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  1. I need to rewatch the departed because I fucking hated how stupid it was in comparison to the original. Even just little things like how he sent messages via Morse code was reworked for the idiot audience version. I agree completely with @kerraig 's lists aside from the departed as it annoyed me so much but where's hugo? I probably preferred that to the departed to be honest and it's just a whole load of cinema fan service.
  2. That looks just like how you should do a soft reboot/ sequel after so long. Almost too much and in a way that makes me worried it will all go to shit somehow because Sony will still want to shoehorn as much product placement in as possible. Fingers crossed because that's a really good trailer and the difference in tone and feel (in regards to actually being a part of the original 2) is just so different to 2016's it's almost embarrassing.
  3. Amiga. Then PC. I know what it's not like not to get a vote
  4. Don't you fancy a nice cold glass of coca cola? Or are you blind?
  5. I just found this website trying to find a particular scene that I think was in The Game, Google thought I was looking for t2. Ymmv in regards to it being off putting in movies and as said, some people are better at it than others but it's an interesting site. https://productplacementblog.com/movies/pepsi-vending-machines-in-terminator-2-1991/
  6. There you go, same production company though/ dick wolf though isn't it? Either way, that sort of thing is why it can be terrible.
  7. There's ways of doing it that make a film seem more real because of the use of products people recognise, like how they have real goods in the shops in eastenders or what have you. However there are loads of glory shots in films which are ridiculously egregious and can actively slow down films/ shows or make people seemingly act out of character to just comment on a particular product. Terminator 3, while obviously shit anyway has the female terminator (sorry, can't remember the model number) say how much she likes a lexus, why would a robot do that? There's ridiculous examples of it in NCIS iirc where an investigation effectively stops for someone to literally advertise how great and healthy subway is. Michael bay movies are also terrible for it too. Lucky for you if you don't notice it I suppose but often it's just done embarrassingly.
  8. Woop! Excellent stuff, I love this.
  9. That doesn't look bad but I still think they seem to make too much of bond's love life in all of Craig's movies. Wasn't the car crash and the sinking of venice all too do with whomever he fancied at the time? I know you can't have him just shagging everyone but going the other way and having him love every woman to death it's a bit odd too. Or I may be misunderstanding the trailer of course.
  10. In a nice little way of showing how diverse and great games are these days, my most anticipated games of next year are undeniably this and cyberpunk 2077. I'll play this more though I think.
  11. I'm not sure where I read or saw it (and maybe it's in the comics/ tv shows) but having the first order start because the rebellion couldn't handle all of the galaxy wide difficulties and factions that the empire used big pyew pyew weapons to sort out could have easily worked. Having the empire be the "rebels" to begin with in some respects. Or even make the first order rise up out of chancers, crooks and bounty hunters that used all the turmoil from the empire being defeated to set up their own little fiefdoms and then before they knew it, they were being jedi mind tricked by kylo to all do the work of the first order and make starkiller ( although ideally I wouldn't have had another death star at all). You could have even used this to give a bit more to han, kylo, Leia and Luke - han could have inadvertently joined what turned out to be the first order as he heard of some great smuggling deal or what have you. What am i saying, Rathtars were a much better character developing and exciting sequence Instead to get every one back on board they did it pretty much as a soft reboot but also with the old characters and pretended it followed from the OT. I'm just writing fan fiction now though so I'll shush.
  12. Garyoldmaninleon.gif
  13. There are thankfully quite a lot of community made presets though but sometimes they can be quite oblique as they're just user made and aren't necessarily very intuitive. Some devs do make their own which are always welcome. I still don't know how to use/ configure it for non steam stuff though.
  14. Thanks! It was a bit of a collaboration, that's why the church and the huge red and yellow tunnel look a little out of place. It's a good game to have a smoke to. Although yes, it took ages, it's also a good game for podcasts etc as it's so mellow. I'm slightly compelled to link up the rest of the track now that I've fired it up for the first time in ages but that's a rabbit hole I might get stuck in for donkeys again.
  15. He'd also 'mystery box' the fuck out of it and then never resolve those mysteries. It would still be a million times better than man of steel of course.
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