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  1. I still think all these problems aren't Rian Johnson or TLJ's fault. Of the two movies so far, I'd rather have had a whole trilogy by Rian than JJ. Although I think the huge amount of fan service is what makes the more money, even if it's dull.
  2. b00dles

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    Yeah foreigners with their weird names eh? Tsk.
  3. Am I the only person thinking she's jumping on to the ship because it's kylo's and they're off on a team up to defeat the bad man?
  4. He'll be the human original that they made the T-800 out of in the first place which is why he's now old.
  5. Factorio is still great without yet being "finished", I've played it for more than 1000 hours apparently
  6. b00dles

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    They almost have to "do a psycho" in some respects because phelan and others are right, you don't want joker to be sympathetic, he's meant to be completely unhinged. So it wouldn't surprise me if it otherwise looks like he was "normal" then pushed over the edge but then lo and behold, his mum was a grinning corpse all along and joker and the filmmakers were just messing with you.
  7. b00dles


    That's the sort of thing I was trying to say
  8. b00dles


    I totally agree about the TV series idea rather than a live action. You're right that it was very different and I've not read them all through for a while either but joker turned good. They still had the bike fight with him riding no hands like in the anime but he then joined kaneda along with the general, that's also a disappointment with the anime; that joker never got his awesome spider- bot tank thing. I would say it's the best I could have hoped for a shortened anime and for when it came out though, even if it was changed, Otomo changed it "well" at least, it could have been SO much worse. As much as I like the others that came out at the time too, the manga to anime conversion of appleseed or fist of the north star weren't nearly as good. A long form cartoon like initial D would have been the way to do it but again at the time they wouldn't have got the budget to make the animation etc. as good as it was if it was a weekly show. Sorry I'm rambling now, love me some Akira
  9. b00dles


    Yeah she's crucial and just gets a background shot of her praying. The anime is great though obviously and I totally understand why it was trimmed down but I'd have absolutely loved it to be a fully fleshed out trilogy or some such. The soundtrack is bloody fantastic too.
  10. b00dles


    It's a panel in the main manga, they just gave it a full colour cover. I was way off with my issue numbers though; There's so much more to their gang and friendship hierarchy which is missed from the anime, let alone how much more awesome joker and the general are.
  11. b00dles


    You have to have yamagata just because that amazing bit in issue 15 or 16 (that cover!) which totally compels kaneda to properly go after tetsuo, his motivation isn't nearly as important in the anime.
  12. b00dles

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    Looks interesting, I'm intrigued to see what happens. The bit with him in full purple and bouquet could almost be the Barbara Gordon killing joke section but it doesn't look like it's that story otherwise. Not sure if "mother" seems a bit too much like psycho but he doesn't have a set background arguably so it could work. Certainly more appealing than Jared Leto's version even at this early stage.
  13. I was thinking "oh American Shaun of the dead" but shouldn't have doubted jarmusch. That looks great and Adam driver seems to have awesome comedy timing. I'm in.
  14. b00dles

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Yeah leap year is balls. Numerous bad rom coms are up there too. I saw the holiday at the cinema which is fucking painful. I remember slipstream being a very dull cinema experience when I was a kid, Mark Hamill and his terrible agent striking again but I've not seen it since so it might not be quite as bad as I remember, anyone seen it?
  15. I just l liked the idea of terminator at a fete after seeing the official name. Nothing to do with any women being in the film from me.

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