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  1. Me and the girl I am seeing downloaded this on our switches last night and played together for a good 5 hours online in the same room. It was SO much fun. Took me a long time to figure out what I was doing and the menus etc but I think it has started to click now. Are there any tips or guides for me to read up on? She's so well versed and I feel like a noon. I'm playing as the lizard and i'm not sure if I am leveling up the correct stats for my abilities. Can I respec them? We hit level 3 yesterday in Fort Joy and had an epic battle with 3 frogs we found in a cave through a barricade.
  2. 8-0 and sterling and zinchenko didn't play. Ffs
  3. Sounds like he needs reviving !
  4. Oh nice. Just did that. Excellent stuff!. Up to level 18 now and my main 3 weapons are ranked around 280. Is it worth keeping /storing legendary guns? A few of mine seem a bit under powered now at around level 230.
  5. How do we use these? I found the place to use them in the sanctuary but where do we colevt the keys?
  6. I've died a number of times on normal and a hundred times I've had a second chance. Up to level 16. Ive got some guns that I like. A legendary and couple of others. Is there anyway to upgrade them at all so they don't become underpowered too quickly?
  7. OK that's good to hear. Thanks
  8. Does anyone else find the text in the menu almost unreadable? I got a new ps4pro and am playing 1080p on a projector but the text is really rough to read. Projector seems fine. I used the hdmi 2 that's provided with the pro and pro seems to be outputting 1080p. Any thoughts?
  9. Level 13 and just completed the third World and a host of side missions on the first. Had my ex gfs brother over and we set up another TV and ps4 next to my projector. Well spent 6 hours.
  10. This is out tomorrow. Can't wait.
  11. Are you watching this kickboxing fight! We need more stand up fights like this. Excellent
  12. He does doesn't he. Excellent finish from the Japanese guy just now.
  13. One fc event is on now. All muay thai /kickboxing and you can watch it on YouTube.
  14. How is the resolution on the current rift? Can you notice the pixels still?
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