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  1. Oooh. I'll open up or come visit in a couple of hours if you're around. Are you after any flowers?
  2. Does anyone have native roses or cosmos? Needing both of those to complete my collection. The ocd is real. I'm having to re arrange everything I've done over the past two hours in order to fit two more flower beds jn...
  3. Just got my first hybrid flower ! I've now decided to spend the next few hours completely re landscaping my island to get more. Totally addicted.
  4. I think you can custom paint job the guitar.
  5. Suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed with all the nook ticket options and the new visitor centre! :/
  6. Anyone encountering this problem? I just visited a friends town, dropped some things, bought from shop, then clicked - and return to island and I have the same items as before I visited them. Hasn't updated. Weird?
  7. Can send you an amp tomorrow. What's your name and town?
  8. SkittlesYO from Hyrule is in the market for towel racks (standing and hanging) and other select bathroom items. I have a great item to match the skeleton..
  9. My gf tried to donate a shark in my museum and it didn't let her. It might be to distinguish between local players only.
  10. I'm in Singapore at an outdoor private gym. I am the only one here. Relax.
  11. Let me check when back from the gym dude !
  12. I have some spare fossels I can send you dude.
  13. My man. Hit me up when you're online later!
  14. Dedicated bathroom/spa coming along nicely. @Weavus would love that towel rack and @b00dles that Japanese toilet! Is there anything you guys are looking for?
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