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  1. Should update that - got into the 1:26:9xx in the Vantage Yep I'll be around tomorrow.
  2. me : "f*ck this game" also me : "maybe this setup will make me faster"
  3. The Untouchables Haven't watch this in years. Holds up remarkably well, unlike Sean Connery's "Irish" accent - but it's 007, so I'll let him off with that. 4 shtars out of 5
  4. Mario Odyssey for me. Walked in and picked up the Switch Odyssey pack on launch and even if that was the only game I'd played on the Switch it would still have been worth it for the absolute joy it gave me playing through it. Very reminiscent of getting my SNES with Mario World back in the day. In fact I need to kick Mrs Majestyk off Animal Crossing so I can play through it again!
  5. Mr Majestyk

    F1 2020

    Have picked this up on Steam. Despite rinsing 2018, 2019. cdkeys price was decent, but I wasn't paying the extra to get it unlocked 3 days early.
  6. I actually thought he'd died years ago. Love his work. And scored possibly my favourite scene in any film.
  7. It's not ideal with a pad, but it's perfectly playable (on PC, dunno about console versions). I'm evidently well off the pace of the tweakers and tinkers but I've found consistency is key in the random multiplayer. Much better that the original Assetto Corsa and easier the PCars, it's still on the sim side of racing but if you invest some time in learning the tracks, which you'll need to in order to boost your safety / track rating, it's pretty decent. I have the AI up at 90 and it's fair, but challenging.
  8. Mr Majestyk


    We got our magnifica in a black friday amazon deal a couple of years ago, best coffee related purchase we've made. It's used daily and makes a great cup of coffee.
  9. I've been experimenting between the Lambo, Ferrari and Audi, and there's not a great deal between them. I find the Audi gives marginally better cornering but you sacrifice speed on the straights. Best advice I can give is pick what your comfortable with as there's no clear winner for lap times.
  10. Just hit my safety rating of 78, so looking to try the competition servers. Definitely notice the improvement in racing the higher the rating gets, but it can still be absolute carnage. I tend to race my own race, just avoid contact where possible, and let folks collide. If someone is faster there's no point fighting it, just let them go. I tend to finish in the top 10 on most of the online races, mainly due to wipeouts. You can see from the highlights that with a pad the steering is quite jerky, but less so than Assetto Corsa. I'm still tinkering with the pad settings on AC so hoping to reach a happy medium. With the default I can barely turn the car at low speed, but by adjusting steering speed and deadzone I'm starting to get to grips with it. Very happy with my ACC purchase though.
  11. DLC is in the steam sale, 15% off. Yoink!
  12. £500 each. And you can pick up both for cheaper than an equivelant gaming PC At least that's my excuse for getting both
  13. Yep, up for a race - try and not mess up my pit stop this time
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