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  1. b00dles

    Saint's Row V

    The cockney accent was bloody great, I took lots of idiotic amusement by dressing up as stupidly as possible so every cutscene made me chuckle.
  2. I still think their should be another "captain" as seth doing his comedy bits just doesn't quite work with him as the captain of the whole ship but it may as well be called star trek: orville given the feel of it. I'm really looking forward to the third series and I totally gave up on STD after series 2 as it may as well be generic space show for all the trek-iness it has (or doesn't, more to the point).
  3. Does look and sound good in that digital foundry video, in that I doubt it will change the world of course but I totally agree with him in regards to spectacle driven shooters these days.
  4. I hope you watched the orville @Sprite Machine Great post
  5. It doesn't take place in one day though, there's loads of flying about the place and you see Erso at the beginning and then the movies tells rather than shows that she's a bit of a nondescript wrong 'un. Then she literally saves a baby to show she's "nice". Diego Luna (playing Mr. Star wars name of almost Calrissian Endor) is bad at the start then doesn't shoot Madds for no reason and somehow falls in love with Erso. K2-S0 is a good droid and has the best arc of anyone Donnie yen is horribly wasted, his mate with a big gun is literally just that. Forrest Whittaker is... there and his mind sucking blob which apparently melts your brain just doesn't if you have a sit down in the worst jail ever so our fellow countryman can plug some things in later. Darth Vader kicking ass is "cool" but ultimately stupid given the way he walks in after the shooting in ANH, so why did he stop being a bad ass all of a sudden? And yes the space battle is cool. I also think in general it makes the whole throwaway line of the effort to get the plans seem daft given what they were and how they get them and then get them to Leia is also filled with daft extra steps and makes all of her dialogue and interaction with Vader really odd. It's a not bad "fun romp" and yes I realise jedi should have had wookies instead of ewoks but this almost seems like it is too 'safe' from Disney even in comparison to that. It's arguably "better" than jedi by virtue of time and money in regards to things like fight choreography and special effects but it's more boring because of it. For what the premise is on paper - mission to find death star plans - a heist movie would have made more sense or as a dirty dozen type war movie but it's more just some not bad star wars stuff. I'll leave it alone but thanks for the responses given and I'm glad I'm seemingly not missing something else. As a total aside, I saw it at the cinema with extended family and thought my dad was being a stick in the mud for not enjoying it but I totally understand where he was coming from, there's just not much to it but it's not painful or anything either.
  6. I genuinely don't understand the love for this movie and the past few posts saying it's great don't seem to say why either. I'm really, really not trying to troll the thread, everyone has different reasons they like a movie or whatever but can someone try and explain why they think it's good? To me it has non existent characters that have no development, the story doesn't make sense, it fills in alleged "plot holes" that aren't really and then has a cool spaceship fight at the end. I really enjoyed it at the cinema but in subsequent watches it only seems to get worse as it has no depth to it. It's obviously better than the prequels or I dunno, the transformers movies and it's not the worst thing ever but what's the appeal?
  7. Re-do original die hard as an animated film by the spider- verse people using all the existing dialogue. (Yes I know it's Sony, I'm being silly obvs)
  8. The silent movie is unintentionally hilarious with painful use of emojis to appeal to the yoof but it's made by a 70 year old so when they talk about WW2 they have Hitler emojis. It's really weird. The other one us quite good though, even if a bit scant on details really and totally ignoring the ecstasy side of things for some reason or another (probably to ensure mass appeal but ignoring it seems to be missing a very large chunk of the whole reason everyone got on in regards to one love and one nation under a groove). I did subsequently find out the director of the silent movie made some amazing music videos in his time and the fact he did enigma's return to innocence makes sense if you watch it.
  9. I've probably posted this in here but finishing original hand held donkey Kong twice through was a feat when I was 7 or whenever it would have been, under 10 either way, I didn't even know you just started again once you'd freed the princess originally. I also completed time crisis 2 on one credit in the arcade but that might be just due to lots of money spent on it as some of it is just remembering stuff.
  10. The casting in the 90s movie is bloody amazing. The only one I thought never worked was pugsley for one reason or another but Julia, Huston, Ricci, Lloyd and Struycken are perfect. At the time the cg of thing was amazing too, having him able to leave his box was a bit of cinema magic.
  11. Every good game should be in hindsight re- released as f1fa or call for duty just so more people play them and don't just keep buying the same limited game experiences over and over again.
  12. Some of that looked a bit ropey there. If anything they should go wire heavy if they're going for the Wu like in the shaw brothers movies
  13. BAF which are my initials so I thought it would be unique on arcade leaderboards and it's also a punch sound effect from 60s batman.
  14. Good trailer but that isn't saying much these days. I'm still incredibly wary of the fact it looks more like discovery and kurtzman being involved. Needed more darmok at jalad
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