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  1. I'm stuck trying to get out of the club without killing anyone. I didn't think that was a spoiler but will do if so. Am I just being shit? It's the bit outside, the timing doesn't seem to work.
  2. I'm claiming that's what I meant either way, cheers It must have been though because as I was writing that I thought it sounded odd... 'but bahamuts were the big dragon things and there wasn't some sort of dragon-fish... wasn't it a robot? Oh fuck it, bahamut will do. Nurse!'
  3. I apparently know this game better than vii but clearly don't know either well so I'll enjoy playing both.
  4. Oh FFS. As you were everyone, I'll be in the ff8 thread then.
  5. Maybe it was her all along and the association with Vincent just conflated the two in the intervening years since I played it. Maybe I should get the switch remaster first as I clearly don't remember it as well as I thought
  6. Erm, my old man memory is obviously failing me. I'm sure there was a secret character in vii that involved going to a "hidden" area on the map which involved some sort of crater lake thing... The name lucrecia isn't ringing any sort of bells though so maybe I'm totally imagining it. Or I'm thinking of 8 or something embarrassing. My point was that it looks like the over world/ Cid's plane and "free roaming" around the map is unlikely if they're giving away a summon that needed you to fly somewhere that wasn't story related in any way.
  7. Oh maybe I'm getting my character names wrong after all these years, who is the person that you find from going through that waterfall/ hidden lake bit? Was that yuffie?
  8. The fact that super expense-o-version seems to have a cactaur summon included as a pre order bonus suggests that we aren't getting the over world as it negates the point of cactaur island. I'm not sure how they would do Vincent, knights of the round or that underwater bahamut though, so it is... concerning.
  9. Looks nicer than the one I had!
  10. Is the problem it's on epic more that people aren't getting what they thought they backed and are therefore getting worried about other things mentioned in the kickstarter not happening? As gerbik says, it's got an easy work around, they just buggered up the message. In general terms I'd also rather not have lots of stores/ launchers on my PC as much as I don't want loads of different streaming services ideally. Perhaps cluttering up your PC is more of an issue to some people than cluttering up the space under their TV. I wonder both how "outraged" these people are in real terms and also why people can't understand that there's a possibility that some people that backed the game may not like this decision out of the blue. Personally it's just a miracle the thing is even looking like it might come out in on anything. I'd reinstall fucking Packard Bell navigator.
  11. Those long winter nights must just fly by. [/blackadder]
  12. I'm not disputing any of that at all, more that there's (to me) an odd difference with the gaming market than there is in almost any other industry. Those car examples mentioned earlier proves the point, there are so many unique things to games in regards to accessibility to the games building blocks and the creators which just doesn't exist in any other medium. As an odd for instance; can anyone imagine Spielberg releasing all of the raw camera footage for a film to let anyone do with what they want and then also be on the end (and respond) to a comments thread? It's just a totally unique thing which I think doesn't do the industry many favours in a lot of respects. Another thing, gamers are fucking terrible with voting with their wallets. You can have the most vitriolic, bile spitting posts and then that same person is their day one and bought the season pass without waiting for any reviews. Or then also blaming reviewers for it somehow. And then also never congratulating devs if they actually liked the game either, it's odd. [/columbo]
  13. I've finished this game more than any other zelda back when I was about 13 or so on my original of game boy (none of this wrongly spelled "color" nonsense) and it's bloody great. I pity anyone's eyeballs that think this looks bad in some way. If you ever played an "arcade perfect" version of numerous games on the c64 or even amiga, you're really having some first world problems thinking this is a bad remaster of a 26 year old game. Yeah that's a bit four yorkshiremen I realise but shit, this sort of nonsense moaning is why we ended up with the ridiculous grim dark look of twilight princess after the absolutely beautiful cel shaded goodness of the wind waker.
  14. Ikumi nakamura won for just being great and showing some passion.
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