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  1. My last attempt at getting a stringfish was a failure, now I'll have to wait until December... I did get a golden trout though!
  2. I've been getting 8 with a flimsy shovel. Do you get better items with a regular shovel?
  3. Gate is closed. Thank you for the presents that were left. Someone tried to leave a ladder but it was just a pile of 30 branches at my end. No shortcuts allowed My boys liked the drawings left on the notice board! Thanks all!
  4. I've opened my gates. We're still playing catch up, Nooks Cranny opened today, we don't have access to the higher levels. It is currently raining! Fruit is orange. Today's turnip price = 132 bells Dodo code 8CFBL I'll be afk but feel free to come and use the shop or fish for the Coelacanth!
  5. 5 days in and I realise I've made an error. I've been playing spoiler free and this is the first time in this thread. Me and my eldest son have been playing loads over the last 5 days but things have started to get a bit repetitive. We were wondering when we'd get an axe or a shovel. When do we get a bridge to get over the river? Is there a museum over there? Will we get to donate the bugs and fish? After buckling and googling how to get the axe I was confused as to why Nook wasn't giving the option to give him creatures? Some more googling revealed that the main progress quests are locked to the first person who played the game... My youngest son who doesn't play it much.... Oh ffs, I don't want to restart the island and delete all the stuff I've done with my eldest. I'll have to keep playing on my youngest sons account to push the game forward. Why is there no way to transfer the Resident Representative title to someone else?
  6. I really liked this one! Apart from Admiral Sweary-McGee. I even liked the hologram scene, the accents are so dumb that it's funny.
  7. EP7 - Overwhelmingly great. The teaser for EP8 looks hype. I think we're past the mid season lul! Like the last episode there were a couple of moments that didn't make a lot of sense, but I'm happy to hand wave those away as it was mostly a great episode.
  8. That was a much better episode, if you take out the Rafi scenes then it was an excellent one. Even the usually dull scenes on the artifact were good. My memory is terrible these days, last night there were 2 moments what made me go "WUT" but this morning I can't remember what they were. I can only remember the bits I liked, which is a stark contrast to the previous 2 episodes where I could only remember the bits I didn't like. I feel like there is a clear direction for the plot now, the loose ends are falling into place. I'm looking forward to the next episode. See, Thread Owner, it's not always negative *winkey smiley*
  9. I have opinions of this episode however they don't 100% align with those of @PC Master Race so I'll keep them to myself and fuck off until next episode in the hope that I am able to express my thoughts on that one.
  10. It's Soji? I've been hearing Sergei and it's made me think of meerkats every single time!
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