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  1. I managed to snag one of the last pre-orders in Singapore and paid 465 GBP with an extra controller for the full version. The shop had marked it up an extra 30 GBP but it looks like I got an OK price?
  2. Got one in Singapore. Island wide sold out in minutes . My friend alerted me that his company just posted 30 units and I managed to grab the last one. 470.00 Pound sterling including an extra controller. Whoops. Just SO hard to resist a new console launch.
  3. Because it's probably 3x the price of the 65? $$$
  4. Nice! How the hell did you get here during covid! Let's get a beer. If you want to build yourself go to sim Lim but Aftershock is wicked for pre/ custom builds. Local company. I got mine there.
  5. Is this actually on game pass? Saw an intro offer for 1 pound for the first month.
  6. Thanks for that @Siri - i think i've settled on Crusader Kings 3. IGN 10 - looks insane
  7. I've been losing many hours to World of Warships, it is absolutely fantastic and looks incredible in full spec. Still playing Warzone and haven't played Anno for a while. Any recommendations?
  8. jesus christ. How many hours? And how did you take down the fat woman (blue character) I only just started building on the island the queen gives you and the 'new world'.
  9. I'm absolutely loving the thread and updates. +1
  10. If a fighter is absolutely out, as in the case with the earlier one, they should have the option of shouting "I quit". Enjoyed the card but need to catch up on prelims as it was an early start here.
  11. It took me about 7 restarts before I was running smoothly and now i'm 60 hours deep. You learn from your mistakes and can very quickly catch up. The production Demand/Supply bar chart helps a lot, shows you what you're missing to keep people happy, happy people pay much greater taxes. In some cases it is better to have a downranked house that is max happy than to upgrade and have them unhappy. If you click the house, it shows you what additional stuff you can give them. It's so damn good
  12. Chaps, is it OK to use these for GPU/CPU boosting if I don't have liquid cooling? Or will they dynamically adjust according to the temperature? Thanks a lot for the info. I'm also in a tropical climate where the room temperature without AC will be 25-34 degrees, if i'm gaming at night i'll have the AC on to 20 degrees or so.
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