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  1. Psycho Cut gives more charge energy so it's the better fast move IMO. For charged moves you want Psystrike and Shadow Ball (if you have enough candy for a second move and an Elite Charged TM to get it)
  2. is that McLovin in the back row? I enjoyed Gaiman's run. I would imagine Kirby's is great but I haven't read it Kieron Gillen just started a run on Eternals which has been pretty good so far.
  3. Legends of the Fall Another western epic melodrama. I could watch Anthony Hopkins snap at people all day (in fact I might re-watch Bounty at some point since that's pretty much all he does in that movie). Fucking mental though, Brad Pitt (presumably this made him a megastar if he wasn't already) goes pure radge and starts scalping dudes in World War 1 and nobody seems especially concerned about it. Probably has the most long shots of people reacting to other people arriving than any movie ever. Tiny john woo shootout at the end My second favorite collaboration between Hopkins and
  4. and let Pokemon's 25th anniversary go unmarket? Thousands didn't die at the Poke-Sommé for that shit
  5. Mr Combo Breaker


  6. chug chug chugchugchug chugchugchug chugchugchug chug chug chugchugchug chugchugchug chugchugchug circlepit
  7. Mr Combo Breaker


    Big Sleeping Dogs vibes, just naturally satisfying connections of fists and goons. When the player character booted some mook through some wooden railings it looked so great.
  8. to be fair the next Fumito Ueda game is still coming, just from his own company. Whether it appears this gen or not is a different story.
  9. I like how the patches you earn in the challenge mode carry into the main game and appear on Deake’s jacket
  10. Warn everyone about the bat soup! With the kanto event it's pretty much the same this week as it was back then....
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