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  1. playing this with a mirror and taking photos on my ipad and drawing lines on them and shit
  2. I think it was an atomic drop but I'll miss it aswell, especially the noise it makes (loads of people were moaning about the flashbang noise on twitter, their PR guy said they were going to change it )
  3. Maybe they'll explore how the Flintstones' and the Jetsons' societies actually exist at the same time above and below the clouds, Eloi and Morlock style.
  4. every so often the rumours come around again that some celebrity or other has caught chlamydia 'from a koala' . always funny
  5. I miss launch titles like Wreckless where they just turn on every possible graphical effect the new console can do regardless of how weird and garish it looks and people are all like 'omfg next gen!!!!'
  6. neat, Heaven's Design Team got an anime. The manga is good fun, it's about an office full of people who design animals for God.
  7. Big Budget Deadliest Warrior!! I'd buy that for a dollar
  8. Jesus the ear ringing noise on Estel’s flash bang attack is fucking horrific. I hope they tone it way down before release
  9. None of the Battlefield games have a good campaign. edit: Bad Company might have.
  10. TBH they'd struggle trying to use the original cast.
  11. Really enjoyed the first 2 issues of Dead Dogs Bite, a comic about a girl trying to find her missing best friend. It's by the guy who drew 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank and has a similar humour to it. Lots of weird Twin Peaks small-town-America characters.
  12. I never knew the stone age lasted for like 3 million years. That's crazy.
  13. I like Elizabeth Banks but I find it hard to believe that anyone would want this.
  14. Homer, did you shine your head in the Shine-O-Ball-O? No.
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