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  1. Naieve

    Is the summer drought here already?

    Yeah, I've just started Spider-man and have Sekiro to open after that
  2. Naieve

    Pokemon Go

    I think they're both okay and easy to acquire candy for but aren't the best Ice (Mamoswine) or Grass (Roserade) attackers.
  3. Boats? The master of coin better set some cash aside for building ramps!
  4. Felt a lot like the end of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
  5. Naieve

    Pokemon Go

    Lucky trades have good IVs in line with a research encounter / raid boss. The 2 I’ve done so far have come out at 98%
  6. Naieve

    The Boxing Thread

    Breazeale looked really flabby, like one of those people who lose 20 stone and have to get the excess skin chopped off
  7. the best thing about the game of thrones intro is there's a guy called Bryan Cogman writes the show and his name pops up when there's loads of cogs and gears on the screen and I have a chuckle. Every time.
  8. are the characters not a bit younger in the books also? cos throwing a strop at a party, hiding in her room and then having a big tantrum would probably work fine if she was 15
  9. fuck thaaaat I think Tyrion was hoping to avoid a massacre but his look when Varys said he hoped he wasn't dying for nothing showed how much confidence he had. Poor Centrist dwarf.
  10. Naieve

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    Lost was amazing, a couple of episodes from the end some god guy describes the island as a metaphorical cork stopping the release of evil. Last episode, there's an actual big fucking cork and everyone is in purgatory lolz loooolz The end of Space Above and Beyond is so brutal
  11. is it just really bright or is there something else in VR which makes it bad?
  12. Naieve

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Garth Ennis' Sara is out in trade now (previously it was just a expensive slipcase full of single issues). Definitely one to pick up if you like his War Stories / Battlefields output.

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