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  1. 2024's big hit of the summer announced
  2. apart from Sega and Sammy are there any other Sega Sammy Companies?
  3. I'm holding off until we hear what @NEG thinks
  4. is that the little guy from Kuru Kuru Kurrurin above CJ's head? edit: hmm, looks like there was a GC sequal out in 2004. Live 'n' Learn I remember playing Halo 2 in french and being brutally dissapointed. the pain.
  5. Please believe us, this won't be like all the other reboots and cash-ins. We promise!
  6. plus bombing around san andreas in your bright orange Entiy XF is fast and inherently enjoyable, going from place to place on your horse takes ages and isn't.
  7. Not knowing what mons the rocket leaders are going to use makes the whole thing kind of a pain in the arse. It's easier to just look online at what team to put out instead of standing there in the cold failing a bunch.
  8. Was a commission piece I think rather than published art http://www.felixcomicart.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=23766
  9. i think they are teasing a new sexy eevolution called VAGINION
  10. look at the hairy legs on this Paul Pope Lone Wolf & Cub drawing
  11. I wonder if it's 10 years after the timeline of the last season? or 10 years after the future-set finale with hilarious clear acrylic hologram phones?
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