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  1. the fuck? That whole production sounds like a fucking deathtrap.
  2. I know what these words mean in isolation at least
  3. oh shit son! https://www.europecomics.com/album/6-they-all-fall-down/
  4. Lindsay Lohan on the GTAV loading screen. Or not
  5. Honestly you should be fine just battering into it, I’ve just read Loose Ends and it looks like that was Moore sweeping everything he didn’t need out of the way. The rest should stand on its own fine.
  6. The first chapter should be one called The Anatomy Lesson. It was an ongoing when Moore started but that was his first issue. What went before doesn’t really matter much he chucked it all out edit. Lol turns out I’m wrong and Moore wrote the previous issue as well. I don’t think I’ve ever read it as it’s not in the collections I’ve got either.
  7. Oooof. Chi no Wadachi / Blood On The Tracks is getting a bit intense. It's none of my business obviously but I'd love to know more about Oshimi Shuzo's relationship with his Mum 4chan recommended Boys Abyss as a similar book but TBH it's half overblown melodrama and half harem bullshit. Dissapointing. I've fallen down an etsy knockoff merch rabbithole today, look at this awesome badge of that little bastard Souichi.
  8. First you take an idea which has already been done, then you give it a title that nobody could possibly like, what were you thinking sir?
  9. album cover and title of the year
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