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  1. I thought I'd buy a load of nips this week to get the final stamp as I don't need the money but I think I need to make some money to get the actual stamp... My forecast from the turnip calculator is down for the rest of the week, less than I bought them for, so if anyone has any price above 97 can you let me know just so I don't make a total loss?
  2. I was just talking to my mate about this the other day. It's a tricky one because in a way, the jet set games are kind of limited. I bloody love them and am keen to see what happens with this but I think it's quite a tricky proposition. You potentially add other things and then make it less like the originals, or you make it almost too similar that it could be DLC. I don't know whether it will 'work' for the general public. The others didn't make loads in the first place did they? Fingers crossed though, could be great and I wonder if you could maybe make a good onlin
  3. I don't know what everyone else here is like in regards to their tech but there's still a lot of people (I know some personally) that still rage quit/ throw controllers about the room when they lose. Also one friend of mine has the most ridiculous sweaty hands while playing some games (and isn't otherwise some sort of sweat monster) which don't seem to do his controllers any favours. So I imagine there's a wide range of how people actually use their controllers, as well as any corner cutting the manufacturers might do. I do think that all controllers are s
  4. b00dles

    It Takes Two

    Yeah me and my mate played way out, was pretty good but was still a bit light and almost like a Co op tell tale game in some bits. Not that that would be a bad thing either, this does look a bit more action-y. I wonder if it will just be quite simple things broken into two parts rather than it just being one thing... looks interesting.
  5. Classic game. I got sick on the butt with the myna bird for so long, I might have to buy it just to see if I can remember how to do it... Someone mentioned beyond a steel sky, did it turn out any good? It all went a bit quiet as far as I noticed so I'm assuming it didn't do very well. I'll have a Google but I'd be interested to hear if anyone tried it here?
  6. All you need to do is blink more, then it's fine.
  7. Not really, it's very simplistic detective mode doesn't get much more involved and it still funnels you to places sometimes even if you know otherwise (the very first scene were you can't go into the girl's bedroom is an embarrassing early example of this. It's such a shame that obra dinn is roughly a million times better in regards to the detecting and how things unfold but David cage gets loads of money and still had basically just does a lot of smoke and mirrors. There's a very, very good game to be made out of the concept of a robot detective that can continually
  8. There's always something behind the waterfall.
  9. I've got a load of blue roses if anyone needs too. Also got DIY spare for Bamboo speaker Falling snow Wall Not great but bamboo speaker took me a long while to get originally if anyone else still needs it.
  10. After? Are you expecting this to have non- cheesey dialogue? It really shouldn't (and couldn't) be serious though surely? The games know they're completely ridiculous.
  11. Must be why he doesn't like golf games.
  12. Looks like the film we always wanted the first attempt to be in the 90s and I'm well up for it being total rubbish.
  13. A few people have mentioned that Mario golf will get less simplistic but to my memory the last console one remained a lot more boring than the n64 one that had a course which looked like yoshi in birds eye/ map view and power up areas on the course iirc. It might have even been the last handheld one but it only ever got to be the equivalent of 'there's peach's Castle', than any kind of hints at anything like a crazy golf, or any impractical courses like inside bowsers Castle with lava and stuff. The one thing I do remember, is that they have all been; a) more traditional course wise since
  14. You joke but I'd definitely play that.
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