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  1. I'm too much of an old man but that looks like the most shameless borrowing of all sorts of things I've seen in a while. Jelly type lifeform just like in orville What looked like a twi'lek crossed with thalia from mass effect The mako from mass effect A cute robot that looks like bb-8 crossed with Steven merchants robot in portal 2 Basically an ork "Clever" in jokes like how the lasers go pyew. It might not be as derivative as all that but it looks a lot like it will be.
  2. I never understood why they did the 'bowling pins being knocked over' sound effect during that fight too, it's really odd and out of place compared to everything else in the whole trilogy. I mean that whole fight just seems a bit like "we need a fight here" but for some reason I do find all the agent Smith's just looking about and then walking off after he flies away quite funny.
  3. She's going to be a super realistic robot and it will be a "twist" reveal at some point.
  4. Yet more totally falling to understand why anyone ever liked star trek.
  5. Yeah I did only say pish instead of anything harsher as Eddie redmayne is seemingly in a different film to everyone else and rabbit thing with rocket boots channing tatum is novelty but it isn't exactly a very good film. Definitely silly camp fun though, yeah. I seem to remember mila kunis almost being insultingly useless and having a scene like in Bogus Journey where she's falling for aaaaages and screaming a lot? That might be a misremembering...
  6. I downloaded it and did the tutorials and it seems... interesting? I'll give a proper go of the main game but I'm not sure, I think I've realised I might prefer things like factorio, satisfactory and the like rather than tropico and maybe cities skyline. Great that even within what was essentially a genre on it's own there's the variety though.
  7. There's quite a bit of stuff that I didn't get in initial viewing that does seem to be specifically in there to say to the "red pill" gang they're all idiots, hence the repetition of the matrix instances - that any of your performative protests and how "you've been red pilled" is all intentionally coordinated and 'allowed' by the powers that be that still keep you in oppression. Which is still very relevant at the moment. Not everyone can stomach his quite frankly unnecessarily fast delivery but moviebob did a good review of all the matrix movies where he covers it all (and suggests other material to read in regards to the trans side of things as he's a cis male). It made me respect the sequels more, even if I don't think they're a patch on the original but if Warners are throwing money at you, it's at least quite brave to do a sequel saying "all of you leather clad wannabes are full of shit and you're being incredibly unrebellious buying all your edgey rebel clothes from hot topic".
  8. I don't mean to sound like a grump but I wouldn't necessarily trust anything in those brief flashes to be in the final film, especially not for this film in particular, let alone how common it is these days anyway. Things like the mirror and stuff yeah probably but over analysing individual frames that are part of a very intentional bit of misdirection is possibly going to be futile. "What is the matrix?" being used again compared to 99 when the Internet wasn't common usage for everybody as it is now makes me think that there's a very large chance we'll get a lot of build up and promotional stuff which may not be in the film, to avoid the spoilers and what not. Tbh, given they tried the whole enter the matrix game tie in, it wouldn't entirely surprise me if this tied into some other media also. I'm not sure about ARGs or whatever but quite possibly being directly linked to streaming, or even an alternative end option type thing using a streaming service... I might be over thinking the realistic possibility of that but it isn't impossible I reckon.
  9. This is worth a watch again, if not least for a great GabeN cameo. I think they did a great job and I'm glad I backed it.
  10. I've seen and read a lot of studies about them, so I'll give it a look if there's anything new but I actually quite like the sequels a bit more if you view them from the "Oh my god we accidentally created the red pill idiots, let's try and fix that" point of view.
  11. I'm really intrigued to see what will happen with this given the trans storyline in the originals (as well as lily and Lana both transitioning obvs) and the whole situation with gender at the moment. I'd like to think that lily and lana can have as many switch style characters doing the presenting differently in and out of the matrix thing as they'd like but somehow I'm still not entirely convinced it won't end up being effectively a soft reboot or some such. Who knows though, that's what's the most interesting part.
  12. That's how I remember it too and it seemed to be around quite regularly as a thread, I approve whole heartedly of the title change and continuing of a silly joke.
  13. I wouldn't have guessed you weren't an aficionado, given you called them "King foo"
  14. It's an interesting thing really because I'm in a way actively taking myself out of the game by making my avatar look daft but it genuinely makes me chuckle and more often than not, an unprompted laugh is often better than the majority of game cut scenes these days as it is. See also; jumping around, crouching under things, optional throwing around of items if I've got control during a cut scene. I'm still dying for the day when my totally stupid antics is picked up on properly by the NPCs "can you please stand still, I'm trying to tell you the deeply harrowing back story of my people and/ or dying relatives and you've been doing nothing but smashing my pots ".
  15. As a spin off from the saints row thread, I was wondering what people normally do with a character creator in game? If my character appears as I've dressed them and picked facial features in cutscenes (not just a standard model- which is pretty uncommon these days but wasn't the norm when saints 2 did it) I always and without fail will pick the most ludicrous combination of hair/ clothes, tattoos whatever. A friend of mine wouldn't pick a clothing item while we were playing co-op the ascent because it looked too silly, even though it had slightly better stats. I'm the total opposite - all about stat boosts and preferable if it looks completely stupid. In cyberpunk I kept on upgrading some very daft clothing items just because it amused me in the cutscenes. What's the general consensus?
  16. My friend and I still say "ello" in the way he does occasionally when you carjack someone. It genuinely made the whole game loads better. I don't even know if I could explain what my character looked like, a right old mess, essentially.
  17. Getting rid of the really cheesy 90s / 00s gags like "freckle bitches" and rim jobs is generally not a bad idea. It's all a bit overly edgelord even if it might raise a chuckle on initial viewing, they're hardly hilarious. I'd be more disappointed if they removed the silliness like the insurance scam and other silly mini games. As has been mentioned, if they don't have that cockney voice option and the ability to make your character look like a complete idiot in cutscenes, then I'll be even more disappointed.
  18. I'm sure people will try the hardest route even with unlimited lives. You must know what gamers are like, people make things harder for themselves just for the lolz if they want I know what you mean but as long as it plays well and tracks whether you've collected all the bananas on a stage or not, then people will still do it, even if they might do the easy version first. Maybe not everyone but everyone might have not even got to such a stage if there were limited lives.
  19. I thought that trailer made it look really quite boring and generic but then a metroidvania kind of is generic as that's the genre Be interested to hear what people think if they do get involved, didn't really float my boat from that trailer for whatever reason.
  20. Yeah I noticed that stuff after posting, it just surprised me initially, I'll no doubt be back in here bemoaning how I'm totally stuck in about a week
  21. This would work with two as there is very little "action" and is more about working out the time loop and the conversation options. There is no moving things about at all, you can't even pick things up (aside from things you have to) but no point n click type trial an error with this object on that object etc. There are some bits that are a bit more action-y but it's really more for the 'scares' if anything. Although it isn't even slightly scary tbh. As per my question upthread, there might well be a way to avoid that part anyway but I couldn't find it. But again, it isn't even difficult anyway, maybe a bit fiddly with some of the platforming but not really. Tl;Dr yes.
  22. I'm pretty much only buying this for monkey target but I never finished expert mode on the originals so it might make me play the normal 1p game more. I'm still fairly sure it's only going to get used as a multiplayer game though and I'm happy with that as it is.
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