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  1. Could be good, the creator has mostly done franchise bullshit but both women are great and the director did Chernobyl
  2. Allicent does good crazy eyes acting. She looks stressed as fuck
  3. Don’t think so, I’m using a 1080p telly from the pre Cambrian era
  4. Worst day for night shooting I’ve ever seen. You’d think it was set in an eclipse. If they did this on an episode of Home & Away people would lose their jobs. apart from that it was great. Weddings and Funerals are a such a riot, you’d think GRRM was Scottish.
  5. they should cast that trans alien from the libraries.
  6. does getting pumped 6-1 drop your Ultimate Team ranking?
  7. Dude literally said ‘c’mere old bloke I’ve got a job for you’. Then later you saw said old bloke doing the job.
  8. the new slipknot is pretty forgettable. The last album had more standout tracks.
  9. where they were all chasing his prison bus thing? Had he abandoned them?
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