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  1. Definitely. As are those big gas cylinders from the trailer. Maybe they'll bring back that little sticky bomb gun from Halo 4.
  2. or like the Just Cause games where they don't even bother The Covvies have always been fan of big blue shield bubbles. I'd expect to see a few big ones in Halorizon
  3. The most important thing is there’s none of those half framerate baddies which made Halo 5 vaguely nauseating
  4. I hope you get to fight on and around the jagged broken edges of the ring
  5. I bet co-op has been delayed to try and stop pairs of hook-shotters skipping the entire game, BoTW style.
  6. Baby Cortana seems annoying as fuck but at least she isn't dressed like a world war 2 fighter pilot I bet you'll be able to upgrade your diddling tentacle to grab grunts and smack brutes with them.
  7. I pretty much just want to give my marine dudes rocket launchers and pop them in the passenger seat of a warthog and watch them rekting fuck out of everyone we drive past.
  8. I bet it'll be like MGS2, you'll spend an hour running about on a Halo shooting wort wort worting Elites as the Chief and then you switch to Firefly Guy and fight Prometheans and learn about the Forerunner's war with pre-historic spacefaring humans for 20, with loads of Cortana and her battle with space dementia.
  9. Frank Millers Daredevil, Waid’s Daredevil Garth Ennis’ punisher max Morrisons New X-Men
  10. and then you get it and it's only like 1.8whatever real life terrorbites and you are all like FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU
  11. The trailer basically shows the entire movie Looks good though, some of the drone shots whipping around columns looked proper cool.
  12. yeah but how much bullshit did you have to do? could you have spent the same amount of time checking vending machine slots for loose change and made more money? I hate this gamification of gaming Whenever I come back from the toilet or whatever and the xbox has popped up a nice suggestion of a fun activity I'd like to undertake for cheevos or reward points I have a proper immature reaction. Like they want me to run over a load of grunts in a warthog? nah mate I'm gonna walk instead.
  13. Yeah I think Tom Holland is great but it really does need a grown-assed man in the role. It'll be weird watching him shoot hundreds and hundreds of south african mercenaries .
  14. First you get an extra heart, then you get big fuckoff shoulderpads, then you get the women. unfortunately the women are from the Adepta Sororitas and are deeply unfriendly.
  15. the fuck? That whole production sounds like a fucking deathtrap.
  16. I know what these words mean in isolation at least
  17. oh shit son! https://www.europecomics.com/album/6-they-all-fall-down/
  18. Lindsay Lohan on the GTAV loading screen. Or not
  19. Honestly you should be fine just battering into it, I’ve just read Loose Ends and it looks like that was Moore sweeping everything he didn’t need out of the way. The rest should stand on its own fine.
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