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  1. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Dude looks insane. Can't wait for his next fight.
  2. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I do love how one will show elite level muay Thai and kickboxing matches. And the new ring is reminiscent of the pride days.
  3. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I was at the event and you heard that right hand all over the arena. He was in surgery for 9 hours. Gutted aoki lost. Can't believe he let that arm bar slip.
  4. skittles

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Lol @Paul3704 It was 10/10 Non stop action, super unique fighting scenes, didn't take itself too seriously. "Yeah" Well played Keanu. Looked great on the big screen too.
  5. skittles

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Volkanovski looked really good. And to do that in Brazil is something else. Those years of being a 200lb rugby player are certainly beneficial to his strength and conditioning
  6. skittles

    Impossible burger

    Beyond sausages are great. Have you tried the beyond burger? I don't like it.
  7. skittles

    Impossible burger

    I couldnt get into it. The first two bites are ok, but then it just doesn't taste like meat. Try the impossible. Seriously good. It's all over Singapore right now.
  8. skittles

    Impossible burger

    Sorry that was terrible English. The beyond foods company , which makes fake meat, recently listed on the stock exchange.
  9. skittles

    Impossible burger

    Has this kicked off on the UK yet? The beyond burger company went IPO recently and bounced 100+ per cent day 1. The beyond burger is, imo, absolute shite, first bite is ok but then it just doesn't taste like beef. The Impossible burger on the other hand, on a blind taste test, smells, tastes and feels like beef. It's unbelievable and its only going listingto get better. This will change the meat game and industry if it can get past the lobbyists, burger king will be distributing through the US soon. Top impossible, bottom beef. Please go try.
  10. Thanks dudes. Tell me this, I still can't find secret rooms. I'm not seeing any difference when I shoot the walls. I read there's always one secret room per floor, correct? How to find lah
  11. Had a good run this morning and got to the last boss but sadly I only had 1.5 heart containers. Had some absolutely sick weapons and managed to perfect the first three bosses. Got the final boss to half health which wasn't bad at all. What should I be doing now? I guess unlocking the fast tracks to levels 3,4 and 5 and then trying to complete this mystery gun. Anything else? Is there much point to the secret levels?
  12. Christ! What have you done.
  13. Hold up, so all of this, just to open up a secret level? Does it perma unlock or would I need to do this nonsense each time?! (still havent managed it, been so so close) Got to level 5 yesterday and it just cranked up the difficulty. Love it.
  14. What a wicked little dude! I still can't get that damn armour to the level 2 alter. It's infuriating.

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