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  1. it'd take an awful lot of £3.99 Gamepass subscriptions to recoup that
  2. maybe it'll turn out all the Real World stuff from the 2 sequals was actually still inside the Matrix. Like that episode of Rick And Morty with David Cross *what a twist.jpeg*
  3. I think he expected being Batman to be Wicked Awesome and it was actually Wicked Shite.
  4. They're just waiting for a bloke with a Saw Cleaver to put them out of their misery
  5. I wish this had the original comedy body proportions SOCCER MONSTERS GO!
  6. Chi No Wadachi (the English name is Blood On The Tracks ) is getting horrifically tense (not quite as bad as Flowers of Evil which actually made me feel nervous in my stomach at points). Oshimi's art style is fairly simple (or clean) but he has a way of drawing people that makes them look completely fucking mental in a way that gives me the fear.
  7. I'm a massive sucker for a basketball movie (Hoosiers!!!!!) and still a massive sucker for the Afflek. The director wrote Warrior (the Tom Hardy MMA one) which was great so I'm looking forward to this.
  8. Went to the big Morrisons just to buy these. They didn't have any
  9. Can you jump straight in to playing people's games or do you have to play through a bunch of Stephen Fry voiced tutorials first?
  10. I was writing lists of shit on paper and taking pictures of stuff on the screen with my phone like some sort of lunatic
  11. Sweet, get to play that section on the stairs in NG2 without it turning into a comedy slideshow.
  12. I caught the end of last night's, Titanic scenes
  13. Like Last Action Hero? FUCK YES! Is Morpheus coming back? I'd love to see him trying to kick people nowadays.
  14. Different shield, TBH. Although his Secret Warriors run was quite Shield'y in the traditional 'Nick Fury, vaguely facist homeland security shitbags' mold.
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