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  1. It's my youngest Son's birthday on Saturday and he's looking forward to his special birthday KK performance. But I've just realised it's a bug off day, so KK won't be there. Does anyone know how that will work? Will he miss his KK performance? Will flick not appear? Will they both be squeezed into the plaza?
  2. I'm really enjoying the game. I haven't played an animal crossing since the cube so all the things that are missing vs other instalments aren't things that I notice (except ball physics...). I got this on the day of release and as a family of 4 we've played it every single day. It's lovely to have a thing that all the family play together. Except on the 1st of each month when the kids argue about who's going to donate what to the museum. "It's not fair, he donated more than me last month"... I've just spent 2 hours rearranging my house and noticed that some of the wallpapers gets reflected off my astronaut's helmet. How cool is that!
  3. At least you can wear a wand outfit over the wetsuit which makes changing into it fairly simple. But then that does mean you need to take off 2 layers to get into the changing room in Able Sisters
  4. The fetch quests are pretty rare. Our main island resident hardly plays but I've managed to get 5 villager photos so the friend stat must be individual to each player.
  5. He's here too, I put it down to the bug off tomorrow. Why didn't they make the bug off on a sunday so it didn't interfere with kk? Flick wouldn't be in the way of turnip lady (who's name I can't ever remember, I keep calling her Joan).
  6. To add an example to @thesnwmn's post, here's the frequency of shooting stars from my last light shower: I had absolutely nothing until 22:32! You could be waiting for a long time to see anything. My next light shower will be tomorrow where I will get a lot in the 21:00 hour, then nothing until after midnight:
  7. I got 440. If you are interested at that price the dodo code is DV4R0. I'm at work so will mostly be afk, I'll keep it open until 15:00 then open again tonight at 20:30. Saharah is also here, I've trapped her by the shop. There are better prices today at others so mine is quiet, if you have a lot to shift it might be worth coming here as the shop is right next to the airport:
  8. @mdn2I'll have 186-558 at 12:00, hopefully one of us gets above minimum!
  9. I've been getting photos by gifting 10k antique chairs, you don't need to go overboard!
  10. When one of our residents we didn't like suggested by themselves they wanted to leave we all cheered them on and backed up the truck for nmt when they had gone. When you next have a spare plot go mad on resident farming and get one you like!
  11. You only see potential residents on nmt islands if you have an open plot on your island. If you are full you wont see anyone.
  12. I just found a blue rose! Thank you! I still fancy having a go as breeding them myself, but that's a nice backup option if I fail.
  13. Redd is here, he's got 2 1 fake left, a motherly statue and a jolly painting. All gone - Gate closed. If you can't work out how to get to Redd just say "help" in the chat and I'll lead you there, the route to the north beach well is hidden! A ladder or pole isn't required, and even if you bring them they wont help. If you're not bothered about Redd and just fancy the challenge of getting to the north beach then you are more than welcome to pop over. Dodo: L3Q9C (Daddy from Bloakes) Edit: Bigtop is crafting a golden dung beetle
  14. @Stejay I've left a couple of bags for a tip, one of them ended up on top of the vending machine, I didn't know you could put stuff on there!
  15. I've just landed @Stejay, it sure is busy here, I haven't been able to take a step forward yet lol.
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