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  1. Yeah and I obviously realise that but it also grounds the whole thing and makes it relatable. They didn't set spiderman the comic in a place like metropolis for a reason, you're meant to be able to connect to the character and us whiteys have had a bizarrely white washed version of new York in spiderman ever since he was first created. Not to mention we've had 4 or 5 spiderman games, some of which that had come out after miles was created, that were still based on an even more fictional version of NY and the politics of the place. So in a way, it seems almost petulant to decry such a very generic and "just" bit of politics that are also intrinsically linked to the characters and place it's set. Personally I'm very glad they added it and that whole 'reveal' with the mural I thought was done very well and it's a good thing to include. It's also a very 'spiderman' type bit of politics, not to mention it could have even rubbed people the wrong way to have his dad as a cop and not mention BLM, given that could easily be construed as the devs (and spidey) trying to downplay all the terrible shit the cops do to those black lives.
  2. Rockstar are bloody terrible at teaching you the mechanics of their games first time around though, let alone if you've left one for ages. Here's a control pop up with tiny text in a corner of the screen in the middle of some narrative where I'm meant to be flowing another character as well and if you miss that pop up, fuck you!
  3. Well I was downplaying it slightly to highlight how absurd the position was, I'm not sure why your post seems to read like it was me that didn't like the politics
  4. Yeah I imagine they changed a hell of a lot of the stories once nana visitor was properly involved. Not to mention that whole pregnancy thing was written in because she became pregnant with Alexander Siddig's kid. And it was ira Steven behr's wife suggested actually writing the pregnancy in to her character rather than try and hide it/ have her sitting behind something like they always did with female actors back in the day, as though being pregnant shouldn't ever happen to a character. Or more to the point the normally all male writing team wouldn't know how to write a pregnant woman I'm sure
  5. Well it would have been Ro, rather than kira, if you know what I mean. Michelle forbes didn't want to do it (or couldn't, can't remember exactly) so that's why kira is similar to Ro. Presumably it being bajor related etc was already the plan.
  6. I'm assuming you know the trivia that Ro was meant to be the character Kira ended up being? She was a good character but underused.
  7. Some games already do this quite well and I always think a quest log worth any salt should have at least the things you've completed so far to give you an idea. I do think doing them in game while you're playing quite annoying though. Project triangle strategy did it the most recent in an insulting your intelligence way; you'd make one of the big choices in the game that would require at least convincing some of your crew of the choice you wanted, everyone then votes, the game tells you the result of the vote and then you get a map view with a narration explaining the setup for the choice and then what the choice was. It reminded me of watching 24 on dvd years ago, watching episode after episode is bloody annoying because it's assuming there's been a week between you watching the episodes so shit loads of it is just going over things again.
  8. Ah cheers. It's b00dlesUK, I'm friends with mcspeed already and I'll check corranga too. Speak to you later on! Edit: just double checked and I don't actually have all the cars outlined in the OP like a donut. I'll get some racing in and join you next week.
  9. I think it's fascinating though, it's one of the weirdest episodes of any TV show ever. It's almost up there with that whole series of Dallas being a dream.
  10. Are there some races later on today? I think I've got the relevant progression done now and I've not really done any MP really so would be nice to have a drive about. I think I'm already PS friends with quite a few of the peeps in here, I'll add you as well @Quexex just for the hell of it. I have noticed that I'm clearly quite shit in comparison on the license leaderboards but I promise I won't corner by ploughing into the pack like it's daytona
  11. I thought it was done very well and worked within the context of miles himself. Also that is set in New York rather than a fictional place. Not to mention the huge beneficial impact of having a black spiderman and recognising that. I think hbomberguy said it quite well in one of his videos that politics are in almost all games and everyone likes politics in games, they just don't like it if isn't their politics.
  12. Despite having seen the boys and knowing and recognising Jack Quaid as a new actor person, i didn't realise he was the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid until bothering to look him up on imdb. I'm almost, I dunno, impressed somehow that such huge stars have such a normal seeming child. I know I shouldn't be and there are clearly lots of them just by virtue of numbers of people but I just thought he was a random actor. I don't know what I'm talking about now but well done them I suppose.
  13. He may not like doing the "3rd album" but all of the press that came out around it was specifically about the fact that Sega/ RGG were releasing and would release a load of previously console only games on pc and his agents didn't like it. That might have been an attempt at clever PR to make it seem like it wasn't his own decision or something but it always sounded a bit weird. Then again, I have no idea who he is in regards to Japanese cultural significance, I just quite selfishly would like another judgment game. Thankfully (even though it's way to short and 'narrow' for the money) the DLC ably showed that he isn't strictly needed. Although the tale heard over the phone where Tak apparently had a chase on a pond with Swan pedalos sounds like something that would have been a great part of a judgment game. As well as possibly taking the piss out of the actor for not being involved.
  14. The later books get ludicrously bloated as I seem to remember their being a fall out with her editor or some such. Either way, they're unnecessarily long winded for very little extra info and it also ruins the pace of them.
  15. I realise this is an old post and I might be misreading this but what do you mean by suggesting the black lives matter stuff lets it down? How?
  16. That one is great for the absolutely hammered Russell crowe on stage with him as well as Hugh Jackman who at least seems to be holding it down better. Couldn't quite recognise who the others were but what a novelty but of a karaoke evening
  17. I'm really hankering for a new xcom at the moment but yeah, I'm glad there's as many as there are. Moar would be always welcome though
  18. Oh yeah, there was a time when it felt that "gta clone" was going to be as ubiquitous as "doom clone" was but it didn't really pan out like that to the same extent. Although it did end up being that gta so outsold any of the other games, there has been a total lack of any variation within what is technically a huge genre of game.
  19. I think you could still easily make an open world crime game that's more in line with the actual criminal businesses and gang coverage of an area etc without it being like gta or as silly as the latter saints row games. We've not actually had a "new" gta for about 10 years now of course but they're a lot more linear than you necessarily have to be within that very general "criminal gang" starting point. A lot of the appeal of those early 3D GTAs was the whole 'playing that bit from that movie' rather than even the premise of the title of the game (although even in gta 2 the actual control of zones with different gangs etc was a big part of it, which came back for Los santos and then vanished again). So I think they could conceivably make a very good open world crime game that was a little bit more serious than saints row and it not really be in much competition with gta aside from it being a 3rd person open world crime game. Strangely enough, the fact that 3rd person open world game is so many different genres these days does almost make some of the earlier comparisons between the two seem a little bit unfair to a certain degree. After saints row 2 they have never really been that similar. (As an aside, I also think the sleeping dogs way of doing things - undercover cop - is actually strangely underused in the open world crime game genre as it lends itself to the possibility of the player not behaving exactly the way the story has been written, which has been a problem with almost all open world games since their inception)
  20. I'd much rather have a monkey Island sequel text adventure if Ron was making it than the best pixel art possible written and created by the telltale writers. I also think the art looks good as it is, can't wait all round.
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