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  1. Microsoft buying Rare and then making them make Kinect avatars and clothing
  2. That does sound good, would be interesting if they tied in (which it sounds like they will, just not clear how) could have things similar to crackdown's idea of taking out the armory would mean worse guns in the final mission and so on. Maybe you could do a mission earlier which would switch off some cameras/ security but that might mean missing out on something else etc etc. I do like hitman so I'll give it a look regardless but it sounds interesting.
  3. Almost every controller is the worst according to this thread
  4. Wow. I find religion is one of the hardest to win! But going early definitely works, especially if you get stonehenge or one of the early religion wonders. Congrats
  5. The best bit about e3 is the chat on here, the actual presentations aren't ever as good if you don't watch it live with a load of other curmudgeonly idiots making stupid jokes.
  6. But that is hugely different to how these two films are telling their entire stories? Arguably the babies idea is a much better continuation of the plot in the first film than things like... mini stay puft marshmallows have started coming to life in a very heavily branded shop because.... erm... it's not just nostalgia, honest, give me a minute. Or zuul again, they didn't get a cgi recreation of Roy batty thank fuck. Edit: to @Thwomp apologies, slow response because of fucking predictive text bollocks.
  7. Definitely getting it, just having VR in my own house instead of having to go to either the basement of the trocadero or the early days of quake demo and dark forces in a VR helmet.... it's just crazy fucking future shit and i love it. I don't even play the 1st psvr that much really but it's still amazing to me, just to have.
  8. I'm halfway through spider miles 2: moralesman so will be finishing that off and borrowed resi village and lost judgement for Xmas from my bro. On top of that, some steam secret santa stuff and I'm all set for the festive break which I'm off until the new year, so woo and indeed hoo.
  9. Detective games are unfortunately susceptible to the problem that plagued early point n clicks badly; if you don't understand the one particular way of solving the puzzle then you often can't proceed. Blade runner by Westwood back in the day did it one of the best in regards to being able to miss clues and get the criminal wrong. Most detective games are ostensibly pretty linear which I think is part of the problem. Obra dinn is a very interesting take on it and I hope there's not only a sequel to that but something 'more'.
  10. Woop! many thanks santa and jpr! Underrail, gang beasts, phasmophobia and impostor factory The latter of which I think will be a good Christmas break game to play. Happy Christmas everyone!
  11. Done mine, merry easter hippies!
  12. Some of the racers you control look too big in a way, some of that latest trailer I couldn't help but think it would be tricky to see what the track was doing because of your massive character model. And as said, it looks like a re-skin. Great Giana Kart.
  13. Have you been taking all the balms and level up items? I ended up grinding more than I needed to in the end as you get quite a lot.
  14. It's really quite amazing how many great supporting characters there are in this and that's only at this stage before the dominion kick in. What we left behind really nailed that part, it's a great ensemble really. I even liked 'for some reason jake' second time around, he grows up much more interestingly than Wesley ever did (or was written to).
  15. Me and a mate can do a very easy run of the perico heist for big bucks but yeah, they still aren't quite there yet, especially how it always plays out the same with the setup missions and so on. We also only play with the MTU cheat so it's only us in there. The MP still has loads of incredibly annoying griefers.
  16. Dr dre and Scott stortch were in it along with the caya perico heist from last year. Or have you not been playing for a while?
  17. I've got a big issue with delivery in podcasts and YouTube and I just can't get past his delivery and cadence, really fucks me off. It's just so... effected, trying to make everything sound so profound. I mean at least it isn't the Clarkson cadence which is favoured by a load of brits on YouTube but I dunno, just grated. The subject matter is right up my street though so I might have to give it another go.
  18. I was convinced there was going to be another twist when I saw that one again recently, it's so obvious I thought that couldn't be it.
  19. Bashir is actually a much more interesting character I thought after a rewatch, he goes through quite a lot of change and he really needed it tbh. Overly arrogant sex pest is hardly a great character.
  20. Oh right yeah... Cheers for the benefit of the doubt
  21. Is 15 cooking mama? Or eat, cook, delicious ?
  22. Is 12 Billy hatcher and whatever the subtitle was? It's only the eggs, no idea why it would be really. I suppose it could be chuckie egg based on that though...
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