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  1. brilliant. can't wait for this, totally buggered up the story first time round and haven't been bothered to do it "properly" and get everything yet, as long as they sort out the AI of all the people you've got to save as well as including a different story arc apart from having to run about like a weirdo saving people in a silly timed fashion then it will be great. To be honest, more creative zombie slaughter and those properly odd bosses is a winner anyway. Actually some of those bosses are well annoying. that bearded git in the gun shop is a twat, quite easy just annoying to kill. And that bloke in the butchers. In fact, quite a few of them are teh gay. I'll get me coat.
  2. Sorry yeah, i remembered the edge article when the inventor was saying how he just made the game and it's massive success suprised nintendo, who then milked it... the pokemon company is nintendo
  3. not about to get one without the quieter drive and the downloadable content for the drive, i've still got about 9GB free on my machine and run 1080p through VGA, it's all fine by me. (and the drive tray on the elite looks knob in silver)
  4. Surely if areas of New Jersey are also included there will be a certain amount of countryside anyway? isn't every one just jumping the gun in thinking that it will be nothing but grey cities? I also doubt it will look that drab either, it's not using Quake 2's brown-o-vision engine or anything. Personally, I have faith. I do think that Houser's claim that the jump from GTA 3 to this will be like the jump from GTA to GTA3 is probably to be taken with a JCB load of salt though.
  5. can't wait, finished 2 recently, i just hope they have the detailed search for clues like in the last chapter of PW1 - with all the dusting for prints etc, shame that wasn't in 2 i thought...
  6. no 480p?? thank god i didn't bother, i've got the 360 one and played a bit of the PS2 one which it's apparently a port of, i think holding on for 08 that they can build from the ground up (hopefully) will be a better plan. Especially as the 360 seems to have been developed by a totally different team to the PS2 one, the structure is different as are the course selection and career, hopefully they can do a similar thing for the wii in 08
  7. oh yeah, i can see your point in that respect and admittedly in resi4 there was never a need to resort to accurate knife attacks because you were running out of ammo - or as mentioned, like the knife extra mission in veronica - if it was the case though, the knife / shake when you were down to the wire with a zomb at your neck, then personally i'd say it shouldn't be a knife, if shaking the wiimote did that, shake them off, then great. Would be nice if that close up kick could be replaced with a context sensitive thrust of the wiimote / nunchuck to punch a zombies head off or something. All my point was based on misunderstanding that the shake would be a knife thrust and i think this is a daft mis-use of a motion sensing device - i just think that there should be more "real-life" movements matched to the wiimote, redsteel's sword movements should have replicated exactly how you flailed the wiimote about, probably much harder to code but that's what i'd like. So there. And the moon on a stick.
  8. I'd still prefer a 'press button to raise knife, then slashing, stabbing with remote will do just that' way of controlling, actual control over the knife while standing still and far more immersive. Then you'll be able to rock hard likein the code veronica wesker knife missions, cutting the zombs legs to get them down and stabbing them on the floor - I still can't see how shaking either controller can make sense when you're meant to be using a knife....
  9. i thought this was a given now, hadn't they decided that we wouldn't?
  10. also, pokemon has been the only franchise on a games machine that has been such a cold and calculated money maker, it's similar to how mattell made the he-man cartoon to sell what was originally some figures made for something else but the deal fell through. Nintendo made pokemon knowing that the card-trading would be a winner, along with the cutesy cartoon, bit of action etc that can then be translated to all sorts of revenue streams. Bungie just made Halo - an FPS that then spawned all this other stuff, although i do like me nintendo, pokemon always seemed to be a bit soulless in it's creation just to make money, which it was IMO
  11. Will have to get this really, loved it first time round on GC so have never played the PS2 extra bits and the whole game with pointing, shooting and wii context sensitive controls will be immense, some sort of actual pushing motion to knock those ladders off the window ledges / roofs and little bits like that could make it really immersive and good fun. I did like the way capcom did the GC remakes as well, hopefully in a similar fashion, they can get used to programming for the wii on this and make a blinder from scratch.
  12. brilliant; "the drink for real master chiefs!"
  13. surely the GB was doing very well in Europe and the US on tetris etc alone, pokemon was quite slow to be released and translated over here, i'm sure the cartoon only first aired in about 98-99 and the GB had already been going for a while before that and doing well
  14. Why bother with shaking for stabbing someone? surely swinging arm or a forward jab would be better? never understood why, with a motion sensing device, the motions you need to do have no bearing to what the actual motion is that you're trying to accomplish... make it like you're holding a knife! or is leon a very sloppy cutter?
  15. I thought that Nintendo had bucket loads of cash anyway as they'd been around since 1800 and something making Pachinko machines, or some sort of weird punch card game thing, or is that just the drugs talking again?
  16. I'm still going with 60's london like that GTA2 add-on pack, was never as 'full' as any of the subsequent cities which is why I think it would still work as a revisit if that source is correct. Back to Liberty City or anything would be a bit of a cop-out for what should be a whole new sequel.... then again, isn't Liberty City the original GTA city? wasn't that what it was called in GTA1 and 2?
  17. I can't believe how well mario kart DS has sold, I suppose it's all those people that hadn't bought a DS yet buying it, it's been out for ages over in Japan...
  18. doubt they care though really do they, they can call it whatever they like, could have renamed the core to Elite just to confuse the punters, tis just a name
  19. yeah, i'm a feeder, having the roof taken off to get her crane'd in
  20. Don't get me wrong, Braben is a very clever man and I do have faith in him, what I was more meaning is that what Elite 4 should be is probably different every 3rd person you ask, due to people thinking it should be more of this or that such an open game is also open to a lot of interpretations. For instance, that "re-imagining" of shadowrun almost made me sick when I watched the trailer that was on live as I'd have much preferred an RPG in the style of the SNES game but I'm sure it has it's fans elsewhere.
  21. I'm about to sell off a load of my GCube / PC / xbox and DS games to make room for new place (and missus) and am just keeping my absolute favourites and / or ones that i just totally love and want out of principal. I'll probably put them on a sales thread.... as I'm assuming there is one in here somewhere? (sorry, i'm only ever in discussion )
  22. Although I also loved elite liked cooked food, hasn't the general consensus been that it will never be quite the same due to nostalgia and the time and place of the original? Frontier was essentially meant to be a new version of elite but was generally toilet, I remember one PC mag carrying a pic of a huge turd in a bow... Isn't mass effect lining up to be the closest to a 'new' elite we'll be getting?
  23. apologies if i misunderstood the 1up quote (am half attempting to work at the same time, the bastards, making me work) I do agree the view that for £100 more you can get a blu-ray does make the PS3 seem better value but at the same time that's to US in this forum, the average joe on the street may think that it's some sort of 360 and a half or something. Who knows how the public think; 165,000 people (or whatever it is) bought a console that wasn't as good and more expensive than an import of the same that plays games that have been out on a cheaper console for about a year.....
  24. I was going by that 1up quote that the elite was about $8 more expensive (or so) i obviously realise that $8 is F all but there doesn't seem to be any need for it to be up in that bracket apart from making it look like a similar machine (so therefore similar specs) in the same sort of way that they called it the 360 as opposed to the Xbox2 and making it look like playstation was a generation ahead.
  25. i'd say just go for premium with VGA and spend the difference on games that are otherwise out on the 360 anyway
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