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  1. Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    If you can't interact with it, it sounds like it's a part of the bullet? Is the table at the front of the breach at the bottom of the stairs?
  2. Justice League

    It's really glaring in the movie, I've seen some people say "you don't normally look at people's top lip" but generally I look at the faces of the actors in movies and their mouth area is pretty much something you look at when they talk too. It's more the problem that the rest of the film is also poop so it's not distracting you away from ludicrous upper lip technology (and the fact a key marketing partner was Gillette is still fucking brilliant). One other thing; I've heard people bemoan batfleck but it's really the scripts fault rather than his, he just plays the most boring shit version of batman ever put on film. Not remotely world's greatest detective and in one key fight just stole a gun from alien creatures and stood still shooting them until he ran out of bullets (the mere fact he could shoot a completely alien gun I could just about forgive but he shouldn't have even needed to). They also had absolutely no idea how to even make a team up movie or show anything that made them better as a team, they repeatedly don't help each other out or leave people to do things on their own for no reason. Even the turning on the mother box bit has cyborg doing some computer shit (new guy, can't let bats do it) and the flash making lightning from EXTREME static electricity ( might be slightly different in the actual film) but even in that bit they didn't bother making up something where they needed water from aquaman, some detecting from bats and something to do with the lariat for wonder woman to show how great team work is. Just a bad, bad film.
  3. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    She was also semi known for nibbling on it herself, so I think the joke is him seeing what the fuss is all about. Really doesn't work and is just creepy as fuck though.
  4. Everybody's Golf - Sign up in the first post.

    That formula is quite interesting for distance, I might try that but the bit about aim was more or less 'play it a lot and git gud'. I do hope they keep the tournaments going though, my mates and I fucked the final and only finished on even and had been doing -6 pretty regularly on practice runs
  5. Your dream game

    Yeah, I often stop playing when it gets all war based. I can't remember which one it was exactly but I ended up putting lots of guard towers on my borders and just keeping my little settlers pottering around. Sim City style gameplay/ expansion with the details of settlers would be great, I love just watching the progression. It's similar to watching factorio doing it's thing but so much more charming.
  6. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    I'd still have loved PGR / MSR city tracks as DLC for drive club, that would have made it my favourite racing game ever. I do like the tracks in drive club as it is but always loved going around the real world tracks and the real time clock in MSR for that matter. To be honest, just regular DLC for drive club would have probably made me never need another racer until a next gen or something.
  7. Cool film concepts that got ditched

    @Stevedave it's on the quadrilogy (still stupid) making of stuff, not watched it for ages but there was concept art and models and all sorts. Was a right old mess of a production really but still felt more "aliens" than basketball Ripley and literal "jaws in space" by having swimming ones in that other one.
  8. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    It will still be better then justice league
  9. Cool film concepts that got ditched

    The weird original version of alien 3 (I actually like what fincher did with what he could, even if alien baby thing was dreadful) that had a planet almost made out of wood. Still with Hicks and newt iirc too.
  10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Yeah sorry, probably no need to worry about it.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    This was post game really, I had a team I enjoyed using then did a load of the big bosses and side missions while I was doing affinity charts for other rare blades and then trying to get all of them. It got to a dull point of trying to grind and farm once there wasn't other things to do. Technically I've still got the 120 boss thing and a few other 100 or so but not sure if I can be arsed as I don't know if I'll get anything remotely worth while. Aside from the satisfaction obvs, I mean in the game.
  12. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Yeah I think I actually was just being shit, I died twice when I tried it first time and then ended up being generally over levelled for the bits afterwards. I've given up trying to get the remaining three rare blades I'm missing and I've done pretty much everything on everyone else's affinity list, maybe if they do a NG+ I might go back to it. Good game though but that randomness on the rare blades just soured my experience a little.
  13. Everybody's Golf - Sign up in the first post.

    I only got a -9 playing alternate holes with my mates on the beams tournament but I'll be in for any rllmuk tournaments. I'll be playing this evening with my mates too so I'll add myself to the spreadsheet. I've got scores on almost all combos of holes I think. EDIT: I'm not going to update, I see that it's time based as it makes more sense. Be glad to join a new one definitely.
  14. Maybe finally we'll all get the shovel simulator the Wii promised but now with an added cardboard shovel

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