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  1. I'm not wilfully misunderstanding it but I'm evidently not understanding something. I'm sure i read or saw somewhere that the s was made to "break" the generations and that is seemingly the road map that Microsoft want to follow and to that end, it seems strange (to me) to lump those things in together as one "gen" even if you can't buy Series s games. I suppose it just goes to my point about pcs more than anything, if Sony releases a PlayStation 5 b which has 8k native, Ray tracing, VRR and whatever other gubbins you want, I equally wouldn't expect people to compare sales of that + ps5 against the series consoles because it's considerably different to a "normal" console revision like a slim or even the pro line if we're sticking to Sony equivalents. I'm evidently wrong in this assumption though but I wasn't meaning it to be antagonistic or trolling, it just seemed a very strange way of coming up with sales figures. But it isn't, it seems, going by the response I've got from questioning it.
  2. OK brilliant. Let's agree to disagree then as my argument was that the s is an intentionally "inbetween" gen console way more than the pro or the one x was. Or any variant of PlayStation slim or the one and therefore it was weird to compare the sales of effectively 1 1/2 gen consoles from one manufacturer with one console (with disk or no disk SKU's) from another but apparently that's now the same as comparing the 360 generation and it's couple of models with the ps3 and its or what have you. And I've already typed far more than it warranted on the fact I thought that was a slightly weird way of doing it so not to worry. They're all the same and hooray for everyone.
  3. Wait what? Before this gen we've never had a manufacturer have a console that is in between two gens and a next gen one like MS have so I'm not sure how it's been like this for years? Either way, I'm just posting stuff on our lovely forum because work is boring, I'm not frothing at the mouth about it all. It just seemed a strange (and new) way of reporting the sales.
  4. There is also a quick action button combo (because rockstar) which you can assign to things like eat a snack or put armour on but I can't remember what it is. I think you set it in either the main options or the interaction menu but can't quite remember I'm afraid.
  5. I don't give a monkeys about the warz, just the stupid way of reporting things to promote said warz.
  6. I mean, i am aware of this but there's no way of you knowing that i haven't come down in the last shower but by that same logic, my pc with a gtx 970 in it is a current gen pc because it can play current gen games but at less resolution and effects. But it clearly isn't.
  7. Well yeah, I just sometimes find the way stats are skewed like that as weird as those bar chart 'cheats' you often see. Why fucking bother? If I count all of the sales of the virtual boy against the amount of Sega consoles in my living room then the virtual boy is the best selling console ever!!1!1!
  8. Isn't using the both the s and the x against the ps5 a bit of a strange metric? How many series consoles against ps4 Pro and ps5 would be a "better" comparison (but not really mean much either) wouldn't it?
  9. I had a bit of a look around on the online and the story even more briefly as I had to start from the start all over again as I hadn't uploaded a save from my ps4, even though I've got a gtav story mode save from playing ps4 gtav on my ps5. Eejits. Aside from that though, I really didn't think it looked a huge amount better, I don't have a 4k TV so obviously I won't see the res update but... l dunno, I didn't think it looked that much better than when I was just playing it in back compatability mode.
  10. From what I understand there is arguably less "world" to the open world in elden ring than there is in botw? No settlements, no concept that the world ticks along without you? One thing i thought botw does that is neat is having occasional characters actually go to other places/ camps. Not a hell of a lot and the economies in these games never really make any sense but to my understanding elden ring has even less of that? Great exploration, brilliantly made large map but not really a coherent world that you're visiting? I've not played it yet as I haven't enjoyed any of their previous games and I don't see how this one is different aside from it being free form exploration rather than (at least semi) funnelled down a particular path? To that end, I have real difficulty with all of R* games, they are at total odds with themselves and rdr 2 is a beautiful world but the story isn't open in the slightest. You can go anywhere you want (to a point and when the game lets you) but the "open world" of rdr2 is almost in opposition to it's own story. It allows you to go off and make an absolute fortune in hunting or poker playing but you always have to move camps when the game wants and you can't just buy off (or out) the ones that continually stitch you up for the purposes of the story. Botw is closer to an immersive sim but in an open world than the open worlds of rockstar or the even worse ubisoft variety. I may be misunderstanding the elden ring offering though which is why I've blathered on so if I have, I've not done it to troll, or ruffle feathers.
  11. Yeah what a prick. Used to be an investment banker and then shifted into an even cuntier thing to do to earn money. Fuck 'em.
  12. I might have to do a video tour of my factory, it's slightly worrying My oil outpost is bigger than a lot of entire game world maps from the 90s I find the drones a bit weird but I love my automated truck and the fact you can clip your train lines and whole trains through bits of the map is a god send given there's no terraforming in it. If anything though, it kills my ancient pc and it's lowly gtx 970 but then I did put in a load of glass floors and lights so it's partly my fault too
  13. I played the GB one quite a bit as I played all sorts of shit on the gb as a yoof so I'll definitely give them a go for the member berries. Mainly be turtles in time arcade and maybe some of the tournament fighters as i remember them being ok? Might just get that new side scrolling one when it comes out instead though...
  14. Yeah right, same way we clocked, bit weird that even with more people a big chunk of it is pretty much pointless. Although we run to the cliff edge to the left, shoot a patrol boat driver and then leave that way. Strangely it doesn't change the heat or get the chopper out early or anything.
  15. Do you bother getting any drugs or whatever from the other areas, or just clear out the mansion? With only two of us we have to pick which things we take given the bag space thing. I guess with 4 you still haven't actually got room to totally clear out the island? It's probably also way more hassle than it's worth over just going straight through the underwater tunnel, even with 4 of you.
  16. I've not tried it with more than one person as mentioned, so it's almost a shame that with only two of you, it's not even possible to carry out anything from the harbour areas etc. I've never totally cleared the whole island (or whatever you could carry with 4 of you) but with two, you can in and out the mansion stupidly quickly. I still want 6 to have the setup stuff (well, and everything ideally) more systemic. As in, you need to get the glass cutter but it isn't just at the one building site when you trigger the mission, it's 'always out there' in a sense as soon as you start a heist even. But I still think I'll be waiting a lot longer for that kind of gta-meets- hitman type game.
  17. With the Cayo perico heist you can pretty easily make money, half a million or more depending on the type of target for about an hour of play we've got it down to. Doing the low mtu trick to get a session with none of the griefing arseholes also makes it actually quite a good online game (even if it arguably negates quite a bit of the potentially clever online city/ gang idea but I've never played it with lots of people I really know that are playing "properly") But yeah I'll be giving it a go as a co-op game with my mate if he upgrades Happy to show anyone the very quick way of doing the cayo perico heist if anyone gives it a go though and wants some fairly easy money.
  18. I think I'll bother getting the full ps5 version if it's all reduced just to save using the ps4 disc any more. I just now need to keep pestering my heist friend to upgrade to a ps5 as well so we can both try it out.
  19. Oh I'm on the phone skin, so forgot about sigs, I'll switch to desktop and add you in a moment as I'm about to do my daily checks on the island
  20. A bit round the houses but here's a video of all my spare DIY and recipes since getting the larger storage and I actually kept any. If anyone wants any of them, let me know
  21. @Stevo what's your id thingy? If you don't have many recipes I can come over and drop a load off as that would be easier than sending?
  22. I've got an absolute load of DIY and cooking recipes I can list in here (as that seems to be the easiest way of doing it still) and loads of art (and fakes) because of buying one daily on harv's Island if you want?
  23. Maybe I just read it in a previous post of yours then
  24. Cheers for checking. I only really want to get that nook miles stamp for the turnip market, I don't need the money so no drama (or enough incentive to go to a random via that turnip website thing).
  25. I think they already said it is haven't they? Or have you already made that prediction because I'm sure I've read that it is...
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