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  1. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Yancy looked pretty poor I thought. Head up and hands down. Not surprised he got lit up. Super nice guy though. How funny is the black beast? Haha. Overall a pretty decent card I thought.
  2. Blade Runner 2049

    Watched for the first time last night and could easily be one of my favourite movies of the last few years. Can't wait to watch again. Probably helped that I watched on a very nice screen and sound system, stunning AV.
  3. I think Odyssey is my least favourite of Galaxy 1/2, 64 and Sunshine. The mechanics and levels were super cool but it was just too easy. They should have made it a lot harder and with less moons to find.
  4. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Just finished that boss. Brilliant. Took me 6 attempts. What is the forum consensus view on this game? It's been so perfect to pick up and play and is one of the most charming i've played for so long! The bosses, the animations, the rabbids, even the levels are just excellent. I wish the overworld was more explorable and not limited to the paths because it looks so cool.
  5. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Blaydes did very well to recover after that first round. Props to him for doing what he needed to do. Executed the game plan perfectly. Can we talk about how sick that Kimura was also?? Guy looked very composed. Actually, there were some brilliant fights on the card thinking about and some really classic post-fight interviews in the cage. "Im going to head home, fire up my motorbike and drive really fast, make love to my wife like a man does and then consume a reasonable amount of beer"
  6. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Weidman needs another fight. This record does not deserve a shot.
  7. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    In contrast I love just having UFC as an option, but then I don't follow any other sports. For me it's perfect, wake up 7am Sunday morning , sprawl on the sofa for 5 hours and order McDonald's breakfast. I love it. The whole card was actually pretty good and I enjoyed it. Poor rockhold, he was out before the second shot landed. They should make yoel face jacare before Whittaker. Seems fair.
  8. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Why didn't he just give up some of his purse ?
  9. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    My kane captain paid off on this double game week. NAWT. West Ham two pics did though. 2 assists. If only I put in carroll ! I thought about it..
  10. Post Your Gaming Setups

    That is disgustingly nice.
  11. Post Your Gaming Setups

    There's no escape from home cinema perfection . It's an old black and white officers house from when the British were here. Not sure what the original idea was but they're by far the best value for money in Singapore. Double ceilings, huge garden etc. Can really pump the volume and nobody can hear.
  12. Post Your Gaming Setups

    Also much prefer grills off but missus having none of it. It's such beautiful engineering.
  13. Post Your Gaming Setups

    Today I finally mounted my TV and bought the speakers of my dreams. It was very fun to wire up. Will work on cable management this weekend. I've been a fan and owner of monitor audio speakers since 2003, I always looked at the high end gold series and never thought I'd own them. Panasonic 65 vt50 Arcam avr 600 Monitor audio gold gs60 Monitor audio radius 180hd center and rears. Switch. PS4.
  14. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Khabib to take barboza down in the first30 seconds of each round and keep him there. We won't see those kicks unleashed.
  15. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Missed the Kane train this season massively. And sterling. I cannot WAIT for wildcard on 1st..

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