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  1. Nope didn't get 4000 point from redeeming either. Never seems to work with the eneba stuff.
  2. Its having the arm raised up aggravates it. Using a pad seems fine. Shall have a look through for pad settings as didn't see anything obvious on the search. 1.47 isn't too bad
  3. Seems like I have some tendon issues is my upper arm, so the wheel might be off the cards for a while. Anybody got any recommended settings for the xbox one pad Only got over my rotator cuff injury in the other arm a few months back, trying to avoid aggravating this for a couple of weeks and hoping I don't need physio!
  4. Cruella 4/5 expected it to stink, but a decent story and Emma Thompson was excellent as the villain.
  5. It's a shitload better looking than the queens corgi though . I've been wowed a few times with it, performance/rt all the way. Dropped into quality mode and last about 5 mins on 30fps. Not planning on rushing it and trading in as I'm happy to rinse the side quests and ng+ on this.
  6. Heads up, this is £8 odd on eneba via argentina vpn just now. At that price, I'm in!
  7. American Traitor : The Trial Of Axis Sally. 4/5 Would've been a 3/5 but gets an extra point for Pacino.
  8. Aye, saw the times and that's when I realised I goofed!
  9. F*cked up and set a lap time in the aston gt3 - ignore me
  10. Picked this up for 6.99 and it’s great. Immersive mode strips out all the ubi grind and it’s a really solid shooter. Loving the sniper rifles. Very pleasantly surprised and will get my money’s worth out it The ai teammates are actually decent as well.
  11. Bayonetta Dropped to easy mode as I'm crap, and had a blast firing through it. Only took best part of a decade.
  12. Highlander 4 out of 5. Sean Connery doing a brilliant job of his accents as always.
  13. Army of the Dead 3/5 A bit too long, some nice effects. Decent enough Friday night movie. Won’t be rewatching.
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