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  1. Good bit of trolling, Batman v superman has themes and characters
  2. b00dles

    Disco Elysium

    This looks lovely but at the moment I do most of my pc gaming on the sofa, is the text scalable? Because it looks a bit small for playing at distance. Although I'll probably get it anyway given things mentioned like point n click, detective and no combat makes it sound right up my (crime) alley.
  3. I finished this on my own and then showed it to some mates and it was interesting to see other ways of piecing together the clues, it's a great game. I'd happily play another tale of the magic time travelling insurance person.
  4. Probably Mario 3 for me as well, playing on my Japanese mate's famicom in junior school, when he showed me the 'falling behind the scenery ' trick my flabber was truly gasted.
  5. Much like there was that giant green x for original xbox which still should have been the final product, if this is a huge V that you can stand up it will be great. Boring black rectangles can get in the sea.
  6. Good blue steel from vin in that trailer thumbnail
  7. Well yeah but no but yeah, lead actor and score are easily changed and there are hundreds of other ways for a film to be bad or good but I see your point. I just meant to me those two were doing a lot of the heavy lifting. And I obviously understand this also but as others have said, the actual batman parts were almost a detriment.
  8. I just watched this and it's good buuuuuuut I'm not sure I love it quite as much as some in here. It's definitely good and the best DC movie since nolan but I don't know if it should have just been a taxi driver/ falling down/ king of comedy movie rather than specifically a batman related movie. I also think that with anyone other than Joaquin and the powerful score I don't think it would be anywhere near as good as it was.
  9. As long as the ps plus games from the ps4 comes over so you have something to play in those early dry months. Half the reason I didn't go xbox this gen as all my purchases were pointless.
  10. Same reason Dennis Hopper played a non dinosaur bowser in the Mario film, producers not having a fucking clue.
  11. Looks like the enterprise has just done a drift turn onto the poster
  12. Costume quest is a great Halloween game, couldn't remember the name yesterday. Don't think I played 2 either so good heads up on the psnow front!
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