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  1. Dunno about Conan but I expect everything is owned by Disney or Fox to some extent so as the licenses come to an end they move to marvel.
  2. And done. What a waste of time
  3. Biped looks good but I’ve no one to play it with
  4. Copra is well good. They should have let Michel Fiffe make the suicide squad movie
  5. I disagree about the combat but I don't think it ever quite reaches the heights of Winter from the first game. That whole section and the pacing of it was astonishing
  6. The worm is definitely turning on 4chan. Not ever the women hating incels can resist such violence
  7. Yeah it’s great, the anime is good fun. Super comfy
  8. A PS5 version with all the little loading sections removed, no more lifting beams and squeezing through gaps :D:
  9. gah possible baddie for TLOU3 https://i.imgur.com/HgyxK8r.mp4
  10. gah, why didn't it occur to me to shoot Fuckboi with that Nerf bow and arrow. One for NG+
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