episodes in and only Harris is doing the car reviews. The whole trip seemed to revolve around watching Paddy get stuck in a blatantly unsuitable car that he'd picked (yeah, right) and Flintoff helping to lift his motor out the mud. The previous episodes in this series had some laughs (and obviously the headbutt etc). But when you remove the guy who knows about cars (and how to find a gear in an old motor) from the road trip the shows weaknesses begin to come to the surface moreso than in previous episodes.
  13. Sod all else on at that time on a Sunday night. Plus I can then bitch on a forum about it.
  14. You know it's gone shit when Bob Mortimer is the best thing on it by miles! Couldn't give a flying f*ck about their challenge. The sooner the BBC accept Top Gear is dead and kill this abomination of a show the better.
  15. Looking forward to this - I see it comes bundled with Heavy Rain too - might sit and play through on couch co-op / pass the controller with Mrs Majestyk.
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