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  1. Mr Majestyk

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    The controller is great - easily comparible to Xbox pad even though the angled design looks like it would be agony on your hands. I do find the lack of android games etc on it via the included play store a bit disappointing as I'm sure I've a few I've bought that would be compatible. I'll be interested to see what price Geforce Now comes in at when it goes live.
  2. They really need to lighten it up. I measured the length of Spectre by the amount of times the air con in the cinema kicked in, and the whole audience just trundled out at the end with mumblings of "that was shit" being heard. No laughs, no real blockbuster entertainment, just glum old Craig going through the motions as various action scenes are chained together. I fully expect them to do the same again for the next one, and while they should never go full Moore again on the series, there's surely got to be a better balance between gritty and entertaining.
  3. Mr Majestyk

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    Celeste. Too much twitch style platforming for my liking. Freebie on xbox, so don't feel bad abandoning it.
  4. For anyone wanting the game to accompany series 3, the XBone version is £12 on amazon just now, down from £25 - also the same on the MS store. PS4 is still full price. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/the-grand-tour-game-xbox-one-digital-download-pre-order-1199-amazon-3156808 It'll probably be shit, but I'll take a punt at that price.
  5. The 8bitdo nes30 seems to work pretty well. I've got it configured for player 2 as I primarily use the shield controller. If retrogamer do another subscription offer it's worth grabbing.
  6. Had a go with a FBA set (0.297) and tried Espgaluda - seemed to play fine although I'm no expert on how it should run.
  7. Drunk internet shopping FTW!! RetroX has a fairly decent front end, and @disperse and recoagulate I did buy the full version (used amazon pay). I'm not sure how well the shield will run cave shooters as I'm running the old mame 0.37b romset. I'll try and have a look for 0.139 set but it'll probably be January before I can spend any great time looking into it.
  8. Mr Majestyk

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Even at fifty quid I can't bring myself to buy this. £20 maybe, purely for the under the tv nostalgia. But when a pi3 and a shield emulate the psx far better than this effort, i really struggle to justify the purchase.
  9. Picked up one of the discounted shield tv consoles with controller recently and shoved on RetroX. http://www.retrox.tv Seems to work great with most systems including Dreamcast and ps1. Easily configured and just drop roms on a usb stick. More oomph than the pi3 by the looks of it.
  10. Mr Majestyk

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    According to my video I'm 103 hours on Everybodys Golf. Can blame the muk tourney for that one
  11. Mr Majestyk


    We got a Delonghi bean 2 cup machine a week ago and it's been a game changer. https://www.amazon.co.uk/DeLonghi-Magnifica-ESAM-4200-S-Silver/dp/B001EOMZ5E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1544776598&sr=8-1&keywords=delonghi+magnifica Great coffee with minimal hassle in the morning. So much so Mrs Majestyk has taken the Nespresso to her work. So far we've only used Gordon Street Coffee's Glasgow Roast on it, which has been really smooth to drink. Shall hopefully be getting a variety of beans for my Christmas to try out.
  12. Mr Majestyk

    The 2019 Xmas Sandwich Thread

    Currently scoffing the M&S Turkey Feast - which is gluten free. Despite not having any allergies to gluten I figured I'd try this one, and it's actually pretty decent. The bread is slightly dry (probably due to the gluten free thing - but I could be wrong), but the Turkey, Stuffing (gf), bacon and cranberry are well balanced. Probably be even better if I had a cup-a-soup instead of a can of lilt
  13. Mr Majestyk

    Katamari Damacy

    Bought and hopefully downloaded for when I get in from work!
  14. @crashedalex Thank you for some of my favourite games. Burnout and NFS Hot Pursuit are still games I'll go back to now for a quick blast. I can't wait to pick up Dangerous Driving.
  15. Mr Majestyk

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Harlequin was a decent Amiga platformer As far as emulation goes, I go back to Cannon Fodder, Lotus Turbo, Pinball Dreams / Fantasies and Super Skidmarks for occasional nostalgia blasts. I bought Superfrog remastered and really wish I hadn't.

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