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  1. That’s not true. They were all about to die when someone turned up to save them by pure luck. Literally happened twice in the space of about 5 minutes!!!! caught in a crossfire like idiots and then pinned down from above also like idiots.
  2. Batman Returns is incredible. It was the first 12 rated movie I saw at the cinema. I was 9 Zack Snyder can blow me
  3. w00t I'm not one to argue for taking games away from Treasure but they should be allowed to do a Bangai-o game. or DLC set
  4. I liked that, the fact that they are steering a spaceship which moves in 3 dimensions with a big fuckoff wheel* entertains me. I'd have gone the whole hog and had the Mandalorians swinging over from their own ship with laser ropes instead of fighting on the ground. (personally I'd use a big fuckoff trackball) Actually, the best bit was the drunk pirates shooting at those laughing jabbas palace muppets in the tree and then later them warning the Mandalorians that they were walking into an ambush. That was good stuff.
  5. the best most memorable First Order variant was the AT-AT with a weird chin and knuckle feet on the front legs They need to introduce a Dog-alien who is a goodie. it's too racist to have them all pirates and organ smugglers and whatnot.
  6. I've been replaying as Moze recently as I'd only played the Casino DLC at the time. Love, Guns & Tentacles, Bounty of Blood and the Kreig DLC were all fantastic, highly recommended. Now I'm playing about in Mayhem mode, which gets comically hard quite quickly. I'd forgotten about the teaser in the main story. That's genius. Hopefully #4 will be announced at E3..
  7. it's actually fairly different if you do an image search. It's a cool design. I'd buy a lego one. Speaking of Lego, apparently a yet to be announced set has some big spoilers for the end of the series, so maybe one to try and avoid if you frequent lego leak sites as much as I do, which I'm sure loads of you do
  8. The Mandalorians definitely killed that R5 bot for betraying their location. I found the ending really tense I thought the space-polis was going to get blasted. And he'd never get to go back to his sweet flyboy base on space-okinawa.
  9. Yeah. I’d call Elden Ring the best game of all time and I’m still happy Vampire Survivors won.
  10. don't skip Mask of the Phantasm!
  11. some Young People music today. Don't let the spoken bit put you off
  12. it's not about strength it's about cowardice, creeping up behind the guy and nudging him with his head. In the video you can see one of the Celtic players running up getting ready to kick his head in cos she has self respect. Anyhoo, enough about Scotland's Shame on our day of triumph
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