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  1. W00t! Christmas has officially started. Pm on the way
  2. The nonary games nail it again. VLR is essentially a visual novel but if it didn't have all that text and exposition the KERBLAMMO moments wouldn't hit nearly as hard. I can read very quickly though, so I often resort to just reading than listen to VO.
  3. I'm still a bit skeptical tbh
  4. Yeah, I'll be saving up to be honest, this is a massive jump in technology compared to current VR offerings and with 'proper' controllers instead of the move wands. It's obviously lumpy but thank fuck I haven't got a wife and kids to worry about me jizzing half a grand on a toy.
  5. Furry muff. I already got the dq DS games out of the way at release so it was a pleasant surprise to see those dq games on plus. I'd been meaning to get dq builders 2 after spending an inordinate amount of time making a stupidly long mine cart ride which took at least 11 minutes (iirc) to travel the length of in the original. I've got a horrible impending sense of doom that I'll do it all over again but even longer and more unnecessary in this one.
  6. I'm assuming you aren't on PlayStation as it was included in the premium plus thingy recently, which is why I installed it to have a look.
  7. I'm playing dq builders 2 at the mo myself I even installed that musou one before I realised what it was.
  8. I don't mind difficult bosses but I really fucking hate it when it's just a war of attrition and you've clocked how to defeat him/ the pattern whatever but just because it's a boss it's going to take fucking ages. I also hate it when the energy bar is actually bollocks and the game wants you to do the thing three times, even if by all intents and purposes you should have killed him off during the second time you staggered them (or whatever). There are quite a few games where I've just not bothered finishing the boss, especially if I've "worked it out" as then just going through the motions is even more annoying.
  9. I think the DQ games are great and I really enjoy their nostalgia trip aspect but with some great QoL and aesthetic improvements. I've played so many of them and/ or spin offs that all those level up musical stings, or battle victory etc are really stuck in my brain. I also think that's another reason I like yakuza LaD so much, what with all the jrpg (and DQ) nods. Weirdly, it was probably this one that cemented it, I must have played a lot more of them than I fully realised on zsnes or what have you.
  10. I think it's different for us olds though, I saw a thumbnail on YouTube that was apparently a video explaining "why do old video games look so bad" and seemingly related to pixels and the like, which I found kind of funny somehow. I know a boring amount of nonsense about resolutions from having a 486 and then also working in post production but the concept of 320x240 let alone 720p I "know" so there is never a concept that a game looks better or worse, that's just all that was possible. I think some of these remakes reflect some of that youth lack of 'knowledge' to an extent.
  11. It's three years old now so a lot of people may have seen this but I found this video pretty interesting in regards to localising a game that seems relatively "simple" in comparison to a longer or more text heavy games. I also think he seems like an interesting chap as it is and I can't wait to see what he does next.
  12. I think lighting in games is fascinating and there's a lot of times I seewhat light does in really life that I'd think looked "fake" if it was done in real life. I found it really interesting to learn a lot of original coloured lighting in games would be just a big coloured triangle with clipping turned off essentially I also think there's an odd thing (along with the "getting used to it" thing mentioned) is that often the performance hit currently doesn't immediately seem a good option compared to a lot of the pre-baked stuff we've had for a while now. But true ray and path traced lighting with multi bounce and all that fancy shit makes everything so much more realistic in a way that is almost difficult to notice because it looks "right" but we're also not really there yet for the majority of games. I also think that there isn't a game that specifically benefits from it much yet either and perhaps some sort of tomb raider / zelda style RT based bouncing light off mirrors thing is what they need to properly show it off
  13. The switch and deck control scheme for this sounds bad, I played it with mouse because I felt I had to if I could and it didn't highlight any of the interaction points unless you press a key (I think, never did it) and otherwise it's just point n click along the lines of the more refined versions of full throttle and Curse. I do think it's intentionally easy as I said before and strangely I think some of posts in here back it up, this is knowingly a sequel to an old favourite by the makers of the original for people that may not otherwise be as into it all as we are. I think that's why it's as frictionless as it is, I would have preferred an extra difficulty tier, without a doubt as the hard mode isn't that at all and you can see from thimbleweed, they definitely know how to make those multi step puzzles still. I think the note from Ron at the end and the repeated mention of stories and endings totally reflect that too. They would have no doubt made a different game at the time of Curse and this would have been different if they didn't also have to reference games they didn't make but may well have been played by some of the audience that didn't know all the weird politics that happened around it. I think it's a very good ending to the series and I'm glad he got to do it. But that isn't to say i wouldn't rather have had a ludicrously long and complicated game that went to every previous location and had a variety of graphics modes to make it look like all of the other games or what have you. But, I also think this is actually a much better overall way of doing it and probably (and also disappointingly) better for business reasons. As said before, I hope Ron, Dave (and also the pixel artist from thimbleweed whose name escapes me atm), go on to make the most amazing next thing in point n clicks after putting this to bed and showing that there is a market for the genre.
  14. I play a load of star trek timelines on my mobile still even though it really isn't much of a "game" but I find the pokemon style catching 'em all part quite amusing and I'm still in the same crew with @LowCostMonkey since I first asked about it on here years ago.
  15. I know this is a "what do you want" wishlist thread but wanting Nintendo to go back to console and handheld (or just no handheld offering at all) is about as realistic as half life 3 coming out on the lynx. It wouldn't shock me for them to lose the plot and do a switch u or something similarly confusingly marketed but no way would anyone look at the sales of the switch and think they should not make a handheld hybrid again. Not to mention the success of the steam deck shows that a lot of people do actually like handheld gaming still (that aren't kids).
  16. I want it to come with the moon on a stick.
  17. That front mission remaster is still on the way too and I loved playing those on zsnes many moons ago and are probably a simpler version of the battletech style big robos. I did enjoy the battletech game on the amiga although more the concept as I was a bit young to really get it at the time. Original xcom was my intro to the genre but I really don't know how practical it would be to go back to those as a newcomer. Using TP to crouch/ turn and every bit of movement (as well as the inventory juggling being much more of a thing in those early ones in regards to looting your own squad's corpses for ammo and guns etc) is a little fiddly these days I'd imagine. Bloody great games and terror from the deep was amazing at the time but I think a harder sell when there's so many others these days.
  18. Yes, that's exactly what I meant and for some reason I'm the one appointed to tell you what movies you can and can't enjoy. It's a bit strange but I got a letter, so what can you do.
  19. Yeah but somehow it was worse in the second one
  20. But that terrible bit of racism with the main character Benny that I didn't realise wasn't actually any kind of South East Asian until I saw him in Columbo (or possibly hackers) is really, really embarrassing.
  21. If I won a lottery (that I don't even do, so it would be a hell of a feat) I would 100% buy that. I loved the first movie as a kid and I think it's a pretty cool robot design in general that isn't just a gundam or an ed-209 style thing.
  22. If at least a quarter of those lines aren't "took a phaser to the knee" I'll be disappoint.
  23. Also, if you get xcom on steam, there are loads of really, really good mods for it that I can recommend and quite a few of them make things a lot easier. Well at least more manageable. I don't know about gears but grenades are essential in the xcom games for that kind of 'enemy in overwatch' situation for flushing them out or just destroying cover. The flushing them out part then also works really well if the rest of your squad are already on overwatch.
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