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  1. Fucking console warz bullshit Well I'm an amiga kid, and zool is way better than Mario or sonic so nyer nyer.
  2. Breath of the monster hunter? I couldn't handle the absolute blethering in that video past about 5 minutes but it looks a bit like a fantasy set division type thing. Monster hunter but with guns?
  3. Got all but a few of the original series questions.
  4. Pathologic at the end is almost completely 4th wall breaking. That also has characters in it that no other npcs can see and talk past your chosen character (of three) to you as a player. You can respond as the character, asking what the fuck they're talking about, or you can respond as the player. It's great. But also a right pain in the tits to play.
  5. The real plane was the friends we made along the way.
  6. Considering the follow missions in the ass creed game, I didn't mind them at all. But yeah, they never work. More judgment is great though, looking forward to it.
  7. Very much that kind of thing and I know I'm really dragging this off topic but I quite liked the mini puzzles of rock climbing in far cry 4 I think it was. Something similar to that too but then with (similar to qwop) a limb per button/ input could be interesting. There was something in a game that I now completely can't remember which I'm sure had a climb mechanic a bit like that, where you had to pick where you putting your hands... Anyway, flashback is great and I'm intrigued to see what happens with this sequel.
  8. In a way, yeah but not quite as silly as qwop.
  9. Quite amusingly given what happened to the franchises, I remember being really disappointed that tomb raider 1 on PC didn't use the same scheme and was best controlled using the num pad. On another note, I think it's a huge shame that they took out some of the flair that you could add to your movements in tomb raider. Being able to do that (very silly) mount on a ledge and so on was pretty cool. Writing this and my last post in here makes me think that I evidently would like a game that really concentrates on controllable acrobatics and movement, rather than the curren
  10. It really wasn't that good but fade to black has a really, really clever control setup with the (presumably long dead) ms sidewinder 3d flightstick. It was a surprisingly clever use of throttle, pitch and yaw etc in a 3d game. Not a patch on twin analogue etc these days but it was really something different way back then.
  11. That was great. Good work on hunting it down. I love computer games
  12. Beyond good and evil 2 out now shadow drop. Lololololololololol
  13. Me and a mate had a bit of fun playing it co op but even that wasn't as much fun as playing 5 co op. It's not very resident evil-y at all which is it's biggest problem.
  14. I knew it was one of them, cheers. I seem to remember all the magazines etc calling it MOHAA which is a weird thing to have stuck in the brain.
  15. Was the one before half life 2 original CoD, band of brothers or medal of honour? I really recognised it but couldn't quite place it. Was a good little video though, pity no heretic or hexen but I suppose there was a whole load around that time that were basically just reskins and the video could have been hours long
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