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  1. Thank you for organising @Jamie John - Mrs Skittles is beyond thrilled. She danced around like a mad man this morning with joy! She made a speech. Will post it..
  2. Ok I think we have visited everyone and I think everyone has visited us... Pls let us know if we missed someone ! Write up and screen shots coming.
  3. Could we try again today please? We went to bed early so missed it. We have visited so far Uncle Mike Mrpranny JamesH I think we need to see letsbook and bimbam and we are good?
  4. Ok nice. She will also visit you guys then too. Keep us posted when open. I think 4 people so far have visited Mrs Skittles.
  5. Mrs SkittlesYO will be open for the rest of the day. Dodo code Kt0q8 Once majority have visited, she can come check out the others
  6. She also needs to visit the other competitors . Please tag me when you're open x
  7. Had my my first run last night playing local co-op. Any tips? We managed I think rank C max once but mostly Ds.. What are we doing wrong?
  8. Good stuff everyone. Mrs Skittles is 3044-6034-0836 @letsbook and Mrs Skittles are both on the same time zone (+7) Is there an efficient way of organising the viewings? I might suggest that at least for the 2x (+7) people, we organise a group visit next Saturday morning your time (our afternoon).
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