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  1. Purple borgs! Most accurate depiction of Jean-Luc Picard I've seen by Patrick Stewart for about 20 years.
  2. Yeah I did have to grind a few fights (I'm sure it always pitched them a few levels higher than I was, regardless of how much grinding I'd done for the previous level). I completely forgot about the whole "quietus " mechanic, even though I kept buying the things in the shop I never really got into using the debuff potions either which I think probably would be an extra element, especially with Medina. I do find the lack of permadeath, or even need to heal outside of combat a little odd though, you almost do a lot better just letting someone die and then revive them, or ensuring anyone likely to die has a resurrection ring. The battles are good though, I do like the Minecraft and lift levels and I never get bored of flinging a bad guy off a drop with one of those traps.
  3. It's very good and I've got everyone and done the all of the endings but a bit of me would quite have liked a bit more "nonary game" to the branching paths flowchart thing. Similarly I wasn't ever unable to vote the gang to do what I wanted with the scales. Which is probably good as it might be annoying for it to not go the way you want to play but it might have been good to really have to play against type if you want to go down a particular path. It's still much more clever than a lot of "morality choices" in games which are often murder a baby or save a baby but there's almost no way of getting any of the sections wrong as long as you speak to all the npcs. It is good and the maps and actual tactics bits are really good, I just think the other parts could have been a bit more fleshed out to encourage the replayability and possible paths. I imagine part of that is because it's all voiced so would be a bit much to have loads of other paths that might lead to dead ends or just a clue for another path a la VLR. I can't remember a single part of the storyline of FF tactics and I played that for hundreds of hours, so it's a lot more developed than that but it's almost tantalisingly close to something really clever (or something even more up my street I suppose).
  4. Thanks a bunch. Island is cool though, I really need to organise mine better. Love the beach front arcade
  5. I've gathered all my nips in my pocket, so can do a quick in and out whenever is good.
  6. Cool cheers. I'll message later on, or when is good really, don't want to take the piss
  7. Ooh nice, are you around to open gates later? I'm fairly sure you also bought AC in that first week, so you've probably got more stuff than is ever necessary but anything you're after?
  8. Anyone got anything more than 109 bells for turnips by any chance? Thanks much
  9. I want a whole level that involves jumping along various jeeps just to give Stu Campbell palpitations
  10. That's odd, I'm fairly sure on the commentary on one of the remakes he even says himself that on the first one he was very young and was essentially another writer along with a load of others at lucasarts. Or maybe it was more the coding side of it he did. Or maybe I've totally misremembered the whole thing.
  11. Tim also really wasn't as much involved with original monkey Island - in comparison to the later lucasarts point n clicks anyway.
  12. I really don't understand how you can't criticise new trek. I've resisted this second series but it sounds again like a bad TV show, let alone bad star trek.
  13. Oh right nice one cheers. I didn't realise there was expansion space. I'll have to get one and the heat sink too then
  14. Yeah there's lots of good stuff in 3 but the actual puzzles are what I was talking about. It's really evident if you play them after each other. Some of it is probably due to the interface change as well but things like the wet towels on the beach, or even how high you can crank the barber shop chair, the construction and type of puzzles aren't the same. But yeah, some of the characters and locations are great. El pollo diablo alone is a great idea
  15. That looks like an internal one? Is that just meant as a bigger replacement? Sorry for being a thicky but would this work as extra space, or a replacement like with the ps4 internal drive? the top review also suggests you need to buy a heat sink but the product says it doesn't... anyone got one of these yet?
  16. 3's puzzles really aren't quite "right" without going into a very long post though but it does have some good bits and some cracking characters. I played all three of them back to back over lockdown and the structure and how the puzzles play out is quite different in the 3rd
  17. I keep checking this thread in case it was a delayed April fools or I somehow imagined it some more. I hope it's massive, like more than ten floppies worth seriously though, even though the majority of even the best ones peter out a bit (and the monkey Island originals famously have odd endings because they didn't know what to do) I don't think any point n click can ever be too long. Even the weird ones from Germany.
  18. Thimbleweed Park way more than broken age imho. But then one was much more intentionally of the original style.
  19. Now I've calmed down a bit, the fact that the dread skull Murray mentions Ron wouldn't come back unless... does make me wonder if he will do the idea he'd had about where he would have taken it etc. Not to mention that to him, there never was a secret of monkey Island, it's just a macguffin and tbh devolver being involved does give me hope that it would be more likely to be along those lines than a more intentional sequel like they tried to do with 3. The thing is, he and dave grossman (I hope they can get Gary Winnick on board again too) really understand the key mechanics behind a good point n click game so much more than the majority of other people that have tried the genre. And breathe. Bloody great. I am excite.
  20. I don't even know what to post to fully convey how much this is the best news for me to hear. x 1000
  21. I think it's a very tricky thing as us gaming nerds are used to clever programming and pre baked stuff hiding the tricks. Even the pre rendered backgrounds of yore looked waaaaaay better than full polygons that we got with the first glut of 3d stuff. Even then, as @Bennyquite rightly said, art direction made the biggest difference. Mario 64 still holds up so much more than the umpteen games that had a face or clothing texture stretched over a bad poly model. Buuuuuut, in defence of ray tracing, I really do genuinely find the screen space reflections so much more immersion breaking these days. The whole 'looking down at the floor and then up' making reflections appear, or through walls etc just looks really bad in comparison to actual global illumination. As we've got so used to the trickery though, the actual huge cost of doing it in real time isn't really worth the pay off yet. Especially in games going for photo realism. The ray traced Mario 64 mod does show some nice and more subtle effects you can get when used "properly" though. But again, that's also related to the existing stylisation and art direction. It will be a thing in the next gen (or maybe a few years) that will be in everything but we won't really notice it until we go back to this and previous period and realise the smoke and mirrors we're used to (and happy with) just didn't look as good. Much like thinking back on older games, in my mind the first tomb raider had an amazing lifelike 3d rendition of a t-rex and a sphinx but in actuality it looks like a blocky mess
  22. I know, that's what I meant I appreciate it kind of makes sense but it's a ball ache for the game side of things. Even using your arcade master terminal you still have to log off the computer, stand up, leave one business, join the other business and then sit back down and log in if you want to do another business mission. Why can't I even spend a million moon bucks (or whatever) to get an upgrade to put a master command centre secure room (make it exactly the same model/ assets in every location if its a resource issue) in any property that I want to 'live in'? It's just weirdly arbitrary, you're meant to believe that you're a super criminal overlord with super yachts, planes, literal missile bunkers etc etc etc but you have to temporarily shut down one of your front businesses for a few days and rejoin another one and go to one particular building and access one computer to find out if you can become a yodel driver for a bit. It's just dissonant, I get it and I understand why and how it probably came to be like that after sellotaping stuff on top of each other over the years but it could be so much smoother than it is, even within the the reality constructed in the game world. (I'd ideally like a lot more actual management and sub-boss hiring similar but better to that element of mafia 4 recently, or even that as part of the online gang side of things possibly but I'll stop as this is all my wishful super gta hyper edition that's probably still a decade away realistically and straying from the original point)
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