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  1. Fair point but I've completed chrono trigger twice already over the years and I thought doing this again in 2d might give me another good jrpg to play again. Maybe I'll just reinstall it on the ps5 and see how much I've forgotten in normal 3d mode
  2. That's a shame. I bloody loved it when it came out and playing it through in 2d mode could be quite fun but don't know about buying it all over again just for that (and presumably some other additions to this definitive version).
  3. Can you play the 2d old school mode on the ps4 version? Did it get an update or is that dlc/ a switch only version?
  4. You didn't watch the trailer did you?
  5. Not a show about curzon Dax? I am disappoint.
  6. I'm already part way through series 2
  7. OK. You fuckers convinced me this was worth watching. And it is! Genuinely star trek type scenarios and some actually good jokes that aren't just dick and fart jokes or the kind of bad "humour" you got when data tried to be a comedian or various ferengi episodes. The characters are generally good, I really like extra angry bajoran security officer, another good doctor, I like the captain and her whole deal about being a second protocol ship. Riker and troi in this somehow seemed a lot more like their actual characters than they did in Picard, even though this is an exaggerated (and silly) version of him really, it definitely tracks better than his Picard incarnation for the brief times he shows up. It's good. I'm still not sure whether I'm going to risk strange new worlds just yet though, might wait for the first few episodes just in case.
  8. It really seems to lack that crunch you get during those arkham combos when the camera almost stutters to show the impact. It definitely "looks nice" though but aside from that, the actual gameplay seems very average open world type stuff. Pretty dull.
  9. I thought I'd found most things in this and I know it's whole deal is red herrings and so on but there were a few things in that presentation that I've not seen so I should probably have another dig around. It's a weird thing as I almost want to know how much I've found (or not) but then I also realise that half defeats the point of it all... The one from the original with the "storytelling award" was bloody amazing, one of my favourite bits. I think it's fantastic though and I can't get enough of games that know they are games and do things only possible in the medium but it's also a difficult thing to really recommend to a certain extent. As in, do I enjoy this a lot more because I've played almost every single FPS made since wolfenstein? If you played this after only having played one CoD game, I can't see it working nearly as well as you might not know the tricks that CoD plays on you in a similar way as this but then doesn't acknowledge it's doing those tricks. It's interesting.
  10. Ooh! I've just been thinking how much I was after a new xcom, I think I'll have to give this a look. I hammered xcom2 on steam with a load of the mods (some of which are massive and add proper structure and other tech etc) and war of the chosen I somehow didn't enjoy as much. The "nemesis" type things just really fucked me off and I seemed to keep getting missions which had way more enemies than the scanning would suggest, let alone my ability. I think my last save i was playing was one where my exit/ map objective was literally surrounded by those new robots, like 15 of them or something weird. Basically impossible with where my troops were at. That kind of thing kept on happening and I had to save scum it to get anywhere. I did finish it but I dunno, I agree with the "slog" point made up thread. It somehow didn't seem as fun as xcom2 with a load of mods. But space marines xcom... colour me interested.
  11. Yeah I think bizarrely that SimAnt had one of those crossover capabilities too but I might be misremembering. I always hoped we'd get the progression of that idea but I can appreciate it would no doubt be a massive mess.
  12. I remember this idea of all the sim stuff connecting and always thought it would happen but I suppose it wouldn't really make sense. There was a period when it was suggested you would be able to zoom in on a sim city skyscraper and then you could play it as Sim Tower, or zoom in and play the Sim Farm game etc. This was before sims existed iirc but I still think it would be cool if it all worked like that and you built the whole city etc your sims lived in and so on.
  13. I really enjoyed playing celceta when it came out and it's probably one of my favourite recent JRPGs. In a strange way I think it actually benefited from being a port essentially because it didn't feel like it had as much bloat as they often have. I've played two of the cold steel games I think (maybe 3) and for whatever reason didn't get along with IV nearly as much as III . The annoying thing looking at the golden week sale on the PlayStation store is I find it difficult to know which is which of the ys games and which I've played
  14. Neither of the new gen consoles has a handle, so therefore they're both rubbish
  15. Cheers, bit of one of those odd 'summary of other interviews' pieces you get but I might see if I can find that podcast mentioned. Fair enough it was her that wasn't that fussed though, makes it less weird than a lot of the other women's stories you've heard about in 90s trek at least.
  16. Poor keiko. Rosalind Chao had such a weird role and she was good whenever she actually had anything to do. Her pah wraith possession episode was a cracker in regards to showing off her acting chops. I always wonder if it was just more of the nonsense around Rick berman and him being a perv or if she was doing other stuff.
  17. The strange thing with all of these is it's difficult to know if "you're doing it wrong" if you can succeed and I also wonder if it's because we're all old bastards that grew up with games that just were bad or incredibly awkward and that was your lot. The amount of games I've played on the c64 or amiga that had completely incoherent control schemes even with a massive phone book of a manual, or your character just couldn't do something that most able bodied real people could (like a roll or a jump etc ) so you just carried on assuming that's the way the game was made. Then again, I still pretty much start every new game by pressing all the buttons regardless of a tutorial or not but that's more related to playing stuff from the high seas as a youth or Japanese games that I couldn't read, so you have to trial and error. It's strange though, I still can't really work out how to do automation and switches etc in factorio but I've still finished it numerous times and played it for hundreds of hours. You could argue the run button in various games could be considered a similar type of thing (if a lot less complicated).
  18. While I agree that the marketing does a huge part regardless of quality, there's still a gulf in ability to make a good film between bay and Cameron.
  19. There's a lot more to it than just the 3d filming, from the pre vis stuff to also digital protection etc. The masses may not care but he is and always has been a huge force for innovation in film making, whether you like the movies he uses to do that or not. He's very similar to (but a lot less shit than) lucas in regards to what he did with the prequels.
  20. It is bad but I do think he did an amazing job for making such an incredibly successful film that was so much cgi. It was almost a pixar movie to some extent and the argument that he had to make it so broad I think is fair enough. The concept of an avatar and weird blue cat creatures being the protagonist isn't strange for us nerds of course but to get everyone quickly up to speed and understand what's going on while also completely reinventing 3D filming (YMMV on whether it was worth it but in terms of the industry etc, it was massive) is a hell of a feat to pull off and also make a billion dollars. Similar to titanic really, he is amazing at telling what are very basic stories in bonkers ways, it's just endlessly disappointing that he doesn't go full on genre movie insanity because he's also a very good businessman. I get the feeling these will be the same sort of deal, very basic story and characters but with some totally cutting edge technology involved. With any luck, if all the sequels do happen, then it might be possible to make it a more interesting story overall if it does it slowly for all of the appeal to everyone. He knows what he's doing enough that it will be more watchable than any Michael Bay pish, whatever happens I'm pretty confident.
  21. The movies for percy Jackson are a bit poop though.
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