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  1. No worries at all, you were doing me a favour anyway so it's all good thanks
  2. Cheers exidor, I'm there. Can ppl not leave using minus please? It fucks shit up for everyone else. Edit: tip & spare diy by your house. Cool island! Edit edit: did some watering too
  3. Just got a comms error? Has she closed gates? Sorry don't want to be a pest
  4. Ok cool, I'll sort my stuff out and be along shortly. Does she want anything in particular?
  5. @Stejayare you still open by any chance? I've only got a pocket full so wouldn't be long.
  6. What are people using for turnip calculation? I've been using ac-turnip.com and it seems to be a bit shitty to be honest. Or have Nintendo changed up patterns or something so these predictors aren't any good anyway? In other news, 32 fucking bells this afternoon and it was meant to be a spike to at least 200.
  7. I thought that was a pretty good showing. Fairly safe admittedly but a lot less painful in terms of cringe influencers and showing how much multiplayer fun people are having like recent e3 shows. I like the look of the box, looks silly and that's a good thing. I would have been happy with the V shaped dev kit though as that also looked daft. Series x looks so fucking dull in comparison, it's a video game box and we're all old. If it doesn't look good with your IKEA living room then bollocks to you, play the games on it and be happy you've got the bucks to buy one, whatever it looks like.
  8. Cool. Xcom and mafia shenanigans? right up my street. I remember the gangsters game from the 90s, was definitely one that had potential that was never quite realised with a sequel. Seems such an obvious type of game in a way and a step towards my crazy hybrid gta San Andreas/ saints row 3 property owning gang take over game but with proper sim city type stuff over the top as well. But with xcom it seems, so arguably even better
  9. It's my 40th birthday today and for want of a huge rave with all my mates, gates are about to open to friends if anyone wants a visit and nose about The party the villagers held was a joy. Shop is all but cleared out but happy to build or order anything and if any new players still need fossils I've got loads.
  10. Cheers @Tetmonmuch obliged! I left 10% and a load of spare (and admittedly quite shit) DIY recipes. That hot tub you have looks quality. Can I send you bells for one?
  11. Good old @SteveH. I've always said he's better than Steve's a-g.
  12. Cheers @evil pleft you tip and some bamboo shoots. Thanks much!
  13. Is the island still up? David has been there for 22 minutes and no one has moved I don't think
  14. I somehow joined back at 12th where I was before but no probs, I'll grab some bamboo. Thanks
  15. Hello mr @evil p just joined the queue but thought I'd post as a heads up. Have people given you enough bamboo seedlings as I've got loads. Or any other fossils?
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