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  1. Friend request sent to @McSpeed and @GT3Will
  2. So can I join this if I play with a pad? Any other pad racers in this?
  3. Thanks @Meers I'll probably join for some Silverstone action, but even after setting some lap times I wasn't feeling it. Funnily enough I've also been enjoying GT Sport with a pad and having not long picked up a PS5 and also getting back into some PS3 stuff of all things, I'm defintely in more of a casual gaming mood this weather. I shall probably pick up the british dlc in a sale at some point.
  4. Haven't launched a controller since the megadrive pad days. If you launched one of them at a wall, you took a chunk out of the wall.
  5. I've gone through 3 xbox one pads. 2 of which MS fixed under warranty, 1 for stick drift and 1 for RB doing multiple clicks. I guess because we're just expected to throw stuff away and replace, they figure they can get away with manufacturing crap.
  6. Nah I'm fine with 30fps for action / open world games. But I'm noticing I struggle a lot more with 30fps racing games these days. Stuff like Assassins Creed is fine in 30 though.
  7. Picked it up on xbox a while back for £18. It's good fun, and as someone who didnt enjoy pcars1 and 2, it's a good arcade racer. Definitely had my money's worth out it.
  8. This has been painless for me. Ps4 external drive went in, load of patches came down. Figured I'd stick on Astrobot for a look before starting Miles Molasses and played Astro to the credits. What a great wee pack in game / controller demo / nostalgia trip. The UI is so responsive compared the the ps4 and the controller is a weighty beast. Liking the ps5 experience so far.
  9. Ace order arrived! Holy crap it's a big beast. PS4 drive detected and Miles Molasses installing.
  10. I went back to this after a break, and enjoyed the East Anglia quest. But then got dumped into the usual AC situation of being under-powered for the next area so I had to go grind some stuff. After an hour or so of doing that it's returned to the backlog. It looks nice, but it feels like a chore, and knowing there's still loads to grind out I really can't be arsed.
  11. https://www.ace.co.uk/shop/ps5-console Thanks to shawbot
  12. That was a waste of time, got to the basket, payment approved, checkout and server unavailable, basket emptied and kicked out. At least it looks like no payment pending.
  13. This runs pretty good on an i7-4790k with a 3070 at 720p. The odd stutter but nothing to complain about. By far the best version going, and enough to finally make me set up the pc for tv out again. I can see me finishing this over the weekend. I really hope the leak makes the people involved sort out the licensing issues and get this out there for everyone to enjoy again.
  14. It's going to be insane trying to get one of these just now. I'd imagine a lot of parents told their kids they'd get a PS5 when they came back into stock, so there's bound to be loads on stockinformer waiting for the siren to go off. Add folks who weren't too bothered but with lockdown extending and no winter breaks have decided they'd like one (me) and greedy people still wanting to buy as many as possible and flip on eBay or straight to CEX, it's going to be chaos.
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