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  1. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Really want to watch TUF. I don't understand why it's not on fight pass.
  2. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    The parrying system is so damn smooth! The transitions between each action is incredible. I had my girlfriend and her friend watching me play and all 3 of us were so completely blown away. The cinematics and action on the 3rd boss were insane. It was also hilarious watching their reactions. I think there's definitely a Gogglebox/twitch like market for girl/girlfriend° reactions to video game run throughs. °girls not just got girls
  3. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Hi. First time playing god of war. Second or third difficulty? Competent gamer but not huge amounts of time..
  4. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    UFC 226 is STACKED. Potential for card of the year.
  5. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    It's a solid card actually.
  6. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    The sooner someone does the Netflix of sports the better.
  7. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Is tuf on fight pass? I can't seem to find it.
  8. Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Played my triple captain on smalling. Got so so lucky he bagged a goal. If only he got a clean sheet in the first game! How did that Sanchez captain work out @Commander Jameson
  9. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Really enjoyed that. Anyone listen to below the belt? Just started but like the idea that it's more focused on fighting. Not sure if I like Brendan schaub or not..
  10. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Finally getting into podcasts the joe roegans podcasts, he sits with Gustafsson in his latest. Very interesting. Love that guy.
  11. The Great British Bird Hunt

    Nice! I'll download the book. You may not think it, but I was a very keen birdwatcher growing up! Absolutely loved it and it's been rekindled with me moving to a more rural tropical area of Singapore and some recent trips to sri lanka. Observed from the comfort of a swimming pool deep in the jungle of Sri Lanka some beautiful kingfishers, woodpeckers and Asian flycatchers cleaning themselves in the surrounding ponds. You'd love the place. An abundance of wildlife and birds.
  12. The Great British Bird Hunt

    @strider - have you seen the movie a big year? I think you will absolutely love it. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1053810/ Watched it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it
  13. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Fair enough, waterson looked TINY. Great main event. Those leg kicks are absolutely brutal even the knees in the clinch we're aimed at his leg. I also think that bicycle kick at the end of the first/second connected and hurt poiriers back. Two on the bounce now for gaethje. Such an entertaining fight I hope they feed him someone . Does pourier get a title shot? I think he needs to beat alverez first. Sad for Condit, one of my all time favourites.
  14. 30 for 30: "Nature Boy"

    Hi. Can someone please help me find a new link? Want to watch with a friend. Why do they make it so difficult?

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