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  1. Best Christmas ritual thing since becoming an adult, count me in as ever
  2. I do quite like the other ones of these, devil's daughter was the last one wasn't it? The clues system and being able to not solve things properly are almost there in my view of the ultimate detective/ sleuth game and yet still not quite right. Shame to hear this one isn't all that but I'll probably get it at some point. I just played the poirot "first cases" which wasn't bad and has a linking clues mechanic but it's either pretty spurious or once you realise almost all the connections are done at 90 degree angles, you barely need to pay attention to what you're linking I'm still confident there's some weird love child of the nonary games, phoenix Wright, the sherlock games, obra dinn and point n click games which will one day arrive and I'll jizz myself stupid.
  3. Sorry to my jump on the bandwagon but I'm curious about this too. Also, if anyone wants some spare cash I've got about 50 million bells as well. Just found brewster and put a ninth incline and a ladder in, did quite a chunk of weeding but side benefit of having stuff almost everywhere, there isn't that much space for weeds to grow... Pulled me right back in so quickly
  4. Yeah right I remember that bit but I thought there was a bit before that which may have needed the bow. Evidently not, it's definitely quicker with it and I'd argue is the intended way to do it though which is why the initial suggestion of the NPC saying you don't I still think is a little misleading.
  5. Great game though, only took me 6 days (game time obvs) to do ending 3 first time through, so that's probably why I didn't think you could do it without the bow.
  6. I think I preferred the giant enemy crabs
  7. That's actually pretty good casting. The whole idea is probably stupid but I quite like that.
  8. I'll definitely get this, stardew is bloody great and I do like the few shop games I've played. He seems to have a great knack for picking all the best bits of the genre he's doing his version of. Playing story of seasons doraemon edition at the mo and there's still a few things that stardew does better imho. I'm looking forward to this a lot.
  9. I think David cage is the world's most embarrassing hack (even though detroit has some people fooled for reasons I don't understand) but I will 100% day one buy him doing a marvel IP just for the fantastic lols.
  10. I thought this was just derivative pish. Every single "clever" joke was painful, the action was bordering on incoherent and none of it seemed remotely justified. The bit at the start with the car was dreadful, the nicking the biological weapon was idiotic, there was no reason for Hugh Dennis to go along with it at all, even slightly and then he naturally got killed, the Russian scientist deciding to only target spectre in the stupid "it was all a trap to kill bond" party was just that, stupid. I've not really been as disappointed in a long time, people chuckling along with the black female bond (that was essentially coded as a villain) about what 00 number he was, it was all just embarrassing. I feel suckered in by the advertising, the friend I was with totally fell asleep after the first half hour. I mean, it works quite well as a "this whole thing doesn't really work these days, does it" but there are ways and means of still having fun and entertainment within that and it just felt all a bit pathetic instead.
  11. Given the story is "get revenge for your dad" I'm surprised people care so much. It was hardly the driving force as to why the games were enjoyable (or ground breaking). I don't think any possible Shenmue 3 could have pleased anyone, it's the last star wars trilogy all over again. There's some rose tints involved, there's how far things have moved on since, there's how much or little Yu cared about that fact, the cost, the expectations, the original vision, the market, the Internet... It was like a game that should have been released ages and was wonky because of that but I think that's pretty much what would have happened if 3 came out on the dreamcast using the original engine etc. If the whole trilogy came out now, it would flop hard but it basically created the open world game and I'd still rather shenmue 3 stayed as ropey as it always was instead of turning into one of a million other games which the genre turned into. It could have been better but so could the first 2, they were just so ground breaking that a lot of the jank was forgivable.
  12. I think it was a lot more true to it's original (warts and all) than what happened with broken age, to choose another big kickstarter game. There's definitely ways of improving it, it could have been "better" but I do think it's a fine line to tread. It would have been worse IMO if they tried to make it more like a GTA for instance but yes it could have even been improved to a certain extent within it's own style. Personally, I'm with @Benny in regards to enjoying getting to see any of it at all, which might be aiming low or being happy to get scraps off the table or some big exaggeration but I do think the extent to which some people claim it's an abomination is OTT. The originals are a clunky beautiful mess that you could also easily nitpick and find what would essentially be minor changes which would make the experience better but they didn't have them either so yeah, I liked it and would happily play a 4th.
  13. Fair enough, I appreciate it didn't really sound correct if you were suggesting it as meaning homosexual anyway but given this is a games forum, we're all more than familiar with idiots on voice chat calling people "fags" as a pejorative so that's a more common understanding.
  14. Please don't say anything is "a complete fag" as a negative, even if by some weird chance you're referring to cigarettes.
  15. The difficulty levels seem to be missing one in between easy and medium. Easy is piss and medium seems to totally ignore my car stats (and the others) and just make all the cars better than mine unless I drive really well
  16. Forum meet up in Thamesmead then peeps?
  17. Rock star ate my hamster Basically the same but with loads more options for upgrading equipment, picking acts, training, marketing, touring, creating videos and album covers and you can also put your videos on tiktok and YouTube or something. A bit like a kairosoft game but way deeper and also made by bitter English people so it has a lot of satire. Ideally it also has some sort of text to speech so you can write your own lyrics and have a siri/ sat nav type thing read out your childish lyrics rhyming poo and loo every song.
  18. The method of making them lose their minds little by little by increasing the height of her stick and the tables etc is genuinely an amazingly twisted thing to do. It's really quite fucked up.
  19. I was just about to post about how annoying that bit is myself. I died almost every other screen. Good that you can continue from the start of most screens but it's so poorly done I was convinced I was doing it wrong somehow. I did like that it wasn't another boss fight but oof, it's so awkward. Although yes, new dam city is then a cool location. It's quite a strange game really.
  20. I just played the remaster of Sam n max save the world and they're good but somehow there's still something missing in comparison to the original. I couldn't quite place my finger on it but one thing was a lot of the puzzles weren't quite right. One thing that Ron Gilbert said was that monkey Island (and thimbleweed Park) had to have multiple things you could do at once so if you got stuck on one thing you could do something else. These didn't really have that, it was very a to b to c. But tangent aside, they did capture the comedy of the characters well and I liked the recurring side characters across the chapters. Incidentally, I still want MOAR point n click style adventures, even though there are more around than about 10 years ago, very few devs know how to do them "properly" for want of a better word.
  21. Admittedly our boxes are more knackered than that but we do have all the pieces still, which is nice.
  22. Is this meant to be a joke about how Jeremy Corbyn likes beating Jews? Hopefully that's meant to be an intentional joke about how he was tarred as an antisemite? Sorry, it can be tricky to tell tone in text, even more so these days...
  23. This is very sweet. Sam is adorable and it has surprisingly good writing. I understand the talks of it being slow but I seem to remember earthbound having a similar level of just pottering about? I'm at the second area too and enjoying it's laid back pace now I'm embracing it more. Although I think the fighting is a bit clumsy, I'm almost just blundering into the fights because you end up getting hearts relatively easily. I'm hoping it all gets a bit deeper and I think it will to some extent.
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