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  1. Is the human kid Atreaus befriends meant to look like BoTW Link? I know they want to set it apart from the originals but it would have been badass if the original god of war theme kicked in at some point when you were whupping arse. or this
  2. Is he the new ork leader guy since the dude from game of thrones quit?
  3. he's a cretin. The game totally deserved more success but it's their own fault for it 1) it looking like a completely generic mix of The Last Of Us and Sons of Anarchy. 2) launching in a horrible state with shitloads of progression stopping bugs. Plus the game is actually vaguely woke itself. Deacon gets called out on various bullshit by women, there's a gay couple and a sympathetic character who actually talks in favour of peace instead of mass murder. Also Deacon's had been blatantly shagging Boozer up in their cozy watch tower. That's the real reason he goes off the rails, the loss of his hand is just a metaphor for the loss of his life partner.
  4. the new Candlemass is a bit samey but the guitar tone is absolutely sick as fuck. Really elevates it
  5. Insane value, I might buy it again
  6. Maybe they gave it a 7 cos that one girl is black.
  7. the 3 on 1 fight was rough. I did it (after completing the story) by locking on to one of the left and spamming EVERYTHING (ie all 6 runic attacks then a realmshift with lots of spear flailing) into her stupid face which left only the other guy who isn't too tough on his own. The Bifrost heavy one is a bastard as well. The Berserker King and Gnu I dropped it down to super easy like a biiiitch
  8. I wish there was a setting to just activate Frost / Burnyfire / Windywind automatically as soon as the gauge is full. I've only started remembering to use it in the endgame
  9. God of War 4 basically copied this for the climax of their story. The big fat copiers I don't know why he has a crowbar in this version. I try not to spend too much time google image searching anything to do with Sonic the Hedgehog because of all the perverts.
  10. Peach in her motorbike suit *sploosh*
  11. stolen from resetera God Of War: Ragnarok - 7 Somerville - 7 Pentiment - 9 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II - 6 Gotham Knights - 5 The Chant - 6 Sonic Frontiers - 3 A Little To The Left - 6 The Entropy Centre - 5 Marvel Snap - 8 How To Say Goodbye - 6 haha fuck you Sonic
  12. oof that'll have them howling Mopping up endgame stuff now, rocking all realm-shift gear so I'm like a big lumbering furious Bayonetta
  13. Full Speed or Nothin', Rory The Racing Caaaarrr
  14. I had Atreus randomly show up in the background of a dream sequence except he was a wee bit too big compared to everything else and then he went invisible in the next cut scene. Was pretty funny
  15. If this isn't widely known as the yellow album I'll be quite surprised. New song is quite cheesy, but not in a bad way.
  16. or Blackpool or the Epcot Centre Elliot was brutal. I lol'd. I also liked the big squirt of blood which went on the camera at one point.
  17. drop as in throw but miss? I got an Articuno with a critical catch. I was all like haha! FUCK YOUUUUUUUU
  18. *Establishing shot with the Eiffel Tower in the background* *Caption: PARIS* is it, aye??
  19. Space Miners vs Space Tories yaaaaas. Forming your dead into bricks and using them to cave in police heads is absolutely a tradition that should be adopted in this country.
  20. occasionally Fredo is all like 'I see something' and I'm all like 'do ye, aye?'. Point or something dude.
  21. I'm a big fan of automatically picking up items as an option. Loot Vacuum baby!
  22. I hate it cos it's the only way to get Galarian Articuno, Moltres and the other one but they spawn incredibly rarely and almost always run away. Bastards
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