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  1. b00dles

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    Worst recent portrayal of a character has got to include Jesse eisenbergs version of Lex Jokerberg in Snyder's dc films. I think he's a good actor and lex has been shown to be a more interesting character in various other things but not in that combination.
  2. b00dles

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Another thread where the people that don't like TLJ but love rogue one tell us again.
  3. b00dles

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    As captain planet was mentioned I was always undecided whether i disliked snarf more than wily kit and wily kat in thundercats. Snarf was annoying orko rip off and the kids were the same annoying surrogate kids in cartoons, when all the kids wanted to be the adults more than any of the kid characters. Scott and T-Bob are the same shit too.
  4. b00dles

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    How he can be mentioned over almost anyone from the prequels makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He's about a million times more a character than pretty much all of them. The nimoydians, greivous, the bounty hunter, watto, boss nass, daxter jaktser, rear windu, shmi, jango and anyone else you care to name including qui gon, padme, anakin and maul are all much worse characters on any scale.
  5. Fair point. He still might come into his own i guess, i suppose your brad Pitts/ mcconaugheys of this world weren't great to begin with either.
  6. He was in hacksaw ridge as well, which was after those other films and had surely shown he isn't really any good.
  7. b00dles

    My idea for a modern horror movie

    Crikey. It was only a little throwaway comment. Apologies @Capwn and everybody else for the grief I've caused.
  8. I've been very lazy and not remotely looked but is this true? I still don't understand how he's managed to get roles in such big movies when he's clearly rubbish.
  9. b00dles

    My idea for a modern horror movie

    Yeah it was just an obvious silly gag.
  10. b00dles

    My idea for a modern horror movie

    Is it set in Canada?
  11. I'm still unsure who really wants to see another 3 avatar movies in any dimensions but Cameron might still pull it off. Hopefully they can find a meathead bro that has some vague charisma and acting ability this time though.
  12. Bob but saying "has anyone seen snowy or captain haddock?"
  13. I for some reason pictured Matt Lucas instead of Smith then imagined a half George Dawes / half morbius and now I'm happy.

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