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  1. Hmm... maybe I should give this another go, I found it incredibly boring and slow to the point of not even being realistic. Maybe I was doing something fundamentally wrong but euro truck simulator seems so much better. I trust a lot of the fellow mukkers' opinions that have posted in here though so maybe I'm just doing it wrong. I did the first section and moved to... actually can't remember tbh but yeah, I really didn't think controlled well, the mission structure was pretty annoying in the few I did, the map wasn't very clear... maybe I wasn't in the mood but it surprised me, and my mate (who absolutely loves ice road truckers) thought it was too dull as well. Is it just one to push through for a bit? I'm not trying to be a knob and slag it off to be contrarian, or stink up the thread but yeah, I just didn't get on with it at all. Any tips maybe?
  2. The whole business on the train platform and the dead-naming of him as Mr Anderson etc is really not subtle and trying to pretend it isn't a trans allegory really shows up your own biases I'd say. I totally dismissed it until I saw it broken down properly and with confirmations by the creators, so yeah, it's definitely there. Not least the whole business with the character called switch.
  3. Is your ps5 made of wood or is this a lame joke about it being big?
  4. Fair enough but I'm not going to give anyone any oxygen that spouts right wing shit, or even if they don't spout it and I find out that's their position afterwards. I'd also say that if you happen to be doing videos that are appealing to (and often with the same kind of thumbnail / clickbait) the same audience as genuine grifters then I'm not going to watch or defend them either. You might be able to switch off but a lot of people don't or aren't aware of the shit they're listening to and a proven way of minimising that definite negative effect on people, is to de-platform them. I mean "yeah he's a racist (or whatever) but at least he doesn't weaponise it" isn't really a good defence.
  5. Yeah a shit sandwich and a shit baguette are completely different things.
  6. They can't do a pallette swap from spidey to wolverine though, it would have to play a bit more like the arkham games if anything. Wolverine flipping about like the fights in spiderman and so on just wouldn't be right.
  7. Yeah the little after showcase chat was incredibly vague and about building the team to do it, so I imagine bugger all has really been done on it.
  8. I'll be getting this when it eventually shows up, nice tease this evening.
  9. Good selection really, just need money and a ps5. It's an interesting way of doing it, splitting from e3 like that, I can't really remember much from e3 now so it will probably push the conversation over to PlayStation for a bit on social media etc.
  10. More kotor chat on the stream if everyone switched off Edit: Ok it was fuck all
  11. Yeah I did like God of war, hope it stays fresh rather than just too much more of the same though. I'll still get it.
  12. Not enemy crab! They surely win e3 for that alone.
  13. Nice look to this Mario odyssey x wind waker x moana thing
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