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  1. Such a fanny done all the new missions now, mostly alone. Good fun in the most, anything involving the trains makes me happy.
  2. this is such a stone cold steve banger. The end is amazing
  3. gah wish I'd known that before dropping a load of gtabux on it. None of the phonecall dialog from Moodymann (he's such a fanny) and his girl is loading in my game. What a shame This reminded me of GTAO https://i.imgur.com/qSq5DD1.mp4
  4. I only just found out you can eat sweets to refill your life and keep topping up your body armour in GTA Online. Would have been helpful at various points in the last decade or so
  5. Did anyone read Season 2 of Morrison's run on Green Lantern? It reads like the pages are out of order or it's meant to be manga style right to left or something. Total gibberrish. Art is quite fun though. Very 2000AD
  6. The new update seems pretty cool, I quite like how shortcuts work in the new races.
  7. you've made that one up also what's the thing in with the PS4?
  8. Those bullet cams will be an experience in VR :boak:
  9. Little did he know he was still in the tutorial section.
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