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  1. Wasn't there something recently where the publishers said that they shot themselves in the foot by not having upped prices during the last gen? That's why now the jump to £70 seems a much bigger leap when in fact they've cost more to make for a while but the 40 quid price mark hung about for ages (in general).
  2. I can totally understand not liking it (and that's not being a dick and suggesting 'you don't get it' it anything like that) but I was enamoured from the off just because it's such a completely new thing in a computer game. I know fuck all (and have little to no interest in general terms) with mediaeval texts and art styles or what have you but I love that games are so brilliantly placed to explore any time period or historical setting. To that end I loved the novelty presentation and themes etc. It's also very similar to war of the Roses if anyone has seen it (and the book is better). So actually, I did already come into it knowing the different terminology for times of day and what those weird monks used to get up to it what have you but I wouldn't say I enjoyed it because of being a fan of the setting in and of itself. But then point n clicks are probably my favourite genre out of anything and then story driven probably second, so horses for courses and all that. Which is also why games are so great, I think it's brilliant but I can totally understand why people wouldn't like it either and you're not "wrong" if you don't enjoy slowly meandering around a mediaeval illustrated novel learning about themes still relevant today in a pretty "boring" way. But personally, I think everyone should play it just because... remember frogger, or logo, or space invaders? Well look at what weird nonsense you can do in games these days!
  3. Yeah it definitely is and I think it is better within it's own structure for it, I just didn't think it would work like that. I'm not criticising it for not being like that per se, just that I like that type of game structure and foolishly thought it was like that initially.
  4. Yeah you're completely right, I just assumed (falsely) during the first chapter and things like your lunch selection, made me think of cruise for a corpse and the like where you might 'miss' things if you were doing one or the other activity. Which you do but it ultimately doesn't come into play if you play again.
  5. I need to write a bigger post about this game too as I bloody loved it but while playing expected it to be more of a "you only get the full picture after playing all the paths and then there's a 'best' path you can do once you know everything". Which it isn't but that doesn't really detract from the general game and that in itself is made quite clear by the introduction; the story is "deleted" and then you are writing it again, rather than a new game plus (or even VLR) type way. It's very, very good though, just for my personal tastes, I think I'd have preferred a more layered and multi-run through type structure. I need to finish my second run just to see some of the other options but knowing that I can't really use my foreknowledge makes it more similar to playing a traditional point n click game through again than it is one of the nonary games, or those ones with multiple branches that you can go back to (if that variation of the genre has a name, I don't know it )
  6. I do really like this so far but I can't help get the impression it's a bit of a star fox adventures type thing. Some of it seems like it would have worked better without these characters being the ones in it... if that makes sense? I like the building your team cohesion/ friendliness stuff but there's something about chilling by the pool with blade that just felt like it was meant to be in a persona type setup with a random friend group. The battles are good though and the cards and their upgrades/ mods etc make them a lot more varied than in the xcom games. As you get to a point in those games much quicker when every member of your squad has only really got about two moves and that can never change. I kind of miss the base building element of your xcoms but at the same time, I do quite like the metroid-lite environment exploring and unlocking. It's a pretty strange game in a few respects but it's generally good, without a doubt.
  7. W00t! Christmas has officially started. Pm on the way
  8. You mean cex on Charlotte Street?
  9. The nonary games nail it again. VLR is essentially a visual novel but if it didn't have all that text and exposition the KERBLAMMO moments wouldn't hit nearly as hard. I can read very quickly though, so I often resort to just reading than listen to VO.
  10. I'm still a bit skeptical tbh
  11. Yeah, I'll be saving up to be honest, this is a massive jump in technology compared to current VR offerings and with 'proper' controllers instead of the move wands. It's obviously lumpy but thank fuck I haven't got a wife and kids to worry about me jizzing half a grand on a toy.
  12. Furry muff. I already got the dq DS games out of the way at release so it was a pleasant surprise to see those dq games on plus. I'd been meaning to get dq builders 2 after spending an inordinate amount of time making a stupidly long mine cart ride which took at least 11 minutes (iirc) to travel the length of in the original. I've got a horrible impending sense of doom that I'll do it all over again but even longer and more unnecessary in this one.
  13. I'm assuming you aren't on PlayStation as it was included in the premium plus thingy recently, which is why I installed it to have a look.
  14. I'm playing dq builders 2 at the mo myself I even installed that musou one before I realised what it was.
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