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  1. Oh really!! I don't seem to have any fire.. have j missed something?
  2. Re ogre. What's the triangle symbol that appears when he's downed sometimes? Also any tips welcome he's crushing me.
  3. Also that first general whooped me at least 30 times but eventually figured out you could sneak up on him and land 1 critical hit which helped a lot. I was getting so mad earlier every time he defeated me I almost rage quit. So glad I didn't.
  4. Ok I was really struggling at first, just like with the start of Bloodborne but it's just clicked and I absolutely love it. Up to the ogre. Grappling around is so satisfying and it's extremely smooth.
  5. I'm only at the first guy who shows the Kanji signs but this is absolutely nails hard so far. Has anyone else slowed down the camera? I've just set it to 0 and it's a lot more atmospheric I think
  6. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Absolutely non intentional, I am sure he is one of the cleanest guys in the ufc
  7. I hope they buy AntStream at a huge valuation. Good luck guys.
  8. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Till should move up in weight i reckon. Not sure where he goes at welter now.
  9. skittles

    The Division 2

    Also had a game breaking bug twice and had to pull my PS4 power chord.. Other than that, loved it and got up to level 6 before the server maintenance.
  10. skittles

    The Division 2

    Just downloaded on PS4. Any adds would be appreciated. @skittlewood I'm on +8 UK time zone. Have a bottle of wine and a pizza at the ready and will be on for the next few hours New game. Excited !
  11. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    It must be difficult as a celebrity to have cameras in your face at all times. I can understand the frustration but, cannot lash out like that.
  12. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Conar arrested again. Lol.
  13. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Yeah he's a class dude. BJ Penn fighting clay guida. He has become an embarrassment! Does he need the cash?
  14. For this interested to play, 5 quid rental?
  15. Never played tenchu..

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