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  1. I bloody loved this but it really felt like it was half finished/ rushed out, as it feels like there was (or should have been) more towns in the wasteland, as that whole area is almost pointless in the grand scheme of things. Or maybe it's just that I wanted more of it
  2. Well we never got that game that was in progress those 10 years ago which was how he was hanging on to the trade mark. Some sort of racer wasn't it? I did a little chuckle just seeing this get bumped, I'm tempted to read through it all again. That bit with him creating a word file with a fake date on it and everything was a joy. Thanks again for all your effort on this over the years @Alex W.
  3. Weird. I just did some googing and there's extra confusion that he's also called yossy in some things... either way, it's seemingly both, some places yo-shee and others like yoshy. But yeah yoshihiro and the like is definitely yoshy, I might have got confused with the Americanisation of it, there's definitely some movies/ tv with characters called yo shi but that's probably americans being silly.
  4. Pos'd for theme song love but he's called Chris Huelsbeck, presumably a typo though so I'll let you off
  5. It is at least good that gamers generally make the effort with foreign titles and you don't get things like the English deciding that they don't like calling Köln or München by their actual names and deciding to call them Cologne and Munich. Oh and obviously this sort of observation would often get "something something two world wars, 1 world cup".
  6. Yo-shi is how you pronounce the name if it was a Japanese person's name but in Mario world, he definitely says yoshy. I had a sort of different side of this when going to buy danganronpa trigger happy havoc because I asked the chap in game if they had "danganronpa " as I couldn't find it on the shelves and him and his colleague had a little smirk like "there's no game called that you n00b" even though I then went on to say when it came out and who made it but still they claimed it didn't exist. So I then went and searched more and found it. They then claimed it was called trigger h
  7. I love the difference in here with someone that just posts some sort of 'thinking aloud / bored at work' type posts and the assumption by some other people that everyone is always serious and has deep concerns about everything they post. I think it's similar with a lot of the assumptions about fanboy behaviour.
  8. Finished it and it's really nice all the way. I still think they need to bring back some of the previous paper stuff like turn into a boat/ roll up/ go on the other 'plane' as you're 2D but I still really enjoyed it. There's so much crazy stuff I was almost surprised to be reminded of it in the credits photo montage thing. I didn't 100% all the areas but I got most of them and a little tip for people playing, make sure you keep chatting to the guy in the sensor lab every now and then if you're not noticing the messages that come up. Because I didn't and only got a use
  9. I still think it's time to look at upgrading the pc rather than getting a series x but definitely some games I'll happily play in that. Nice.
  10. It's an on rails kinect game you mean? Like it always was meant to be.
  11. Medium looked.... Pretty good I thought, as long as the dual world isn't just novelty as it often is but with power these days, actually having two engines going could be quite interesting.
  12. I'm really looking forward to psychonauts 2 but I'm really not quite sure if the whole thing will just seem really throw back and not really "work" somehow. I dunno, trying to temper expectations maybe
  13. Game made by a new dev with the best story tellers in the business! Trailer contains this amazing line; "All my life I was afraid of the dark and now I'm ready to step into the light"
  14. Avowed looked like a vague elder scrolls prequel or something. Obvs going to play it.
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