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  1. We just released Miami as a new city for Skate City, so if chill street skating is your vibe .... * I work for Agens doing game dev - for Miami I mostly did the challenge level design. If you have any criticism I'd love to hear it and see if there's anything we can improve on.
  2. Is the skateboarding game any good?
  3. This game is so good I had to sign in here and post about how great it is. It makes me happy for games as a medium.
  4. Wolfenstein is a golden egg for marketing. Hire a publicist to play on the Nazi uprising and make media write tons about it. I would go for Wolfenstein if it wasn't for Mario. It's such a great game that it deserves to be a system seller.
  5. I do actually find those who are strongly enforcing to the timing of the music, to be less fun than music games that have a weaker impact of rhythm in gameplay. I guess it's because a lot of the rhythm games only have rhythm elements to go on, so they tend to become crazy hard and crazy sheet reading exercises very quickly.
  6. I have never heard of Otocky, now I must find a copy and play it. I'm loving the suggestions. Thank you!
  7. Thanks. Good timing with the steam sale to go looking for games! Shame that Every extend extra isn't available on steam / windows in any easy way. I remember being a bit dissapointed with Child of Eden, but a revisit seems in place. Thanks for all the tips. I have done some searching myself and I'm going to try out Dyad as well.
  8. Hi, I am really in love with games that incorporate music in ways that are not the regular Simon Says rhythm game formula. I love Rez and Lumines, does anyone have suggestions for good games that fit this formula?
  9. https://goo.gl/photos/C3TDNeEhBL1bBZXF8 A true dumpster jump!
  10. Yes Strategos! I might be working on my very own pipe dream at the moment myself a procedual RPG should be possible to prototype as long as you keep the first iteration simple. It would require lots of design and hard "thinking" work though. The choices you need to make for such a project are many. So, I'm once again toying with a philosophical game idea. I'm working on a remake of sorts Skybound , a game me and some friends released for iPhone ages ago : youtube video of skybound Review of Skybound with discussion about the philosophical musings. This time, I am prototyping in unity. Video of new prototype The reason that I say philosophical game idea, is because I want to take this abstract game, and put in a hard sci-fi setting where the game is being used as input to train an AI to think about thinking, to learn philosophical thought. It is a bit far fetched, but I hope you can follow what I'm trying to communicate. I have written a first draft of an introduction to the game setting and the framing of the game. I would love to hear feedback in regards to this. Please disregard the visuals, as I'm mostly working on the narration at this point. game setting Also, the music is borrowed from an Artist called Tangerine Dream , so don't spread the link etc, it's fair use I believe and it's not meant for a general release, so don't spread the link etc.
  11. My impression of Mechanim is based on the early demo of a robot running around like an idiot. I don't know if that demo is still bundled in. Sometimes the Unity examples look really silly.
  12. Wish I knew how to help, but I'm lousy with Mecanim and all that stuff. What are you making ?
  13. I've had a game dev break for about two or three years, but now I'm getting the energy to play with it again. I did two game jams allready this year, global game jam and now recently Splash jam, a game jam on board a cruise ship. Sick fun. There were some Rllmuk'ers on the boat as well I think. Would be interested in some collaboration scheme. With something like unity and their package system, it could be possible to help others in specific areas. Everyone collabing on everything sort of..
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