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  1. I was so surprised when I saw him just do his normal voice in I think an episode of columbo as a kid, I thought he happened to genuinely be Indian and exaggerated it or something along those lines, rather than it being completely put on.
  2. One of the things I find most intriguing is that I don't agree with the whole "movies make you want to kill people" or things like that but I do think the surrounding themes or character archetypes can often be assumed to be true or correct as they may be presented as more 'real' than chuck Norris shooting loads of bad guys without ever using cover and so on. It's sort of the representation of people, especially in a more general sense or behaviour that filters in. Also over repetition, for instance face man in A-Team does his "master of disguise" trick in almost every episode but if you watch it now, it pretty much just him chatting up the receptionist or whomever and I'll admit, as a kid, I did grow up thinking that he (and other similar versions of a "handsome man") are almost the only thing a woman would be attracted to, aside from odd rarities. It's embarrassing to admit it but I can't really pretend otherwise. Whereas that's actually complete bollocks. It's the same as the toxic masculinity side of things and men shouldn't show emotion, or even the generic things like jocks and nerds. I genuinely doubt that a lot of high schools are actually like they were depicted in the movies we saw in the 80s, or if they are, it's because they are perhaps unintentionally behaving the way that they think they should do. It brings to mind the thing whoopi goldberg said about star trek, she loved seeing uhuru because it made her think that black people would still be alive in the future and could get to be on a spaceship like that. I find that almost simple hope created from that is amazing, as a white western guy, I'm always in everything and never doubted it could be otherwise. I can barely imagine what it would be like growing up having homosexual feelings in the 80s and 90s with basically everything saying that those feelings are wrong, or a point of comedy etc and even without knowing it I could conceive that you would suppress any inkling towards it from a very young age because of those subtle messages. Another thing I came to realise which is a more generic thing rather than sexism/ homophobia etc but because Hollywood has been the dominant source of movies, it's quite strange how much very specific American things that everyone would know but you don't have a clue about the equivalent in other countries. Things like 911, or even the names of certain places, or companies, I never intended to remember any of these things but I do. I'm also enough of a movie bellend that I watch a lot more foreign films than your average Joe but I don't know anywhere near the same amount about those other countries whose films I've seen. Tl;dr I think movies do have an influence but in a very different way than they're given grief for.
  3. That YouTube channel I posted on the previous page covers it well and also the fact whenever a woman does it, they're portrayed as the bad kind of stalkers and unhinged. It's really quite disturbing and does show where a lot of the entitlement of the pick up artist crowd could get their ideas from. It's a lot to do with how critical thinking and analysis isn't generally something that is taught imo. Spielberg for instance has loads of themes in his movies about fatherhood because of his own issues with his parents but thankfully not in as much of a dangerous way as the homophobia and sexism. It isn't that difficult to imagine that some of these writers of 80s movies had bad luck with women because they were nerdy writers (or whatever, just an example, I'm a nerd too) that had difficulty with getting the lady they fancied so wrote a film/ story where that happens. The problem is of course then people think that this fantasy of theirs is actually what could and does happen in the real world. I find it all very interesting.
  4. He was on Stephen Colbert last night because CBS and they showed just one clip of him saying he left Starfleet because it wasn't Starfleet anymore and then about the fact he has the pitbull as number one.
  5. This is also a very interesting thing about these things coming to light, it's not a case of saying any of these movies from our youth or history in general are now terrible, it's just noticing the things that are in them from a different point of view and seeing that they aren't very healthy in the grand scheme of things. It's a lot like the different readings of fight club and the matrix, some people can read things in different ways and it's good to be aware of that. It's much like what happened with anita sarkeesian bringing to light the fact that there's a lot of strange things in video games. The majority of the audience may not take sub text (or even plain text) in an unhealthy way but it is there.
  6. He did a whole load of shilling for the terminator sequels that came out, presumably to ensure he got all the money he could to develop these. After watching the making of the first one I got the impression there was a certain amount of using it to promote the tech he made and also keeping everything simple so the fact people were watching all cg giant cat people for the majority of it wouldn't clash with much of a plot. At least I hope so anyway, he definitely knows how to tell a story so with any luck, with three of them it can be a bit more involved. He will also have made a load from avatar land at Disney I'm sure and presumably they would want this to help cross promote that and let him do his own thing. My main concern would be that they end up being a bit too safe but with great visuals or he gets really carried away with something like 4DX and the like, which although quite entertaining, are more gimmicky than anything else and obviously don't lend themselves to home viewing etc. I'm still quietly confident though, he's no Michael bay and also isn't quite as hit and miss as the likes of Ridley Scott as another director who is amazing at the visual and actual direction side of things. Then again, we'll probably get an announcement that kurtzman and orci are somehow involved as well as Chris Terrio
  7. Although that's a fair point, cynthia rothrock barely got any recognition outside of Hong Kong cinema and she was a genuinely good martial artist and could act certainly well enough for who her peers in Hollywood would have been. P.s. yes I know she's more 80s
  8. The pop culture detective YouTube channel has a load of these and I think they're all very good He has a fair few others but didn't want to post his whole playlist. It's certain things like this that really makes you realise how strange it is that the majority of movies you watch in the west are all written and directed etc by white blokes and no one along the way thought any of it was odd either. Then inadvertently, this (probably unintentional to give some leeway) sexism, homophobia and so on, is often passed on without anyone realising. I find the strangest thing to be that some people just baulk at it completely and deny it's existence when it's right there on the screen if you look at it with a slightly different perspective. Normally only that of not a white western bloke, which you'd think wouldn't be too much of a stretch.
  9. Ascension 1 is totally kicking my butt with the ironclad. I've done the act 3 finish with everyone bar the watcher so went back to the ironclad. Doesn't it say the ascensions also get harder as you win, or does the game mean per each ascension? I've had some annoyingly good decks but then some weird combo of drawn cards or going into a particular fight too weak kept skanking me. Might try the defect again, just one more go...
  10. I'm sure there were some c64 games that had game breaking bugs but they were also made unnecessarily difficult so you never actually saw the broken bits.
  11. Not only you always get some sort of tutorial these days but you always get one even if you haven't been born in the last 5 years and have played a game (or even a similar game or even worse, a previous version of the game you're playing). I still press all the buttons on the controller as soon as I start a game to work out what they do, then I realise I'm going to be forced to jump over one log and then duck under the next one. I'm sure I posted this in the 360 gen but I wish that more games had a "I know how to play this type of game" option and then it just taught you what was new in this one. Outer worlds for example could have simply had a question asking if I'd played the fallout 3 games.
  12. It was a joke, hence the use of "citizen honk". I don't get joy from moving things a few feet but i did get some amusement in playing as a goose in a cartoon English village moving things to wind up the inhabitants. I've never done that in a game before and it was entertaining watching the little cartoon people get stressed out by the silly goose.
  13. It's just a very silly and fun game. I think if you play it with others it's more amusing as well because then you see who of your friends are truly evil and just want to revel in it. I was playing through it with friends and to begin with, my one friend was just trying to "win", look at list of things, do those things the easiest, quickest way possible. When we got to the neighbours, I kept on stealing the woman's items and dragging them out into the alleyway which he initially thought was part of the plan and the objectives. I was just doing it because it amused me, I wasn't rolfcoptering all over the place but it makes you chuckle, it's "cute" and then by the time we were at the TV shop etc my mate was just robbing stuff and trying to get a rise out of the locals too. We finished it in one evening but it was good fun and a good "game"; it all worked, it wasn't trying to be a movie, it doesn't have a sense of self importance and it's simple. Fair enough it isn't for everyone and it isn't the level of clockwork seen in a hitman game but it's a lot more amusing and enjoyable to play than many of the spectacle driven big budget AAA games which suggest depth but are just big corridors with flashy lights in. Occasionally you want some daft fun like the muppets in between some shooty bang bangs or a heavy thriller, or some sports. Also, not everyone likes the same things but for all the fans of it, I don't think anyone really thinks it's a huge breakthrough in the medium or anything. It's just a good game on a very broad spectrum of what a "video game" is. I'd be surprised if any of it's most vocal supporters would seriously claim that it would deserve an edge 10(TM) and is an equivalent to a Mario 64 or a half life. At the same time, for those of us that do enjoy it, it's tiresome when people seem to be utter joyless bastards and insist on shitting on it because, I dunno, they expected the 15 pound goose game to be the citizen honk of the gaming world.
  14. Human fall flat which is only 2P co op but it's a lot of fun and provided an unintended genuine occasion for me to do a "see you at the party, richter" tribute moment. Although unfortunately you can't rip limbs off.
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